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  1. But remember that Vasher plucked out some of his own hair to use as part of the Awakening, and there was no wait needed. So, presumably, you could cut off a chunk of the Royal Locks to use as fuel, and growing it back only makes you somewhat hungry IIRC.
  2. Maybe you could temper it in blood...
  3. A better... *puts on sunglasses*... Return.... yeeeaEAAAH! ! !
  4. Check the Coppermind wiki, but beware of spoilers for any books you haven't read. Or, make a more general post on the Cosmere board.
  5. It's been my opinion that it goes in a sort of progression, cape, cloak, robe.Capes stay behind the shoulders, like you said, cloaks go all the way around the front, and robes add sleeves. Any of the three can have a hood without changing the definition, but it's just a matter of preference.
  6. This actually raises some interesting questions. As we know, chromium does the same thing, just to someone else (I'm only using chromium because, let's face it, who is stupid enough to risk their own Investiture). So, would using chromium wipe another form of Investiture, say... Breaths? Which begs the question, could Hemalurgy steal Breaths from someone?
  7. I only have nine Kandra contracts, but I hope to have TenSoon.
  8. I think it's that, for example, a Hemalurgist would be able to store and attribute, but would take longer to store a given amount of it than the person from whom the attribute was stolen. With TWO spikes, or one and an inborn ability, it might stack to make you store at above normal speeds.
  9. Well, both Feruchemy and Hemalurgy can touch the spiritweb, so I would assume that Allomancy might be able to do the same. Also, a duralumin burst always makes the next metal have a stronger effect, but aluminum already wipes all of your reserves. So, perhaps it would have to wipe (or perhaps weaken, if you were already crazy strong) your ability from your spiritweb since it has nowhere else to go.
  10. So, what if you were to burn duralumin and then aluminum? Could it potentially wipe your very ability to use Allomancy? What about duralumin and chromium? Instead of wiping someone's metal reserves, you destroy their Allomantic ability completely. Not sure if it would even work that way, (and who would be stupid enough to try duralumin and aluminum anyway) but... thoughts?