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  1. main plot

    KanMien tilted their head, thinking. "Possible," they said, "but it seems unlikely. Given what's going on right now and how sudden it was I don't think anyone would have had time to hire them, and it would likely cost a lot as well. The only ones with the resources would be the larger guilds, and they'd likely send people of their own to investigate. Though again, we would want info on their investigations as well, so that shouldn't be such a big issue. It might be best to stay away from the Ghostbloods though, or at least go through official channels. If any guild would spot an infiltrator it would be them. TUBA will have information, but given the presence of Sudiov it might be ... problematic to attain said information. I'd say our best bet would be the precursors. They don't have that many powerful troops, but they're all over town, so they'd likely have a fair bit of information. The underground groups might have some interesting things as well, but I'm not aware of their locations, or on how to best get the information."
  2. Lisa sat back against the wall, trying to sleep, but found that she couldn't. She silently stared into the flames, when suddenly her eyes fell on Tish's corpse. At that moment everything that had happened hit home, Silently tears started streaming down her face, and finally she fell asleep, hand lying on the hilt of her Shardblade.
  3. main plot

    "Maybe," KanMien said. "But it's getting access to that info that's difficult. And we also have make sure that the intel we get isn't wrong, just because it's their intel doesn't mean someone changed a few bits to kill off a couple of their co-workers. I mean, we are talking about the Ghostbloods."
  4. "Doesn't hurt that much," Lisa lied. "Not much to do about it though, I think." She laid the sword down next to the wood, and pushed it back against some stones, to have something to lean against. She looked around and with a small chuckle picked up the blanket she had used before everything happened. She sat down and wrapped herself in it, trying to hide the state of her arm.
  5. Lisa winced at the hug. "Careful," she said, "broken ribs." She held up the shardblade. "He's dead," she said. Her face clouded. "At least, I think so. I didn't really want to go and check. And from what I heard the sword is only supposed to appear when he dies, right?"
  6. When Lisa regained consciousness she was lying against a tree, with Hellbent's corpse in front of her. She tried to sit up, then froze as a flash of pain ran through her. Broken ribs, she thought absently. She noticed she was clenching her right hand, and found that she was still holding her knife. She tried to move up her left arm to close it, couldn't feel her hand and elbow. She knew that she should feel panic, but instead she just felt numb. She slowly moved her right hand, closing the knife and putting it back in her pocket. Slowly she stood up, trying to ignore the flashes of pain, and looked at Hellbent. She saw his sword lying next to him, and after moment of hesitation, picked it up. A small flash of light came from the gemstone on the blade, and she slowly started walking back to the ruins, blade dragging behind her. Lisa reached the edge of the forest, and saw the fire amidst the ruins. Tired she walked towards it, looking for the others. When she entered the light of the fire she cracked a tired smile. "Hey," she said.
  7. main plot

    KanMien smiled, and held up their phone, images of the mist visible. "It's not much," they said, "but I do have few sources in the city. I don't really have much info though, but there was talk about a riot at the government building, as well as a rough location of the epicenter." Their look turned thoughtful. "As for the Ghostbloods, I'm not sure. I don't really trust most of them. Though from what I remember, Max and Althea might be willing to work together, they're not that bad for Ghostbloods."
  8. Hesitantly Shade opened the door and peeked around the corner. "Um, sorry sir," she said, "I'm new, and the other priests told me I should come and see you?"
  9. Hellbent heard the forest go silent. Then he heard a clatter. But it also went silent. He growled. Probably a distraction. Hellbent stepped over some bush, trailing his injured right arm along the trees. Then he lifted his blade, face a snarl, and began cutting through and tree he saw, at an angle that it would fall away from him, onto any hiding behind them.