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  1. The issue with using surgebinding off Roshar is that it would be very hard to get your spren offworld. Not sure if that would prevent the spren from coming through as a shardblade only, or if it would limit surgebinding in general.
  2. Ah, it was my understanding that when you split the cyrstal it grows back. Then all subsequent generations are created the same way.
  3. Most likely it is an Amberite Aether. That is one that would allow the person that has bonded it to grow crystals of varying sizes(depending on the strength) to create weapons or armor. As far as how first generation versus later ones, I am not sure there is any difference. They are propagated by carefully splitting the gem and implanting it in a new host.
  4. Well to play devils advocate, didn't people think Dalinar was crazy when he started talking about visions. Soooooooo, if Dalinar's father was seeing visions, would people consider them delusions?
  5. You are right, I got mixed up on which of the realms they appear in after death. Edit: Bleh sorry, was supposed to edit that into the previous post.
  6. I read a couple WOB that seem to indicate that a sort of framework of their soul remains in the spiritual realm after death. Like you said that is kind of an echo of that person. It seems that is what would be used to still give that lifeless a sense of the person they used to be. Depending on how rapidly that framework decays, and based on another WOB what breaths(potentially their own original) would give them more of a sense of themselves. It would be interesting to see what a best case scenario(made immediately after death with their own breath) lifeless would look like.
  7. Apologies if this has already been discussed, but I didn't it on a search. I was rereading Warbreaker and the annotations and had a couple of thoughts on lifeless. I will start with the gross one, Brandon notes that Jewels is still in love with Clod(Artsteel) and occasionally still sleeps with him. Not sure we need to get into the mechanics of that, but that it was interesting and incredibly disturbing. Secondly, it is hinted at strongly, and confirmed in the annotations that lifeless retain some semblance of themselves. Brandon also says he wants to do a POV lifeless character in the next book. This made me think a few things, first is the innate investiture of Nalthis with each person having a Breath enough to keep people around in the spiritual realm for a long time to allow some of their soul to be brought back into their body after death? If you awaken their body immediately after their death, would they retain more of who they are? Is the reason that a lifeless does not regain full cognitive ability is because they see themselves as being dead and believe dead things aren't whole? Lastly, if Breath innately isn't enough to keep people in the spiritual realm for a long enough time to bring them back into their body, and they have already passed to the great beyond, is awakening able to rip them back from there? If that is what is happening, that would be the only magic system we have seen that can affect a soul once it has passed to the great beyond. Random musings, but I am guessing that people stay in the spiritual realm longer on Nalthis, and the quicker you awaken their body the more they retain. It would be interesting to see if there is a way to bring back more of their humanity through unlocking their spirit web further, or something a long those lines.
  8. I haven't played a game of MTG since I was in probably middle school, however that was one damnation good story.
  9. There is also the whole ends justifying the means argument that could be had.
  10. What is more awesome than a man holding out against unspeakable torture for as long as he did? Torture is not perfect, you can torture someone who did nothing wrong and they will eventually confess to whatever it is they think you want them to know. Taln was a beast, now he is presented as a shell of his former self. For the narrative it doesn't matter as much what he WAS, but what he IS now. If he is going to play much of a role going forward I would say he is super flawed.
  11. I think it is pretty heavily implied that Taln is just a bad mamma jamma. I guess that does not prevent Odium taking his time with him, but the evidence points towards him just enduring.
  12. I would tend to interpret along the lines that Nightblood is seeing these other swords appear and disappear, so he assumes he can do it too. He is essentially a very young naive child who doesn't understand what he can and can't do. It also wouldn't shock me, with how invested he is, that he could make himself do it if he really wanted to.
  13. My interpretation of the wiggle room in that WoB was always in my mind whether it was a biological parent or a I am the one raising you parent. It is possible the people who raised her was a light/dark eyed combo. It is also possible that one of her biological parents was light eyed. There is a lot of room to maneuver within that combo.
  14. The Sibling would be a spren though, albeit a very powerful one.
  15. Another interesting read was the Earthseed series by Octavia E. Butler. Pretty relevant to what is going on today.