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  1. Who needs Michael Whelan when you can have this.
  2. Wow, tickets for those events went fast! Does anybody know if it would still theoretically be possible to get into events like the Q&A or one of the signings without a ticket? The FAQ online just talks about event tickets "guaranteeing" a spot...does that mean I could still show up without a ticket and at least have a chance of getting in?
  3. I might be coming with a gaggle of other Sanderson fans from my university. I already emailed them, and hopefully they are as enthusiastic as I am about spending half the day driving to see Sanderson for the first time.
  4. I uploaded a recording of the stream of his Q&A panel here.
  5. Patillian has a signing report at the WoR reread on
  6. Thanks for the help, guys. Something strikes me as odd about this. That classification system is called "my terminology" by the author of the Era 1.5 Ars Arcana, but here Sanderson is calling it "a science on Scadrial", "as they define it on Scadrial", &c that is "more relevant to Scadrial than anywhere else" and "doesn't scale well to the other magics". That doesn't sound, then, like terminology created by a non-Scadrian like Khriss who presumably had knowledge of other worlds' magic before she came to Scadrial... So, am I reading too much into this, or is that evidence against Khriss being the author of the Ars Arcana? Maybe she just borrowed Scadrian terminology, but then how come she calls it "my terminology" and uses it even though it doesn't scale well?
  7. Oh gosh, sorry about that. I can't find how to do spoiler tags...can somebody enlighten me?
  8. He said if it did happen, it probably wouldn't be canon.
  9. The interesting publishing information to me is that there will be an introduction to each planet from Khriss in Arcanum Unbounded.
  10. Here you go:
  11. I can definitely do that. I've already been working on my own list of sources that aren't in TL, so I should hopefully be able to give you a fairly exhaustive list by Saturday-ish. ETA: How would you like me to send you the list? Private message?
  12. Okay, I started the transcription! I'm going slowly through the whole thing and transcribing pretty much everything, so it's going to take me a while. If somebody is impatient for the juicy Cosmere bits, they may want to speed through and just write down the gist of the best questions. Also, things are being added to the Theoryland database?! Is it possible that last year's WoB scattered all over 17th Shard, Reddit, and Twitter could also be collected and put into the database? I would be delighted to help with such a project, as I'm getting tired of having to search all over the place for relevant WoBs.
  13. If you can upload your recording of the signing, I'd be happy to help with transcription.
  14. I started listening to the recording just for fun, and I noticed that there's a number of fun bits that aren't in the transcription. Nothing Cosmere-related - just fun stuff like an anecdote about Oliver Sanderson, stories from fans, &c. Is it a problem if I add those sorts of interesting bits to the transcription? Should I start a different document for such things? Or is nobody going to be interested if I bother transcribing them?