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  1. I knew you would join! You want to mess up my first game, huh?
  2. Reserved for player list and questions. Player List. "Does Kelsier use misting powers once per game, or once per cycle?" Once per game. "1. Is there a restriction on the number of actions you can perform in a cycle? If there are multiple actions, can you perform the same action multiple times? 2. How does Feruchemical Storing work? Can you Store and Tap a metal on the same turn? 3. Just to confirm: Copper does not protect from Atium?" 1. 2. No. 2.You can tap or store, but not both. 3.Correct, copper does not protect from Atium.
  3. (Will add in write up later) A World Without Vin Housekeeping 72 hour cycles. Ties result in blah blah blah. This game is role madness. There are secret roles. Not every role will be in the game. The Nobles are attempting to kill all of the Skaa and keep Preservation alive. Rebel Skaa goal is to equal to or outnumber the villagers. They have a group doc together and a group kill (excluding Kelsier). Ruin is a single player who is trying to kill Preservation’s Vessel and the rebel skaa. Alignment Roles Ruin is a single player with the ability to create PMs (single cycle, free action), spy on PMs (only those of the person targeted, not the person they’re responding to), and make a kill. Kelsier is the leader of the Rebel Skaa. He may use each Misting power once, or he may use the use of that power to attempt to convert a Part Skaa to his team. He may not do both. He also has two charges of Atium, which may be used to discover roles. Preservation is a Noble role who can roleblock a player for a cycle (including roleblocking PM-making for the next turn) or give a random Allomantic or Feruchemical role to a player for a cycle. Preservation cannot die to either the lynch or the eliminator kill. Special Roles These roles can and will occur simultaneously with other roles. Part Skaa: if Kelsier targets a skaa-blooded player with his conversion ability, that player will be converted. Metallurgist: can give two people a vial of metal each cycle. You must specify which vial is wanted. Vials can be passed between players. This role is not given to Mistings. Kandra: can make two PMs between yourself and one other person each cycle. PMs only last one cycle from when made. (You do not have to send an order in to make the PM.) Roles The Lord Ruler has one vial/charge of each Misting and each Ferring power. Assassins are able to make one kill per night cycle. Hazekillers are able to defend one person (cannot self target). If that person is attacked, then the Hazekiller kills the attacker. The person attacked still dies. Allomancy/Feruchemy Mistings have start the game with three vials of their metal. Mistings can only use their abilities once a cycle. Ferrings can store thier metals, but it takes a cycle to store. The ferrings only get one charge, at first. Mistings Iron: protects from steel kill Steel: attack one player Tin: target a person and find out what action they took (in the form of “killed [x]”, “protected [y]”, etc) Pewter: extra life for cycle burned Zinc: move a vote onto another player Brass: doubles a vote Copper: protects one player (along with self) from zinc, brass, and bronze Bronze: discovers which metal (if any) a person burned in the last cycle Ferrings Iron: self-protect Steel: roleblock a player (including PMs for the next cycle) Tin: spy on the PMs of your target (you do not see the PMs of the other side of the conversation) Pewter: protect a player from skaa and Assassin kills Zinc: see anyone who targets you (but not what actions they take) Bronze: see the type of action your target took (Allomantic, Feruchemical, or Other) Gold: extra life for that cycle (Will add in timer later. Expect it to last for a week.) Quick Links:
  4. Hey Joe! I join the Steel Ministry! So, when do I get my bands of mourning? Oh, and the bands better do something! Anyway, it "sounds" like there is a lot of discussion going on and Seonid is evil, but I wont vote yet, because even though there is a point against Seonid (A pretty good one for sure), I really don't have any evidence to vote against him. I will vote later, however.
  5. I totally agree, but I rather think that DA (Dumbledore's Army) is doing some rather suspicious things, like the quick vote on Alvron right after SilverBlade, and the group pm. I would really like to know about that group pm @Darkness Ascendant.
  6. Yes they are, the poor unfortunate spiked mistborn that pulled that. "I just can't believe that Ruin would have his servants collect that very useless power!" Mr. Hoid said.
  7. Well, now we can try to see how many roles there are out there. Plus we can see that there is a secret role, or items do things, but a crazier theory is that there are secret roles, and items do things.
  8. Why would the eliminators choose her? They might have been able to get her lynched today, unless they are going to attempt to lynch someone else. Also, we might as well as lynch Stink, I have no clue who the spiked, so, unless someone has a better idea. Stink. "Ah, there goes another one," Mr. Hoid said. when was he going to be targeted? When was Ruin's servants going to come for him? He supposed it didn't matter, time would get him eventually.
  9. Of course I'm going to help everyone kill Joe, not. This just looks like a good way to stop the first day lynch entirely, so, I am actually going to keep my vote on Silverblade5. What happens to all discussion? It disappears! This sounds very spikey to me. Even though Hissure wanted to taste the body of a God, he did not want to die. After all, what is the point of tasting a God if you can't tell anyone about it?
  10. Silverblade5, have to continue the tradition. Hissure wanted to feed on more bodies, he needed more, it didn't matter though, their time was almost up.
  11. Well in that case, I am going to be a 16year old, 5"6, white, Greek demigod, named Fraen. Oh, also, I am a son of Hecate. "What the heck?!" Fraen asked. "Did that guy just jump into the air and turn into a eagle," He continued to wonder out loud. "No, it was just your imagination," Lorel said sarcastically. "Now lets follow him," She said in a whisper. That is my intro for my character, short, but sweet.
  12. Are we recreating our characters? I would like to, I don't like my old character.
  13. I join as Hissure, a rogue Kandra, whom will fead upon all of your bodies! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!