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  1. I think Mistborn being first is pretty much inevitable, since it seems like Brandon isn't willing to part with the rights to Stormlight first, Mistborn is his next biggest property, and it's much less ambitious CG-wise than Stormlight is. I think I'd prefer a show to a movie, since movies nowadays are so superhero-dominated it seems like any new player is starting at a disadvantage, whereas fantasy series are headliners for every streaming service. Brandon has said in the past that he has an outline for a Mistborn script, but I really think any multi-POV book works better as a show, especially one the size of Mistborn. It serializes pretty well, as parts 1, 2, and 4 can be cut neatly in half to make an 8-episode season, and the longer runtime would help flesh out the other members of the crew in a way that the original series doesn't really do until WoA. Out of the other potential candidates for adaptation (Elantris, Warbreaker, Steelheart, Skyward, Rithmatist), Reckoners is too much like The Boys imo. I think Warbreaker has a lot of potential but the fact that there are three independent POVs who barely interact with each other makes it difficult to adapt into a movie, and a one-season TV show doesn't seem like it would fit what streaming services want. Skyward or Rithmatist would be my picks for movies. As long as they don't end up like that godawful Artemis Fowl movie, anyway.
  2. Considering every Radiant order has to swear the first ideal, i doubt genocide was ever really in the cards for them. The Heralds abandoned their oaths and were guilty of desertion at the very least, and probably treason as well, so executing them is justifiable if it serves a greater purpose. Genocide is on a completely different level. I also doubt the Radiants could pull it off, even if they wanted to. There were millions of singers scattered around Roshar, and only a few thousand knights. They could try, but it would be the equivalent of trying to wipe out all life in Asia with a hundred helicopters. It would be brutally violent but I doubt they would make a significant dent in the singer population, and likely would just make the singers fight harder in the next Desolation. I agree that Fourth Ideal Radiants would have been a nearly unstoppable force. It's pretty clear that the Fused/Regals/thunderclasts/Unmade couldn't beat the Radiants at the height of their power, because they had dozens of chances to do so and failed. What they did do is set human civilization back a thousand years or more, because without the Radiants to protect them humanity would have been at a huge disadvantage even against normal warforms, and the Radiants couldn't be everywhere at once. Victory in a desolation would have required the combat Radiants to blunt major attacks on the Silver Kingdom capitals, then slowly mop up the larger pockets of Fused resistance for years afterward while the singers continued to wreak havoc anywhere a Radiant couldn't be spared. I don't think having Fourth Ideal Radiants could force a win by going on a rampage and assassinating leaders like Szeth did, either. The leader of the Desolations was Odium himself, and sneaking isn't a good option when the singers could rely on voidspren scouts. The Unmade would also have posed a threat to any Radiant, no matter how advanced.
  3. It definitely does. It's free, high-quality armor that grants strength and speed better than normal humans. The armor is especially valuable since the humans of the Desolations likely didn't have effective armor or weapons good enough to pierce warform armor. Odium also has the voidspren to create upwards of 30 thousand stormforms, who even lightly armed would be far more effective than any normal human soldier at the time. Alethi infantry could fight effectively against Regals in WoR and RoW due to the advances in technology since the Last Desolation, but I doubt normal humans would fare nearly as well without Alethi weapons and training. Remember that the Radiants have to defend an area roughly the size of Asia with a few thousand people. Even if the Radiants win quickly wherever they go, which they wouldn't, the sheer size of Roshar and number of enemies means that many towns and smaller cities are never going to see a Radiant before they are wiped out. That said, the fact that the humans won in every Desolation tells us that you're right about the Radiants having too many advantages to outright lose in the end.
  4. Happy Birthday! I hope you come back soon!

  5. I don't think it's a coincidence that Adolin bonded an Edgedancer's shardblade, which is both totally suited to reviving a forgotten deadeye and Adolin's own character. Honestly if it doesn't happen it will be because Adolin is dead (RIP Elhokar) and unable to carry out the development implied for his character.
  6. AI use cytonic processors. I guess that annoys the delvers, but why they care about that and not the slugs is beyond me Do they? I think it was just cytonics in general. We've really only seen one cytonic-delver interaction up close. Brandon said something in an interview about cytonics having different specialties, and that things like cytonic transmission or mindblades might come more naturally to some people than others, even though they might all be capable of the same things with enough practice. It still bothers me that Jorgen couldn't hear FTL comms while flying in space, though.
