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  1. Pretty sure the The Lord of the Rings was the companion book to the Silmarillion
  2. I’m thinking the closest earth equivalent we have to flangria is imitation crab meat, since all Rosharan critters are crustacean-y. And I like the naan idea, so a naan wrapped crab cake.
  3. Mourn's Vault is much closer to Hearthstone, which makes me concerned for Lirin, Hesina, and baby Oroden! Also, Mourn's Vault also seems like it could be in the general area where the interlude with Sheler takes place. Which is another thing that is easily missed: that Tien was in Sheler's company when he died. Also, that a member of every order of Knight Radiant was present (assuming Ash will be Dustbringer) at the moment when Dalinar united the realms, as well as every flashback character (I think).
  4. Crusader Creed Crusader Credo Crusader
  5. support characters

    Not a quip, per se. But just ran into this gem: Oh, Navani. Because even the Blackthorn needs to be on your schedule.
  6. Alright. Crackpot theory time. Taln's Honorblade is in the palace. Not inside the place, in it. As in, part of it. What if the thing the Singers are tearing the palace down for at the end of the book is actually the Honorblade? And how did it get in there? Well, by someone who knew how to use it to "melt" stone. Looking at you, Hoid. I know we have a WOB that Hoid didn't switch the blades. That says nothing about hiding it.
  7. The Honorblades were not crafted from spren, but instead directly from pieces of Honor’s soul. And, as has been mentioned, they also had the ability to work the Oathgates. I’ve always interpreted this scene as Dalinar creating a very primitive form of something like an Honorblade. This isn’t directly forcing the Stormfather himself, but since the Stormfather has merged with Honor’s cognitive shadow, it would still have an effect on him. I’ve always taken this scene as foreshadowing for the end of the book and that Dalinar is becoming something a little more than your average Bondsmith.
  8. At the risk of sticking my hand in the flame, I’m gonna comment on this. First, I was rooting for Shaladin and was dissatisfied with the triangle, but after reading a couple of times, I’ve decided to reserve judgement until I see the rest of it play out. My biggest issue is that I felt that Shallan and Kaladin had a genuine, emotional connection in WoR, and I felt that the connection was really reduced into nothing more than a physical attraction. I have since realized that this may be Brandon intentionally doing this, because Shallan is trying to convince herself that she feels nothing more than physical attraction to Kaladin. However, I think that the moment when Kaladin decides to move on is one of the most genuine moments in the whole triangle. I think Kaladin realized his attraction to her is mostly based on her helping him to feel better and cope with his depression, but also realizing that’s not a good basis for a healthy romantic relationship. Shallan, on the other hand, because she has convinced herself she was only physically attracted to Kal, has yet to deal with her emotional connection to him. I’m going to wait and see how that unfolds. I don’t think she’ll get there until she more fully resolves her personas, if she ever gets to that point. But I do also think her choice to be with Adolin was a serious one. And choice is an important aspect too. Whether or not she can stick with it remains to be seen. TL;DR I think Kaladin is over Shallan. I think Shallan will likely need to deal with her emotions for Kaladin at some point, but will likely also stick with Adolin. I don’t see the triangle going much further. For the record, I no longer ship Shaladin and I’m fairly indifferent to Shadolin. I’m really mostly interested in seeing Kaladin and Adolin as friends, so anything that messes with that will probably make me unhappy.
  9. I think another purpose is to show how far the Singers have advanced. If they’ve pushed Sheler all the way to Herdaz, then it seems likely the Singers are occupying most of Alethkar at this point. That probably includes Hearthstone. Poor Lirin and Hesina and Oroden. I don’t know that Kaladin is going to get them out in time.
  10. What if Hesina is an illegitimate child? Perhaps her father and his wife are both lighteyed, but she is the result of an affair with a darkeyed woman. Or, as I think someone hinted at above, perhaps she was taken in and raised by a lighteyed family for some reason, and was not raised by her actual parents. Either of these, I think, might explain why Hesina seems to have been raised in some level of privilege, but also why she was willing/able to run off with a darkeyed surgeon. And also why Brandon always seems to asterisk when talking about her parents.
