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  1. Vita watched as the alleys warped in front of them, and as they walked through the opening they stepped out onto the base of a large crater, a small camp and digsite in front of them. Some people still manned it, though most seemed to have gone down into the caverns. One of them noticed their group, pointing at them and yelling at the rest. She sighed and walked towards them, the other denizens spreading out to cover the ACE employees and secure the lift and it's controls. One man angrily walked towards them. "What is the meaning of this?" He angrily demanded. "This is an ACE operation, sanctioned by the government. So what in Harmony's name is the DA doing here?" Vita sighed. "Play conversation 4," she whispered into a hidden microphone, the music of her earbuds changing accordingly. "Listen," she said to the man, "We're going to go down there. You can either let us and nobody will get in any trouble, or we'll get in our way." She paused, keeping track of everyone's locations. She didn't like this place, too sterile, difficult to see anything, she wanted to get down into the caverns, where there would be more life. She had her head turned away from the man as he tried to find something to say, some kind of objection. She flicked her wrist, cutting him off, twirling a butterfly knife in her hand. "So, what is it going to be?" She asked coldly. 10 minutes later the elevator touched down on the ground of the first cavern, and she hid a sigh of relief as the world flared up around her, fungi covering the various walls, with especially large samples in a column hanging down from the ceiling in the center of the cavern. "Play instrumental 6," she muttered as she studied the central growth, focusing on it, something seeming odd about it. "One of you get a sample from the central spire," she said. "I think it might be invested." "You mean those glowing mushrooms?" One of those with her asked. They glow? She wondered, feeling curious. "Yes, that one," she said. "Watch out for the water," she added when she noticed it. "It's a lot deeper than it seems, and it branches out. Deeper down there appear to be some rather large lifeforms. Intel suggests they're predators, and are invested." She paused for a bit. "Actually, if you can, lure a couple up and capture them, they would make nice research material." They continued on, past the areas Aylitha had mentioned, making sure to take some samples along the way, though she didn't spend much time there. They could always come back later after all. When they saw the base-camp in the distance they made sure to take a wide berth, avoiding it. They could take control of it later, but first they had to rendezvous with the agents already in place. Still, she detached a large contingent to stay there and keep and eye on things. It wouldn't do to have them go and cause trouble after all. Finally they reached the area the reports had talked about, the well of Atium. She could feel it, the nodes of Investure faintly visible to her sight. She could also sense the group, the ones that had found it. She also noticed the one Aylitha had told her about, and she was glad that she had mentioned it. She was accustomed to differentiating different biosignatures from her time in bioscience, but her signature was so similar to Aylitha's that she'd likely had thought it was her, and accidentally did something she shouldn't have done. She walked toward the group, remaining Denizens falling in behind her. "I'm sorry," she said, interrupting the current conversation on what to do with the Atium, "but that conversation has just become unnecessary. The DA will be taking over from here." @Sorana @Ookla the Maybe-Existent @ZincAboutIt @ElephantEarwax @Everyone I've missed
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  3. Nimari sat on a nearby roof, watching the duel, nodding. The fellow was surprisingly good, though that weapon would be horrible in combat against the Voidbringers, or against Radiants. It would likely just shatter on any armor, and the long length would make precisely aiming any stabs a lot more difficult than with a shorter blade. Still, she guessed it worked against unarmored opponents, and it might even be useful against inexperienced Knights, those who hadn't received their plate yet, and were stupid enough not to use their surges, though she suspected that quite a few of those who had surges might find themselves hard-pressed against him. Those weaklings that were the Lightweavers certainly would, at least! Shaking her head she looked at the other Radiant, curious about his talk about the law. Definitely not a Windrunner, in that case. Good, she hated those bleeding hearts. Of course, most Skybreakers weren't that much better, with their insistence on laws. Still, this one had proclaimed himself king, which meant he was at least a magnitude more intelligent and realistic than the rest of his order. Smiling she relaxed, a small knife twirling between her fingers, wondering how he'd react to the loser claiming he had cheated. Talking about an idiot! Trying to continue a duel when the other was better than you, the only way that would end with was with him being killed, as he deserved. She was curious to what the winner would do. She just tell the other to continue, and kill him for his arrogance and stupidity. Of course, she wouldn't have let some inferior idiot challenge her to a duel anyway, she'd have just killed them for offering such an insult. Still, she could understand humiliating them first. It always made dealing with them taste just that bit sweeter.
  4. era 4

