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  1. Gemstone/metal combinations were clearly important for Why the distinction between blends of metals versus metals and non-metals? Metals blend more uniformly, usually, but not always. (looking at you, Trellium)
  2. Alternatively, we don't put a number on it. No one asks what the total number of molecules is, because there is no limit. And what do we do with metal with aether dust in it? Gemstone dust? White Sand? These would not technically be alloys, but they are interesting combinations. At this point, we should talk about Fabrial Engineering or Alchemical Engineering, and which combinations have useful properties.
  3. I have been thinking about combinations of God metals. If we sum all possible combinations of 1,2, 3 and up to 16 metals, we get 65535 different combinations, which is a lot of different magic systems for us. Unless Discordium exists. Then the number goes way up. Then we have to count the number of connections between shards. The number of connections between n = 16 shards is n*(n-1)/2 = 120. So the number of God metal alloys from 16 God metals is 2^120 = 1.3 *10^36 Which is the right alloy? If Hoid wants to find one particular alloy, and if he can look at a million alloys a second, and there are about 3*10^7 seconds in a year, then it will take him about 4 * 10^22 years to find the right one. That is 40 million million billion years. Our own universe is about 13.8 billion years old, so this would be a million million times that amount of time. Getting the God Metals might be the easy part.
  4. There was a reading that I remember from years ago, from the sequel to Sixth of the Dusk, that strongly implied Scadrial and Roshar were in a state of opposition - not all out war, but working against eachother.
  5. This also brings up the idea of creating hybrid investiture among any of the 16. If you could make Honor+Harmony light, what would it do? Could Zahel do something unique with Honor+Endowment light?
  6. Odium+Cultivation:: "Nature red in tooth and claw"
  7. Not necessarily. If we assume there is a Dawnshard of Preservation, or Immortality, then as long as you are not killing something, then it should be fine to eat cheese. It really depends on the Dawnshard that affected him.
  8. My first thought when I read this, was that both Taravangian and Cultivation were, more or less, good guys, and this was good news. But reading all of this reminds me, we don't actually know much about what Cultivation is doing. She isn't Mother Nature or Mother Earth. She is a Dragon. Cultivation is more of a puppet master than I realized. I have wondered how much Cultivation and Odium worked together, or were aligned.
  9. Not necessarily. Just have a logical arrangement like the Cosmere has. I do recommend the metals charts for Allomancy/Feruchemy/Hemalurgy.
  10. Good News! You have Ascended to Godhood, on par with Adonalsium. Bad News! A plucky band of adventurers and their quirky sidekicks have shattered your power into Shards. What are your Shards and Dawnshards?
  11. spren fabrials

    Does this mean that we can make all the elementary circuit components, using logicspren?
  12. I think that Dalinar's statement 'I am Unity' was a kind of 6th Oath, for those of stand to replace the functionality of the old Heralds. I expect our other main characters, will make similar oaths.
  13. I have a hard time believing this is only a big capitalistic scam, by the Ghostbloods. There has to be more. They probably have their eyes on a Shard, or at least an Unmade.
  14. Kaladin's "problem" is that the two cardinal virtues of the Windrunners are Protection and Leadership. He has focused heavily on Protection - if anything too much. But now that he has been pulled off of active field duty, his growth will involve leading from Urithiru. Kaladin doesn't see it now, but this is a huge growth opportunity for him. He going to have to move from subconcious 'taking charge', to actively leading, not only the Windrunners, but I predict, all of Roshar, as an equal to Dalinar. I also predict, that in book 4 or 5, Kaladin will have a "I am Unity" moment, like Dalinar had. Other Key Radiants (Shallan, Venli, Szeth, etc) will have similar moments.
  15. I never said Romance, but I have a thread about political marriage elsewhere.