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  1. Let's call that Spiritual Gravitation. People gravitate to him, which is part of why Leadership is a primary virtue for the Windrunners.
  2. I am fond of the idea that each Radiant has a Spiritual form of their Surges. We have seen this with Shallan and Dalinar, and they were quite unique. It might be wiser to ask what his surge's spiritual form would be like. Considering his resonance is a large number of squires, and leadership is one of the two qualities associated with Windrunners, we may make an educated guess, that Kaladin would have a spiritual surge related to leadership. That would be related to spiritual adhesion, but functionally quite different.
  3. I think there is nothing wrong with a little Sanderson break, though I do think Oathbringer is a bit weaker than other Stormlight books. But there is no need to rush. Let me recommend a few good non-Sanderson books. After all, you have almost a year until book 4! I suggest: His Majesty's Dragon, Naomi Novik Three Parts Dead, Max Gladstone
  4. My guess is once he becomes a voidbinder or can use Odium's investiture, then he will be able to harm all he wants to. My head canon is that an unknown Shard gave him power, but with a surprise limitation, so the Shards didn't have to worry about him.
  5. Jim Butcher - Mistborn I just read His Majesty's Dragon, by Naomi Novik. That would make for some interesting cross-pollination.
  6. It is up!
  7. I read the whole thing, thinking it seemed awfully familiar, and written a little oddly, before realizing it was for last year.
  8. I still predict, that at some point, Jasnah will meet Cultivation, and this will just make her more of an atheist. Of course, if this is what I discovered God was (or any of the Shards, really), I might have to agree with her!
  9. How do you figure, @Booknerd ? I think the benefits greatly outweigh the dangers. I stand by my Original Post. Jasnah sees his potential, sees the benefit to the kingdom and Kaladin needs another oath, probably leadership related. Further, she will be aware of historical parallels that lead to trouble. Trouble that they can't afford right now.
  10. If she were working on attraction alone, I would not rule that out. But I doubt attraction, sexual or otherwise, is her highest consideration.
  11. If the Nightwatcher is primarily of Cultivation, and Mr T is 'cultivating' the Diagram, then his variable intelligence/empathy may not be a problem.
  12. As two armies approach each other, have Shallan make illusions that each person has a Nightblood. The Fused will panic, while the everyday Parshmen are disgusted as they are abandoned on the battlefield. Tremendous morale destruction of enemy. It may only work once, but it would be devastating. Another option, higher risk, higher possible benefit, would be the old Vasher technique of giving him to a group of angry people, and letting them kill themselves. It worked well enough on Nalthis, but I worry how well it would work on Roshar.
  13. This seemed pertinent, that both have Connection to the palace.
  14. I have wondered if Book 5 will end with Rayse getting kicked out of the Roshar system... and Moash taking up the shard Odium by himself. However it turns out, I want Kaladin involved in taking him down.
  15. Keep in mind, he also has the quasi-helalurgic dagger that ripped the Oathpact out of Jezrien. What power does this give him?