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  1. In the game, Magic the Gathering (and of course, in the story, Children of the Nameless) there are 5 kinds of magic. In Cosmere terms, we would say, 5 kinds of investiture. What I am trying to imagine is, how would the game and/or story change, if we replaced the 5 types of mana, with 16 types of investiture.
  2. Now here is the inverse question - what magics could we use to make a Nightblood? Ruin powered blade could be interesting.
  3. This WoB has me wondering if Harmony will purposely divide his shards, and share one with Wax, enabling Sazed to act. What I imagine is, two mixed shards, with bits of each other in them, like a yin/yang symbol. But, if this is for Mistborn 9, then we might have a while to wait, and it would be for someone unknown.
  4. Pairing them up was his original plan, but it didn't quite mesh, so he threw it out. And I think it is stronger for avoiding that cliche.
  5. Pluto is a (minor) planet and a traditional planet. And they can pry that from cold dead fingers. (Actually, for STEM folks, arguing about Pluto is as bad as bringing up Politics and Religion! )
  6. 1, 2 & 4 can be accomplished with some combination of Scadrian and Nalthian magics. Summoning (3) is the tricky one. While I agree that a Nicrosil-mind is the most promising idea I have heard yet, the problem is that a sword starts off as a physical object, and the physical object is going to hard to store.
  7. Obey Asimov's Law of Robotics?
  8. Taldain: unclear. We know too little. I don't see a way to use it, as it is. Sel: 1, 2. I would not rule out a rudimentary form of 3, perhaps summoning something from a particular Aon that you wore. Nalthis: 2, 4 Nightblood seems to be his own thing. Others: We know too little Am I forgetting anything?
  9. While I think we can use Scadrian magics to give a sword life, is there any other magic (or combinations of magics) where we can make a Shard blade and/or plate? I would say the essential aspects are: 1) Access to Surges OR other powers. 2) Magic-enhanced sharpness 3) Ability to Summon & Dismiss 4) Intelligence / Life
  10. Fungi creates natural networks. Something is interfering cytonically, at least near the surface. I have suspicions about the Artifact.
  11. Now I see where you are coming from. Empires often consist of conquered territory, but not necessarily. It is possible we did something other than being human, but we don't know that yet. Right now, they are the aggressors.
  12. I am curious where you guys get the idea that the humans started the war. Jason Write gave us FTL travel, because there was no sense in protecting the universe from us. They were the actual totalitarians. It sounds like we were spreading out into space, and it just freaked the rest of the galaxy out. Since their usual modus operandi was to imprison dissidents, that was basically what they did to us. They imprisoned us because we scared them. The aliens are pacifists... except when they are genocidal totalitarians.
  13. I gave you a +1 just because I loved the line 'angry time bubbles'. Of course, when we were developing the atomic bomb, scientists considered the possibility that the atmosphere would catch on fire, and concluded that it probably would not happen. Time bubbles, angry or otherwise, sounds down right responsible in comparison. Of course, just because you can grant sentience, doesn't mean you will get a useful personality. The sword might end up being a pacifist.
  14. The real limiter is the number of people good with bendalloy. If your time speed ratio was only 8, and you had 11 overlapping bubbles, you could do about a million years in an hour of real-time.
  15. If you can (A) get a number of bendalloy savants to create an extended bubbles that (B) overlap and (C) when they do overlap, the new time speed inside the overlapping bubbles is the product of the individual bubbles, then it is actually quite possible. The real limitation is going to be getting enough bendalloy. Wayne is doing what I would estimate to be at least 10,000:1 or 100,000:1 in terms of time speed. Four overlapping bendalloy bubbles working at 100,000:1 could do 3 trillion years in one second of real time. Are there any WoB on overlapping time bubbles?