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  1. @Le Sigh Edit: I don't have the link to that specific wob, but you can search for it
  2. " *Sodium bookies explode? I thought Sadeas and Odium would get along because they deserve each other." Jeiried then remembers that he was going to reread WoR, and activates a secret passage on one of the bookshelf walls, entering a reading room, and leaving Le Sigh hanging in his quest to disembowel Jeirid and see what he is made of inside (or so Jeirid thinks). * - Goto this page, and this page for the birth of bookies and of sodium bookies
  3. Jeirid throws a sodium bookie
  4. Jeirid stands up, taking an offensive stance and summoning his awkwardblade. "That name . . . Rubikscube . . . is not the name I go by, because it makes no sense in this reality. For bringing up that dichotomy I will not show you what I'm made of!" He hesitates. "Though it's mostly water, if you're curious."
  5. "Sorry," Jeirid says again, mortified. He climbs off, and proceeds to hide in the corner with his third copy of Way of Kings and a random bookie.
  6. Jeirid looked up at Le Sigh's question. "It has something to do with the night's special meditation form called Awkward Pause. We -- " He cuts off as Edgerunner spoke the ideal of awkwardness filling with Booklight (see pg. 23 for a refrence. Yes, I read through the first 23 pages [for the second time] before posting. . . ). "There's another knight awkward there," he said, pointing at edgerunner. Then, he notices he is in the fireplace, and yelps, jumping out of the flame, stumbling into Le Sigh. "Sorry," he mumbles.
  7. ". . . I shall be the doom of the Knights Awkward." Jeirid looked up, "Doom? I thought we ordered waffles! Also, if I choose to be here, is it really enslavement. . ." Then, pondering the nature his own question, he walks into the blazing fireplace on accident. His hair proceeds to combust awkwardly, as he ponders the nature of doom. Edit: He himself seems to be fireproof
  8. Your charm roll gets two threes, three twos, four ones, and one nudge. The irregular pattern is slightly awkward, but has a nice result.
  9. I will see you on the other side. Probably.
  10. Not that kind of thing - though that would be kinda fun. I am going to read through every forum on the shard. And maybe go insane in the process.
  11. I have decided to do a both wonderful and terrible thing.
  12. I am on kindle, and cannot tell how tall my signature is. Is it too tall?