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  1. Since art is so valued, maybe they thought he just wanted to practice drawing nudes.
  2. I got accepted to Oxford to study Shakespeare for a month this summer! AAAAAH!!!!! If you have spare change, you can help me afford it: But it's surreal. I haven't been able to think straight all week.
  3. Our bookstore didn't have the companion. Four monkeys. Only two Gaiman coloring books. One poster. Not a very great event.
  4. So for a few years I've been developing stories, narratives, worlds, and characters. The genre, I'm supposing could be called Deaf Fantasy. Many characters are Deaf and much dialogue occurs in a manual language. Elements of Deaf culture are pervasive. It's vital that I get this story out and represent Deaf and Hard of Hearing culture in Fantasy. I'm passionate. Now, I finally have a second draft done. As I'm going through working on my third draft, I am finding that it's time for some input, advice, and encouragement. So here's a prologue.
  5. /me pours some mead. Welcome to our hall.
  6. Wheeee! I've always been amused by Anne Hathaway. I always think of Shakespeare when I see her in movies.
  7. But I still don't know Wayne's last name...
  8. oh! I got hired as prop master for summer shakespeare this year. Doing Lear and Merry Wives
  9. *accepts the candle and spoon* *shares accent* The trick is in the short i vowels sounds. *gives the candle to her husband for his birthday*
  10. yep. we should do a reading via google hangout.
  11. Awesome! I did two macbeths last year. And shrew. This year the company is doing merry wives and Lear. I auditioned, but I haven't heard back yet.
  12. I watched a table reading of one of those Shakespeare Star Wars plays. It was great. I want to stage one badly.
  13. Sure enough! I'm down for PM group
  14. same here. I've been playing with Kiwi accents lately.