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  1. Um, do you use Grammerly? Because your spoiler box is really messed up on my pc when I open it, and using Grammerly tends to cause things like that on the shard.
  2. KanMien nodded, glad the woman had time to come with them. "Alright, thanks," she said. "Now I just need to find out where they are," she muttered under her breath. Voidus would be the logical choice in this case, but she had no clue where he was right now. She decided to ask around, and took a pen out of her pocket. Twirling it around she sent a message around, asking if anyone knew of his whereabouts. Who knew, with some luck Voidus himself might answer. In the mean time however, it seemed like they might need to make their guest feel more at ease. She thought for a second. "We don't seem to have introduced ourselves yet by the way," she said. "My name is KanMien, and this is Kumiko." she gestured to Kumiko, who gave a short cough. "Ah, right," she added. "Takamine Kumiko, I mean. Family names seem to be important in her culture, from what she says. For some reason they normally introduce themselves with their family name before their given name." She then looked at the woman expectantly.
  3. KanMien looked at her, trying to hide her shock. "He... left?" She asked slowly, trying to make sure she had heard it right. She shook herself trying to regain her calm. "Thank you," she said. "I don't suppose he left any message?" At the same time she wondered what she should do with the news. Nobody in the department seemed to have known about it yet, but everything still seemed to be running as it should right now, and there was no knowing of what that news should do once it got out. Normally she'd have to ask the department head, but he wasn't really available right now. Which likely only left Voidus, if he didn't already know about this somehow. Of course, all this did assume she was speaking the truth. "Do you happen to have some time?" She asked of the woman. "My superior would probably want to talk about this with you."
  4. KanMien nodded, a slight smile on her face. "I guess I'm familiar with him," she said. "He is my boss after all." She looked at her, wondering why she was here. She obviously wasn't a denizen, and if she was a new initiate then Mac would have normally taken care of her personally, at least if he was the one who had recruited her. Then a frown appeared on her face as she thought about the woman's words. "Hang on a second," she said. "Did you just say 'knew'?" As KanMien was talking Kumiko walked further out of the shadows, her tail and ears becoming visible. She gave the woman a somewhat disinterested look, though she did wonder what she was doing here. And, of course, why she and KanMien had to deal with it. Still, she was getting bored, and she figured KanMien would appreciate a distraction from her paperwork as well.
  5. KanMien was working on a set of documents, reading through the incident reports, while Kumiko sat in a corner, reading a weird book she had found in one of the storage warehouses. She frowned as she read through the current report. It seemed to detail an increase in activity in the underworld, something about a new crimeboss. She sighed and put the paper aside, feeling tired. The chaos following the Plasmacore incident was finally done it seemed, but it seemed other things were ramping up again. Crime was ramping up, strange reports about missing buildings and the like, and now reports of Atium of all things being found in some set of caverns below the city. Just as she wanted to sigh again she noticed something though, and stood up. Kumiko looked up at her, curious. "Come on," she told her, stretching out her arms as she walked to the door. "It seems we have visitors." Kumiko smiled and jumped out of the beanbag chair she had been sitting in, walking up besides her, and together they left the room. The two of them walked out of an alley KanMien had twisted in front of them, and when they walked around the corner they found a young woman who looked like she was from Roshar. "You called?" KanMien asked, her voice being carried through the alleys.
  6. I nod and turn around as well, falling in next to Sorana.
  7. So, here's a new character: Hazel Blackmore (Vita): @Voidus, because Epics.
  8. "Yeah," I answer, "that's kind of the issue, isn't it? And even if we can find the way back I'm not sure if we can get there in three hours." I shrug. "Can't hurt though, I guess. At least then we'll be closer to a usable area, and with a bit of luck the gamemakers will show us the way back to make sure we can attend. I mean, if nobody attends it'll be rather boring, won't it?" I start looking around. "Maybe we can just try following our footsteps?"
  9. Karin sighed, feeling frustrated. "No, I don't," she admitted. "Personally, I'd prefer to let the government take care of this place, but they don't have the clout to do so."
  10. Karin nodded. "I understand," she said. "Still, something like this is way above my pay grade. That's something the department heads need to resolve." She shook her head. "Besides..." Her voice trailed off as she looked around at the walls, looking at the mesmerizing lights that came from the crystals, lost in thought, thinking about what would happen to this place, to it's beauty, no matter which guild got their hands on it. Finally she turned back to Althea. "Besides," she continued, a wry smile on her face that looked forced, "do you really think the rest of the city will agree with that? I personally don't mind the idea, if it will avoid a guild-war, but do you really think the other groups would be willing to just let us have this? There are enough people in the city who won't accept this this treasure just disappearing, especially not to group as disliked as the DA. I mean, I'm aware that you have a lot of clout yourself, but do you really think you can convince the Ghostbloods to go along with this? And that's not even speaking about a group like TUBA." She shook her head, looking more serious. "No, I don't think that will be accepted, and no matter how powerful the DA is there is a limit to what we can do to keep this place, at least as long as we don't want to unleash another guild war."
  11. Karin shrugged, thinking back to Corette's message. "That's probably a good assumption." She said. "My department specifically probably isn't interested, they're probably more interested in the ecosystem here, but some of the other departments would love it." She thought for a second, looking at Althea. "Why are you asking?"
  12. Ah, right. I'm not really familiar with that side of the shard.
  13. ?
  14. era 4

  15. CBST?