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  1. Thank you both for your kind words! The skyeel is one of my favorite cosmere creatures, so I am glad it came out good. I'm sick today and was prompted on the 17s discord to draw Marasi snuggled up with some cocoa I've been playing around with journaling and scrapbooking along with art, so I am filling this sketchbook with different book characters and other fanart. Other fandoms are going to be posted about on instagram, but I'll continue posting the cosmere ones here
  2. Happy 2020! Had to start the year with some Cosmere art. Skyeel! I had no idea how to use these colors on *black* watercolor paper, so it came out really chalky and streaky. I kind of like the effect though, because of the interesting contrast. Cotman Lemon Yellow Hue and Phthalo blue, m. Graham titanium hwhite opaque, Fine Tec limited edition dark teal, Reminisce white gel pen, Stonehenge black cold press cotton watercolor paper There is a little video clip showing the iridescent watercolor on my instagram.
  3. I know she isnt supposed to have eyes but its too cute to draw that widdle face! I just pretend she has the face but the features don't actually work, they're just cute-factor. So I got a wacom intuos pro tablet for Christmas and this is my first cosmere doodle with it. Vin sitting in her window sill, enjoying the ashfall like the edgelord she is. This 2020 I plan on focusing a lot on learning digital art and getting better at this medium. (I won't give up on traditional art, though, I promise. I still have a bunch of sketches I need to upload, too!) Also thanks everyone, for the instagram follows! I post all my art there, cosmere and non-cosmere, fanart and studies. I appreciate your support and kind words. I hope you all have a lovely New Year!
  4. Haha! Well Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah, 17th Shard! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year!
  5. Wow thank you all for your comments, I super appreciate it! Really brought a smile to my face when I read all the kind words. Makes me want to do more cosmere art. Happy Koloss Head-Munching Day and a Merry Axemas to you all!
  6. Thanks, I think? Haha Took a month break for some recharging, and now I present a Shan Elariel for my Secret Sazed target. Woo! Also not sure if its allowed, but I wanted to share my artstagram just in case anyone wanted to see the doodles I make earlier. Posting here is usually delayed a day or two, because I stink at remembering things. https://www.instagram.com/felcandy.art/
  7. Final Day of Inktober: "Silence" Sebruki from Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell (Sorry I forgot to post the last day! Haha)
  8. Adventurous (Vathi from 6otD) Adversary (Moash)
  9. Thanks so much! Keep up the practice, age is but a number. Haunted (Vin and Reen) Day and Night (Kenton and Khriss) Connection (Dalinar and Navani)
  10. Oh wow that is so beautiful, sounds a lot easier to apply than gold leaf too! Ive been getting into calligraphy lately from being so inspired by artists on the 17s discord, it would be fun to experiment using this product along with the ink Oh also, here is Steris for "utility"
  11. Shatter "I am mountains that crush. I am waves that crash. I am storms that shatter. I am the end." Justice (thath)
  12. Oh wow that looks so cool!! I have some "graphite" ink that has that really cool shimmery effect, I'll have to look into those powders! Realm: Sharp:
  13. Exhale Intuition
  14. Last night i was practicing digital art and i really stink at it but i was having fun anyway. I do prefer watercolors though..... haha