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  1. I upvote farside gallery inquisitors
  2. There's no didactic marks that I know of, but technically h does have a little line after it and looks a little like a backwards d... But that explanation seems insufficient. (So does the fact that Brandon and Isaac don't strictly line up the text with the art) Are we sure that's referring to women's script? Bending the rules for artistic symmetry is very glyph-y, though that wouldn't make sense either. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ You have me curious!
  3. My thoughts exactly.
  4. Someone commented on the Skyward that they heard M-Bot as Alan Tudyk and I love it
  5. Further down on the shchrödinger's cat joke, M-Bot says, "the probability has collapsed in our favor" when he confirms Spensa is alive. I wasn't convinced until then, but I screamed at that moment. :3
  6. Kalazeras!!
  7. It's interesting to see a shardbearer doing awesome stuff in the background. Or at least, when the focus is on something else. Good work!
  8. I liked the hint for Smedry, though I admit a certain Threnodite word tripped me up for hue.
  9. I agree, but it will be an entertaining war nonetheless.
  10. What's that? Oh... That's a subreddit that wants to go to war
  11. Wonder Woman
  12. Thank you for working on it! (Though, as it isn't urgent and is unnecessarily complicated, there's no need to delay more important things) The photo is from the Kaladin Album release party update on The Black Piper's Kickstarter. It seems to be official based on how it was one of the goals they promised and, as the caption reads, That's the only picture I could find, but it seems to be legit.
  13. I've been obsessing over the glyphs page and I want to bring attention to the fact that Isaac Stewart and the Black Piper kind of officially released the Thath glyph, though I'm sure most people are aware. Also, is there doubt to how official it is? The rest of them apparently come from the books, so if clarification is needed, will it still be on the Coppermind page? If so, I'd like to bring attention to it... because I haven't figured out how to extract it from the picture, and the empty spot on the table is bothering me. Thanks!
  14. You interrupted my lurking! I would like it because my cover has a microscopic tear and I must have complete perfection... at least, it probably does somewhere...