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  1. This is some of what I have put together for my cosmere DnD campaign. They are based off Pathfinder rules so may be a bit different than what you are making but hope it helps you come up with some ideas.
  2. The Moons of Roshar: I keep getting a sneaking suspicion that they are FAR more important to the story then they appear. They may be giant Stormlight batteries that feed the storm-light cycle of the Highstorms (Lunar Tides all that jazz), or I think they may have something to do with Honor's perpendicularity moving! Dustbringer Spren: I keep getting a sneaking suspicion that they may have a number of dissenters among them and may side with Odium's forces (Or at least a significant faction of them will and they may bring some of the other dissenting spren from different orders with them.) The Fate of Ambition: We don't know a lot about what happened to Ambition after her 'grievous' wound in the Threnody system. But Brandon has said what happened with Ambition has had ramifications across many places in the cosmere(WOB link). I think once we find out what he means by this we will see it has touched upon many of the stories we have heard so far, especially the conflict in the Roshar system as I believe that the line "We Killed You!" from Odium may be referring to Ambition.
  3. I have been searching for the WOB for a minute but can not seem to find it right now. I believe I have seen a WOB talking about how it is the 'geometric structure' of metals that allow them to work in allomancy and feruchemy (and I assume in hemalurgy as well). When burning allomanticly the geometric shape of the metal acts as a mold that channels the investiture to a specific purpose based on the shape of that mold. When storing Feruchemicaly then you are actually converting investiture/matter/energy from you and storing it as investiture into the geometric shape of the space between molecules in that metal. Remember that matter energy and investiture are the same thing in the cosmere, so a feruchemist is taking something physical, or some energy or matter of themselves and converting it into investiture that gets stored into the metalmind, and as far as I can tell the investiture is in the physical realm. That is why the metal has to be a specific metalurgic composition, it is the geometric latticework of the metal that is providing the 'key' to the magic. [i.e. the shape between iron molecules stores mass in the form of investiture into the metal] See bolded and underlined section below, this isn't the WOB I was thinking of but it gets close to what I was talking about. Happy WOB Hunting, its one of my favorite pastimes, and if anyone can find that WOB where he talks about the empty space between metal molecules being how metalminds work you will get an upvote from me!
  4. I am working on a Cosmere RPG based on Pathfinder d20 with a friend and the six we have added to the list are... Justice Community Enlightenment Ingenuity Wonder Paradox The magic systems for each are still in the works but we got some good frameworks going For Community we have people who are born with the ability to sing magical effects into the world, the specific vibration of each note causes different effects. The more people singing in unison and within key of each other cause greater effects. Hence the more people working together as a community can create awesome wide spread effects. For Ingenuity we have some pretty simple artifice type stuff, the more inventive and complex the creation is the more powerful it is, hence the more powerful inventions take large amounts of time to create. For Wonder we have trees that absorb ambient investiture from the atmosphere and eventually become 'soaked' with it and reach a breaking point where they become glowing trees that can produce magical fruits that give temporary abilities or can be cut down to create wooden carved items that produce specific effects based on how they are carved and treated. With Enlightenment we chose that people can build up pools of investiture by meditating, this one is so similar to Feruchemistry though we are probably going to tweak it somehow. (This was also chose for us as the 'Shard that wants to survive') Justice and Paradox are the two still floating around with multiple ideas though and he least thought out.
