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  1. Sorry to back out just before the game starts, but I've realized that I probably won't have time to participate as much as I'd like, and I'd rather not participate on a sub-par level. Terribly sorry. Perhaps Kiilian will be back someday.
  2. Mhm. I got that. It's really quite interesting.
  3. Ooo. Conversions. Fine, I'll sign up. Put me in as Kiilian.
  4. Yeah, I admit I definitely didn't see this coming. Huh. Well, my main three regrets are that I wasn't as active as I wanted to be, didn't leave Silverlight soon enough, and that the game ended this soon. It was a pretty good game, all things considered. And DoS, I most definitely need two copies of Preservation. One's broken, and is acting as a container for something else. Humph. And I should probably throw together some Moro RP. -sigh- Another thing I wish I'd done more of this game.
  5. Wow. I leave for a day, and like, everything happens. I admit, I did not expect that to be a game-ending win condition. I can't wait to see the after game discussion on this one. And it looks like my world doc got super active after I left too. On another note, Preservation is mine. Ain't nobody getting that. Hey, now I have two. Ok, one isn't mint condition, but still.
  6. Sure. I was suspicious of Drought, but it turned out that he was village, so I was clearly wrong there. Then I was pinged, and wanted to just put a vote out. I scanned the thread, and felt a gut suspicion of you. And that's about it. However, looking at Drake's reasons for voting for you, I do find them rather interesting. It does seem a little odd that you would anticipate multiple kills, before they happened, after a game where most nights have gone by without a lot of kills. Also this: That sentence just seems off to me. I have this sneaking suspicion that you're ruin... But I don't have a whole ton of evidence to back that up. Your defense of yourself against Drake seems pretty solid; I'm mostly leaving my vote on you as a placeholder for now. I don't love this train of thought. Returned aren't nearly as useful to us as real villagers. Although I do wonder if the information gained would offset the loss. I'm not super suspicious of Drake; I did a run over of his posts and I'm not feeling anything super off... Idk. @randuir, correct me if I'm wrong, but Drake wasn't on you original list of suspects, right? And I don't quite remember you having suspicions of him prior to this cycle. Could you elaborate on that a bit?
  7. 'Sup. I've been kinda busy with work so I don't have a whole lot of time to do analysis or post. Sorry. Fifth.
  8. I'm satisfied with Drought's explanation for now, as well as the other pieces of information that have come up. I'm not going to vote on anyone else just yet.
  9. Grk. That double vote is just gonna keep bugging me. Really need to pay more attention. On the upside, I did go over your posts pretty recently, so I've got some more stuff to say about you. I think my bad gut read comes partially from having mostly seen, during the first couple of cycles, your posts consisting of short one or two line bits, which tend to come off to me as someone trying to fly under the radar. That's the general tone I've been getting from you. A lot of your posts seem very safe, and there's something a little off as far as tone goes. Other than that, you haven't really posted a lot. I feel a bit hypocritical as I'm pointing out the reasons I have for being suspicious of you, as I'm seeing that I did a lot of the same stuff. As you yourself said, time gets in the way, and I totally get that it's hard to post sometimes. Hmm... I think another part of it might be that I felt, at least originally, like you were a "likely suspect". Like, one of the people who wasn't getting a lot of attention, and who I wasn't getting a specific read on. I worry that the people I miss are the ones that are evil, which played a part in the gut read. There's nothing really solid here, but it's the kind of read that can get worse as the game goes on, because if someone I'm worried about isn't getting lynched, I only get more worried. Still, I might switch my vote later on if you post some more, or if another candidate becomes obvious. I actually do agree with this. I've got a bit of a bad gut read on El, but there's nothing solid behind that either. Eternum could totally be Ruin, but I'm feeling that Fifth might be more likely here. And that's all I've got for now.
  10. *blinks* Uh. I guess I forgot about that. Wow. As far as why I want to lynch Drought, it's mostly because of gut feelings. I'm also totally for lynching Ruin, if we figure out who that's most likely to be. I don't really want to see any more planets destroyed.
  11. Well, I apparently didn't post the rather long thing I had written up earlier... And now it's gone. And I don't remember enough of what I said to try and write it up again. I did want to vote on Drought, though. I remember that. DoS is right about the distribution for Nalthis. I think El and I arrived this cycle, and I was placed here randomly. I was still hanging out on Silverlight. And that's all I've got for now. Sorry I can't be more active.
  12. Or maybe get to use one of their actions to gain an investiture of the shard they have. That makes sense to me, balance-wise, and also from a flavor perspective it works out ok. Anyway, I don't really claim to understand how balance works, and yeah, it's unfortunate that their aren't more kills, but I think the GMs probably know what they're doing. And, to start the day, I'm going to put a vote on Drought.
  13. I'm neither going to confirm nor deny that, because I'd like people to overthink as much as possible when trying to target me. So, to all of you who are worried I have shardic protection, and thus won't waste a kill on me; I have shardic protection. Don't waste a kill on me. And, for all of you who would like to see me dead because I have a shard, no, I don't have a shard. Don't waste a kill on me. Now that that's settled, I'll say that I don't think it's a bad idea to return someone. In a game with limited conversions, it's not going to be worth it to convert a role like Returned. So, I don't think it's a bad idea to keep returning villagers. Why would it be great if Preservation claimed?
  14. Yeah I'm not sure that I really want to get a shard? I feel like that puts a bit of a target on my back. But I'm still suspicious of Straw? And I really kinda do want a Shard... Oh dear. We should probably kill HH. Is there any way either of them could survive the lynch? Also, isn't HH basically gonna have at least two votes today? Actually answering these questions won't do me any good, since I'll be asleep at rollover. Ah well. I suppose the right call is HH, as much as I kinda want a shard.
  15. Huh. That's interesting. I'm gonna keep my vote on Straw for now, although I'll consider moving it to HH at cycle's end.