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  1. Hmm, maybe we could call a vote to see who's interesting in participating, and if we've gotten enough people we could create a dedicated thread for discussing the details?
  2. Mari gave a nod to the newcomer, hiding her displeasure at how Tels was talking. It felt rather inappropriate to her, even if it was their job.
  3. Karin nodded at the woman's answer. So they'd receive full support, which was nice, especially when the alternative is going into a dangerous cave with a bunch of strangers and no support. Of course, they'd still be doing that, but now they'd have actual equipment and trained medical personnel along, which was always nice. Of course, that left the question of what she should bring, if she had the time to get it of course. She would have preferred a full biology lab with state of the art equipment, but she somehow doubted she could carry all that with her even if she somehow got clearance to take the stuff out of the alleys. Still, she could put together a basic field-kit. Some basic medical tools like scalpels, bandages, suturing tools. Add some basic chemicals and she should be able to create a decent field-kit. Carrying the gear would be an issue though. Given what the standard protective clothing would probably look like she'd likely have to modify it to be able to retain proper use of her abilities, which of course would get rid of most of its protective abilities. Still, that could be done later. For now she focused on the meeting. She listened to the description of all that had been found down in the caverns. She had to admit it piqued her curiosity, despite the obvious danger signs. Halls filled with mirror-like crystals, cave-paintings. She hadn't even been aware of prehistoric civilizations in this universe! Wait, she thought, Wasn't that because there aren't any? This place was artificially created, and those caves were sealed up, nobody had ever heard of them. How did anybody get there to draw on them? And of course, are they still down there. Well, I guess that there's at least something down there, given what happened to the previous team, so...
  4. Mari thought about that. It made enough sense, though she disagreed with the getting drunk part. If anything, that would probably just make things worse. Still, the rest was true. After all, if it wasn't she would have left a long time ago. In the end she just nodded to Tels, staying quiet otherwise.
  5. "So we're going for option three huh," Karin muttered in a deadpan tone as she listened to the explanation. Still, the whole mess sounded interesting. And besides, returning the the alleys saying she chickened out would probably end up a whole lot worse than joining. "What kind of support will we be getting?" She asked. "Will there be other ACE employees traveling with us? And what kind of resources are available?"
  6. Reposting this one, since it seems it was missed.
  7. "Huh, really?" Karin asked. "I bet that must have been... interesting to see." She wasn't sure what it would have been like, but from her experience with the other DA members it must have been an interesting show, one that probably involved tentacles, given the general aesthetic tendencies of the bio-science department. She looked around the room as well, wondering about what was going to happen. "Why did they do that actually?" she asked, "inviting everybody. Plasmacore, not ACE. I can't see any real benefit it would bring them, it would just make others pay attention to them. Oh well, not that important anymore, I guess." She shrugged. "Still," she added, "To me this looks more like trying to get personnel, which of course raises the question of why they'd hire random outsiders, instead of creating specific job-postings. I mean, there wasn't even much information on specific skill-sets listed in the advert." She tilted her head, thinking about it. Just as she was about to say more the doors opened up and a woman strolled in, looking like someone who might work as a school teacher in one of those old movies, one of those ridiculously strict types. "The meeting has begun," she said, "please take your seats." For a moment instincts from high-school warred with a knee-jerk to disobey authority, but the instincts won out. "I guess we'll talk later," she told Althea. She then stood up, walking to the row of chairs indicated, sitting down, trying to look like she was paying attention.
  8. Karin shrugged. "Nothing better to do, I guess," she answered. "At least, I probably looked like that? I was just doing research when Aylitha suddenly came up to me, telling me about this, and while they didn't quite order me to go they made quite a lot of noise about how interesting this would be, and how great an opportunity it was, so I got the hint and here I am." At that point Karin realized that Althea might not know who Aylitha was, given that they never left the alleys. "Ah, right," she added. "Aylitha is the department head. they're this large black fox. Quite cute, I guess, as long as you forget about the fact that they could probably rip you apart in seconds if they get annoyed, or mutate you into something from a Lovecraft story, or thousands of other nasty things." She failed to suppress a small shudder. At that point she realized that she was talking to one of the leaders of an assassin guild, and that she could probably do some stuff that was just as horrible, and hoped she hadn't accidentally insulted her.
  9. "I can understand that, I guess," Karin said with a sigh. "I feel the same about the DA. I mean, they can be weird something, and some of the things they do give me the creeps, but they still took me in, and most of them are still nice people once you start getting along with them, despite their myriad issues." Besides, it wasn't as if she had any place to return to anyway, she thought.
  10. "I was," Karin said with a nod. "I still have family living there, though given how long I've been away I cannot be sure about their current state." Karin kept smiling, but deep inside she felt a chill. If the conversation continued as it was going she'd probably have to explain how she'd gotten here, or what life was like, at which point she'd have to talk about her missing memories. "You were born in this world, I guess?" She asked, trying to divert the topic.
  11. "I guess?" Mari answered. She wondered what tunnel complex he was talking about. She hadn't kept up with news for a while now, and apparently she had missed a number of things. "It will probably just end with a lot of corpses, judging by how everything normally goes in this world," she muttered.
  12. Karin blinked in surprise at the revelation that she had been talking to one of the leaders of one of the great guilds. And the fact that half the room was observing her... Apparently she needed to work on her situational awareness some more. She shook her head, trying to focus on Althea's question. "I'm an Epic," she answered. "Shapeshifter, to be precise, though with some odd quirks. Part of my abilities is that my cells aren't what you'd call... human. Compared to normal people my physiology has been enhanced a lot. I'm fast enough to beat Olympic athletes without putting in much effort, don't need to breath or sleep, though I still do because of habit, and I've got a fairly strong regenerative ability going on as well. My body also doesn't seem to age, though I don't know if that's a permanent thing." "Ah, those are all part of my ability," she hastily added, "they aren't because of any experiments, just to make that clear. Other than that..." she shook her head, trying to think of anything. "Well, about half my internal organs don't seem to have any actual use, and though I do have blood I don't actually have a heartbeat, and I think a different system might be used to replace a lot of the functions blood has, though I haven't figured out exactly what." She decided not to talk about her ability to store mass, or its limits. Best not to reveal all the details on her powers, especially the weaknesses.
  13. "I don't really know," Karin answered. "I mean, the only things I know about you are your name and that you have a habit of getting philosophical." She tilted her head, thinking. Guild? Could work, maybe too personal, and not that important. Age? Good way to get into trouble. Albinism? Not really important. Suddenly they got an idea. "Do you have any interesting abilities or skills?" She asked. Immediately after she asked it she realized her mistake. Asking about Althea's abilities would likely also cause her to ask about her abilities. Well, it was too late to do anything about that. Besides, there was a good chance she'd find out anyway later on.