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  1. Slightly delayed didn't realize there were two university streets
  2. I will be there, I guess I had been viewing without logging in. I am also bringing another friend an fan. I am not familiar with BYU can someone pm me with a phone # so I have a poc if we get lost. Also I am happy to bring $$$ for pizza or extra snacks.
  3. Bummer I was hoping to make the July meeting when I was in town but guess I just missed it. I guess I will hope for a really early meeting in August I am willing to make a nice donation for the extra pizzas that may be required based on the excitement expressed earlier in the thread.
  4. Welcome to the forums, do you have a link to the interview you did? That must have been pretty neat. Oh and beware cookies they are sharp and pointy.
  5. I recently joined the forums and do not wish to start a topic in theory or general discussion that has already been discussed--in such cases I would prefer reading the previous discussion and only resurrect it if I have something new to contribute. That being said I have been having difficulty with advanced Boolean search terms. Which Boolean search modifier work in the forum search? Are there non-Boolean modifiers that allow for things like wildcard, proximity, and term order searching? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I will convert those who are not I will convince those without to buy at least three copies I will provide a book to anyone without Hoping a spren will accept my oaths (I have a hard time lending but believe the same intent is there)
  7. Emu it was great meeting you at the con look forward to seeing more of your art! I helped too... I started recruiting as soon as I decided to join. I may be on my way to the convertshaper oaths.
  8. Welcome Glubbdrubb, out of curiosity, do you have a favourite character from a Sanderson work? Look forward to your contributions to the community.
  9. Thanks the link was very helpful, so much so it may be worth linking in one of the tagged posts here (as a new member those were the first I read). I do have to mention while helpful it is not as exahstive Steris list to guide a newbie through various precarious etiquette dilemmas. For example the multiquote feature is not mentioned so had I read the guide prior I would have been lost on how to respond to the situation of responding to numerous people without double or triple posting. That being said I appreciate you providing all the information I needed to avoid such a conundrum in the future.
  10. Is there a Steris guide to forum etiquette because that could be really helpful
  11. While I appreciate the offer I have ethical questions in regards to how your cookies are made and thus have decided not to partake myself, although I am pleased to hear that you have enjoyed your many cookies.
  12. Ruro272 technicaly was the first to recruit me, although it was the actions of all the attendees that made me want to join. So I would give you an assist with bonus points (for warning me about cookies). But seriously I am open to other baked goods.
  13. Well until Jordoncon I experienced Brandon's works completely internally--often reflecting on themes introduced and experiencing empathetic emotions for characters whose perspective on the world stretched my understanding of others and myself. That is why I am such a big fan; that and the stories Brandon writes are just so entertaining and awesome!During Jordoncon I met a lot of other fans who were interacting with the stories in a new way (to me). I had no idea what a RAFO was (actually my edit above was me fixing the acronym) and would have missed the Q&A had I not learned from an earlier session what the RAFOlympics were. I had no concept of Words of Brandon and was so lost initially in the introduction panel since, although I had read all published works, I was unaware of the vast discussions on the works that had been going on. Era 2 and secret histories also spurned my interest in the Cosmere and I had no clue how much had a already been discovered. So despite my ignorance of the larger Sanderson-loving community I was welcomed in and felt as if my perspective and questions were valued as much as the next persons. The discourse was respectful and even when topics arose that sparked fierce passionate debate individuals were valued. Everyone was given a voice and also listened even if they were in disagreement on anothers perspective. This was refreshing and a true delight. It made me want to participate further. I hope I can contribute to the community; I know I am already planning a reread. Edited for clarity i.e. improved my use of punctuation and my sentence structure.
  14. I am planning ahead as I should be in Utah in July is there a set week of the month you usually meet. I am a big fan of Brandon who realized at Jordoncon how fun it is to hang out with other fans!
  15. I asked if Tensoon had left Scadrial and Brandon reiterated the fact he has mentioned in the past that some Kandra have but gave me a RAFO in regards to Tensoon. (So now I just have to hope ) Another RAFO was if awakening existed on Nalthis before Vo returned.