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  1. Marsh taking of glasses to show his Iron Eyes to someone is the ultimate aesthetic.
  2. I would try alloying harmonium with Uranium, and then putting it into fission reactor. A loot of flying neutrons would probably enter Harmonium eventually, and start radioactive decay. Even if pure investiture particles wouldn't want to leave the atom, like Preservation protons wouldn't want to leave the rest of preservation protons and neutrons, the new neutron could beta decay, creating proton and pushing two metals from inside away. Anyway with enough neutrons flying around any atom would eventually split. Everything Scadrians need to do is put enough of the Uranium and Harmonium in one place, (and make sure it won't explode, which is kind of the hardest part, since there should be no risks).
  3. When powers are in pairs Interference(Shallan's memory, Kalladin's squires, Waxilium's anti-bullet shield) is the strongest, so mabye that was what they were going for. A lot of things in Roshar are divided in pairs of fives, with one half to Honor, and the other to Cultivation, but I think it has more to do with 10 as 2*5 beeing focus chosen be a pair of gods than there beeing two main numbers. So I think that five is importand but as a patr of 10
  4. Hemalurgy causes more damage that Shardblade-cutting. While severed arm after healing could be a bit numb/stiff/unresponsive, hemalurgy causes increased agression, sadism (as Sanderson said you don't want to many spikes in your body), beeing more open to outside influences, and general soul twisting (at least while beeing granted, but it would be reasonable if it worked also while stealing since it causes more raw damage to the soul). So after Shardblade scars your body might feel weird. After Hemalurgy scars you might become deformed monster. It would be interesting if it worked like muscles, regrowing stronger after beeing damaged during training. Could create an interesting character. A Nightblood-type missstake.
  5. He was just as suprized when a tree was thrown at him. He is aware of Rock's enormous strength, but he is not used to it.
  6. The most rational answer for how Adonalsium was shattered is some kind of weakness within Adonalsium that could be exploited. Adonalsium seems to have been something closer to force than a person, just like Dor and Mists. But even if it was aware like a Splinter, it still was a force of creation, and might have created something capable of destroying it (mabye Dawnshards? who knows?). But even in that case we can assume that Shards wouldnt be that stupid, and wouldn't be defeated unless you have got anti-shard weapon from other shard or leftover from Adonalsium. Nightblood might be effective against Dor, because it is now a blind cognitive storm without rational thoughts, but any alive shard would push back, and push back hard.
  7. We have seen Honor's Perpendicularity when Dalinar did his thing. Moreover it was said that Honor's Perpendicularity can be used as the gateway to Shadesmar - and I really doubt that you could do that with Highstorm, othervise with the knowledge of their Spren, the Kalladin and his friends in Oathbringer would try to catch up to the Sphere of Highstorm that Kalladin touched and use it to transport themselves back to Phisical Realm. Yes Investiture causes Perpendicularity, but that only enforces idea that the places where Perpendicularity are, are resting places for Investiture. Especially considering how Shardpools in Mistborn were collectng used Investiture in diffrent forms (I know that cicrumstances were diffrent, but both of the Shardpools were collecting Investiture in diffrent ways and for diffrent reasons, what seems to imply that they are good places to collect investiture).
  8. Every Shard we know of carries a prependicularity, and some ot them carry multiple ones - like Autonomy and Honor. While Highstorm is a perpendicularity, there is always another one (that is moving). Shardpool-Prependicularities seem to be gateways AND resting place for Investiture that automatically form during Investing on a planet or system. I don't thing that Unmade, even if they all were as strong as Stormfarthe could replace a Shardpool, especially that they could be probably destroyed. Moreover Odium is invested mainly in Braize, and all Unmade are currently on Roshar, and if all Odiums perpendicularities were on Roshar he should also be mainly invested in Roshar. I could dig theory of secoundary Perpendicularity (like the one Autonomy made in one of short stories in Arcanum) and his main one on Braize beeing intact.
  9. I would agree with you if beeing Elantrian was just a powerup like Breaths or Nahel Bond that are just strapped onto your soul. However a person stuck between beeing human and Elantrian is a damaged Zombie, what seems to imply that Elantrian transformation replaces some things in soul and body instead of just appending. Even if all things that Elantrian gets would be lost, I don't think things that make them human would be returned. With Hemalurgy it could be diffrent since it changes body when is inserted and when it is removed, but Elantrian transformation through raw connection would at least leave pernament damage, and mabye pernament boons (because of connection that could have been gained during transformation).
  10. Loosing abilities - yeah. I don't belive they would be able to become human again though. In my opinion they would end up as a powerless Elantrian (like on other planet) or Zombie-Elantrian, like that one guy that kept talking about his beautifull hair that he lost.
  11. I don't think there is any desintegratoin. Since human PHISICAL body can get into Cognitive Realm it should be also able to get into the Spiritual Realm. However since there is no time or space inside travel would more or less indtant just as we see with oathgates. Back to topic - Heralds are Cognitive Shadows so they probably use Cognitive Realm for transportation, and draw upon Honor's power to get a body when they are at the right place.
  12. Human perception and emotions shape cognitive realm. They create something that Spren use for a sustenance - i belive that thing is Identity. A heartbeat is a symbol of live, therefore human heartbeat generates Identity of 'being alive'. Rosharian subconciously would belive that ten portions of 'beeing alive' is an adequate amount to grant something a status of a living object. Mass subconciousness shapes cognitive realm, and sets this rule as a law of nature, unless an object already posesses certain level of 'beeing alive'.
  13. Exactly. If you can soulcast stones into wheat grain (or whatever that grain was), that are very complexly built then why wouldn't you be capable of soulcasting something into a forged steel, TOGETHER with the air inside the bubles. After a lot metal things in Alethia are made out of metal from wood, because it is easier than casting/forging, and if air inside material was a problem, then structural integrity of those items would be abominal. Just think about how much heavier is stack of paper than wood block of the same size.
  14. We don't have any explanation but I don't think it is even necessary. Afrer all hemalurgy works by attaching a piece of soul to another entity. If the same piece of soul is attached to two entitys (Like ghost and an empty body), it could easilly work as some sotr of bridge. Moreover Hemalurgy twists the bodies of its users to make suplement damages caused by it, liike Inquistor spikes in their brain - it could easilly be a case of planned overcorrection. It also is capable of drastically changing souls and bodies - I belive it is implied that it is possible to create Kandra with only Hemalurgy from human if you know what you are doing, and if Kandra are doable then there is REALLY much that can be done in the "right" hands.