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  1. for real, the song is so perfect with the French Mistborn vibes and grim humor. The other animatics are less "cry laughing" and "more cry from sadness or awe," but there's always the little comments that only last a few frames; I've used the , and . keys on the animatics more than anything else on YouTube
  2. From the album Tinkercad 3D models

    Dawnshard got me obsessed with Rysn, so I started modeling with Chiri-Chiri because rock lobsters are easier to fake than a squishy face. It's gonna be a while, and I might have to resort to Blender, but I thought I'd share my progress by putting her on Urithiru.
  3. You did it, You crazy son of honor, you actually did it!
  4. I have this as my lockscreen, but I just realized... I'm not sure who the two guys on the right are. Since it has, from left to right, Renarin, Kaladin, Shallan, and Jasnah (plus Lift being adorable), I'm guessing it's Dalinar and Adolin to complete the Kholins? Someone else entirely? Either way, thanks for all the great work, and don't forget to post the Keshwi comic! >:D I can keep dreaming of a Rysn and Chiri Chiri animatic :3 EDIT: Cool, thanks!
  5. From the album Tinkercad 3D models

    Worked out the right settings, and it looks great! It worked with regular old PLA, and I'd recommend using the pose with steepled hands if you want the fingers, @Knight of Iron. I also printed the head separately with a flat base just in case. (let me know if you want those particular STLs.) Easy painting, and have fun!
  6. I would use a grid over a reference image to get the scaling you want, and honestly it's just intuition. I'm equally bad at organics, but it helps a lot that Cryptic's hands are all kinds of weird
  7. @Ookla the KnightThe head would look bad 3d printed, but I'm gonna try to print it separately with some adjustments... I'll probably remove the weaving/interlacing parts on the head and just make it a big chunk, and I'll tell you how it goes! @Chasmgoat I'm glad you appreciate it! I spent a full day until 3AM just messing with it and I didn't expect it to go anywhere because same. My inspiration was my brother coaching me through drawing fingers in 2D and the rest was easy once I had a good finger to work with.
  8. Ironic for the Aon meaning "smoothness" is turned into a rough fractal... it looks graceful now but imagine trying to draw that in the air!
  9. From the album Tinkercad 3D models

    thank you Rhythm of War for pictures of Cryptics! (should I report myself for spoilers?) On the left is a fake tesseract/hypercube thing and on the right is a fake Koch Snowflake. There are no feet under the robe, but there is a stick that you can search for using the editor.
  10. From the album Tinkercad 3D models

    I'll always be a Mistborn fan, but I love Pattern more and more with every math joke. The new sketch of cryptics in the cognitive realm was SO COOL and I figured I could fake a low-poly robe! Mess with the model here:, and give me suggestions for this or anything else if you have ideas!
  11. I upvote farside gallery inquisitors
  12. There's no didactic marks that I know of, but technically h does have a little line after it and looks a little like a backwards d... But that explanation seems insufficient. (So does the fact that Brandon and Isaac don't strictly line up the text with the art) Are we sure that's referring to women's script? Bending the rules for artistic symmetry is very glyph-y, though that wouldn't make sense either. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ You have me curious!
  13. My thoughts exactly.
  14. Someone commented on the Skyward that they heard M-Bot as Alan Tudyk and I love it
  15. Further down on the shchrödinger's cat joke, M-Bot says, "the probability has collapsed in our favor" when he confirms Spensa is alive. I wasn't convinced until then, but I screamed at that moment. :3