  11. The timeline is one thing that I didn't research in depth with this. However, I believe Brandon has said repeatedly that Honor's death wasn't an instantaneous thing. I believe that the death or slumbering of an important and powerful spren wouldn't be instantaneous either. Certainly it would take time for the people's perceptions to change enough to drastically change the spren itself, wouldn't it? Decades at least. I don't think centuries is entirely unreasonable. I agree. I'm not sure how Salas and Mishim fit into this. I couldn't really find any lore that referred to them. The best I could find is that the Shin refer to the moons as sisters, and the Stormfather referring to the Sibling in the plural. I like your idea that Nomon's spren was just more elevated. It does seem to be the most prominent moon, in size and in folklore. I don't really think that Ishar is the person depicted in the Urithiru painting, I was just presenting that as a possibility given it's similarity. I do think it's possible, however, that the iconography has changed over time given it's similarity to the end cover we have. An image that once depicted the Bondsmith spren in Urithiru might have been appropriated and, by the time of Dandos the Oilsworth, was a common image to represent the herald Ishar. You make some good points. But even if you disassociate the three murals from the group of ten, there still seems to be a strong connection among the three. Based on what we've seen, the storm cloud is either a depiction of Honor or the Stormfather. The tree woman is either Cultivation or Nightwatcher. I don't think it's a stretch to say that much. So if it is Stormfather and Nightwatcher, logically it makes sense the third is the Sibling. If on the other hand, it's Honor and Cultivation (and honestly, the description of the tree woman matches Cultivation more than it does Nightwatcher), then what is the third? I haven't read Elantris in a long time, but I do remember that quote. You're right. It's very similar. If that's the case, then I don't think it ties in as well with the other two, but maybe it wasn't supposed to. I actually think the best argument against the Bondsmith spren theory is that Shallan notices ten other spren in a group together, which would presumably include the Bondsmith spren already, since otherwise it would have to be nine and the three. But I can also imagine the Radiants including the gloryspren, in addition to the Bondsmith spren, just to avoid the number nine.
  12. This is a valid point. There are plenty of religions that worship a variety of gods, including ones that are less than benevolent. I hadn't thought of that. But is there anything about the depiction itself that you think represents Odium? I still think it's unlikely that the Radiants would portray Odium in a mural in conjunction with spren that are most likely associated with Radiance, rather than Voidbinding. Especially considering they were likely at war with Odium and the Singers at the time the mural was created.
  13. Huh, I thought there'd be more discussion on this. Guess my theory is just 100% correct. But, more seriously, I've been thinking a little more about this. Not to poke holes in my own theory (ok, I'm totally poking holes), but I've been thinking of other possible interpretations of the paintings in Urithiru. One thought I've had (and I'm still not sure it totally fits), is that it really is Ishar in the depiction. Nale believes he's the only one of the Heralds who joined his own order, but what if he's wrong? If so, then maybe Ishar did bond a spren and his idea to betray Taln and the Oathpact may have damaged the Sibling. Or, another possibility, is that the stormcloud and tree woman really are Honor and Cultivation. In which case, what is the third depiction? My thought is that maybe it isn't the moons of Roshar, but instead, a depiction of the Rosharan planets: Braize, Ashyn, Roshar. Seem possible, since we know that Roshar used to be more cosmere-aware. But then who is the man? The only thing I can come up with is some depiction of Adonalsium. Which over time may have later been re-appropriated to depict Ishar. If so, no wonder he thinks he's a god.
  14. Will all Edgedancers please take note that human bowling is not an acceptable activity, particularly when the "pins" are unwilling and unsuspecting. For more information, please visit the IRESERI (Inter-Radiance Ethical Sports Education for Radiant Interrelations). For any Radiant(s) to whom this applies, please observe that food is considered the personal property of the person currently consuming it. For any Radiant(s) to whom this applies, please observe that food is considered the personal property of the person currently already consuming it. For any Radiant(s) to whom this applies, please observe that food is considered the personal property of the person already who was consuming it prior to it being stolen and consumed by another. For any Radiant(s) to whom this applies, please observe that food is Lift, just STOP stealing/eating other people's food.
