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  1. immortal words

    I disagree that it needs to involve death. It involves him struggling and doing something hard. For instance, if the Jasnah/Political Marriage happens, and he becomes King, he is NOT going to like it. He would probably prefer death, but it would be excellent growth for him.
  2. Of course, they are peaceful because they imprison anyone who disagrees.
  3. While it does make sense, how does the StormFather know this at this point? Ash hasn't attempted to be any kind of a Herald or Radiant in several millenia, as far as we know.
  4. I thought I was wrong once, but it turned out I was mistaken.
  5. Has this been verified? But if we do see any unique abilities, we will see it when they form Nahel bonds. We could also see it in Adolin & Renarin.
  6. This is very much something I have wondered about. I would like to add, also the hybrid bond that Renarin has (part Knight Radiant, part Voidbinding), or the bond Venli has (part Voidbinding form, part Knight Radiant Willshaper). I expect we are going to see a LOT of hybrid bonds in the rest of the Stormlight Archive. And they will be important.
  7. Queen Jasnah will struggle with ruling more than she expects. Kaladin's next oaths will involve leadership... as king of Alethkar, with Queen Jasnah. This is NOT what he was planning on and NOT what he likes. The ancient history of Roshar is not going to be simple good guys & bad guys, just because people and history is complicated. Humanity may not be innocent, or even guilty of everything, but the Singers will be more complicated in their motivations, and not as perfectly innocent as the dawnchant translation might indicate. Taravangian is more important than Odium realizes, and he is a fool for trusting Mr T. I wouldn't make a deal with the Devil, but on Mr T's genius days, I pity the Devil! I doubt Mr T will survive book 5. Bonus points if Rayse & Mr T both die, meet in the Cognitive Realm, and Mr T just laughs himself hoarse, at what he did to Rayse. Put this relationship on sizzle. Their banter will have sparking flying. Jasnah will verbally shred Kaladin frequently, but be delighted that he is intelligent enough to stand up to her sparring. More conversations like the one about cuddling a skyeel. If they don't kill eachother, then it will be hot. If they don't kill each other. I expect that Rlain will bond the Sibling. I expect Mr T will bond the Nightwatcher. And once he does that, Dalinar can't get rid of him at all! These will be our Bondsmiths. Something odd is going on with Rock. I am not sure he going to have a typical spren bond, considering he used a shardbow at the end of book 3, and considering his unique Listener heritage. Lopen could have a unique type of bond as well for similar reasons. Natanatans may also have unique bonds considering their Aimian heritage. Further, we could see some unique bonds and unique resonances in Venli and Renarin. Adolin and Maya may make some progress, but she will not be restored until book 9 or 10. Adolin may have struggles with his father and with being a father, potentially. Cultivation will continue to play coy and uninterested, and Odium will continue to think she isn't doing much. He is so wrong. He greatly underestimates her. She is cultivating the entire population of Roshar to do what she needs. She will also gain control of Odium's surges, and perhaps even one of his Unmade. This will not all happen in book 4. Maybe book 5. Not finished until book 10. Zahel and his old friend will have a serious talk. Not sure how he is getting out of this one. But Nightblood will play a crucial role at crucial moment. Nale and Ishar are going to be a big a problem as the Singer/Listener armies, if not bigger. Hoid will continue to be witty and in places you don't expect. Book 5 will end with Odium himself coming straight at Hoid, and Hoid has to run, and use every magic and trick he knows. The clash of armies will pale in comparison. Armies fighting, might even stop and watch the fireworks. It will be spectacular. At some point, perhaps book 5 or later, Nightblood will either be held by, or (more likely) strike Odium. This will be like sticking a fork in a power socket, with the power of a shard being drained through Nightblood. Expect some fuses to blow and Odium to temporarily lose a significant amount of power. I hope Nightblood will survive this. Endowment has been planning this for Odium from the very beginning, and this is the real reason Zahel is on Roshar, no matter what he thinks. His divine breath will be used at a crucial pivotal moment, much like Lightsong. Navani will continue to develop Mage-punk tech. Also, we have not seen the last of Jasnah's bandolier. She may introduce firearms to Roshar as a way to neutralize Voidbringers.
  8. My expectation was that while the surface of Shadesmar is flat, that does not mean it is not curved. Or in math terms, it is NOT a simply connected surface. For those of you who have taken some higher calculus, this is where branch cuts become important. In other words, you will need to worry a lot more about the path you travel between worlds, and not just the correct direction. Imagine giant soap bubbles filling up the physical Cosmere. Now imagine Shadesmar/Cognitive Realm taking place on the surface of those soap bubbles. For any one planet it is locally flat, but further out, it may be a bit more tricky.
  9. Women love a man in uniform.
  10. Red hair is indicative of Horneater ancestry. Both Horneater and Herdazians are verified to have Parshmen ancestry. For Shallan it is just a bit more dilute.
  11. I am still waiting to find out what was up with Jasnah and her bandolier.
  12. And how would any of us know that? We don't know it. I expect these mixed race (of literal different races) people will form unique bonds, that will play a role.
  13. Now, what about the Parshmen? Are some of them part-human? And just how will being mixed-heritage affect the kind of Nahel bond they make? We have already seen Rock use a shardbow, when that shouldn't be possible.
  14. Also, I would not rule out Ishar. His insanity seems just a bit more twisted and/or traitorous.
  15. Communication Sight Paradox/Trancedence Dream I am a big fan of using the Allomatic/Feruchemic charts to organize & figure out the rest of the Shards, and their inter-relationships.