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  1. I am listening to The Hero of Ages.....again. I noticed that at the beginning of Part Three Chapter 34 it says, "Feruchemy, it should be noted, is the power of balance. Of the three powers only it was know to mend before the conflict between Preservation and Ruin came to a head ...." The quote keeps going. I searched this a little bit and everything I see says that Feruchemy is the balance BETWEEN Preservation and Ruin. This quote makes it sound like Balance is its own shard. The quote also says of the three powers, which makes it sound like its own shard too. Thoughts?
  2. Hey Everyone, I'm new to the forum and I was looking for a topic on Hoid's identity. Specifically, him being a shard. If anyone could direct me towards that topic that would be awesome. If there isn't one I'll start one myself. Really excited to be on the forum though!