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  1. My first thought was that most mighty of worldhoppers, Stick. They know what they are. But, honestly, I'd vibe well with Jasnah.
  2. I scored equally high for both Windrunner and Elsecaller on the official test, so I'd go with those two. Being able to fly, teleport, transmute things/people, and make things stick together would probably improve my quality of life to a significant degree. No more super-commutes. I'd be living the dream with that alone.
  3. My talent would be ludicrously bad luck.
  4. I definitely agree with this. I was hoping Rlain wouldn't bond the Sibling since it was brought up. The Sibling basically only was willing to because of immutable characteristics. Which would have felt awful for Rlain after him talking about wanting to have a spren bond him because it wants HIM. The whole Sibling being willing to bond Rlain felt like a different beat on the whole Kaladin ordering that honorspren to consider him. "Please consider our token Listener." I also didn't want Dabbid to bond with the Sibling either considering how he was extorted by them. It is my sincere hope that an honorspren decides to bond him. Anyways, Navani bonding the Sibling is great. They both have their faults, they both have their conflicting beliefs, yet they both mesh together. It was truly enjoyable to see the Sibling get all excited over Navani understanding the fabrials they made of themself.
  5. It was specifically what happened. There are two instances in which the effect of the Anti-Odium Tone is mentioned. The first was the scene that Navani sung the song, the second being Moash's panicked recounting moments afterwards. Rhythm of War, Ch. 110 Rhythm of War, Ch. 111 Moash describes a specific sound as being what removed the emotional pain suppression that Odium gave him. Contrarily, the few times we see people describe the suppression fabrial involves terms like "smothering" and "oppressive", nothing about a "terrible sound." It seems reasonable that either Navani's first singing or the use of the tone to vent the Voidlight from the Sibling were the cause of the loss of Connection. Now, it comes back afterwards, but it still seems to have been disrupted by the Tone. As mentioned above, I am fairly certain that Moash's Connection to Odium was temporarily broken through the tone. However, you make a good point about it being unlikely that an Anti-Preservation Tone being able to remove a Scadrian's spark of life. I feel like something might happen though. At least some extreme discomfort if not a brown out from them.
  6. Exactly,and I agree with you at the end. I was mostly pointing out that Moash wasn't "barely hurt" by the Anti-Odium Tone.
  7. Moash specifically mentions in chapter 111 that the tone pushed away his Connection to Odium. The one which had taken away his pain/emotions. The Pure Anti-Tone of Odium completely, though temporarily, removed what Odium had done for and to him.
  8. This is my thought, maybe Preservation's tone either kills or removes sapience from Scadrians.
  9. I'm mildly horrified of the thought of a Pure Tone for Preservation/Harmony. We see Moash lose whatever emotion suppression Odium granted him with the Anti-Odium tone, implying she drove away the apparent Voidlight that he had to fuel it. Now recall that the sapience of Scadrians is due to them being slightly more invested by Preservation than Ruin. Would an Anti-Preservation tone essentially remove the sapience of a Scadrians? That extra bit is essentially their "spark of life" that investiture sinks like Nightblood can also feed on... In a similar train of thought, could an Anti-Endowment tone involuntarily make a Nalthian a Drab?
  10. Count me in on the Chasmfiends being sapient like other greatshells seem to be party. They definitely don't seem to be simple beasts after seeing the Listeners hanging with one.
  11. I haven't wanted a Moash redemption since Oathbringer. Maybe after Words of Radiance it would have been possible, but definitely not now.
  12. Syl is the last living honorspren "birthed" before Tanavast died. She is of the first generation created by Stormfather when he was bestowed that duty by Honor. The potential specialness of Syl comes from this very specific and unrepeated circumstance. Generations before being made by Honor himself, generations after being made by Stormfather after Honor's death. My personal thought is that Syl and her generation might have been made more closely connected to Honor and his power due to being among Stormfather's first attempts. Spren still seem to need to learn things so it seems possible that Stormfather made them "too well".
  13. Presumably, a Connector can make Connections between two different entities with themselves and then, since the entities are Connected to them, Connect them to each other. The strength, number, and permanence of which dependent on stored Connection and, probably, savanthood. What worries me is the potential of a Connector compounder interacting with a Bondsmith. I'd imagine they could potentially do what Ishar attempted with Salinas by building a Connection to their powers and using the Bondsmith powers to make it permanent.
  14. I recommend the Stormlight Archive last considering the references to everything else. Overall I recommend by series: - Elantris/The Emperor's Soul - Mistborn (Secret History after Bands of Mourning) - Warbreaker - White Sand - the rest of Arcanum Unbounded (after Words of Radiance or warning about Edgedancer needing to wait) -The Stormlight Archive I'm fairly flexible on Warbreaker, White Sand, Elantris, and Mistborn not mattering much for series order. Though I recommend Elantris first because it's a good introduction to Sanderson's writing. Though I am adamant about The Stormlight Archive being last. I read them that way inadvertently, but I would have been lost if I did otherwise after Oathbringer or Words of Radiance.
  15. The Ghostbloods definitely have more ambitious aims, at least some of which likely involve having cognitive shadows become unbound from their planet of origin. I would assume, due to the similarities between spren/seons and cognitive shadows, that unbound seons would therefore be an important thing to study in that regard. As per what would happen, there have been some WoBs that imply that a seon bond would potentially provide powers like a Nahel bond. Though such powers would be different. How different is anybody's guess.