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  1. I’m sorry to bring anything related to TikTok into this, but “Maybe I’ll be Chaser” “My dad’s already Chaser” “What about Jager?” “We’ve already got a Jager” ... “I have an idea” “What’s your idea?” “You should be...” ”I’m not gonna be Jerkface”
  2. Page 9 line 13 The comma in “‘We fight,’ said Mongrel” is italicized. It should not be.
  3. “Darro had betrayed his most beloved of bothers” amused me. Pour was used instead of pore several times.
  4. Nope—I haven’t even read The Wheel of Time.
  5. "Neithan" is a rather obscure alias for Túrin Turambar from The Silmarillion. It means "the wronged" in Sindarin.
  6. Ah, I had forgotten that Khriss was on Scadrial at the time of the story.
  7. If Khriss wrote the Ars Arcana, why do those of the Mistborn books contain inaccurate information reflecting what the characters in the story know? If Khriss is really compiling the information about the magic systems, why would she be limited to the current knowledge of the characters? For example, The Well of Ascension has a metals table with atium and malatium as the external temporal metals, which we know is incorrect. Also, each successive Mistborn book contains more metals in the Ars Arcanum than the previous. It seems unlikely that Khriss wouldn't know these things until the characters discover them in the story.
  8. Brandon just published a blog post announcing his new novel, Skyward. Interestingly, he said that the book is in the continuity of something he has already written, but it is not a part of the Cosmere or the Reckoners multiverse. Any guesses? I’m blank. Brandon also mentions that the 2017 State of the Sanderson will be out tomorrow.
  9. "where I am a theorist" This should be "theist."
  10. I'm indignant about the results. A screenplay should not be allowed to win in the fantasy section.
  11. warbreaker

    Whom does the cover of Warbreaker by Dan dos Santos depict? Based on the clothing and hair, Siri seems to be the only option, but why, then, do we see colorful Breath coming out of her mouth, and why does she have a sword? Does the scene on the cover actually relate to the book?
  12. Someone could definitely pull off a parody of Pink Floyd's rock opera The Wall with the main character replaced with Shallan. She certainly has a lot of bricks....
  13. A full 40,000 words of the Lopen. I don't care about the context, or if there is even a plot. Just Lopen calling people gancho while sticking them to the walls or enticing women by glowing.
  14. Ouch. That's the absolute worst place to have missing pages.