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  1. I don't understand why you are arguing that about the left-handedness in combat. Sorry, but that's really stupid. It's common logic and knowledge, ask any soldier you know. You train in both hands, in case the main one gets damaged. Many soldiers become ambidextrous in the process. You telling me Adolin, or Kaladin, or whoever, hasn't trained with his left hand? At least you will have to switch the weapon from hand to hand. I can even remember adolin doing that a few times in his viewpoints. As Pathfinder said, someone would have noticed that Renarin is doing better with his left-hand. Also, you don't have to be a great warrior in order to be a great military general.... gosh.... Also, if you think you know so much about Renarin(without viewpoints and barely any reference to his day to day life), if he's not studying to impress his father and brother, what would he be doing? For all we know, he could be either studying from cooking shells under Rock to studying politics and warfare.
  2. Falling.. :-)
  3. theory

    I think you might be onto something here, man! From Kal's viewpoint is it explicitly said that he did hear only screaming, he did not hear any speech, as it would have been written down similar to Syl's speech and Kaladin would have understood it. So it's only screaming for him. Relis on the other hand... he ran off the arena screaming something in the lines of "What? I did not kill anyone(you?)" /I can't give the exact quote at the moment/. Remember that the Blade, in other words the spren, is bonded to his soul. Bonding is something on Roshar is a pretty huge deal. Pretty much half the books are emphasizing on bonding. That means Relis may heard the spren speaking to him even after dropping the Blade, at least that's the implication. The next day after his defeat, Relis is sent back alone to Alethkar in carriage. It is said that it is presumably to hide the shame of the family, but what if there's a darker reason in this. What if Relis continued hearing the spren and everyone, including Ruthar, thought he might be going mad, sending him back to Alethkar to remediate? What if Relis is the first person to walk the path of reviving and bonding a dead spren? Honestly, everyone, I would love Relis to do that. He is not a bad character and he seems smart and honorable. (Adolin was just stupid agreeing to duel 1 vs 4 and alethi take every advantage that comes to them.)
  4. Judging by the the Surges of Illumination and Progression and what we know at the moment about the extent of these abilities, I think this is the only order that doesn't have great raw fighting advantage in a battle. Brandon has WoB that one surge in two different orders works almost the same and that there is something little extra. That said, I don't think his Progression will work way more different than Lift's and I bet the difference of his Illumination would be that he doesn't have to draw/Memory anything, but use some other way of his. And about that little extra, I bet again that it's his 'seeing'. Renarin will be a leader, he has been foreshadowed as one in my own opinion. Maybe king? He did insist going to the lower class(Bridge Four) to study, something Nohadon did in a way, to dress as a beggar and walk through the people to educate himself about all social classes. /that last part was such a stretch, probably should ignore it at the moment/ I don't know, for all that could happen, he can become a traveling monk that preaches 'Let the sticks be sticks.' But I don't think he'll be a great warrior.
  5. I also think that Jezrien is the drunk man, fits the description quite nicely. About Ishar, I'll reread that when I get home, perked my interest there.
  6. But Taln's description is definitely not Jezrien's in Kalak's interlude 4500 years ago. A few years ago, this forum was convinced that the beggar with white and black beard(during the night on Gavilar's death), who was drooling is Jezrien. What happened to this theory, it is proven wrong by WoB?
  7. Szeth in Jah Keved. That was some high-level Surgebinding against practiced Shardbearers and some soldiers. Actually, I think this is the scene that hints how destructive one Surgebinder can be without a Shardblade. On second place it's pretty much all of TWoK and WoR... I just reread them for second time and I can't pick out a single scene to be my favourite, since everything is so good in its own way.
  8. A valid point, since humans can carry a disease/virus without being affected by it or even knowing about its existence. Plus, it would be such a nice funny twist on top of the Hoid mystery -> one of the most powerful beings in Cosmere bows down before a common cold!! I'd love that! A very nice theory that I like, good job OP.
  9. As far as I remember this is only speculation. Where did you get the information that Kalak is Nale's companion? A simple visual description does not make him Kalak.
  10. Yes, here's the quote: Q: So, why is it that there are only dead swords? A: That’s a good question that will be answered in the future.
  11. Well, it could be basically anything at the moment, since we don't know that much about Shardplates. You present a valid point that made me think, I forgot about the helm that disappeared on demand. We're missing some little trick, hopefully we will find out in Oathbringer...
  12. Sanderson pretty much confirmed my theory from 4-5 years ago with this hint that he gave regarding worldhopping: "Raoden has misinterpreted one of the Aons." That would be Aon Tia and it gives a way to worldhop directly from one point in the Physical Realm to another. Of course, that requires some sick level of mathematics (we know the boy that counted numbers in Elantris was kinda cool). Anyway, I know many of you still don't believe this one, but I am quite convinced in this. Another point in favor for this one is, in JordanCon Q&A. Sanderson said that when he is ready he might give us a star map indicating the position of all the Shardworlds. And everything of this sort in the books is written by the likes of Khriss and Nazh, which means that one of these knowledge seekers will be drawing it imo.
  13. I still prefer crem and Stormlight instead of spren and Stormlight. It's far more plausible, but both are possible of course. Also, Shardplate acts like living thing, twisting and setting around your physical build like plant. And all the flora in Roshar lives by using the minerals from crem (another Shallan reference). So, yeah... I'd rather go with crem until we find out.
  14. Doesn't it strike you strange that it the term used is grow. To grow the Shardplate by fusing it with Stormlight. To regrow a damaged Shardplate. Who else grows plate on them? Listeners. Where do Listeners grow their armor? In the highstorm. My theory for some time is that the Shardplate should be growed when a Radiant enter a Highstorm and probably use the crem from the rainwater and the Stormlight to grow the armor on him. It is probably not that easy, but I believe this is the general way of things. Crem is referenced consistently during the books as something that sticks everywhere you don't want it, also has a lot of minerals and stuff (Shallan reference) and is kind of hard in a way. The reason Kaladin/Shallan still don't have a plate could be that they are quite new to this and don't know the extent of Stormlight.
  15. Disregard that statement, I must have confused myself.