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  1. What Light : will be answered before the end of RoW. This book deals with the different Lights and what they are. What's her future, or Cultivation plans for her : many theories, no conclusive proof. Dalinar's future : same as Lift's future. However, since Honor is Splintered, becoming Honor vessel seems compromised.
  2. Wait, didn't he broke a former agreement ? The new one, made by Dalinar, is supposed to protect him, no ?
  3. In fact, that is the justification Kaladin used for himself when working with Moash on that assassination. And that killed Syl.
  4. Navani being a scientist but not radiant. Rlain becoming a Bondsmith and creating with Venli a third faction. Real Szeth content/character dev.
  5. Syl, but she cheats : she's the one who had the most character development.
  6. I'd say she can move from the tower. As pointed above, Dalinar doesn't need to be in the highstorm; and from past we know that Melishi (former Sibling Bondsmith) was part of a strike team. If she emprisonned BAM, I'd say it didn't happened in urithiru (too dangerous for BAM to go there...)
  7. I think (or wish ?) that Dalinar will lose the duel and become a Fused. Odium winning means he stops the war with what he earned, remains bound, and takes Dalinar. I don't see how the other members of the coalition can't start a new war after that, hence the back five. And it would be oh so interesting to see the changes in society during those 10 years.
  8. But we all know the name : this ship is canon ! (That's my bad joke of the year, sorry )
  9. Nice questions ! About the dustbringers. Are we sure that they (as an order) serve the Diagram ? I remembered that we only saw one, which happened to serve the Diagram but can we generalize ?
  10. Jasnah swearing the 5th while facing Odium in Shadesmar was awesome ! Definitly the huge cosmere scene promised by Brandon !
  11. If it's anything like the third, the fourth will be a resolution of a mind conflict. Example for the third : - I want Elhokar to die, the world would be far far better off without him - He's one who cannot protect himself. What do I do ? The third ideal says that you should protect him anyway, that's the windrunner answer. But it doesn't make it easier, and in fact makes it harder, because you have to save people who you'd want to get rid off. And here, a utilitarist could also add that it makes protecting people harder : saving a few can mean huge damage to a majority, if the few makes bad actions/decisions. TLDR : swearing an Ideal doesn't remove an issue. It's just swearing you will act a certain way, and it won't be easier because of the Ideal.
  12. We're not sure that Sja-Anat corrupts the same way that Raboniel did. Given how she's shown to care about her "childrens", it would be coherent (in terms of writing) that Enligthment is not as violent as unmaking.
  13. I don't get it, can someone explain it ? (I'm not a native english speaker)
  14. Love that theory too. Dalinar losing would be an awesome end to the first 5 books of stormlight. Storms, I wish that Dalinar will loose ! On that point... I fear that Jasnah or Adolin would be more than willing to kill the child before Dalinar dies. Jasnah for cost/gain reasons, Adolin to save his father. (Kill, or plan an unfortunate deadly accident)
  15. Why not. That would be reassuring (and kind of disappointing since it would undo the catastrophic apparent issue of the epilogue). I just have one question : what then of the true terror that Wit felt ? We are getting his PoV so that's not a lie, is it ? Would he be that terrified if he knew it could happen ?