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  1. Happy birthday, art goddess!!! Hope you have a great one. ^_^

  2. I started falling behind due to a migraine that lasted a few days. Oh no! I will try to catch up quickly! Day 12. BETRAYAL Day 13. CLEVER Day 14. RADIANT
  3. The mouse one was just a picture of a Reod Elantrian trying to catch it for food. I just wanted to draw it. Thought it would be a fun illustration to try! (Also the "normal" inktober prompt for that day was Rodent, so it fit both challenges well.) Day 8. DRAMATIC (spoilered for the very slightest RoW Prologue reference, nothing plot related) Day 9. KNIFE Day 10. BOOK Day 11. BEAUTIFUL (Mercystar)
  4. Thank you, all, remember that just like developing any skill, art takes practice. I have come a long way from where I began and I still have a very long road to follow to get to where I want to be with my art. Some people are naturally talented, but most people just work really hard. 5. HEAVENLY 6. BLIGHT 7. CRYSTAL
  5. Wow thank you for all your comments, I appreciate it! And I call it a trashbook because its just a cheapo $4 sketchbook that i goof off in. Its so much easier to have a cheap sketchbook because there's no pressure to make everything look amazing. Makes it a lot more comfortable to experiment in. So! CosmereInktober is underway, and I've waited a few days to post here so I don't spam my sketch thread! 1. FLY 2. RIBBON 3. SQUAT 4. RHYTHM
  6. This was just a fun and goofy hairstyle challenge I completed using my OC Inquisitor, Dominique. Which one is your favorite? Can Inquisitors even grow hair?
  7. Get your hot cocoa, your favorite pen, and pull up the Official CosmereInktober prompt list, because it starts today! Every year in October, artists from around the world participate in a drawing challenge to complete 31 ink-based images based on various prompts. This month, there is a great official Cosmere-related prompt list curated by Isaac Stewart and a team of fans. You can find his announcement on Twitter and Instagram. This is the official CosmereInktober graphic, created by yours truly. If you have never participated in this challenge, here are the lenient rules. First, you want to use "ink" for this challenge, this can be india ink, ballpoint pen, digital ink brushes, marker, or any other type of ink delivery device. (And if you don't want to use ink, that is okay too, the more art the merrier!) Secondly, you want to post on social media using the hashtags #cosmereinktober and #cosmereinktober2020 so your artwork will be visible. That's it! You can do as little or as many prompts you wish, or go the traditional route and take it on one prompt per day. Fans of the series from all skill levels are welcome and encouraged to participate. If you would like to browse some of the wonderful offerings of last year's CosmereInktober, here is a link to a collection on Instagram. (Please note, this challenge is not associated with Jake Parker, the creator of Inktober. It is just a nice community art event that occurs every October!)
  8. I mean, it is a reactioncast, I'm not gonna just disagree for the heck of it. I want to be sincere, not disingenuous. Paleo and I just happen to react in similar ways, I guess.
  9. Wow thank you, everyone, for all the kind comments. I really appreciate you looking at my work. It is tough putting art out there, especially fanart, but Cosmere Fandom Still Best Fandom! Here is a crossover fanart in my sketchbook. Corvo Attano from Dishonored, and Vin from Mistborn! I've been playing Dishonored again and it really feels like Scadrial. Another Vin, this time in ink wash on watercolor paper for my Secret Sazed target! Hope it gets there safe. And this is just a quick sketch in my trashbook (junk sketchbook) of sisters, Vivenna, Fafen, and Siri!
  10. Oh no, what a bummer! Hopefully it will be picked up in other regions for distribution soon! Its worth a read, imo. Thanks! I do the same thing, but I also like to mix and match features from other creatures to make it fit my headcanon. I had some fun Mass Effect feels for Eshonai and Venli. Okay here is a Skyward doodle that I couldn't decide on the background. What do you think?
  11. Thanks so much! I dont draw a lot of animals. I should do some more! Thanks so much for your comment. Here is a (not spoilery) drawing of characters from Brandon Sanderson's Dark One graphic novel, I highly recommend it. Its so goood!
  12. Thank you so much! I have been getting a lot more comfortable with the different tools in Autodesk, which helps a lot. Before, I was struggling a lot with the interface and it just made me so frustrated. Hopefully my newfound knowledge with the app will translate once I have time to do a big drawing on my computer! I find the best way to improve is to DRAW DRAW DRAW and don't stop drawing! Stockpile some references, make a folder of inspirational artwork that you want to learn from, and get a private sketchbook that you can just mess around in without being afraid of judgement. I only start improving once I practice with intent. As far as poses and styles, find references similar to what you want to draw and use them to help with the framework for your own art. With enough practice, I know you will be very happy with your sketches! Here is a bonus Szeth
  13. I am back with some doodles. I haven't had the art juju for a while now, so I've just been doing these mini portraits on my phone. Shallan Jasnah Renarin Eshonai
  14. Thank you so much, so glad you like it! Here's some doodles I've done recently Rashendi, based on @Comatose fanfic! Go read it, its awesome: A perpetually unfinished Azure that I was using to practice digital art on the Autodesk app on my phone. A very quick doodle of Veil, sketched late last night because I couldn't get the idea out of my head.
  15. Sisters Shallan (DTIYS if you want, tag me if you do!)