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  1. Says you. On that note, who wants to work together on the mathematics regarding conservation of momentum when using iron while moving through the air?
  2. KanMien blinked in surprise as she saw them appear, and she looked into the elevator, trying to figure out what was going on. "How exactly did you..." She muttered in slight amazement. She shook her head, and looked at Kumiko, hoping she had a better idea of what just happened. Kumiko just looked at them, wondering what she had done to deserve being stuck in this mess. "How busted is that elevator that just having the brakes stop working is enough to cause serious trouble?" She noted. "And no, we haven't found anything else yet. To be fair, we were mostly standing around waiting for the elevator to return." She looked around, wondering what had happened with the elevator. If that thing had actually fallen down at full speed they would have either had to have climbed out really quickly, or spend a lot of time climbing, and she wasn't certain if that much time had passed. "How much did you actually climb upwards to get back here?" She asked. "I'm curious if this thing is just acting up or if there's some kind of spatial anomaly."
  3. If we actually manage to get a reboot going I have some other character ideas as well. We'd need to discuss the actual setting though, and location, unless we decide to stick to Edmonton.
  4. You might be able to clandestinely sell the spikes to the GBs, or other illegal organizations. Being able to buy powers would probably get at least some buyers
  5. Mari nodded. "Sure," she said. "Should be interesting. I have never heard of any creatures that leave skin like that behind." She wondered if there was some clandestine way she could get it send to one of the labs. Sending in something like that might get her a decent pay-rise, or get some people to owe her a decent favour. Especially the second would be nice, favours accomplished much more than mere money could.
  6. Mari walked up to the hole, and simply ignored the rope, instead just jumping up and then lowering her weight. She shot up out of the hole, weight and speed returning to normal just as she passed through it, and she lightly landed next to Brin, and waited for the rest to come up.
  7. Probably best not to risk it. Is this thread actually still being linked, given that the last post before this was over a year ago? Bans on cookie selling (and maybe guild advertising?) in the intro threads, since it was basically devolving into cookie wars, instead of actually welcoming the new member.
  8. As soon as Mari saw him pull the gun she jumped away, storing nearly all of her weight, the jump leaving her roughly 10 meters away when Gethen fired, her ears ringing from the sound of the shot as it echoed through the sewers. She really hoped that had actually worked, though she couldn't see how a gun that weak could dislodge a large metal disk, because if it didn't work she'd punch him for the utter stupidity of firing a weapon at something that could cause it to ricochet while inside of an underground tunnel, both deafening everyone as well as risking hitting someone by accident. Rust, even if it did work he would need a proper scolding for pulling a stunt like that without even warning people!
  9. "Alright, that's good," Mari said, relieved to finally leave this place. "Now, do we have any way to actually get out through it?" She figured she could probably just jump up and phase through, but that was kind of a last resort option, both because her superiors would get mad at her for revealing that as well as the fact that she had no clue what was above it, and she didn't fancy materializing straight into a car or a person.
  10. "The tracks disappeared here," Mari noted to Gethen. "Which means something must have happened here." She started looking around as well, decided to look at the ceiling if there was a manhole or something. "I hope it means he got out," she muttered. "Gangs aren't the only things in these tunnels." She remembered some of the reports she had read a while ago, about an expedition to catch some of the monsters that were supposed to dwell here, for research. As far as they managed to figure out from the remains and some recorded footage they had found them alright, and the release of the information on what happened afterwards caused a surprising lack of volunteers for a follow-up expedition.
  11. Here's the independent avatar character I was talking about earlier: Little Red: