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  1. I agree with the previous comment about the protag. I also thought the way she panicked and cried felt more like a teenager than a woman of 60. It made me wonder if the people of the world lived extraordinarily long lives, and so this was normal? I think you might have jumped into action a little early. The character's strong reactions feel like a distraction from the death scene. Letting us know the character before introducing the discovery of the dying character can show why the character feels she's unable to handle the task etc and the show the relationship between her and her friend so we care more about the character dying and how it affects the protag. The emotional jumps-- from shock to confusion, sadness, doubt and resolute-- felt rushed. I wasn't sure if the major character emotion was supposed to be sadness for her mentor, worry about the monastery or just worry about herself. I don't think characters have to be likable to be great characters, not at all, but I hope it wasn't the latter. Also, watch out for repetition of words. 'Master' is used a lot. I presume they've spent time together and may call each other by their name in such a situation.
  2. From the album Fan Work

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  6. From the album Fan Work

    Just an amatuer peice I did for the reddit contest, thought I'd post it here. Think the order is wrong but not sure how to change that...
  7. I just got back from watching IT in the theater. My third Stephen King movie, didn't much like any of them. This one reminded me of Stranger Things, same 80's vibe and all, but less compelling. Some parts were so bad it was funny and I gave up hope 10 minutes into the movie. I've tried to read a Stephen King novel before, but couldn't get into it. Usually, I like horror, but I guess literary horror just isn't my kinda thing.
  8. Favorite book is probably Deathly Hallows and movie is probably the same. It was fun to see magical interaction outside of Hogwarts. Favorite characters are Luna and Prof. McGonagall House Slytherin and Thunderbird My Patronus is a hedgehog :'D Still not sure how I feel about that...
  9. I watched FMA first, and then Brotherhood when it was out. I don't think it matters if you watch FMA first, that's how the fans before brotherhood watched it, but if you are only going to watch one, then FMAB since that's the author's original. The manga was only at volume 7 or so when FMA started and the animation studio just went with their own. Watching FMAB first might make FMA less enjoyable, maybe? Or maybe not. Most people seem to prefer FMAB. I loved both.
  10. Chasmfiends eat men, but can men eat Chasmfiends? Are they edible? I always thought they sounded like crab... stew and chouta sounds good though. I'm a fan of stew.
  11. MEMEME! Recently been obsessed with One Punch. I haven't drawn anything for a decade but have started practicing so I can do my first fan art, or something along those lines. I've rewatched it about 4 times in a short time span- mostly for 'the' Saitama expression, I think. The same one throughout. Lol. I'm super hyped for the second season! I've watched AoT too. AoT is weird, in my opinion. It has a few great moments/revelations but once you get used to it the rest is kind of slow and meandering. I kind of get that the immediate threat is the Titans they meet, but I feel it kind of goes survive, survive, plot teaser, survive, survive. Or something like that. I still enjoy it, but I'm not eagerly awaiting next episodes like with some other anime I've watched in the past. It's one of the few I'm following right now. The writer said he was inspired by Naruto and I can kind of see it in the show, but I don't dislike it. It's typical shonen but I do love the characters also. My favorite is probably Bakugo and his raging expression.
  12. Love the colors! The hair and clothing looks super silky
  13. Red Sister by Mark Lawrence. Enjoying it so far. I also have Prince of Thorns but yet to start that. I suspect I'm reading in the wrong order but read somewhere that the trilogies aren't related so... yay for winging through life.
  14. I think mine would be eyes, odd as that sounds. Whenever I start doodling, I automatically draw eyes. I never draw patterns, stick men or objects etc and get bored once I'm done with the eyes and just end up with a really creepy page just it's been possessed by Wrath lol.