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  1. Oh man now I'm imagining a world where instead of adolin getting super powers, Maya does instead. What do you expect would happen with a spren gaining more from the reverse bond? I am imagining her manifesting fully on the physical realm as she would appear in the cognitive. Could be potentially awesome.
  2. I tend to agree with you. While I do read everything, and am happy to catch the little easter eggs and crossovers, I do have reservations about how central some of these crossovers are becoming. When every single time someone posts asking about reading order, new readers are told to go read Warbreaker before going into Words of Radiance, that feels wrong to me. As far as Hoid is concerned, I just don't like him. I enjoyed him in the role of Wit, but would have liked it just as much in that role if it was an entirely new character. The more he reveals himself to other characters, the less I like him. Similarly, the way 90% of cosmere discussions come back around to talking about how cool and awesome Hoid is... it just rubs me the wrong way. He feels like an overpowered DMPC in an otherwise great D&D campaign. I suspect we are in a minority opinion on him though.
  3. It just occurred to me that in their initial interaction, she was posing specifically as a horneater going to a Wedding. The boots running joke had been going on so long I forgot about the original context.
  4. The defense of "that makes him manlier than any of us" had me rolling. Also Jasnah savagely taking down Amaram to his face was a major comedic highlight for me, doubly so for how unexpected it was.
  5. I am unsure. I feel like it would be less taboo than cannibalism. I would guess probably closer to how homosexuality was viewed around 100 years ago. Though I'll probably catch flak for that particular comparison.
  6. This is my thought exactly. I am not sure why there is so much confusion over who the 5 named characters are. It seemed pretty obvious to me that one title was going to each of the 5 Major Characters from the first set of 5 books. We know for sure Captain = Kaladin, Spy = Shallan, Stonewalker = Szeth, and King = Dalinar. We also know those 4 are 4/5 of the main PoV characters from the first 5 books. It only makes sense that the 5th is Eshonai. That's even before finding out the 5th is the Traitor, and the arguments made way back on page 1 that make her fit the blurb. It turning out to be Renarin or Moash or any other character would make very little sense in the context of the greater series.
  7. A man reading is considered a little bit more than odd/eccentric. It is something considered almost taboo by the culture. If it was just an eccintricty thing, then Storm Wardens would not have a problem learning to read/write in women's script. Instead they are basically developing their own separate language from glyphs to be able to read/write without using the alphabet that is considered actually reading/writing. That is a huge amount of hassle that nobody would bother with if it wasn't a very serious taboo. There were other things pointing towards it being a major deal as well. Consider that Dalinar/Sadeas kept Gavilar's final words hidden because they believed they indicated he had to been literate. I believe it was specifically even referred to as a "Shameful secret". This isn't to say I buy into some secret untold history of the world that only women know and collude to hide from the men. But it does feed into men getting less information with less detail than women, further diluting their potential education beyond what even the lack of being able to read would be expected to enforce.
  8. This was never confirmed, but my ongoing theory is that this was Elhokar's protoradiancy manifesting. We already know he's been seeing strange shapes in mirrors, similar to what Shallan saw before (re?)bonding pattern. We also know that a Surgebinder can have issues with Shardplate. Most definitively we have Kaladin getting his stormlight leeched from him into the plate helm he is using as a boxing glove during the Battle Royale, but it seems to me completely reasonable that a surgebinder with no other Stormlight on him might accidentally suck stormlight from the plate they are wearing without being aware they are even doing it. Especially in a life or death situation like being attacked by a Chasmfiend.
  9. Except for the part where the one Honor Spren we know literally says "rules don't matter, only what's right". I find it hard to believe that an honorspren would be that far removed from what actual Honor is supposed to be.
  10. What about the unknown metal that was used on Lessie? That seems to me to be the strongest contender besides Atium, seems strange to leave that out.
  11. He's obviously Wayne in disguise.
  12. I preordered a signed copy that still hasn't shown up. Luckily, I also preordered the ebook version, so got to read that right away. Still wondering why my preorder is running so late though.
  13. theory

    The real question is if any of those are compatible with a Kindle. I know Kobo is not, I strongly suspect iBooks is for apple devices only. Are Google Play ebooks able to be placed onto a Kindle? If not I'm stuck waiting until Amazon gets their rust straight. Cause I do not want to read even a novella on my phone or desktop.