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  1. So I'm writing a report on human emotions and how we influence each other and I wanted to use a quote from Breeze about emotional allomancy where he is defending the morality of it or something. I only have the Audio books which makes it super difficult for me to search through for quotes. If anyone with the book can look through and post quotes about emotional allomancy that you like that would be awesome thanks!
  2. Thanks these are both great. Sometimes I forget how much I loved these books.
  3. So I guess other shards effects last despite what world your on. I'm just wondering how Nightblood still has power and consciousness on Roshar without breaths. Also how is Vashor still alive since he needs one breath a week to stay alive? Can they substitute stormlight?
  4. I know this is old but now that the second SA book is out I thought it funny that there is a girl in one of the interludes who can manipulate friction and move like this.
  5. This is interesting and I wondered about this at the end of WoR when ...*major spoilers for WoR* .... the herold of justice throws nightblood to the ground.
  6. Hey! I read the first three mistborn books a while ago and recently finished the other three after which I was left feeling the emptiness of not having a book to read. I Know a bit about the cosmere as my brother obsesses about it and I'm looking looking for a new book to read. I have thought about stormlight but I'm afraid to start while book three isn't close to being done (I hate waiting and it would kill me to finish the second and have to wait). I'm wondering if anyone can direct me to a list of the chronological order of the cosmere since that seems the logical path to follow. I've also read all of the Reckoner books already and loved them despite what people say about the ending to calamity. I think it was great. Anyways I'm glad to dive into this community!
  7. I just made it through Warbreaker! It was great and now I'm on to my next book but I was wondering about Perfect State which neither of you mentioned and is it before or after shadows for Silence and where do they fit in with the rest of the books?
  8. I've decided to read Elantris but I saw that there are two different versions. Should I read the normal one first and then look at the anniversary one or just read the anniversary one to start?
  9. I'm surprised how few voted for Denth. First impressions obviously Vasher is sweet but Denth grew on me throughout the book. Lightsong was really cool too but his character seemed similar to mistborn's Elend and Wax who I like but aren't my favorite.
  10. I Just finished Elantris and at the end the book there is a bit about the magic system and the narrator seems to know about investiture. The way he talks about other worlds with shards especially a bit about Scadrial makes me think maybe hes from there? I haven't read the other cosmere books (only Mistborn and Elantris) and was wondering if this is someone we know or just another secret from Brandon.
  11. Thanks! I'll pick up Elantris and go through it
  12. Yeah I have read most of it but its kinda annoying having to read on my tiny phone or my computer haha
  13. I was looking into possible Sanderson movies and found some stuff on Steelheart. It's not super new but I didn't see it anywhere on here so I thought people would like to know! Carter Blanchard has been set to adapt Steelheart into a movie by Fox! Also I found a super cool kind of teaser trailer (not official) for it.