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  1. I think Elantris is objectively a better written book than either White Sand prose or Aether of Night. With that said, I liked the potential and magic system that Aether had more than either of the other two books listed. White sand was probably technically a better written book than Aether, but I did not like it nearly as much. The characters in Aether were more interesting IMO, and I like the concept of the Aether magic system a lot.
  2. Fair enough. It was an interesting way of having off-spring. Really neat world building that Brandon did with this alien race.
  3. Morriumur specifically throughout almost the entire book is literally two people, which is why I thought they were referred to as they/them. I guess I would need to go back and look if that holds for all the other Diones.
  4. This was something that Sanderson tried multiple times before it was good enough for his expectations. This trope was in Aether, Warbreaker, and another unpublished book Mythwalker. He probably did it best in Warbreaker, but I didn't hate D'Naa as a character.
  5. Sequel to sixth of dusk, yes please!
  6. You win.
  7. On topic, I would assume he never REALLY loved her. He probably cared about her, but he was most likely in that relationship out of expectation and convenience.
  8. The 5 Scholars. I want to know what they studied, what types of methods did they use. What led to their falling out, and what has Yesteel been up to.
  9. damnation it, Highlander lied to me as a kid.
  10. I actually think my favorite story is Shadows for Silence in the Forest of Hell. The tone and pacing of that story really hooked me. I was immediately invested in the characters and thought the setting was awesome. As far as full novels go, I think Mistborn: The Final Empire is my favorite. Again the setting was super interesting to me, but the characters here are IMO the best Sanderson has ever done. Thinking about that now I just think that Vin and especially Kelsier are so damnation good it carries everyone else. The way The Lord Ruler was dealt with at the end was something that really sticks out to me.
  11. I imagined two possible reasons why Kenton wouldn't be with her. The most likely reason being that he was too important to leave on the kind of extended time that is required to do the scholarly work that Khriss does. He is the leader of the sandmasters(right? Its been awhile), and radically changing the way they are structured and working. Seems to me he is kind of a big deal now. Secondly, he could have died on Darkside while over there. That is just my personal head cannon on why he isn't seen running around with those 2.
  12. The issue with using surgebinding off Roshar is that it would be very hard to get your spren offworld. Not sure if that would prevent the spren from coming through as a shardblade only, or if it would limit surgebinding in general.
  13. Ah, it was my understanding that when you split the cyrstal it grows back. Then all subsequent generations are created the same way.
  14. Most likely it is an Amberite Aether. That is one that would allow the person that has bonded it to grow crystals of varying sizes(depending on the strength) to create weapons or armor. As far as how first generation versus later ones, I am not sure there is any difference. They are propagated by carefully splitting the gem and implanting it in a new host.
  15. Well to play devils advocate, didn't people think Dalinar was crazy when he started talking about visions. Soooooooo, if Dalinar's father was seeing visions, would people consider them delusions?