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  1. can't wait for Steris to ascend or something
  2. I feel like there's always a few Mistborn game projects at a given time, but wow, that might be the coolest I've seen! I was imagining the hilarity of ragdoll physics and I'm happy to report that his other video demonstrates that spectacularly :3
  3. From the album Tinkercad 3D models

    I delayed the update last month because I still had hw and ambition, but you know what happened to Uli Da... so this is good enough for posterity. Can't wait for the resin printer to get fixed for printing with a word avalanche in the post title! Also, you should see the Polish cover of Dawnshard Or random screenshots, I suppose
  4. after finishing the head, I think braided eyebrows make a lot more sense, but it's too late (shrug). I want them IRL... but like are they evolved to be whiskers? Antenna? Either way, hair is close enough (longways might be better), and Thaylen jewelry is really fun... and I'll do my best on the clothes, though I've never done a study of that
  5. Snow cancelled school for a week, so I finally watched Crip Camp (good!) and started working on Rysn again... or at least the chair (link to WIP). I couldn't decide on fantasy or conventional, so I made a typical one for now, and the attached picture shows a flying chair that got soulcast into rubies (with a big mess in the background). I might make a fabrial-powered one... Wheelchair costumes and fantasy (link to art) designs would be cool EDIT: I watched Howl's Moving Castle, and I realized Madame Suliman's chair is exactly the picture in my head, if slightly smaller
  6. so cuuute and all of these completely match the pictures in my head. I think I remember a description of her green dress, blue vest, and gold trim... but if I'm wrong it's still my headcanon :3
  7. OMGGGG your style looks great! I can see where you took the official art and ran with it on the hair and chair... but this depiction is really unique in all the best ways. How did you come up with the dress and jewelry? EDIT: lol now I can't unsee it
  8. speaking of Blender, this guy (link to his page) has a ton of great work, including Chiri-Chiri!
  9. oooh I've always loved learning and playing with symbols, and that is some nice looking circular Women's script!
  10. Made this in 2017, only realized I should use it as my profile picture last year, and I suppose I should post it here too! Anyway, it's a pun on the glyphpair Kalazeras (Everstorm) to look like a calavera, with a few other secrets :3


    1. PandACT


      It's confirmed: status updates don't take up a spot in the gallery! The size of it is a little inconvenient, but I did post it here to show all the MS-Paint-fill-bucket-collage glory. Anyone's free to use it if they want btw

    2. More Cynical Than Funny

      More Cynical Than Funny

      It's amazing PandACT!

  11. From the album Tinkercad 3D models

    I am once again asking for head scritches. (that's no cremling...)
  12. Everyone wants a smol dragon that loves them (especially a certain brown-violet larkin)! 10/10
  13. I looked for images of fancy-looking wheelchairs and found fluffy, wingback, motor, and my favorite: simple and fancy.
  14. I have no experience with wheelchairs, but that doesn't stop me from learning about them! Since I want a hoverchair for myself and for fanart, and technically there's no references yet (because the McSweeney art might be the Wandersail chair), and that leaves plenty of room for your headcanon. What we know: Rushu installed three rubies on the bottom of the wheelchair, which has padding, armrests, and a place to rest her back and legs. The Wandersail chair has straps that she can buckle herself in when sailing, so her wheelbarrow-chair probably has that along with a place to put a writing board and spanreeds. RoW didn't have much to add, other than the fact that she can apparently pop into the air when she activates it and doesn't need to pole around. what we don't know: what does she do when the gemstones run out? Did she trick it out with a button for fabrial boosters? Does it come with a Bag of Holding? What would you want?
  15. for real, the song is so perfect with the French Mistborn vibes and grim humor. The other animatics are less "cry laughing" and "more cry from sadness or awe," but there's always the little comments that only last a few frames; I've used the , and . keys on the animatics more than anything else on YouTube