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  1. Lisa smiled a bit. "Maybe," she said. "Though I have to admit this one is interesting as well, especially studying how magic works." She paused for a bit. "That's at the moments this place isn't terrifying of course."
  2. horror

    The attitudes of characters can help as well. Behaving the proper way can do a lot in making you seem older or younger.
  3. Lisa looked a bit hesitant at the question. That might not have been the best starter, she thought. She sighed. "Actually, I'm hoping it might teach me something about traveling between worlds," she said. "I actually came here by accident, and apparently people didn't know about the world I came from, so I'm kind of stuck here. The fact that my world didn't have any weird things like magic probably also didn't help either."
  4. Lisa hesitated when the woman introduced herself for the second time. Deciding that it might be a local thing, she deciding to introduce herself again as well. "I'm Lisa," she said. "Nice to meet you too." She thought for a bit, and decided a bit of small-talk might be polite. "Why did you join the expedition, actually?" She asked.
  5. If you've got enough character slots left, sure, make them a PC. Otherwise, when using them just politely request of others to discuss what they do with the character with you first?
  6. "Morning," Lilia replied without looking up. After a bit, she finished her drawings, and placed her cup on the paper. After waving away a fairy she focused, blanking out her mind. One for one symbols appeared in her head, linking together with the spell she had written on the paper. When she was sure she had all the variables firmly in place, she placed her finger on a specific rune, and watched water appear in the cup, air growing more dry around her. When the cup was filled, she took away her finger, and put the paper back into her pocket. She drunk a bit from the cup, eyes closed. "Do you have any plans today?" she asked Aldred.
  7. Lilia walked down the stairs, yawning and stretching. Sleepily, she drifted to Liezl. "Got a cup for me?" she asked. Liezl gave her a look. "Again?" She asked. "You know you can just have beer right, like normal people?" Seeing the way Lilia gazed at her she sighed. "Sure," she said. "You'll be paying the same as everyone else for that cup though." After handing her the money and getting the cup, Lilia sat down next to Aldred. Moving the cup on the counter she then grabbed some paper out of a pocket, as well as some charcoal, and started scribbling on the paper.
  8. worldbuilding

    Alright, thanks.
  9. worldbuilding

    Alright. Is there a place to sleep at the tavern btw? I think I read something about it, but I'm not sure what it was anymore.
  10. worldbuilding

    The ley lines are like rivers and the places where they cross (ley nodes) are like lakes. Though it's best to see this as an analogy, not as something you can actually see in the spiritual or cognitive realm. Places that aren't on a ley line will still have some ambient investure I guess, but things don't manifest as quickly as on ley nodes (ley lines also don't really influence stuff, the Investure flows too much). Alright, hadn't noticed that it happened. I do, but I hadn't noticed the kid had vanished as well. I thought they were just random dead people.
  11. worldbuilding

    Huh, he has disappeared? (guessing you're talking about the kid doing the advertising?)
  12. worldbuilding

    Could work, since Turtle hasn't really been online, so I haven't been able to move.
  13. worldbuilding

    Alright. I still have no clue where I am in relation to the rest.
  14. A few points: Expert Melee is apparently noted down as 75 points in the index, with skilled being 50. Is this just using the wrong word, or is the point count lower because she's limited to swords and knives? After you talked about her having no defensive abilities I thought about it some more, and figured out that she would have a few. I also realized that I hadn't elaborated on the wind manipulation enough, and made a few mistakes noting it down. Basically, the examples given are the limits on the ability, but they aren't the only uses, and the more advanced techniques give basic defensive abilities against range weapons. As for the actual techniques she can use (more uses might be possible, but this should give a good image of what she can do): Create a large area gust of wind (maximum strength wind power 7). This can either be in a single direction or just circling around her randomly. She can use this to put people of balance. Focus the wind on her blade. This basically creates a small whirlwind around her blade, creating a field around it that allows it do deflect bullets and other projectiles coming into contact with it. Circle air around herself. Same result as the previous technique, but as a field that fully surrounds her, instead of just her sword. This ability is much weaker though, functioning more as a steel bubble, and only working on smaller caliber projectiles (pistol and sub-machine ammo, so assault rifles and snipers will just lose some accuracy). Create smaller, focused gusts of wind in order to propel herself forwards, jump higher or break her fall. Launch blades of air. This requires her to swing her weapon in the direction she wants it to go, with the force of the swing correlating to the speed and force of the projectile, while the size of the blade controls the size of the projectile. These will lose power the further they travel, and will lose the ability to harm things once they've reached about 10 meters. Cutting power of the projectiles correlates to that of the blade used to launch it. Notable is that while she can do things that are somewhat complex, she doesn't have a lot of fine control, so she can't use it for moving small things around (though pushing and pulling using larger gusts is possible), or manipulating sound. Sorry for the lack of clarity in the original post.