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  1. I wouldn't mind helping out (especially since I still control Aylitha, generally, who would probably be involved). I'll need pinging when I'm needed though, since while I do try to check daily I might miss stuff.
  2. I honestly don't know. I'm currently doing a lot in other rps already. I might be able to, but I'm not sure yet. I won't be one of the main rpers though, probably, pacing-wise
  3. Woops, yeah, missed the don't.
  4. Yeah, Aylitha is the one who generally erases memories. If you want her folks to come by you'll need to ping me though, I don't really read all that's happening currently.
  5. Shade wandered through the building, still hiding her presence, stumbling across the various maimed corpses the Anarchist had left behind. It seemed like the safest road to her, since all the traps would have already gone off, most likely. Quietly she left the building, nobody paying attention to her. When she started to get some distance she noticed a young man entering the area, and she tilted her head, somewhat curious why someone would be running straight at a place multiple explosions just went off, let alone be agitated by them. "And who are you?" She asked as she walked past him, dropping her concealment somewhat.
  6. Shade waited as two of the scouts walked past her, before stabbing both in the back, neither of them aware of her presence before they felt the knife. She stepped back again when a set of explosions suddenly rocked the building, and she wondered if it was the Anarchist or some traps he had set up. She really hoped it was the first, since otherwise she'd have trouble getting out of this place alive without setting off something herself. She sighed, staying where she was, for now. Better to wait a little bit longer, let the scouts trigger all the traps before heading out herself.
  7. Sorry, I don't. You should probably ping Voidus for that. My personal guess is that it would either be hidden somewhere else where people can't reach it, or is still there but covered in barriers, as the only left-over of the original DA.
  8. To some degree, though I suggest pinging them. If you need Aylitha (people remembering stuff from the old world), ping me. Otherwise, Voidus and maybe Zinc and Ene. Fatebreaker is the one who is actually in charge of the plot (or the one who originally designed it at least), but he hasn't been online since October. I don't really know much about the actual plot though, so I won't be useful for that.
  9. Shade heard the many footsteps, and her face grew dark. She wondered how they had found them, but it wouldn't matter in this case. All that mattered would be getting out alive herself. She focused slightly, masking herself as well as she could, before taking out her knife. She wondered if she should seek the Anarchist, but rejected that idea quickly. She wouldn't be of much help, and she wasn't interested in dying for someone else. If he could get out she could seek him out again, and if he didn't, well, then she was done here and could leave. Besides, it wasn't as if he'd start looking for her either.
  10. Depends on the sword's properties, I guess?
  11. Shade just shrugged. "I've seen more destructive things," she said, sounding somewhat uninterested. "Things like these generally don't bother me much one way or the other. Besides, I've seen Epics destroy entire skyscrapers and city blocks before. What you did here was interesting to watch, but I've seen more impressing stuff."
  12. Shade could see the building in the distance, using her powers to hide herself and the cargo. She wandered around, heading for the meeting place with the Anarchist, where she revealed herself slightly. "I brought the goods, sir," she said softly so they wouldn't be overheard, indicating the cargo she had been carrying with her. @Gears
  13. Shade nodded to Cassandra. "Shade," she said, introducing herself, before taking the goods and leaving. No sense talking about this kind of stuff with others around, and she needed to get this stuff to the Anarchist quickly.
  14. Moonglow thought for a second, before nodding. "If you'll come to my base in the city centre tomorrow I'll get a second associate of mine to accompany you," she said. "I won't be sending someone today, there'll probably be other epics trying to deal with our newcomer already. No need to get drowned out by the noise." Besides, showing up immediately might make it seem as if she was anxious, nervous at the appearance of a new Epic. Better to show up a day later, make it seem like less of a threat as well.
  15. Shade nodded, grabbing the cart. "I understand," she said. "You're one of the Anarchist's associates?" She felt slightly curious that the woman would help directly with something like this, not many people who'd want to directly participate in an attack on a guild, even mercenaries and assassins might get a few second thoughts, since it could turn all the other guilds against them, as well as law enforcement. @Ookla Fell From The Sky