  7. We do know he can create the Bands, which means he's a Fullborn, no?
  8. Vin all rounds. She has range, and steel lasts longer than stormlight. If Bonus round is Vin with the mists, she stomps that, too.
  9. Marsh is an Inquisitor with access to most of the metals and a lot of the most dangerous compounding. That said, he's a gnat to Kelsier or the Lord Ruler. He might be able to keep up with them in reaction speed, but nicrosil compounding means that he's still a fair bit weaker than either of their boosted A-pewter, and also won't be able to move quite as fast since he won't be as durable. He might be able to get in a lucky shot with duralumin though. I think it's a fair bet to assume TLR did not have access to nicrosil or chromium, even if he did have knowledge of them. It would be really hard to produce either with pre-industrial technology. But even if he did, he would be at a disadvantage when facing Marsh or Kelsier, who know his weakness and how to exploit it. Kelsier is a Fullborn, and so is equal to The Lord Ruler in power, though he only has 300ish years of experience to the Lord Ruler's 1000. Despite this disadvantage, Kelsier is possibly even more dangerous than the Lord Ruler is, since, as a Cognitive shadow, he may not need atium metalminds to extend his life, and thus would not have an easily exploitable weakness. In any case, both Wax and Marasi were able to push on metals embedded in peoples' bodies by increasing their level of Investiture with F-nicrosil. Kelsier would be able to do the same to TLR's metalminds, even if he swallowed them. Kelsier has easy access to all sixteen metals and can leech the investiture out of any opponent he faces (though he hardly needs to!). Unlike TLR, his access to nicrosil is confirmed and he will definitely be able to abuse Nicrosil and Chromium (either of which would probably guarantee a win if the Lord Ruler doesn't have access to them) If the mists are in play, Vin could be as dangerous as the others above, but she still probably does not have the hax to beat Kelsier, who has access to compounding, as well as Allomancy on mist-powered Vin's level, though he would have to expend metals to use it. Zane would die fairly quickly to most of the power players, including the Heralds and Elantrians. Vasher is out of his league, no? I doubt he survives the massacre at the beginning, even with his enhancements and skill. Everyone dies except for Kelsier and maybe Jasnah by escape to the Cognitive Realm TL;DR: Kelsier wins easily, with Rashek being his only serious opponent. Even then it's not really close, since Kelsier has infinite luck and Allomantic potency to go along with functionally infinite healing, speed, and strength. Plus you can't kill him by pushing on his bracelets.
  10. The only people on the battlefield who matter are Marsh, Kelsier, Rashek, and maybe the Heralds. Elantrians are powerful but don't have enhanced speed, though if the steelrunners give them a few seconds to get a barrier set up they might get dangerous fast. Susebron is another glass cannon who is too slow to be a real threat, but unlike the Elantrians he can't raise unbreakable walls at will. Taln probably has the best speed feat in the cosmere outside of steelrunners, and even without stormlight is measurably faster than a normal person with stormlight or A-steel. With the heavy stormlight enhancements that Heralds probably have, he and the other heralds could possibly pose a threat to the fullborn, but we haven't really seen the Heralds use their abilities yet. Marsh and Kelsier probably end up ganging up on Rashek to win after the three of them clear the rest of the field.
  11. How would one even learn in-world what Hemalurgic effect Lerasium has? As far as I know there was never enough Lerasium in circulation to even make a single proper spike. So this knowledge would probably have to come from a Sliver (of Ruin? Not sure what kind of knowledge a Sliver has access to) or one of the Shards themselves.
  12. lol i hope theyre trolling with predictions (temeraire over cthulu, the shrike over aslan?)
  13. We have never seen anything indicating that Kaladin can do this though. Adolin says that it takes serious concentration and training, and Kaladin has never done this or even thought about doing it. It's also not in character for Kaladin to run away from a fight by flying a few hundred feet in the air, and stormlight runs out a lot faster than unburnt metals.
  14. I think you could take this WoB either way in terms of the harmonium question, but Silver does have a Cosmere role.
  15. Silver?