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  1. Kaladin breaking down in front of his parents. Shallan's encounter with Wit in Kholinar after breaking down. (This was the first time I actually liked Shallan). The epilogue of The Emperor's Soul brought out some tears. The end of Elantris in which Sarene calls Heathen their savior, a completion to his thoughts earlier. Reading any of these still bring me to tears.
  2. This would be the opposite. Scadrians are adapted to a world with a lower oxygen content atmosphere and a higher gravity than the Rosharans. Rosharans would be at a severe physical disadvantage in pretty much all environmental situations since Scadrians essentially go through more weight training and high altitude training.
  3. I loved it. The revelation about Sandra and the end made me tear up, if not full on cry, as few books have.
  4. soulcasting

    How do we know soulcasting solids doesn't conserve mass? Maybe people soulcasted into statues are hollow. That would preserve the volume/shape while allowing for mass conservation.
  5. I'm still horribly confused by what Surge Dalinar used to repair those temples in Thaylen City. I'm fairly sure that it's some nonsense with Adhesion because repairing intimate objects doesn't sound like anything Tension would do. Tension normally destroys objects and, as a concept, cannot be used to fix cracks since it's a pulling force. I guess it's also used to describe the force a string applies to an object, including one connected. Since the Surges partially appear to work on a semantic level, I guess you could stretch it to be some kind of connecting/fixing power. That makes my inner mechanical engineer want to commit atrocities in outrage though. Much simpler and sensical to play it off as spiritual Adhesion for objects.
  6. Personally, mine is when I realized, after Edgedancer, that many of the references to weird cremlings are actually references to the hordelings of the Sleepless watching the characters. The references in Oathbringer were then super obvious and helped me recall half-remembered instances in the previous books that I'm now scouring for.
  7. It's not even much of a contest. Rashek could compound chromium so that he has infinite luck. That would basically make him the Cosmere equivalent of a ta'veren. Szeth would have no defense for the catastrophic bad luck (good for Rashek though) he'd encounter.
  8. Interesting that my gamma radiation idea popped up over here too. There's some insane potential for Rosharan lightweaving given enough time, knowledge, and investiture.
  9. Oh, certainly Shallan would most likely not use various waveforms like gamma radiation or microwaves. I doubt Rosharan knowledge is aware of the electromagnetic spectrum. However, the spectrum is composed of waveforms which should be under the purview of Illumination.
  10. That's wonderful work, well deserving of an upvote. However, like you said there is a similarity. That shape is definitely not Aon Aon though it is somewhat similar. One side is fairly trapezoidal instead of having a shallow curve/arc.
  11. I bet the surge of Illumination can make waveforms across the electromagnetic spectrum. So, building off your ideas, things like x-ray, microwave, and gamma radiation grenades could be done. The last one terrifies me since it would basically mean that Lightweavers and/or Truthwatchers are walking, potential, partial nukes. Storms, gamma radiation might hinder Stormlight healing if not outright overwhelm a surgebinder's healing factor, Regrowth or not. Other than that, the waveforms part of Illumination's scope opens up some potential mechanical shenanigans. I would imagine earthquakes and Marvel's Quake level of shenanigans are on the table. It probably would just take more Stormlight than normal.
  12. It's kind of missing Aon Aon though...
  13. Marsh at least can use and compound Atium. Maybe gold since, I believe, he's pulling off Rashek's immortality trick. Anyways, it's probably a safe bet that Marsh can't use the external temporal or enchancement metals. The Fullborn could do what Miles did and have his metalminds inside him...
  14. Yeah, but the point of my contention was the part about Maya and, by extension, spren having souls. Thank you for the WoB that indirectly supports that they do have souls. Also, I agree with the nahel bond potentially being able to fix Maya. It seems that the establishment of it bond might be the source of difficulty though.
  15. BS on Maya and spren not having souls. Standard realmatic theory says everything has a soul, a spiritual aspect.