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  1. Yep, he confirmed it here https://wob.coppermind.net/events/460/#e14625
  2. Agreed with all your points about how capable Moash is as an assassin. But near the end it was mentioned that some Heavenly Ones found Moash and took him away, presumably safely back into Odium's territory.
  3. Just want to weigh in on this. Being an assassin isn't about quantity, but quality of the kill. Moash has been shown to be entrusted towards important targets: Elhokar Jezrien Navani (With a Kaladin side-mission) Sure, Jasnah has killed more random mooks, but Moash is the one that Rayse sent to do these high priority missions.
  4. I think the Unmade are related to why the Spren betrayed the Singers. Given also that we know Ba-Ado-Mishram was heavily Connected to all of Roshar and her sealing was a big issue for spren and singers alike, my pet theory is she was the spren of Roshar (the continent or the planet). Given that Bondsmith Spren seem to represent big features of the world, I initially thought the Sibling would end up being the Roshar-spren, but if BAM is that deeply Connected, it makes sense why her sealing had so much influence on things.
  5. I think one thing that's likely to progress is finding out how Cognitive Shadows get offworld. Thaidakar and Kalak are both after that secret and Odium plans on armies of the fused travelling the stars and since we have Zahel present on Roshar who is proof that this is possible, that could be a way to uncover this.
  6. I'm pretty sure the words were said by Dalinar given the quote above.
  7. So WoB has mentioned that Microkinesis (the movement of small objects) was a form of magic present on Yolen. Khriss refers to it in the same Ars Arcanum: She said this regarding Stoneshaping, so I assume she means that this is more dangerous than Stoneshaping, which I can see for obvious reasons.
  8. One thing to mention against the case of 'He Who Quiets' This quote from Oathbringer indicates that Vyre MEANS 'He Who Quiets' and it does not behave as a title. So I doubt this is the correct option for El.
  9. Could it be this from the Part 3 Epigraphs from Raboniel? EDIT: Oops wait I just saw it's been mentioned above, never mind.
  10. Right at the start of Part 4 you can find a piece of art with three glyphs. One translates to 'Tanavast', one to 'Rayse' and one to 'Koravellium Avast'
  11. Regarding this, one of the pieces of art in RoW heavily implied that her name is actually Koravellium Avast
  12. I'm pretty sure it was the Wit Epilogue
  13. If we compare to Scadrial, where there were 2 shards causing 3 separate magic systems, I think realistically there will be 3 different sets of magic ; Honor + Cultivation = Surgebinding, Honor + Odium = Voidbinding and Cultivation + Odium = Something. We haven't seen any individual magic systems yet so I assume that each Shard lacks an inidividual magic system, although I think a magic system comprised of all 3 is possible. In addition, I think the Old Magic is something very different and is done by work of the Nightwatcher only (this may relate to Ashyn) and not a standardised magic system.
  14. I do think Taravangian says that because he doesn't want to tell Wit. We're not sure about the rules of being a Shard but I think Taravangian considering himself Odium is far more likely for him to do than deny that he was Rayse or something. Personally though, I do think Odium's intent has changed somewhat to get closer to Passion but we'll have to wait till Book 5 for any confirmation on that.
  15. I think they specified it was to do with Navani and her Light. I'm pretty sure this is why Vyre was blinded.