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LG20: Kelen Taldar - Noble -  Lynched day 8 - Noble Win.

QF15: Kai Lo - Civ until converted on last and winning turn - Eliminator Win

LG21: Kelen Taldar - 17th Shard Convert - Dead by idiocy, Night 3 - Eliminator Win

LG22: Llewella Rhysdaughter - Villlage Whitecloak - Dead, Day 6 - Village Win.

QF17: Ash - Squirtle - Dead, Cycle 3

LG25: Nelek - Returned - Survived - Eliminator Win

QF18: Alexios of Illytia - Village - Died - Village Win

LG26: Kelen Taldar - Kaladin, Child of Adonalsium - Survived - Independent Win

MR17: Nirgal au Rath - Village until conversion cycle 8 - Eliminator Win

QF19: STINK - Village Tineye - Lynched Cycle 4 - Village Win

LG29: Kelen Taldar - Devotion - Killed by Odium Night 3 - Eliminator Win

QF21: N/Sheep/Aries - "Benevolent" Game Master - Village Win


LG21 Death Sequence:


It was early in the morning when Kelen awoke on Scadrial.  He had been there for some time now, arriving accidentally after his first foray into Shadesmar.  Mist had accompanied him of course, and was at this moment hovering above him, apparently waiting for him to wake.  She followed him around his routine in the morning, getting out of bed. Stick.  


He quickly dressed in his clothes, his brilliant white hair contrasting the dark clothing he wore to avoid ash stains.  Storm this planet and its storming ash.  Storming annoying, it was. Stick.  


His breakfast had already been prepared for him when he arrived in the dining room, made by the cooks and served by the servants of the man whose house he was currently lodging in.  It was a Noble's meal of course, Kelen expected nothing less, especially given his lighteyes heritage, and high dahn, though the people here didn't quite seem to understand how important that made him. Stick.  


He enjoyed the meal regardless though, it was well made, if anything.   After the meal, he left the house, about to go about his daily business.  Yet on the steps, it struck him.  He was a Stick.  Assuming his true role, he lay down, and then promptly vanished.