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  1. For powers, are all powers supposed to be a major merit? If so, does that mean everyone goes more towards just having a single ability, and no combinations? And how does that work with more powerful abilities? Also, I guess that means that if you have a power, you shouldn't have a field you're, like, extremely skilled in?
  2. At night, while the two of them slept, a small fox crept through the night. When it arrived at Lita's place it fell apart into thin vines which crept under the door, until finally materializing back into a fox in her room. Similar vines appeared, weaving themselves into a sealed letter. Nodding to itself, it then departed again the same way. An hour later the same fox appeared outside Laurelai's place, entering the same way, again leaving a sealed letter. Both letters bore a white seal, with an impression of a small, three-tailed fox. When the letters would be opened they'd both show the same message: If thou seeks enlightenment, follow the three-tailed fox. @[email protected]
  3. Also, as another note, Aylitha just realized the Stranger's plans, and has stopped the Shadows from erasing memories, and is instead subtly encouraging people to investigate these memories, and remember more.
  4. Deep beneath the city shadows slowly started stirring, as something ancient took notice of a strange anomaly. For a time that might be seconds or perhaps days she meditated on the strange things she felt, tracing connections of investure, mapping pathways through dimensions, reality and non-reality, until finally a strange feeling of unrest seemed to pass through the world, touching and infecting the minds of those in it with gossamer threads. At the same time the shadows seemed to retreat from the minds of those who had been experiencing visions of another life, finally granting them rest, before the faint feeling of unrest started pushing at them, unnoticeable, to investigate these visions, encouraging strange nightmares and dreams of a world of gods and guilds. At the same time shadows coalesced in a different, hidden part of the world, eventually retreating to reveal a small fox, while the main mind of the shadows sealed away their own memories of the hidden creature, trusting that what they had set in motion would continue. And finally, in a different place, one unbound by dimensions, on a plane of investure, power and intellect, hidden from even the view of all-seeing gods, Aylitha started to work on her own part in this, to sever herself from the world and reclaim her power from the friend she had trusted, and was looking to usurp her.
  5. What is the current state of stuff right now, by the way?
  6. In a similar vein, and from the same convo, here's a parody on "Do you Hear the People Sing" from Les Miserables too: Do you Hear the People Scream
  7. I think that's part of the joke.
  8. Could work, but more as additional storage so you don't need to rely on the body's fat reserves. For the speed alterations while using Abrasion, F-Iron might be more along the lines of what you want, since shifting weight while airborne alters your speed, with lowering weight speeding you up and increasing it slowing you down. This should carry over to Abrasion sliding as well. It won't allow for permanent speed changes, but it could allow for temporary changes.
  9. You probably want Nightblood on your side. However, I suspect no Shard would actually want Nightblood on their planet. Having the one weapon that makes a mortal capable of killing a vessel if they manage to meet them on the same planet as the primary world you Invested sounds like a very bad idea. Right now Nightblood is roaming out and about, doing damage to Shards other than Endowment, and there are two powerful Nalthians nearby who have a strong connection to it and would likely keep an eye on it and prevent it from causing too big a mess. Essentially, right now Nightblood is on Endowment's side, and, more importantly, on a world where it doesn't function as a sword of Damocles hanging over her head. Besides, Endowment is the only shard in her system, who else would it be any use against right now if it was on Nalthis?
  10. Mari wanted to nod to Victoria, when Vivica started talking. She only paid a bit of attention at the start, but quickly paid more and more attention as she rambled on and on. Her face was pale by the end of it, with more questions than answers. How the rust had someone with an encounter with the Alley ended up in a mental hospital? Had they escaped? Or had someone released them, figuring they'd be insane enough people would ignore them? She shook her head, turning back to Victoria. "Alright," she said. "I'll see who I can find." And, she added in her head, I'll look into whoever released a test subject into a mental hospital, and the odd sensations that other person is giving me.
  11. "Mari," she said, introducing herself to the doctor as she got up as well, helping her clean up the room. "I haven't really seen any emergency personnel, but there were quite a few people around the entrance, so they'll probably be on their way. The entrance has collapsed though, so it might take them a bit to get through. I ended up using a smaller emergency exit to get in." She was putting away some of the paper on the floor when she noticed Sanax, getting a strange feeling from him. It reminded her of the feeling of people traveling, or those with greater mastery, but strange somehow, weak, twisted, overshadowed, and she wondered why she hadn't noticed before. Had it been that weak? She walked over, looking at his drawing, and again it seemed almost familiar, but strange at the same time. It felt... worrying. Not only that, but she thought she could see something moving in the corner of her eyes, as if something was drawing attention, attention that would become focused on her, given the lack of enlightened people here. @[email protected] Shard
  12. Mari tilted her head slightly as she looked at the doctor. "A visitor, I guess?" She said. "I noticed the explosion, so I went inside to see what was happening. Then I came across here, and it looked interesting, so I decided to stay." She looked back at Reshilore trying to guess the image, wondering what it could be herself. It looked interesting, almost like some kind of strange symbol. Then again, that was probably because of too much time spent in Alley 0x8BCA451. She still wasn't entirely certain why anyone figured random symbols with zero investure would be able to warp reality, but given the sanity of most of those involved in the project she was personally glad they hadn't succeeded. ... Then again, she had heard most of the personnel involved were remarkably sane back when they started the project, at least compared to the average Denizen.
  13. And, to be honest, this rp doesn't work well for super-powerful chars, as we noted in era 2, because there are also people with weaker chars around. A full-on power fantasy god rp could work, but it'd need to be a completely separate from the Alleyverse, so it doesn't mess stuff up for everyone who actually enjoys rping weaker/Cosmere-standard chars.
  14. Mari walked through the hallways, occasionally catching glimpses from her old friends in the corner of her eyes, and she wondered if there was something special about this place, that they were capable of watching here that well. Perhaps a realmatic resonance with the signature of some alley? The explosion could have caused some form of shift. It reminded her of some old rumor she once heard, of an abandoned building that at random intervals linked to certain alleys, with them saying it used to belong to some old scientist who performed realmatic experiments. That was when she heard people talking, the word 'Word Spike' catching her attention. Curious she wandered over, looking at the drawings, before sitting down on a random bit of floor, looking into the distance. She thought she could hear some screaming, but this apparent drawing contest looked interesting too. @[email protected]@18th [email protected]