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  1. Should one of the mods put up the poll, or should I do that? Also, which options should be in the poll?
  2. You should try and kill them all to get back at them... wait, never mind.
  3. Wait, you're saying they kicked out the only assassin who could actually properly kill people?
  4. What's the morality of the person who has the aspects? Are they a good or evil themselves? Because if they're good, it could lead to some ... interesting mental conversations.
  5. Wouldn't posting who's supporting who cause issues for people spying?
  6. There's also the fact that a lot of people might be doing festive stuff during the holidays, which might mean a lot less people being able to participate. Moving everything up to after this would give enough time to plan out the plot and reforms, and allow everybody to participate.
  7. I'd say we delay the actual endgame until after the Metamorphosis plot line, but already get started with the other necessary parts, so everything is ready to go as soon as the wedding hits.
  8. Hmm, the gender neutral thing isn't an issue. It's more that the character is described as transgender while using non-binary pronouns. It was mainly talked about because it was a bit confusing. That was my reason, at least.
  9. Not really, it makes sense if you think about it. Investure healing works by realigning your body with your mental self-image, so if your image has a different gender than your actual body it would correct it.
  10. Feruchemical gold or stormlight could do full sex changes for trans people, we got a WoB about that recently. But it was a bit confusing, giving that you're using non-gendered pronounces, which would indicate the character being genderfluid, non-gendered or hermaphrodite.
  11. I meant moving away from the main homeless PM, not the guild PMs. On the other hand, most of the stuff there is just general stuff that isn't that important for the rp, but it'll still be good if we have a way for new people to be aware of it.
  12. By the way, for making it easier for new people to join, maybe we should start moving away from the pm, or at least make it clear to people that we have one, and how you can be added to it?
  13. No objections, lets do this. Edit: Let's just do a mass wedding, with a whole bunch of pairs.
  14. Unless we're doing a repeat of how we did it with Mraize and Yazbett, but that one was a bit more of a comedy thing, and I'd like for this one to have a bit more gravitas.