  5. "Apparent" being the key word here. I keep having the feeling (more accurately my own personal wish) that she is just performing a feint. She has seen Odium's shard vs shard fighting power up close and knows it will take more than just brute force to take him out. Keep in mind she cultivated Dalinar to specifically stop Odium's plan and make sure he wouldn't become Odium's champion. I think she is playing the long game and the 'apparent' withdrawal is just all part of the plan. (*Crosses fingers in hopes that there is at least one shard we get to see on screen being an actual good guy*)
  6. So there are some good ideas in here, but I think many of the responses overlook the greater potential of Type IV entities. When Nightblood was created it was an attempt to imitate a shardblade, he is by no means a perfect replica but he does imitate the blades in a particular way. The scholars knew the shardblades cut through the spiritual and Nightblood has this ability as well, although in a twisted way, and objects imbued with breath can not normally damage things on a spiritual level. He also has the ability to perform some kind of emotional alomancy type manipulation. What does this mean? It means that Type IV entities can imitate the powers and abilities of OTHER MAGIC SYSTEMS! (I say 'other' in the loosest sense, we know these magic systems are all linked) This is huge, it opens up so many possibilities. Taking that into consideration here are some of the things I have thought of. Copper Cloak of Patji Cloak - "Shield my allies and I from detection" (Visualizing interference like allomantic copper and Kokerlii) This would allow you to have a constant AOE smoker cloud/aviar Steelsoul Boots Boots - "Provide speed to your wearer" (Visualizing Feruchemical Steel tapping abilities) Skyrunners Loop Belt - "Take me where I want" (Visualizing Gravitation abilities) Spectacles of Foresight Glasses - "Show me what may happen" (Visualizing Allomantic Atium)
  7. The 'key' for figuring out if a metal will cause an allomantic effect is the atomic structure of the metal. The atoms form a latticework of connections that create specific geometric shapes and patterns. It is those specific shapes and patterns that determine the effect of the metal I believe. That is why an impure metal will cause a weak effect, part of the metal you burn has the proper lattice work of geometric shape and part of it doesn't. The part that is correct burns and channels in the investiture from the spiritual realm (In a weakened way because the geometric shape is rough around the edges) and the impure part gives you metal poisoning partly I believe by breaking its atomic bonds with the burned up metal and trying to chemically stabilize itself with whatever other matter it can find I suspect. Disclaimer: I am no chemist or metallurgist, this is just what I have gathered from various words of Brandon, some of which I have linked below.
  8. Hey CATPOOP, So here are the rules for Pathfinder Mass combat. They are simpler than they look at first glance and allow from some growing complexity. I have only used them in one campaign so far but it was a fun system for mass combat that totally allows for those zoom in moments where you can then RP/Roll out your field commander going toe to toe with a squad of assassins or an opposing leader. I am really interested to see your tabletop version of Stormlight, I have been working on my own for the last year and playtesting with one of my friends. Its based off of d20 system. I have about 90% of all the Stormlight powers and abilities built, and the Metallic arts are all finished expect some of the funkier ones like F Chromium. Message me if you want and we can compare notes.
  9. Okay I am picking up what you are laying down now. One person sacrificing themselves would create the spike, then through compounding that investiture can be multiplied and cycled to where you will not need to spike anyone else as long as you have the seed of that investiture stored in a Nicrosilmind. A Nicrosil Compounder will be able to create 10x that investiture by burning it allomanticly then take 90% of what was created to make new medallions and store the other 10% back in another seed Nicrosilmind. Interesting. Well since we got started on this I have been searching some WoB, and I did find this one saying that hemalurgic spikes can not be burned allomanticly.
  10. So I have thought about this a lot, it is one of my favorite things to ponder in the Cosmere. @Calderis I think you have given a lot of great ideas to the forums and really enjoy reading your posts but I have to respectfully disagree with your order of operations here. Step 2 of your plan involves someone voluntarily tapping an aluminum mind while someone else kills them and/or they kill themselves somehow to create the unkeyed spike. That means there are a lot of metalborn in SouthScar regularly giving up their lives and what we have seen of the culture so far tells me metalborn down there are gonna be pretty full of themselves with all the sudo-worship they seem to get. (Though I could be wrong here, maybe the reverence that Allik gives to metalborn is because the Southerners treat those who are expected to sacrifice their lives with a kind of stand offish 'you are a dead man walking' kind of respect.) The point about excisors however is getting us much closer to what is actually going on. I believe the meaning of the word excise is the biggest clue we have on how the unsealed Nicrosil minds are created. So far this is what I have for the (incomplete I think) steps of creating unsealed Nicrosil Minds. 1. Aluminum Mind #1 gets Filled with Users Identity. Then Swallowed. 2. Aluminum Mind #2 starts to be filled with Identity of the user while.. 