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  1. That is a detail I wondered about. So, for a few certain rich people it could make sense, but it doesn't make sense for the general public yet.
  2. Yes, you would lose touch with everyone, and you would have to effectively become a savant. But you know there are some people who would make that choice, to get crazy rich. Imagine investing in Amazon or Apple before they became big.
  3. If you can wait, one of the best ways to make money is investing in a interest bearing account. Of course, waiting is hard for most of us, because we need that money. But if you were a misting like Marasi, and you could speed time up, you could amass a fortune.
  4. There is the issue of Koloss needing new spikes. Their supply of spikes is limited and that limits the size of their tribes. They may need to develop a donor system of some kind. I can see it being a sacred ritual at the end of a person's life.
  5. As long as we have Heralds and their abandoned oaths, I expect we will see a super-charged member of each Order, occupying the role, if not the power, of each Herald. I can imagine Kaladin saying "I am PROTECTION!", the same way Dalinar said he was Unity.
  6. Not entirely related, but I wonder if Sja-Anat could make a spren with two non-sequential Surges. Or give a spren 3 Surges, instead of just 2.
  7. I just wanted to point out, that on Reddit, in addition to a brief update, Brandon put out a call for a music to write the next Stormlight book to. We can contribute!
  8. I strongly suspect that Cultivation had been in contact with Sja-Anat, and has Cultivated her. This has resulted in a friendlier Sja-Anat, who may switch sides, and also made her able to work with higher spren.
  9. @Lightblood First rule of research is to not overassume how much you know. Or why things, such as the possible failed attempt, happened. Did it fail because A. wanted to live, or because it would have made a sub-par Shattering? I don't know.
  10. We do NOT know this. All we know is that he/she/it was shattered.
  11. The Irali myth of the Seven lands, suggest we may see it restored, but it will be different and better than before.
  12. I don't know about Roshar, but I have had suspicions about Aimia, and something there binding Odium.
  13. Yes, and @harel55 about the Nightwatcher, I should have thought of those. Let's try a few more: Mind/emotion reading Sirens Love potions Transfiguration Disintegration Mind control Horcruxes
  14. I have always thought Fantasy Football had a severe shortage of wizards and dragons.
  15. You & @Kramerfarve are exactly correct. That was an instance I had forgotten. So Augury is now accounted for. Let me add in another form of magic to take its place: Curses. This is important in Tolkien and various folktales, so we need to include it. Any examples you guys can think of?