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  1. Hello! I'm Mistibournes, and I'm fairly new around here. I joined a little while back but I haven't posted much, so here I am. I've read all of the Cosmere stuff so far (except Allomancer Jak, due to not being good at RPGs ) and Steelheart. My favourite Cosmere works are Bands of Mourning, Emperor's Soul or Words of Radiance (my overall favourite being BoM). My least favourite is probably Sixth of the Dusk, which is just okay. I'm super excited to see Taldain, Braize, Khriss and Baon in White Sand later this year, and to get the short stories in solid form. I'm currently reading Legion, with Firefight on my shelf. Sanderson's probably my favourite author at the moment, and the fact that he's been able to make a cohesive fantasy universe with many different worlds with their own separate cultures and magic systems blows me away! Szeth, Hrathen and Denth are my favourites. Poor guys have a hard time. Outside of Sanderson, I'm a big fan of ASOIAF and enjoyed reading Kingkiller Chronicles (though it has faults). I'm reading HP Lovecraft as well at the moment, which is sometimes fun and sometimes not. I've got Malazan 1-4 resting on my shelf, but can't bring myself to start another massive epic fantasy series yet! I also like terrible puns and music. Some miscellaneous questions, if it's okay: What's the Spiritual Realm like? We have had direct POV interaction with Cognitive and Physical (of course), but none with Spiritual. All I can remember about it is that Soulstamps affect it. What're the most commonly accepted fan theories? After coming off ASOIAF and seeing that there's a lot of popular theories like R+L=J, I can't find any in the Cosmere that are as widely known. The only one I've seen that's extremely commonly accepted is that Sel's shards Intents forms the regional Dor. I love theories, so if anyone knows any that'd be great! What's a hemalurgic cookie?
  2. Oooo! I never thought of that! This could mean that SA5 will have a bigger downer ending than I expected, and gives some interesting implications to SA arc 2. If Odium is released and still a major player on Roshar (and it would be odd for Sanderson to drop him completely just because he leaves the planet), then we could end up reading a lot more about the Cosmere. Great theory, thanks!
  3. 44% Truthwatcher 39% Stoneward 35% Lightweaver 29% Bondsmith 29% Edgedancer 28% Dustbringer 22% Skybreaker 17% Willshaper 16% Windrunner 6% Elsecaller I'm surprised I got so little in Elsecaller, and that I got so much in Stoneward and Lightweaver. Never saw myself as one of them. Makes sense I got Truthwatcher, so I'm happy - awesome quiz, OP! I loved the descriptions of each Order, they were really well-done.
  4. Denth's probably my favourite non-cosmic villain in the Cosmere, just beating Hrathen, so he'd be my favourite. Vasher is a close second favourite of Warbreaker, and then Nightblood.