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  1. Awesome, not getting any sleep tonight! gracias por su valentía
  2. Y'all omg I just found out about these minis: Halfling Bard STL. ( It's everything I wanted in this design (even the pan flute) and it has MUSICAL wheels! I don't play Pathfinder yet, but the campaigns with wheelchair heroes is making me want to! Sara Thompson is the GOAT for making the combat wheelchair... Also, I just thought of a writing prompt: if Rysn has a fabrial that can remotely control her wheelchair, I want some epic batmobile action >:D (Chiri-Chiri = bat?)
  3. It's always a good time to talk about image descriptions, and I recently learned that memes should always have alt text that will show up when they don't work! The jumbled letters that we see when an image doesn't load is what a visually impaired person would hear from a screen reader, so it's better to have a brief description instead. You can add alt text by double-clicking on an inserted image, and here's one of many helpful guides to writing alt text... and an expanding brain meme described: "[image]trjgLJKHiLIdgfhDT" across from a typical brain scan "Expanding brain meme about alt text" across from a brighter brain "a meme with three brains. The first has no alt text and a dim brain, the second has alt text and a brighter brain, and the third has a full image description" across from a brilliant brain radiating light.
  4. I just remembered these comics, hope you're doing well!
  5. ooh I didn't know about the WoT reactions, hooray for transcripts on everything! Also, I look forward to discussions about how much Boatload of Mummies is canon
  6. hah, Under Armour as shardplate... amazing work on the sword!
  7. Sounds like a perfect set of skills! The biggest community front is the Coppermind, where most text has transcripts, but there's lots of room for editors to add alt text! If I were to make a plan like the sugjesstive suggested, I'll start by thinking about image descriptions for the Stormlight notebook pages. Even a little accessibility will hopefully start a positive loop where more people want to contribute
  8. Cool! I like the rare fanart including 17th Shard logos, but these will be much easier to recreate with my limited graphic design skills lol, and the updated site looks fresh btw this talk of alt text has me excited, and most of the work is probably just promoting it! People usually just forget and leave it blank, so having a reminder with images wouldn't hurt... and the Coppermind could just link to Wikipedia's guide. Unlike Gallery images, Forum posts don't seem to have an option for captions or alt text, but maybe it would work to just add text beneath them >_>... This could be a thread on its own, so I started a thread! Like I don't use a screen reader, but it seems the infrastructure is mostly just lacking on mobile, where the link icons for news, search, and other just says "link" with no description. I'm not sure what @cosmere_play is referring it, but the update seems alright as long as the update doesn't remove <alt="17th Shard The official Brandon Sanderson Fansite">! It would probably be best to hire a blind person to look at it either way ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯
  9. @cosmere_play mentioned alt text in the news post about updated logos, and I wasn't sure if I should hijack that comment section or start a thread, so I did both! I'm not blind, and I don't use screen readers, but it would be great to hear from anyone who does! Or, y'know, if there are any consultants to suggest hiring :3 (@sugjesstive works with an IT company where they add alt text, and they agree that fans working together would be easier and better than getting automatic software!) My suggestions: captions for images on forum posts, or add a reminder when the title field of an image is empty check the navigation links to make sure screen readers know their function (notifications, messages, and more apparently only say "link" on mobile or PC) encourage Coppermind images to work with Wikipedia's style guide for alt text I could've just missed all of these because I don't know what I'm doing, but the floor is open! EDIT: @LewsTherinTelescope pointed out that you can fill the title field by double-clicking images, which makes the first bullet easier! I used title text here, as the logo correctly reads now: "link: 17th Shard, the official Brandon Sanderson fansite. alt 1". On an article about the new logo designs, you could describe it instead; "old logo: a shard of blue glass under a black number 17 stylized with cracks as if shattered. Text of different colors reads: 17TH SHARD THE OFFICIAL BRANDON SANDERSON FANSITE" "new logo: a blue triangle with a bright yellow piece breaking off at the top. Dark blue text says: 17TH SHARD and below it, THE OFFICIAL BRANDON SANDERSON FANSITE with the name Brandon Sanderson in yellow"
  10. I had a friend who simply said "I am a stick" because he always wore the shirt
  11. From the album Tinkercad 3D models

    Some people on TinkerCAD were showing off Mixamo and other easy rigging tools, and I said, "Hey, I could probably make pattern run!" so I did that! And it was worth procrastinating everything a day because I laughed at this for hours: It's a little bit lazy, but if it works it works! There's also a deepfake of Rysn singing Baka Mitai somewhere... Maybe I'll dig it up and send these all to Ben McSweeney... no, first I have to give them feet and spin the heads in excitement
  12. whoaaaah mad painting skills! And yayyy House War, I gotta play that again >.>
  13. can't wait for Steris to ascend or something
  14. I feel like there's always a few Mistborn game projects at a given time, but wow, that might be the coolest I've seen! I was imagining the hilarity of ragdoll physics and I'm happy to report that his other video demonstrates that spectacularly :3