  15. I have recently been doing some re-reading of the Stormlight Archive, and some new clues stood out to me about the nature of the third Bondsmith spren. So, naturally, I wrote a whole essay about it. Proceed at your own risk! I don't think I've seen this theory discussed before, but my apologies if it has been. (Also, it's late, so I don't promise coherency.) My theory is that The Sibling is a spren that is somehow related to or representative of the moons of Roshar, particularly Nomon. Further, I think the destruction of New Natanan and the Shattered Plains may have been what harmed The Sibling and caused it to “slumber.” Still reading? Ok, here’s why I think these things: The main basis for this theory comes from the scene in which Shallan, Adolin, and Bridge Four confront the Midnight Mother. During that confrontation, Shallan notes the artwork: This seems to be a depiction of all the spren that are capable of forming bonds with Radiants. That means that the first three spren Shallan describe are actually depictions of the Bondsmith spren. So we have a cloud of energy; that seems to obviously be the Stormfather. We have a woman in the shape of the tree; this could be the Nightwatcher. That leaves us with a man hovering before a blue disc. This description is uncannily similar to the end paper art we have of Ishar. (Here) You’ll note that the discs in the background definitely look like the three moons of Roshar, with the smaller Salas and Mishim on either side of Nomon. So, why is there a picture of Ishar and the moons next to depictions of the Radiant spren? My thought is that the moons must somehow be related to The Sibling. (Of course, the other argument is that these are not depictions of the Bondsmith spren, but actually of Honor and Cultivation. But does that make Ishar some secret shard? Did people view him as on a level equal to Honor and Cultivation? He does seem pretty insistent that he is a god right now. But still, I’m going to stick with the Bondsmith spren depiction idea for now.) Additional support for the idea that the moons are related to the third Bondsmith spren: I find it interesting that the Stormfather always refers to this sibling in the plural. This could be purely to obscure the gender. Or it could be because the spren represents multiple things, rather like a collective noun. In this case, we have a spren that represents the moon, and Roshar just so happens to have three of them. And further, it’s understandable why the Stormfather refers to this spren as his sibling, but why does everybody else seem to call it The Sibling? Sibling to what? In the epigraphs, even a former Radiant, who should have more knowledge about who/what the third spren is, refers to it as the Sibling, as if that’s the only name it goes by. If it’s just because it’s the sibling Bondsmith spren, then why do Radiants refer to the Stormfather by his unique name, but not the Sibling? I find it interesting that the Shin refer to the moons as the three sisters. And Wit, in his story of Nomon, refers to the relationships among the moons as siblings. Speaking of that story that Wit told (and Sigzil attempted to tell, unsuccessfully) If my theory is in any way right, and if there is any truth at all in Wit’s story, then it brings some interesting implications about the relationship between Nomon’s spren and the Natanatan people, maybe even giving a clue as to what happened to the Sibling. The story tells about how Mishim traded places with Tsa, a mortal, and Tsa conceived a child with Nomon. We know that the story alludes to the fact that Natanatans had Aimian blood in them. But I think it may also be a hint about the Sibling (assuming I’m right about the connection with Nomon). Interestingly, this story is the only other mention of siblings, besides the Sibling in Oathbringer. Also, purely coincidentally I’m sure, I find it interesting that the epigraphs about the Sibling begin in the chapter following Wit’s story. The story clearly establishes a connection between the people of Natanatan and Nomon. This could also imply that there’s a connection between the people of Natanatan and the Sibling. Perhaps the Sibling even originated or lived in Natanatan. Before I go any further, let’s go back to those epigraphs for a second. In them, the Elsecaller who is recording the memory seems to believe that the Sibling is withdrawing from the Radiants, not because it intended to or because the Radiants are no longer worthy, but because the cognitive reflection has changed. In other words, people are thinking about the Sibling differently, and so the Sibling has itself changed. We know that the kingdom of Natanatan was destroyed, and the Shattered Plains (once Stormseat, the capital of Natanatan) was, well, shattered. Perhaps it was this shattering and the loss of Natanatan that caused the harm to the Sibling, which caused it to withdraw. Perhaps because the people were no longer there, they were no longer thinking of the Sibling, causing it to “slumber.” Also, Wit ends his story with, Perhaps this is a reflection, again, of what happened to the Sibling. It learned of loss, somehow. The loss of Natanatan? Other Interesting Tidbits: In Way of Kings, Dalinar refers to Natanatan as the Granite Kingdom. I don’t really know if this is relevant, but stone is important on Roshar. Additionally, they were a people apparently known for building towers. Again, I think this strengthens the idea that the people of Natanatan were perhaps involved in the creation of the tower in Urithiru and also had some connection to the Sibling, which we suspect powers Urithiru. And, I find it curious that Oathbringer mentions that New Natanan was working with Dalinar, but we hear literally nothing about them: This seems fishy to me. I think those New Natanans are going to become important. And lastly, we have this little bit from an interlude, which has some interesting mythology surround the people of Natanatan. Well, the night is darkest is just before the rising of Nomon. Also, an Everstorm really helps to make things dark. Perhaps we need the people of New Natanatan to come back, to restore the Sibling and thus restore the tower. And this lengthy essay doesn’t even begin to get into possible connections with Aimia. Or what on earth Roshar Ishar is doing in that depiction of the moons in Urithiru. And, is there any significance to the son Tsa had, the son born to be a god?