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  1. I've pulled together a list of lingering thoughts from others and myself. Some of these already have solid theories, some I haven't seen given much attention. 1. Is Mraize sleepless? Or are the scars a tribute to Kelsier? Or is it just random 2. Heralds are briefly sane when someone speaks an ideal. Because of the connection to spiritual? 3. So the everstorm came and Taln still hadn’t broken? Badass. The existence of that bond could give a seed to Dalinar, like what Ishar was trying to swype? 4. Why do singers talk without rhythms sometimes (not just El)? Why is Rlain kinda different there, picking up and using rhythms differently in the flashbacks? 5. Wait Ash is the head of lightweavers, why is she “leading” the dustbringer book? 6. “Honor still lives in the hearts of men.” Is this a deeper comment than it seems? Certainly shook the honor spren. 7. Is Sixteen maybe Szeth’s father? Seems more invested though, if he doesn’t need to eat or bathe. More like a returned. 8. T sees a hole in the contract. What is it? Maybe hearkens back to Rayse referencing what would happen if Dalinar breaks the contract? (a) Early-on death rattle: "I hold the suckling child in my hands, a knife at his throat, and know that all who live wish me to let the blade slip. Spill its blood upon the ground, over my hands, and with it gain us further breath to draw." Any chance Todium chooses a baby as his champion? (b) Epilogue: "After all this, Odium would be safely imprisoned, no matter what happened. There was no way out.… Unless … Wit’s breath caught, but then he forced himself to keep whistling and walking." What did he realize? Does changing vessels do something? Unlikely Wit would have *just realized* something unless it had to do with changing vessels. If it was just about forcing Dalinar to resign, Wit would have thought of that already. 9. Who the hell was that merchant who had the flute and the toy horse. 10. The Wit bubble for the dog and dragon story: maybe burning copper or bendalloy, both? 11. Was Ashyn actually a human failing? Were they fighting odium? Was the recreance evil? Right? I have to believe there is more than what we’ve been told on these topics. After the trial: Adolin: "Why Maya? Why were you willing to do it?" Maya: "To save...save..." A: "To save us from something worse." Adolin assumes this is what she means, but it's not confirmed. Maybe another secret? The recreance can't be as cut and dry as stated. 12. BAM obviously gonna be important. She was big on Connection. Maybe part of the reason there were no dead eyes before she was bound? Any parallels with the Elantrians/hoed? Trying to be connected, but something broke it? 13. Lezian returned “the old way” via odium, i.e. without the everstorm. Is there anything more to be learned from this? Interplanetary travel is no joke. 14. Was Wit's story about misdirection relevant to what Todium does to him? Are one of the two of them misdirecting us? 15. Why are safehands safe? I don't think we have a reason, and Brandon always has reasons. 16. Will SA expand beyond Roshar for the second arc? Honestly feels like the singer conflict could be resolved. Odium is ostensibly bound but… 17. Wit/Jasnah conversation: Don’t have to win, just make sure you don’t lose. I.e. the battle of champions might be a tie. 18. If we have books focusing on Taln and Ash, can we assume that their cognitive impairments will be healed? How will Roshar be different if that were true? Is it is simple as memory storage (Wit/Kelek) or is it about radiant oaths (Ishar)? 19. Which pages of the diagram did T edit and keep with him, and show Odium when they talked? Does it matter? 20. Does the Kharbranth deal matter anymore? 21. T says the Diagram can't see Renarin? T knew that before Odium showed the blackened regions of his future-sight. So T's brilliant day and later interpretation must have actual future-sight embedded, if they're thrown off by Renarin's actions. 22. Dalinar recognizes the bondsmith honor blade. From what? Szeth's father? Or a vision? 23. Dalinar feels a warmth that the stormfather doesn't feel before Uniting Kaladin with the Tien vision. Dawnshard? Definitely not the first time we’ve seen this occur for Dalinar, and it jibes with Rysn’s experience.
  2. Todium seems to be still bound by that promise and those terms, right? ("it seems my precesessor's agreements will allow me to...") More interesting to me is "*said failures have killed gods before.*" We know of four dead gods (Honor, Devotion, Dominion, Ambition). Wit (and Brandon) don't use words lightly. One of those four was killed because they moved against another shard. Of those four deaths, Ambition seems most likely, especially given the RoW reveal that Mercy was there ("where Ambition, Mercy, and Odium clashed—and Ambition was destroyed.") that has us all reeling. I view Wit's comment as support for the theory that Ambition moved against Mercy and that breach of protocol allowed Odium to destroy her.
  3. US Hardcover p. 466 "The triangulation of the spanreed had led them to a strange dark location..." In ch. 28 they only take two measurements, which would be more of a...biangulation? This is not enough to pin your location to the place by the monastery. A single measurement tells you how far away the origin location is, and we should imagine that as a sphere where the spanreed author could be anywhere on the surface of the sphere (usually in Roshar they'd probably think in circles, but the tower makes us go 3d). Two measurements means we have two spheres of possible locations, and the intersection of those spheres gives us now a single 2d circle to look at (think about two soap bubbles sticking together--the intersection is a circle that now represents our possible origin locations). Since it reads like they didn't go up or down before taking the second measurement, this would allow them to determine a vertical circle of possible locations, perpendicular to and centering on their path of travel and located halfway between the two measurements. The fact that they ran through the tower implies that the vertical circle would be inside the tower, with tons of possible locations. The ardents and our favorite "sponsor" of research would be aware of this. Solutions Add a third measurement. Unlikely to work with the flow of the story. Mention that they'd pinned location down to a set number of locations, including near the monastery, and nix the use of the word triangulation. Ignore this because I'm being pedantic. Obviously the Dragonsteel team has tons of resources at its disposal but if you want a high school math/physics teacher to vet your ideas give me a ring
  4. I literally spent hours looking through all of the Ais chapters for a reference and came up dry. Props if anyone else can find it, but I'm wondering if Brandon is remembering a different version that included such a reference.
  5. Sure, it could be a throwaway curse, but why would Brandon keep drawing attention to it? I'm not saying it has to be Preservation, but it's something important.
  6. Brandon keeps being coy about how important the phrase "Rust and Ruin" is to the Mistborn Era 2 plot and I have seen discussion about who/what Rust is scattered throughout the site, but it doesn't look like there's a discussion dedicated to the topic. Who is Rust?! I have seen theories espoused from Trell to Odium to Autonomy to Kelsier (which may be a redundant list...) but why can't it just be Preservation? In many worlds in the cosmere, we see characters cursing by the names of a shard that resides on their world (damnation, merciful domi, etc.). This is the only double-worded curse I can remember, and happens to occur on the only world where we have a vessel possessing two shards. It would make sense then for Rust and Ruin to refer to our best-bud Harmony. Why say Rust and not some derivative of Preservation? What if Preservation is still weaker than Ruin, and Saze is having trouble "preserving" half of his duality? Rust is a neat metaphor for ruin-the-concept, showing something slipping from pristine condition to neglect. If a metal is improperly preserved, it will rust. So too might the power of a shard. Anyway, just a thought that I hadn't seen around. I think with the obvious import of Rust on the next plot it's worth hashing out some of our thoughts in a formal manner, rather than fragmenting conversation throughout the boards.