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  1. Happy birthday, fellow Honorspren! :D

    1. Imaginative Honorspren

      Imaginative Honorspren

      Thankyou! Sorry I didn't reply earlier - too busy rereading the Stormlight Archive I guess! :)

  2. Mine is to draw bad cards in card games! If I say something like 'I'll lose if I pick up a 2' then I am bound to draw a 2 .
  3. I would upvote but apparently I have reached my quota of positive votes for the day.
  4. What kind of fabric is it?
  5. I like the colour effects
  6. Hard decision! I guess I'd like to be Twinborn - two powers instead of just one! I would choose to be able to burn steel (it's like flying!) but as for Feruchemy, I'm not sure. Maybe zinc? Although being able to store memories would be cool, so maybe copper? I don't know. They all seem pretty cool to me.
  7. I think I agree. He's a difficult character to understand, but I think you have it right.
  8. Maybe the pocket is on the shoulder??
  9. What definitely-not-selfless reason do you have in mind? It seems to me that Kel does care - when Yeden got the rebels slaughtered, Kel wanted to attack the army to save them. It was only Vin who held him back. Also, he had Mare's flower. He wanted to make the world the way she had imagined it. Yes, he was a bit selfish, but I think his ultimate motivation was selfless.
  10. Hi everyone! I exist now! I have already written another post, and uploaded some things to the gallery, but I thought that I should put something here too. I first heard of Brandon Sanderson when one of my friends gave me a copy of The Way of Kings for my birthday, and since then I have read quite a few of his other books (and they are fantastic!)
  11. *Spoilers* Have you ever noticed how similar Kelsier and Kaladin are? They are both leaders of a 'team' - for Kelsier, it's the crew, and for Kaladin it's Bridge Four. Kelsier is encouraging the skaa to rise up, and Kaladin is the one coming up with ways to keep Bridge Four alive. Even their names are almost the same - Kel and Kal! Can anyone think of more characters who seem the same?
  12. What is the place to make false daggers? I am making a Mistborn costume too.
  13. A picture of Syl that I drew for my profile.

    © Use it however you want :)

  14. Cool! Love her mistcloak!
  15. Pattern in Shallan's sketchbook!

    © Free free to use or modify :)