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  1. main plot

    As the monsters left the building small bugs started following them, hiding beneath the roofs of nearby homes, stalking them as they walked the streets and flew through the air. The bug near the guild leaders landed on the ground in front of them, and twitched. Aylitha hated doing this, wasting her reserves like that. Still, it had to be done, and if they weren't useful she could just eat them, more matter was always useful. The bug burst open, matter bubbling up out of it, tentacles lashing out. They twisted together, forming a new body. A moment later a young girl stood in the same location, skin unnaturally pale, eyes completely black. "Sorry for the interruption," she said, a faint smile visible. "Something... important has just come up." A long distance away the black patch covering the streets shrunk, some bugs vanishing, the matter disappearing back into Aylitha. @I think I am here., @Truthless of Shinovar, @Sorana, @Silva, @Rushu42
  2. main plot

    Kumiko flew down to the ground, landing close to KanMien. She felt her knees buckle, but managed to stay standing. "Hey," she softly said, smiling. "Hey," KanMien answered, smiling as well. "Good job out there," they gently told her. "You can rest for a bit, if you want to. The others take care of the rest." Tired, Kumiko nodded, releasing her forms. She collapsed, legs giving out beneath her, and the world around faded away. She felt KanMien catch her, and then her mind faded away as well, falling asleep. KanMien sighed, smiling, and lifted up Kumiko's body, walking back into the alleys. Absently they noted she was lighter than they had expected. They shifted the alleys in front of them, walking into Kumiko's quarters, and laid her down in her bed. Tucking her in they walked out again, looking for an armory. They took out a pen as well, to send a message to the rest of the group. Phoenix is gone, it went. Kumiko is down, but unharmed. Brought her to her room. Dark Phoenix is still out there. Can't deal with that on my own though. Unrelated message, do we have those ceramic anti-steelpusher rounds in rifle and anti-materiel rifle calibres? Still, as they were walking on they felt uncomfortable, a slight tugging feeling, as if they did something wrong by leaving Kumiko's room. They shook their head, trying to get rid of the feeling. *** A small bug flew through the air, silently floating on the winds. It was but one of many, all of them spreading out over the city. It settled down close to a small group of people, listening to them, watching them. There weren't a lot of people in the city anymore, which meant that any still there should be interesting to watch. One of them seemed familiar, for some reason. Back in a different street Aylitha stirred in her cocoon, the Alleystorm disturbing her.
  3. main plot

    Kumiko saw the Phoenix turn towards her, and saw it nod to her. She nodded back, smiling. Quickly it flew up into the sky, past the storm clouds. She looked at the black Phoenix. Should she fight it too? She shook her head. She wasn't in much of a state for more fighting, and honestly, she didn't really care what it did to the city. As long as it stayed away from her she would leave it alone as well. She flew down towards the ground, wondering about the person she had seen there. She took a closer look at them. KanMien? She thought. She wondered why she was there. Was she there to make sure she didn't do anything stupid? Did she think she couldn't be trusted with something like this? Or perhaps, maybe she was worried about her? Maybe she was just there to help her once she was done. She was smart, she probably had at least some idea of what she had been planning to do, and would probably have guessed that she would need help afterwards. She smiled at that thought, for some reason. She slowly started moving down towards the location she had last seen her. @Ax's Boyfriend
  4. Shade looked up at him. Tell him something about herself, he had said. She grew nervous, wondering what she should say, what she should reveal about herself. "Um, name is Shade," she said, sounding nervous. "I'm seventeen, I think, and I'm from earth. I... sort of need a safe, calm place to stay, and I ended up here." She started talking more quietly. "It isn't anything dangerous," she quickly said, "But living on my own might be a bit difficult. I mostly just need something stable". And I can kill most Epics with more ease than a Reckoners squad, she silently added in her head, and I'm scared that I'm broken, that I can't do anything else than that. @Blessing of Potency
  5. main plot

