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  1. Yeah the golden light and the talk about a dawnshard being a command really makes me think that Dalinar must be a dawnshard with the UNITE command. I think that he somehow received it through the way of kings and I don't think that the stormfather has any idea that Dalinar is a dawnshard. As Dalinar is a radiant I think that it's likely he'll be able to use it properly eventually.
  2. I'm really worried that the teleporting fused can easily sneak on the ship to assassinate people.
  3. I hope that at the end of all this he becomes a new shard by mixing the powers of all three shards to become "Unity".
  4. There is a WoB Questioner So how did Shallan rescue Kaladin when they fell in the chasm? Brandon Sanderson She did not. It was actually Syl, but he was in the process of breaking the bond, and so she was able to get some Stormlight to him. But that is what really set it really poorly. Like you can imagine, she-- this bond was really a strain for her to use at that point, so it was her. But doing what she did just about destroyed her, which is why you don't hear from her after that. Salt Lake City signing (March 29, 2014)
  5. I think we'll have to disagree here. The Stormfather was attracted to Dalinar by his search for redemption (as shown by his third oath) not his heinous act in the first place. Killing innocent children just to get revenge on certain people is not honorable in the slightest. Justice is a part of honor not revenge. That is why there is an entire radiant order that is based on Justice. What happened in the rift was revenge not Justice.
  6. I see that, which is why I said that Moash has a warped sense of honor in an earlier post.
  7. I'll try to do at least a few of these points. 1. Gravity on Roshar is about 0.7 the gravity of the Earth, so that will make a difference. Also the chasms are not that wide seeing as parshendi and shardbearers can jump them. 2. The entire reason that he was truthless was because he "falsely" insisted that the last desolation was coming, and radiants returning are a sign of that, so that put his whole worldview into question. 3. Dalinar was slowing however he was still doing a remarkable job of keeping them honorblade away from himself, so Szeth probably thought that a lashing which just needed a brush of ones fingers instead of a killing blow would be faster and easier. 4. To the crowd it was still somebody defeating impossible odds, everyone likes the underdog winning. 5. The remarkable healing abilities of a radiant are what saved them. Shallan quickly healed from any damage she received with stormlight and kaladin was given stormlight through his degrading bond with syl.
  8. Are you saying that what Dalinar did with the rift was honorable??? He would be the first to say that it wasn't and he had been looking for forgiveness throughout his entire arc. And Moash killing the king while he is on a path to radiance is not honorable, it is revenge plain and simple. If revenge like Moash did was honorable kaladin would have killed roshone instead of just punching him.
  9. I could forgive him if it was just killing the king, but he has this extremely warped sense of honor, and puts the fused on a pedestal that they really don't deserve just because they aren't human. There are many sympathetic characters among the singers however there are some real monsters among the fused but he insists that "singers are good and humans are bad" while blaming all his failings on being human in almost the reverse of Dalinar accepting his faults and trying to do better. I understand that he is broken in his own way but he refused to even entertain that he could be better.
  10. I personally do not want a redemption arc for "Vyre" as he is the only villian I have ever read that makes me dispise him however, Brandon has both the time (7 >1000 page books) and the skill to make a very satisfying arc if he chooses to.
  11. Ooooo, that's a good one, perhaps there is a Shard of Wisdom and maybe that's the patron Shard of Silverlight.
  12. According to the Oathbringer Ars Arcanum, gem types are tied but not essential to a radiant soulcasting.
  13. I believe that he pulled power from the spiritual realm (he reached into somewhere beyond places) and used it to activate the Oathgate. As he had not said his third oath yet, it likely strained his bond with the Stormfather (like when Kaladin fell into the chasms in WoR.
  14. I think he was touching the spiritual realm (something beyond places) but doing so was straining his bond with the Stormfather as he hadn't said the next oath yet. (Kind of like Syl forcing Kaladin stormlight in WoR)
  15. Yes, I believe that in one of the visions a Stoneward makes hand holds in a cliff, and the Stormfather says that that is the other surge Dalinar can use.