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  1. YES! Refuse the cookies! THEY WILL RUIN YOU!
  2. No! Don't eat the cookies! THEY WILL RUIN YOU! (spoiler for mistborn)
  3. how do you even use signatures I have been trying to figure that out
  4. I got 59% truthwatcher!
  5. So I was recently skimming through the shard and was thinking about Trell and Senna. We know that preservation had failed someone and i propose that that person was Senna or as we know her, Trell. I think that when Laras was about to become a shard Senna told him that he had to contain Ruin. She made him promise this. After he had become Preservation she became Justice and decided to hold him to his promise. After the siege of Luthadel happened he had failed her by letting all these people get killed by Ruin. She was really angry and flew towards Scadrial. This is the red haze we now know as Trell. She wants to enact justice on Preservation. P.S. I know that he should have called her by her shards name but maybe he never saw her when she wasn't Senna? What do you think?
  6. I recently was skimming through the shard and bumped into a thing about Senna. I was wondering who she could be and thought of an idea. What if Senna was another shard? There are unnamed vessels and one of them could have made preservation promise to hold off ruin and help people survive. Now when so many people died she was annoyed that he failed her. Because of this she got really angry. She then sprinted towards scadrial and formed the red haze and we now know her as Trell. Any idea what her intent could be? Post your ideas below
  7. Welcome to the shard! Im sure it will be great having you here. P.S. Don't eat the cookies, they will ruin you.
  8. No No the cookies are amazing! Here have some! (and an up vote for both of you)
  9. compiling list

    Stormlight+Nicrosil put out lots of orbs in highstorm or go out yourself, Take lots of investiture. Now uberpowered.
  10. SAME!!!!! But with me it is toilet paper racks
  11. heal allomancy hurt epic powers 1. Allomancy- 62. Feruchemy- 203. Hemalurgy- 116. Awakening- 37. Surgebinding- 148. Forgery-611. Voidbinding- 513. Oculatory Stuff- 514. Epic powers- 515. Rithmatics- 10
  12. when you go on 17th shard so much that the librarians have practically reserved a seat for you at there computers (when you then realize that that was them trying to hynoptise you) when the library computers all have 17th shard on the top hit. on all 15 of them
  13. This reminds me of when, in Steelheart the reckoners kill If you are fighting someone with atium you could use the same logic and just push and pull so many objects that no matter how they dodge they are hit by something.
  14. This is a song I created from 5 guys named moe by joe jackson. I then made it into a brandon sanderson song. I gotta tell you a story from way back About the book lovin craze There's Mistborn, Warbreaker, Way of Kings, White sand You should read, you should read, you should read, Steelheart Brandon, Brandon, Sanderson What’s the best author around? Makes the fans jump up and down Who’s the talk of 17th shard? Brandon Sanderson When I start to read it all I will jump and shout Tell me who do I always read Brandon Sanderson He writes at the speed of light But that don't mean a thing They are great and you'll know why When you hear me sing High brow, low brow, all agree He’s the best in writing I'm telling you folks you just got to read Brandon Sanderson There's Mistborn Warbreaker One book, Mistborn Two books, Warbreaker Three books, Way of Kings Four books, White Sand Five books, Steelheart Five giant books by Bran.
  15. Question: What if there was a metal that was the inverse of bendalloy? And I mean the literal inverse. Not like cadmium/chromium. Instead of slowing time for you, it would speed everyone else up. Those might as well be the same thing though, the reader thinks. The reader is right. But if they are the same, we have a problem. Because, confusingly, if this is true, bendalloy and cadmium are both infinitely more powerful then the other metal at what it does. I know that makes no sense, but bear with me. If... slowing time for you speeds everyone else up, then... Cadmium speeds up everything not in the bubble then... Cadmium speeds up infinite space then... Cadmium is better than bendalloy at being bendalloy. Unfortunately, if we accept that, things start to break. The facts: With Bendalloy, speeding up more space requires more energy Therefore, speeding up infinite space with Cadmium should take infinite energy Infinite energy is represented by one cadmium pellet Speeding up infinite space at 2 times the speed would also require infinite energy It should only take one cadmium pellet It takes 2 What happened?!?! Some things should be possible with Cadmium and Bendalloy which aren't. For instance, If a pellet has infinite energy, it should last forever. It should also be able to be flared at ridiculously high rates forever.