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  1. what the hell are Autonomy, Cultivation, and the others doing exactly? where do they exist? are they aware of one anothers’ Existences? how are they represented on their worlds like Ruin and Preservation (and Harmony) are on Scadrial? Basically RAFO. Most of those questions are answered. I am not going to say which shards are on which planets because that is a spoiler.
  2. It was my personal taste. I said so directly just in the line above it. It wasn't an unsatisfying conclusion to me, thank you very much. When did I ever say it shouldn't be criticized? Did I tell there that the resolution was perfect and that no one should even talk about it? I just said I hope it's done. With the emphasis being on "I hope". Will it make the next book better to focus on a love traingle when there are tons of things happening all around? I honestly don't think so. I really don't care about whether or not there are a lot of people who care about it, I just don't and that is why I said it's my personal taste. Thanks.
  3. I am going to be so pissed if this isn't resolved already. I mean come on, the shadolin vs shalladin thing was easily something i hated THE MOST after WoR while waiting for oathbringer. The love triangle just doesn't fit in stormlight for me. I know it's my personal taste, but I mean come on! Please, I seriously hope this whole thing doesn't pick up again in the next book. We have LOT more interesting things to focus on.
  4. Me. I have shipped this before oathbringer came out, I ship it still. I know we haven't seen them together yet, but I would love to have this happen.
  5. I know that, that's why I think axies is more important than we think he is . If a very old sleepless thinks axies is old, then he must be ancient. That's what I was pointing to
  6. what I find more interesting is the sleepless in edgedancer refers to axies "old axies" or something along those lines. I do think he is more important than we think he is.
  7. Please make this happen. Please.
  8. I don't just hate it because it is a love triangle, I hate it because I like all the three characters in the triangle. For now it seems to have resolved without much ill will on any party, but usually when it gets resolved one of them ends becoming bitter and awkward and what not. That is what I hate the most.
  9. I hope to god that the love triangle is done and dusted. I seriously do. I don't want that ever again, and I definitely don't want her to go to Kaladin after her marriage, or even if Adolin dies or something, I don't want Shallan to have Kaladin as a second choice or something like that. I definitely want Kaladin to move away from the romance with shallan angle. Seriously.
  10. In the aimia interlude, the aimian also says "The secret here shouldn't come out, because it will lead to ends of worlds", paraphrased. May be that secret is part of the reason too.
  11. Stormfather! Come on, you have a LOT more marriages to do now !
  12. A much more subtle foreshadowing is in the first epigraph of the hero of ages The way of speaking, in my head, is very very similar to how Sazed speaks. I don't know if anyone else feels the same way, but I absolutely loved figuring that out during my second reread.
  13. It would take a LOT of time, I am guessing at least tens or hundreds of years, for a shard's intent to completely override the holder's mind. Mistborn spoilers all. So I don't think Dalinar is in any danger at the moment.
  14. As for Diagram is not just a tool for Odium from now on, I really, really, really like the theory that Diagram is going to backstab odium. That diagram was written intentionally in such a way that it would make Odium make wrong decisions, intentionally mislead Odium. What if we don't have Heralds, and an established Knights radiant already? A knife in the back - Diagram in this case - can just as easily take down Odium in my opinion.
  15. I am calling it now, Shallan is going to go Dark ( like on odium's side ) and adolin is going to be Honor's champion and they will fight using pillows to descite fate of roshar.