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  1. It wouldn't surprise me if aetherbound function similarly to the spore eaters, but with a better measure of control. The verdant spore eater appears to be involuntary.
  2. I think this was his most fun book in awhile. Not bogged down by expectation or necessity of fitting in to a larger narative.
  3. You are probably right, I had it in my head that the moons are artificial and the core aether on them struck a deal to chop up the planet into sections
  4. Not much else to add. Amazing detective, super rich, puts on a costume(mistcloack) to fight bad guys.
  5. Is Atium invested enough that if left alone for a very long period of time it would gain sentience on its own?
  6. Assuming the lost metal isn't Lerasium.
  7. Hopefully we find out this book!
  8. Yes the excess ruin was siphoned off as Atium in the past. Do the Kandra still have a large store of Atium? As far as I know we haven't seen where that is going yet correct?
  9. This has been something that I have thought about for a long time, ever since the end of era 1. We know that there is extra Preservation put inside the people of the basin (maybe the whole world, maybe not). What if the excess Ruin lies within the southern Scadrians? Harmony knew that to be balanced he needed to dump it, it worked out well having Preservation within humans.....so why not having a population with excess Ruin? Probably crazy.
  10. The ole dual identities. If that weren't being explored with Shallan, I could see Sanderson going this way.
  11. I feel like Wayne owing people money isn't so much that he borrowed or messed up with some investment, but more along the lines of he just doing whatever he wants took something without paying. Like he "traded" a old meant bun for something more expensive. My initial thought too was it had to do with the little girl that Wayne was messed up over as well.
  12. Jackal's are kind of the African/Egyptian version of a fox in mythology. They are seen as tricksters. The jackal seemed cooler than a fox?
  13. Hoid - The Jackal.
  14. I assume like they harvest crops, the invested sunlight can grow trees quickly as well?
  15. Is this Hoid's normal form of "stasis" that he uses to prevent aging? How does he know when to come out of this mode?