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  1. Hey, has anyone wanted to claim the arctic yet?
  2. Thank you for replying, I captured it, and added some markings( didn't even know you could do that!!! Cool!!!) Hope this clarifies Chaos. (none of that is supposed to be mean, and i apologize, cause' that just hit me that it could be considered arrogant)
  3. Hey im sorry for the delay as well, thank you for taking your time to view my problems, and fixing them. Except there are two other submissions in there that have not been approved, if you would like me to send a link to you or if you cant see them i'll attach a picture, thanks.
  4. Yes but it has a Red triangle in the corner that says that it has not been approved. Here is a link to the gallery in which it is located. As you see, nothing is there, but i posted three pictures.
  5. You could ave a Gun that fired a "Sound Inducing Incapacitating Device" Or SIID for short, the weapon would fire soundlessly, but the impact of the projectile would create a HUGE MENTAL noise that would cause pain then knock the person unconscious.
  6. Those are lumoles, and you can read about them on the Diaemus page, im not familiar with links yet so i wont try to post one. They are the basis of magic in the world of Diaemus. Lumoles are small bacterial colonies that cluster around openings into another dimension.
  7. Here is some work i did for the diaemus project. the full explanation is located here:
  8. Hey i just posted in the gallery, and my art hasn't been approved as of yet, is there a set of guidelines that must be fulfilled to get it approved? Who should i talk to?
  9. Oh ok... thanks
  10. Hey, recently I have posted art in the RP section of the gallery. Im just wondering how long it will take to get approved, if ever, and who I need to talk to to speed things up.
  11. From the album The Depths Of Diaemus

    A crop raised by the кусающееся species of diaemus.
  12. This is an artistic drawing by a кусающееся scholar. It portrays one of the key crops of the кусающееся species. This crop, called blue-stem, is one of the primary sources of blue lumoles, which cluster at the tips of the flexible stalks, the stalks are edible as well as the main body, which stores starches as well as nutrients. the depiction captures the movement of the lumoles as they are shifted by underwater currents.
  13. Aha! they have found us out PO, they caught our little scheme. What scheme Wit? (what are you doing, dont tell them that) They are worthy to know... ... I Wit, am not a good man, I am not evil, nor do I wish you harm, I am but a neutral player in this game. He means he's not a bad guy. You see, i have been searching for a way to change the command given to an awakened object, i have been searching for a very long time... But i have yet to find it. ... The reason being: PO's original command was: Sew Destruction. Wow you're taking them back quite a while... almost seventy years... How can you be so trusting of these people you have just met? I can trust them because I have no choice, I was a different man when I gave you your first command, and I tried to deceive them with the false one. I owe them this much. ... I see I apologize for the horror you are feeling, What man could be so evil to give such a command... It is done, and there is nothing to stop it from being so. Farewell
  14. I am king's wit, and this is my +VLFBERHT+ (pronounced Ulfberht). Her name is PerceivedObedience. ...I dont like these people... They are too happy, how can they act in such a way when out world is racked so? We are in one of the few green zones left, everywhere else is yellow or red... Oh come on PO cut that out, you will scare them (and besides we were instructed not to let them know of our home). Oh and i haven't given a command to you... i think it shall be: Restore peace. I shall see what i think of this command... What do you mean, it is the command i have given you. You must follow it. I see... You are right, i shall preform as commanded... In time i may grow of tired such a thing, but no matter... At least you have acquiesced. I will now flaunt you to these people.
  15. Sir Marshall this is the world map with a link to the main thread. there is A LOT of space left, claim your area and it will soon be added by The Young Bard, also feel free to make a species, and contribute to the biological section and the main thread. have you read all info on the main thread yet?