    Kumiko saw the Phoenix rise again, and lifted off herself, hovering above a building near it. She wasn't sure what it was doing, and decided to wait until it became clear. She looked around, seeing the black phoenix destroy the PlasmaCore building and shrugged. It wasn't her issue in the first place. She only cared about the other Phoenix, the one who had brought her those memories. Her face grew dark when she thought of that, and she started wondering if she should kill it here and now. She shook her head. It was too beautiful to be killed like that, no matter what it had done. Besides, she should thank it for giving it her first good fight in more than a year. Noticing some movement in the corner of her eye she looked over, and saw someone spectating them on the ground. She shrugged, not really caring about them. The figure did seem familiar though... *** KanMien sat on the ground, ignoring the rest of the group. They hated the Alleystorm, the way it felt when it enhanced their spikes. They wondered about how Kumiko was. She had said that she had everything in hand, and she probably would be alright, but they hated the feeling of not knowing for sure. Besides, they told themselves, it would be good to have more information about was was going on, right? They looked at the others. It didn't seem as if the group was going to do anything, so they could probably leave, right? They looked up at Voidus. "I'm going to take a look at the situation outside, sir." They said in an emotionless tone. Rust, they hated how that storm made them sound. They walked out of the alley, past the burning PlasmaCore building, looking at the Phoenixes. Multiple Phoenixes? They thought, surprised. No, they thought, tapping their zinc and taking a closer look. Two of them lacked substance, and one of those was the wrong color. They thought about it. Those two were copies, probably. People who used their powers to emulate the Phoenix. One was likely Kumiko, probably the golden one, given their abilities, but who was the other? They shook their head, and continued watching, alley close by in case a quick escape was necessary. *** Just after KanMien left the alley a large black fox moved through it, stopping behind the group. It took care to stay within the area that was still part of the Alleys, not crossing into the normal world. "Hello," it said. The voice had a strange sound to it. It sounded feminine, but with strange reverberations, as if multiple voices were overlapping with each other.
  6. It might also be good for the Guild leaders (and members) to start brainstorming on the effects on their guild.
  7. True. A personal suggestion would be took keep the actual actions as a DA-only thing, keeping it in the DA threads. Instead, (at least in the beginning) it'll just be the effects of the process starting up that manifests in the general world that people can investigate. Someone else suggested the universe becoming unstable at one point as a potential plot for Era 4. This might figure into that quite well. All the other plots will be going on as normal, but at some moments weird things occur, sudden instabilities in the universe. People who want to can have their characters investigate to try and figure out what's going on but they won't directly be interacting with the DA.
  8. main plot

    Kumiko collided with the Phoenix, flames flaring up around both of them. Immediately she separated again, preparing for another attack. She stopped however when she saw the Phoenix motionless in mid-air. She stared as it slowly started falling down, wondering what to. She could just try to kill it, but that seemed... unfair for some reason, to kill something as majestic as that while it was helpless. She cut off her own flight, falling down to the ground as well, softly landing in front of where the Phoenix would fall. As she touched down she felt her knees buckle, having grown weak under the strain. She could still feel it, still hurting, but it was bearable now. Looking at the falling Phoenix she prepared a new form, similar to one she had used before, but only selecting a single story this time. She wouldn't have done this normally, the strain would have killed her for sure. But with the support of the Alleystorm... She focused, getting the form ready, but not applying it yet. Her current form was a lot less difficult to use, and the regeneration would be useful in case of anything unexpected.
  9. main plot

    Kumiko looked up and saw the Alleystorm arrive. It's power washed over her, wiping away most of the strain on her body. She smiled. Finally, she could go all out. She rose up into the sky, hovering a feet above the ground, golden light shining around her. Then, she launched herself at the Phoenix, shockwave shattering the street around her.
  10. main plot

    Kumiko saw the claws flash towards her. She tried to move around them, lighten the blow, but it didn't matter. One claw cut straight through her stomach, and another took of her right leg. She screamed in pain as the impact threw her away towards a distant building. Desperately she tried to focus, activate her power. Just before she hit the building shining red and gold feathers started growing from her arms and hair. She hit the side of the building with a sickening crunch, her spine breaking, her skull cracking. What was left of her organs got flattened. Slowly she tumbled down towards the ground. But as she fell a faint light started shining from her body. A faint flame flickered around her, and slowly her wounds started healing. The light shone brighter and brighter, a powerful golden color, and a massive flame burst alight around her. Kumiko screamed. Defiance, pain, victory. A wave of flame spread out from her as she landed on the ground, destroying the street around her. The fragments paused in the air, then launched towards the Phoenix. Slowly, Kumiko stood up, her wounds healed.
  11. main plot

    Kumiko looked at the Phoenix hanging in the air, and frowned. Why wasn't it attacking? It must be thinking, she decided. That was an issue. An enemy who was blindly attacking was easier to deal with than one who had readied themselves. She looked up, and launched herself into the sky, diving straight at the neck of the Phoenix, abandoning all thought of self-preservation. It didn't matter how much damage the Phoenix did to her, as long as it didn't kill her immediately. A single hit, that would be all she needed. @Voidus
  12. main plot

    Kumiko watched the flames spew forth from the Phoenix, swallowing her foxfire. She flew upwards, darting past the Phoenix. She felt her bones aching, and started having trouble focussing. Too much, she thought. She darted around the Phoenix, trying to buy time, shooting small balls of foxfire to try and distract it while she tried to focus. She selected a different form, creating the necessary histories and folklore. She combined them, creating a new form, one that used less power, one that was more adapt at dealing with this opponent. Suddenly she dropped out of the sky, her old form vanishing. As she fell a new form appeared, dark red scales formed patterns on her skin, and her clothing changed into a tight outfit made of red leather. Salamander, she thought. She looked down at the ground that was rapidly coming closer and focussed. A small flame flickered in front of her, and then she suddenly blazed with fire herself. At the same time the heat from the Phoenix stopped bothering her. Fire shot downwards from her hands, launching her back up into the air, back towards the Phoenix. @Voidus