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  1. Disowned by his parents, Darium had fought to climb the ladder of wealth using whatever it took. He had quickly made a name for himself in the illicit circles he was a part of. Some of the nobles he worked with said that he was more skaa than noble now. But he had shown them. They were all in the ash now, in the dust under his feet. It didn’t matter if he had to grovel in the ash like a skaa before. Now he had as much fame as a Great House, and soon he would be as rich as one too. As Darium strolled towards the boat, an obligator walking the other direction locked eyes with him and moved to intercept him. “Excuse me, are you the man who owns this boat?” the obligator asked abruptly as he reached about ten feet away from Darium. “I am,” Darium replied. “I have received orders to confiscate this boat and it’s contents.” the obligator said. “What for?”, Darium asked. “The Lord Ruler needs not explain his actions to the likes of you, does he?” the obligator said imperiously. “I see.” Darium responded. He bowed shortly, then turned away and began walking away.
  2. Darium whistled tunelessly as he walked jauntily down the street. Skaa shoved ash out of the way with large shovels. Working mindlessly, the skaa dug into the ash again and again, shiny with sweat. Foul creatures, Darium thought as he kicked one off the street. The skaa grunted, and continued working. Spineless too. Why did they not ever fight back? Darium continued to stroll down the street, towards the River Channerel. His initial batch of Mewfern had arrived two weeks ago. The Skaa had bought it all up like chickens eating feed. Darium supposed they needed something to distract themselves from their cold and harsh lives. No matter. They were only Skaa, Darium thought as he reached the dock. Darium walked along the river, looking, looking for-there! In front of Darium was a massive boat, slowly being pulled into the dock by dirty skaa. And on the boat, there were boxes and boxes of Mewfern. Darium laughed. He would be richer than some of the Great Houses by the end of the month. He could already see the piles of boxings just pile up around him. He laughed loudly into the air. Although people stared at him, he didn’t care. He would be too important to need to care by the next shipment of Mewfern. Ok so basically I do not think that going for a tie is a very good idea. If there is a rioter or soother somewhere out there, they can use this to turn this to great advantage to themselves or their house (there's probably been someone who already said this (I did not read the thread very well as you may be able to tell)). Although I, like many others, am curious to see what a tie turns out to be, I do not think that it is worth the risk of having the vote influenced and changed by someone who will use it for their own purposes. I will vote for phatt to get rid of a tie.
  3. The sun set on a day of dissent in Luthadel. Darium climbed quickly up the stairs of the skaa tavern. Dressed in the ash stained clothes of a commoner, Darium knocked on the wooden door at the top of the stairs. The door swung open silently, and Darium entered. Inside, a man sat in a chair behind a desk, a display of luxury and riches few skaa possessed. The man regarded Darium silently for a few seconds, then gestured to a seat on the other side of the desk. Darium sat. “Lord Darium, I presume?”, the man asked. Darium hesitated. He hadn’t expected the man to know his name; he had sent the message to meet with him anonymously. This man had more resources than Darium had expected. Darium quickly recovered from this, and responded with a terse, “Yes. You are the man known as Mistwraith, correct?” “Correct.”, the man responded with a faint smile playing on his lips. He didn’t talk like a skaa. Every syllable was clearly enunciated, without a hint of a street accent. “Now that we have properly introduced ourselves, what is it you wished to talk to me about?”, Mistwraith said, leaning back in his chair. Hey guys. Sorry for the inactivity all cycle. I don’t really have an excuse for that. Sorry. I don’t really have any suspicions or leads right now, because I didn’t really read the thread very closely. I guess any of the lynches sound okay to me. However, one thing stood out to me. Steeldancer said something somewhere like “Road’s posts seem fishy.” and then voted him. I guess that might not be really all that suspicious because it’s day one, but still something to look out for maybe? I don’t know. So yeah. “I assume, Mistwraith, that you have heard of the plant called Mew fern?” The man leaned forward curiously. “No, I have not.” “The Mew fern is a plant found in the Terris dominance that induces euphoria for three to four hours. I believe that the skaa in this city would be quite eager to buy such a thing. The Mew fern trade is already quite big in other cities such as Fadrex City and Urteau. If we could ship in a shipment of Mew fern from the Terris dominance and it gets big with the Skaa, then we could be rich men!”, Darim said excitedly. The two sat in silence for a couple moments. Mistwraith reclined in his chair, stroking a wispy grey beard. Then his face turned towards Darium, and said, “The Skaa Rebellion are getting riled up again over a village massacre. It could be quite risky to do this.” “But think of the rewards if this succeeds! You could be retired after this first shipment! We’ll split it fifty percent fifty percent. “Alright, I’ll do it.” The two men shook hands and Darium left with a smile on his face. This could be his most profitable deal ever.
