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  1. Just plastering this all over the internet. When the Stormlight Archive facebook group hits 10k members there is going to be a giveaway and this little piece will be one of the prizes. Blackthorn
  2. Thanks for all the responses, I really appreciate your kind words. (Also, omg the profile pic, ah I'm honored!) I haven't been able to do much art because I'm in the middle of moving but I had to spit this one out really quick. Couldn't get the idea of Lady Inquisitors outta my head. Edit: not sure why its showing the picture sideways in the post but the right way when I click on it. Oops.
  3. Sorry for spam, Just completed a painting of Talenel
  4. Spensa done with the supplies for May Sketchbox! Jasnah collab with LittleGreyDragon, she did the pencils and I ruined it with color xD Susebron sketch on a long car ride.
  5. CosMerMay
  6. Thank you kindly! Some more doodles from downtime at Jordancon!
  7. It is called Sketchbox, really nice assortment of tools and paper! I keep forgetting to update this thread. I recently completed this drawing at the request of Argent. Another -better- Kaza!
  8. Small doodles. I'm not very comfortable with acrylic but I received some paints in a sketchbox subscription that a good friend gifted me, so I did both of these using tools from those. The first one is Vin in acrylic and the second is Adolin in watercolor pencil. (Had a very limited range of colors to work with on that one so I took some strong artistic liberties....)
  9. Can I print out some of your Cosmere drawings and paintings for personal use. 

  10. Happy birthday, and thanks for all your amazing art contributions!

    1. RayOfSunshine



      Bit late

    2. FelCandy


      Oh my gosh thank you both, I didn't even know this was a thing! Haha

    3. Sherlock Holmes

      Sherlock Holmes

      Yeah. Oof.

  11. Oops forgot to post the rest. This is as far as I got. I still want to complete the challenge though. Maybe
  12. I'll keep an eye out for your thread. (Below are just the lines before coloring)
  13. Thank you both, and yes it is from the Illuminae Files ❤ Here are some more
  14. In which I attempted to complete a full month of Inktober, and failed. *Inktober is a fun project for artists where you do an ink drawing every day for the month of October based on a list of prompts. I don't know what the image limit is per post. I'll put some more up another day. Also note, I'm not trying to toot my own horn at all, I just have been dealing with some motivation issues and sometimes making myself accountable for finishing a project - however belated - can help with that.
  15. Thank you T.T Here are some doodles because I've been suffering from art block lately. I got these copic markers for christmas and I've been practicing skin tones using our most beloved characters, I'm so sorry.