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  1. Haha, I just found this ironic that this is brought up in a thread discussing racism... Whoops. Be better than Blackthorn. Do as he does and throw in social reform as well.
  2. Do you mean a minority shareholder? I guess 5th order radiants might be rich, but not necessarily. Needless to say, I would like to buy some stock in Honor as well. I wonder what the stock price is (probably not as high after he crashed, but rising now that the powers are returning)? I apologize for my nonsensical post. Please feel free to ignore me and carry on with the discussion.
  3. I think the reason why Dalinar, Adolin, and Shallan aren't receiving as much attention is because it seems obvious where they lie on the racism spectrum. Hard to defend them; thus they elicit less heated reaction. Kaladin seems to be in the middle ground and bringing out more opinions. The issue doesn't seem to be whether Kaladin has a right to be angry or not, but rather just the interpretation of the word 'racist'. I don't know which side it right, both have brought up good arguments. I do think Kaladin loathing all Lighteyes is bad, but as Greywatch is pointing out, because of his status as a darkeye can't really inflict any injustice upon them does it really amount to racism. Does it amount to Kaladin being classified as a rascist? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. The easy answer is yes, in the case of the Skybreakers and Nale. I don’t know if you are counting them, but they have been pretty secret for thousands of years. If you are referring to the likes of Sons of Honor or Ghostbloods, I don’t know but would suspect no.
  5. Yep, that's it. Same thing just Natam in place of Leyten.
  6. I suppose this makes sense to me and is probably why I am so confused and unsatisfied. It just seemed like Amaram was full in on the Sons of Honor thing, which I assumed meant wanting Heralds, which assumed meant contra Odium. Even though I knew he had no honor, I felt he was really into the Sons of Honor mission. Hm, I had listened to this but don't remember this part. I'll need to find it and listen. Interesting this is. Also, new to the whole copying quote things. Was going to reply to the bit about Natam, but it seems to not want me to quote it again without double posting. Anyways, about Natam, my book must be an old version because it does indeed mention Natam a second time in the scene, not Leyten. I knew this was probably the obvious answer, that this has been corrected in the books. It's a shame though. I really liked the dragon theory lol.
  7. I guess it would depend on how you live your life. I think I made my choice assuming I'd be fighting other people with it, but that's not necessarily the case. In everyday life, voidbringer light might be more useful actually. But if you are competing directly with the two powers, probably radiant. Also, assuming this is on Roshar, I feel stormlight would get renewed often enough that I'd have enough. Just gotta make sure I have a good job I guess.
  8. Guess I'd rather have the power with the more upside and higher ceiling. Kind of like I'd rather have the best team in the playoffs rather than a consistent team that plays great during the regular season but doesn't have an extra gear in the more important games.
  9. As I sit relaxing at my private spot on my warm ocean reflecting on Words of Radiance, I became troubled about a couple of things I have read. These things are so troubling they will not let me sleep. I have some time now, as I have asked my 7th and 8th sons to keep anybody from bothering me. I am hoping to get some good answers from you airsick lowlanders. First, there is something off about that cremling, Amaram. Something that I am missing. I understand that through Words of Radiance, we mostly dislike him due to the atrocities committed against Kaladin. However, to most other Alethis, he appears very honorable. Everybody thinks he is very honorable except Kaladin, Jasnah, and Sadeas (it takes a cremling to know a cremling). But I don't understand his actions. Throughout WofR, he tries to get Dalinar to reconcile with Sadeas. Unite to become stronger. He is a Son of Honor (HAHAHA, very funny this group name) and seeks to return the Heralds to restore the Vorin religion to dominance. As Dalinar is about to begin his expedition to the center, he is surprised by not only Sebarials arrival, but Aladars as well. In both cases, Amaram tries to tell Dalinar to send them away; he can conquer the Parshendi by himself and those two shouldn't be trusted. Why? Why doesn't Amaram want Dalinar to have more support? Does he really want Dalinar to perish? It doesn't seem so. His internal thoughts seem to regard Dalinar as an important friend and ally. At the end of the book as he dictates his letter to Restares he thinks of the great cost of losing Dalinar as an ally, but glories in the success of the expedition and that the Heralds will soon return. It is then revealed at the end of Oathbringer, that Amaram has been in communication with Odium. I'm a little fuzzy on OB, but I thought it indicated Amaram had been in communication with Odium for a good bit. So was Amaram's goal ever really about bringing the Heralds back? Or did he really want Odium in power? Or did he just pivot and felt Vorinism could be stronger under Odium than it was before the Everstorm? Next question is in regards to important bridgeman, Natam. In particular, the scene of the first failed assassination attempt against Elhokar. The one where Moash used Grave's shardblade to cut the railing on the balcony. At the end of chapter 22, Kaladin is back at Bridge 4 barracks eating stew when Natam stumbles into the camp, flush from running from the palace, to alert Kaladin of the assassination attempt. Beginning of chapter 23, Kaladin is very tired after running from the camp to the palace. He is leaning on the door. He sees all the lighteyes are safe. He looks around at who else is there. Some embarrassed and confused Bridge 4 members. Among them, Natam and Moash. So question is, how did Natam get back to the palace so fast? I'm assuming Kaladin ran super fast using stormlight to enhance. Maybe Natam kept up and when Kaladin saw him he was really on the floor gasping for breath, cramps all over. Wanting to protect a fellow bridge 4 member, Kaladin kept that out of his thoughts so the readers wouldn't think little of him. Or maybe Natam is an Elsecaller! And transported there! Alas, he has Windrunner abilities. Since he can't be an Elsecaller, he must obviously then just be a dragon in disguise. Natam has a long face; dragons more than likely have long faces too. Everybody in the room knows Natam is a dragon, but don't say anything. They want the readers to be in suspense throughout WofR, and revealing they new about the allied dragon in their midst would deaden the sense of suspense throughout the book. Sorry for some of these bad theories. But my questions remain. All this writing and thinking has made me hungry. Where is first son with snack?
  10. This has been a very interesting thread that has really pointed me to some internal reflection. I of course enjoy Brandon's books and I haven't had the same frustrations as the OP due to me being me and him being him. Reading through what has been said, I can understand the points of readers wanting more representation. However, I trust Brandon will do what he feels best for his books. I also trust him to put his best effort into writing gay characters, which based on the wobs shared earlier in this post, he intends to do. I can understand him wanting to get it right, as there are people in real life that can relate and would want to be represented in a fair, accurate way. I remember a thread here after Oathbringer was released and somebody was super upset because Brandon didn't write Teft's drug addiction (another area Brandon doesn't have experience with) accurately enough. So with Brandon being unfamiliar with such a sensitive topic, I would trust him when he says he needs to take his time to make it real. Just my two cents.
  11. As a long time lurker, 22 time poster, I enjoy the anonymity of upvotes Edit: Corrected amount of posts I've made lol
  12. @Jofwu The google doc that comes up in the Oathbringer version above indicates that it is an old version. Is there a current or newer version of the timeline available?
  13. Thanks @RShara
  14. Are there any timelines for the whole Stormlight Archive somewhere that are up to date? I found a Words of Radiance timeline here on Coppermind (, but couldn't find one for tWoK or O. Are there any out there readily available?
  15. This is kind of my problem. I know that there are some interesting things in the Shallan viewpoints, but I just find myself craving the awesome action sequences that I feel I rush Shallan too much and miss details. Another reason perhaps, is that her family history and current situation is so sad I just don't want to go on that ride. But if I read all of her viewpoints consecutively like I guess I'm planning maybe it will be worse.