  4. 5. Since Lirin references the Almighty and the heralds in the book, Kaladin doesn't ever mention Lirin, Hesina, or himself being atheist or any other religion, and atheism or any other religion besides Vorinism is very rare in Alethkar, it's probably safe to assume that Lirin is Vorin. There are religions in the Cosmere that have some level of Cosmere awareness, so Vorinism probably has at least this level of Cosmere awareness considering that it is one of the planets Adonalsium created and did cool stuff on before he shattered. Disclaimer: I'm using some facts here that are based off of my own not-great memory and haven't read either of the books for a while, so Calderis or someone else smart will probably have to correct me. You should probably trust any other person's post over my own.
  5. Nope, or at least not publically
  6. Pretty sure Ruin always maintains a firm control over them which is way more powerful than either Vin or Elend.
  7. It's common for worlds in the Cosmere to have religion based on Shards.
  8. You mean his one extra life or are you saying that he has two extra lives? I think I missed that? Or did I just misinterpret everything?
  9. Eternum seems like a good person to put on Medium. I haven't seen much of Doc lately, and since he was in Zeta realm there's a chance he could have switched alignments.
  10. There's a parasite in the Zeta world that can give people cool powers but also make them become a bit more unstable. The parasite is obsessed with Zimmy so maybe that's something. See here.
  11. combat

    Zane loses. Raoden calls down fire from behind Aon Edo and does his AonDor stuff until Zane dies.
  12. First off, I am sorry for the inactivity. I don't really have much time at all right now with irl things, especially in the last few days. Here are some random reads I have because someone asked for them in hopes of making me active. Sean (Polkinghornbd) - Inactive Reginald Canuk (Dalinar Kholin) - Nothing I see really stands out to me but I guess that's pretty normal for me to look over just about everything except a few posts. Marv (Hemalurgic Headshot) - Didn't see much stuff, neutral for now Kintas (Jondesu) - Nothing really stands out to me. Rendren (cloudjumper) - Inactive Koru (Doc12) - Medium - Neutral. I think he is who he says he is. Jordren (Majestic) - Not much on him. Araris Valerian (Araris Valerian) - Lots of action with him. I don't think any of it is particularly incriminating. Does the early vote on PK mean anything? Maybe maybe not. Noah (Eternum) - Probably village. I don't see much value in an Elim claiming Ysengrin day one. Also didn't Doc say something about asking the real Ysengrin to kill Eternum? Fess (Arinian) - Inactive . . . (Lady of Chaos) - Inactive I think Tautali Laust (Megasif) - There was one part where he said that he guessed that no Elims took part in the PK lynch and it feels a little weird to me. I don't think this means much though. Centaurus (Darkness Ascendant) - Not much in the way of analysis from him I think. Something about a conspiracy? Later retracted that. Don't think it's alignment indicative. Stick (Stick) - Protector - Actions don't seem suspicious so far to me. If you couldn't tell I don't really have many suspicions as of now. Also thoughts on Contribution Crusades: I'm always opposed to contribution crusades because it doesn't really give any info while making it easy for Elims to show up and vote without attracting attention. In my experience they just haven't worked well.