    KanMien watched as a flash of light shone from the Woodwyrd. She tsk'd when she realized they had gotten away. Firing a quick shot at one of the cultists who was still fighting she grabbed her guns and started running towards the remnants of the battle. Stop the assault, she sent, focus on captives. Kumiko had already pulled back towards the center, getting a few Denizens to get back control over the abominations to stop them from rampaging. When she reached the center she smiled and nodded to Kumiko. "Nice job," she said. She turned to the nearest Denizen. "Get some people searching those bodies," she said. "I want anyone still alive found. I've they're one of ours, try to get them gold. If they're an enemy, try to stabilize them, but immediately send for me so I can question them. Any of our dead, make sure to get their spikes and put them in storage. No sense in wasting any." She looked towards the Woodwyrd. "Get some others to investigate that thing as well," she added. "If we lack people with the necessary expertise, contact the alleys and get R&D to send someone. I want to know why they were here and what they did to it." As they turned away to execute her orders she sighed, slumping slightly as exhaustion made it felt. Kumiko grinned to her, and she sent a tired smile back. "I need some tea once we get back," she said. "Better pick something with caffeine," Kumiko joked. "You probably won't be getting any sleep for the next few weeks." "And neither will you," KanMien answered with a wry smile. "I'll need a field agent after all when I start researching this." Just as Kumiko's expression sunk a Denizen ran up to her. "We found one that's still alive," they said in a grinning tone. KanMien nodded, standing taller, trying to hide her exhaustion. "Lead me to them," she said. The Denizen started walking, KanMien and Kumiko following. "Hey," the Denizen said in a hopeful tone, "can we keep them when you're done? These cultists are always so... interesting, don't you think? I could use a new experiment, or maybe a pet?" KanMien looked at him, then at the slaughter around them. "I'd say that will depend on what answers they give us," she said, her voice and expression cold as ice.
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  7. Aylitha simply stared at the man's back as he left the tavern. "Did he just call me a kid?" she muttered, sounding angry, and small tentacles started lashing out from her hands. Nearly she walked out of the tavern to follow him, teaching him about how to address his elders. Oh, shut it... Karin sleepily replied. If you don't want to be seen as a kid then stop dressing like you're an escapee from wonderland, or a Japanese girl band. Just let it go, and let me go back to sleep. Goodbye... she said as she dozed off, her presence fading away. Aylitha sighed and walked out of the tavern as well, jumping over the busted door. *** In the back of the tavern Nimari stood up as well, walking to the door. She though about the king-figure, smiling. Finally a Radiant who understood how the world worked! At least, that was how it seemed right now. According to what they had been talking about they were supposed to be going to some kind of duel. Quietly she giggled. It would be interesting to find this king, see what he was like. And if he wasn't strong enough, or not who she expected him to be... Well, one of the quickest ways to become a ruler is to kill the old one.
  8. era 4

  9. era 4

    KanMien and Kumiko walked through the alleys, a number of denizens and a larger number of abominations walking behind them. Strangers, Koloss, even a small number of Strikeshots and Hazeslayers. "You're charged up?" KanMien asked Kumiko. "You remember what we're going to be dealing with, right?" "Yeah, yeah," Kumiko answered in an annoyed tone. "You've already explained it twice. Besides, I'm stronger than you anyway." She smirked. "Maybe you should worry about yourself instead?" "I'm a lot harder to kill than you, remember?" KanMien answered softly. "Also, I've got these," she said, indicating the grenade launcher in her hand and the heavy sniper on her back. "But well, if you're that certain..." Kumiko sighed. "Alright, that's it!" She snapped, stepping in front of KanMien. "What's going on here?" She asked. "You've been acting weird ever since that report came in." KanMien stopped and looked at her for a few seconds. "It doesn't matter that much," she said. "It can wait until we're done with this." She paused, seeing Kumiko glare at her. "Alright, alright," she muttered. "Putting it simply, chaos marines killed KoTiel." She looked at Kumiko. "They were much stronger than I am, or than you are without overusing your powers. They were a full zinc compounder, and they had access to a Dakhor skeleton. If they could kill them, then they could just as easily do it to us, and of the two of us you're the one going in for a melee fight." While I'm the one sitting safely in the distance, too far away to actually help, she silently added. Kumiko looked at her. "I see," she finally said, not sure what else to say. "Don't worry," she added, "I'm not going to die here. Besides, I have a few tricks up my sleeve if necessary, remember?" She smiled, trying to make KanMien feel better. "True," KanMien answered, forcing a smile. Then the alleys opened up, and the rest stepped out close to the Woodwyrd, heading towards the fight, while she stepped out at a much greater distance, grabbing her sniper of her back. "But that was what they said too," she softly added as she watched the others advance towards the enemy. Falling silent she laid down on the ground, grenade launcher beside her, and loaded her first magazine. She took a deep breath, and started firing, aiming for the armored marine at the front, trying to see what her armor-piercing bullets would do against them. Kumiko stepped out further away from the marines as well, looking behind her to where KanMien must be. She knew she should be focusing on the upcoming fight, but she kept coming back to trying to figure out how to cheer her up, make her act normal again, and at the same time trying to figure out why that would be so important to her. Finally she sighed, turning around, and switching to Bull. Slowly she started walking towards the enemy, then breaking into a slow run, then starting to speed up even more. The force-field of her Charge slowly started taking form in front of her, while at the same time her speed rose ever higher. She started smiling again. At least this was something she knew how to do! She picked her first targets, a small number of cultists a bit further back, and kept running, solid force-field now in front of her. And even with that, she was still speeding up.
  10. Karin looked suspiciously at the newcomer, wondering who he was. He was obviously a friend of Althea, but she didn't know anything besides that. He started talking about giving it the city, and she wanted to sigh. They had already discussed that, didn't they? Still, she had to admit it was the logical step to take in this case. The issue was just that the government was way to weak to ever properly deal with this place. But just as she wanted to say something in response a terrible screaming came from the walls, nearly deafening her, and then actually deafening her as she instinctively shifted away her eardrums. Panicked she started spinning around, trying to pinpoint the source of the screams, her skin turned to a tar-like black as the panic caused her to ready her body to start sprouting tentacles, a few small tendrils already extending from her skin at places.
  11. KanMien looked at the being Voidus had created, curiosity momentarily taking over. Seeing this Kumiko sighed and gave her a light elbow in the side. She looked to Kumiko, startled for a second, then quickly realized what happened and stiffened to attention. "I'll go then," she quickly said to Voidus, swiftly moving out of the office, quickly sending messages to other people trying to get enough people together to deal with this. And well, if she couldn't, there were always the abominations. After all, the Woodwyrd wasn't close to anything important, and it seemed the chaos marines were already causing enough collateral damage that a few monsters wouldn't matter much. She shook her head as she kept walking, alleys twisting in front of her. She just hoped they would get there in time.