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  1. I got a spike for introducing myself. But nobody told me what it does. How do I find out?
  2. 29 years young and loving every day of life.
  3. Well I am currently reading Elantris and The Well of Ascension about halfway through each. I like to read two books at once and when I'm done with Elantris I'm thinking about trying out another author. Anybody have any suggestions on who it should be? BTW I really only read fantasy nothing against other genres just my preference.
  4. It's alright. Maybe it will take longer to read
  5. Just finished the first mistborn book. What can I say,yet another flawless work by BS. Absolutely love it. Diving headfirst into the well
  6. I don't think that will be much of a problem. He is naturally light hearted humor seems to come natural to him
  7. After I posted this I read on this site about the squire's. Makes complete sense to me. Thanks guys.
  8. Why I think I might to se you. Haha
  9. This might have been talked about before but I just joined and this is kinda bugging me. Thanks gancho(s) Edited: because half asleep forgot words
  10. This is the best picture of Renarin I've seen. I do believe he is supposed to look like his mother, don't quote me on that
  11. I don't think Mr. Sanderson would be mad at these. I know I'm not, great work.
  12. This is exactly how I pictured the Stormfather! Absolutely love it
  13. Thank you. I was on the browser. It didn't show that option. Lol I never use chrome.