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  1. KanMien and Kumiko walked through the hallway, talking to each other. "Why did we have to help with this?" Kumiko complained, not quite understanding why both of them had to get called in just to find some missing report. "Does it matter?" KanMien asked her. "I'd say it's a nice bit of paid vacation, where we don't have people shooting guns or fireballs at us. Besides, the archive is supposed to be kind off weird, so it's probably not nearly as boring as you'd expect." She thought for a second. "Maybe that's the reason you got called in? You're fairly well suited for dealing with weird investure things, after all." "Um, maybe," Kumiko said, having calmed down a bit. "Besides, you're probably right about using this to relax a bit. No matter how weird that place is, it won't be any worse than a firefight with some criminal gang." Together they walked into the room that led to the archives, and found three more people there. For a second they stood there, looking. "Are you kidding me?" Kumiko said with a sigh, while KanMien just scratched her head with an embarrassed laugh.
  2. There's the CDS thread, but that's more focused on a single character, not for interactions between multiple rpers. If it's in the city though you can use the Alleycity thread. I think we did also have a thread for scenes between a few characters in a house, which was meant to have a place to RP private moments between characters without interference, but I don't know where that one has gone to.
  3. If they frequent the Alleyverse a lot I suspect the necessary Connection already exists, so they'd have been altered too, but yeah, if they somehow still remember the old world Aylitha will deal with them.
  4. Sure! He's remembering stuff already? I think we'll need to sue the Stranger for shoddy craftsmanship.
  5. Here's Aylitha's character sheet. Please keep in mind that she won't be a character in the traditional sense, and won't get involved in plots, instead she'll hunt those who regain memories of the old world and reset them again, making her more of a special NPC. As an aside, because of her personality, as well as safety concerns and keeping things hidden the creatures she'll send after people will be lower-powered and have various (hidden) weaknesses that can be used to either escape or defeat them, in which case characters will have a small amount of respite, which you can use if you don't want your character captured. Otherwise, if they do get captured they'll only get their memories erased, and after the procedure won't even have any injuries, so your characters won't be harmed. With that out of the way, here's the sheet (as well as the sheets for some of the creatures). Aylitha: Creatures: Hazel Blackmore: Karin Dreier (Eldritch): Hazel and Karin are meant specifically as assistants of Aylitha, and won't interfere in plots, though they might observe things, and will only interfere if someone is acting because they're remembering the old world, as well as running damage control for Aylitha's retrieval teams, though if anyone does specifically want to interact with them, they can. Also, yeah, their outfits are references to the Men in Black, and Karin specifically designed them like this IC, though it has more practical reasons as well.
  6. Is there anything known about the editor undo and autosave functions suddenly stopping with updating? I'm using Firefox, if that helps. I'm not entirely sure what's going on here, but sometimes the editor stops automatically saving my changes, meaning that if I hit undo it'll erase a large part of my work as it resets to the last saved point, at which point the redo function also stops working and won't restore anything. I'm not certain if this is a shard bug or a firefox bug though, since normally when this happens and I restart firefox the automatic updater will run, making me think that it's Firefox noticing there's an update ready that somehow bugs it out.
  7. Kumiko and KanMien walked down the streets together, looking at the different activities. KanMien looked at Kumiko. Their costumes were the same as last year, and she had to admit neither of them had put too much effort into it, instead mainly relying on the fact their outfits were unusual enough to begin with that nobody would question them. Kumiko had simply put on a variation on the dress she normally wore, though according to her it had a different name, and was supposed to be worn at festivals, though KanMien still wondered what the exact difference was. She was even still wearing that strange sword of hers, though KanMien highly doubted that people would actually wear swords to those festivals. Other than that, she had simply manifested her tail and ears, and put on a bright white and red mask resembling a fox, though KanMien again didn't really understand what the purpose of the mask's ears were when you had fox ears yourself. Meanwhile, KanMien wore an outfit similar to what you might see from someone from the Roughs in Scandrial, cloth covering the lower part of her face while a hat obscured the upper part, completed by the two heavy revolvers on her sides and a rifle on her back. Of course, in her case the entire outfit wasn't actually a costume, with her instead wearing the outfit she used back when they were all still roaming around Scandrial back in the day, having grabbed it out of the closet because she wasn't interested in spending the time to acquire an actual costume. Together the two of them moved through the crowd, walking together in a comfortable silence that somehow formed a nice contrast to all the other noise around them. Eventually they visited a stand to buy some snacks, both of them getting a sugared apple, after which Kumiko spent a while complaining about the lack of certain foods KanMien wasn't certain she would be able to pronounce, let alone remember for more than two seconds. Eventually they started walking again, wondering about what the next year would bring. Probably some sort of calamity, going by the usual pattern in this city.
  8. Huh, neat.
  9. Something I'm wondering about, if he's a Cadmium Savant, how old would he be? I figure you'd be skipping through a lot of stuff if you want to become a savant.
  10. @Voidus