3. Nicrosil Mind gets Filled with Flared Identity from Aluminum Mind #1 The basic theory here is based on the fundamentals of Compounding. When allomanticly burning a filled metalmind you get the effect of the investiture from the metalmind x10. We know that burning metals allomanticly is really just a specific chemical key that is opening a path for Preservations investiture to flow into the physical realm. My theory is that when you burn an aluminum mind filled with identity then burn it allomanticly you are pulling in 10x more investiture than you got sure, but you are pulling that investiture directly from Preservation. That extra investiture is not keyed to an individual, just to the identity of the powers. You then use F Nicrosil to store that unsealed investiture. The excisors I believe are a tool. I imagine a Victorian era mad scientist tool that has three vials filled with blood that store three hemalurgic spikes. The device has adjustable settings that allow the user to fit it to someone's body with adjustable knobs and hinges. Those adjustable settings allow the user to precisely place the three blood and spike filled vials to precise hemalurgic bind points on the body. You then compress the main connector to the three vials and that injects the spikes into the target. The three spikes give A-Aluminum F-Aluminum and F-Nicrosil. That person is now able to flare-store their metallic abilities in the Nicrosil. The excisor can then be retracted pulling the spikes out and back into their blood vial storage and moved on to the next person so they can store their single metal power in another medallion. This of course is a working theory and obviously missing some major concepts, for instance this is the first time I as seeing the WoB that @Spoolofwhool posted and nothing about this theory requires Duralumin. So more pondering is needed, but that is what I got so far. Maybe all of us sharders can keep working this out. Anyone have ideas on how connection is required in the creation of the medallions?
  11. It appears the tentative answer is yes! Though if you look up and down on that list of WOB's you will see Brandon has been very tight lipped on exactly how Nicrosil works that way. I cannot wait until the next Mistborn book to learn more!
  12. That WoB has a lot of (as Brandon has said before) wiggle room... All it asks is if someone using investiture could change their body to match... The answer to those kinds of questions is always going to be yes, because with enough investiture it is possible to do many, many things that are practically impossible to do with the levels of investiture that a mortal could actual get ahold of/control. We need to be specific with these kinds of questions. My speculation: I do not believe that a person targeted with a regular powered surge of progression would have their body grow or loose appendages based on their personal perception of themselves. I say this about the surge of progression because we have seen examples of Renarin trying to heal people who lost their legs/arms just days ago not regaining the use of those limbs. I do think however because of the increased ability of a KR base stormlight healing we would be getting a lot closer to someone being actually transformed by the spiritual healing. Lopen lost his arm long ago and constantly makes jokes about being a one armed man, he perceived himself at least partially as still being a one armed person while still holding the idea of being a two armed person. The regular surge of progression would not have healed his arm, but once he had access to the squires stormlight base KR healing it began to grow. I am really interested to hear anyone's thoughts on mismatched cognitive/physical aspects. That point is making me think.
  13. Based on the things we have seen Hoid doing I believe the Fortune that Feru-Chromium deals with is 'Right place right time/Wrong place wrong time' Hoid always seems to know where to go in those critical moments even if he doesn't know why he is going there at the time. (The gates of Kohlinar to meet Taln/Middle of nowhere to meet Jasnah/Spending a lot of time around Elhokar so that his spren would be familiar with Hoid at a critical moment in the future?[Thank you Shardcast crew for that observation!]) When filling my assumption as of now is that you are likely to get hit by a run away horse and cart, or the deviled egg you pick off the platter of appetizers happens to be the one the waiter sneezed on directly and therefore makes you sick. While tapping you would be able to 'feel' where the right place to go is or choice to make in the moment that has beneficial results to you, or your random choices would be far more likely to turn out great. I think this is why F-Chromium ferrings are called "Spinners". They can tap their stored Fortune spin in a circle and wherever they land will most likely be the best direction/choice for them to go with. And in the allomacy charts we have the Gold and Electrum users who are tapping into the spiritual realm to see the possible images of future/past selves, I don't think that power would be duplicated over in the Feru chart. (Though I guess we do have A-Pewter and F-Pewter that are somewhat similar so I could be wrong there)
  14. We weren't able to get inside for his speech and reading but watched the live stream from the side of the building. We're over at Under the Volcano across the street now, tried to order some chouta but they are all out. So we just ordered some yellow wine.
  15. Got my buddy and I #139 and #140 in the signing line order this morning! Just got a text alert that my physical copy is waiting for me at my house right now too! Storming exciting day! Looking forward to hanging out with y'all at the store on Saturday. Happy reading everyone.