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  1. @HonorlessWhoops, thank you. That was very honorable! I'm pretty sure it is confirmed that Sadeas wasn't a radiant. If he was, i'm not sure I'd paint him as a willshaper though. The uncut gems were more to taunt Adolin because he was going on unauthorized chasmfiend hunts and flaunting the gems he gained.
  2. Here are my most terrifying characters: Scadrial: Has to be the Steel Inquisitors. Even on rereads they give me the willies. Raging Koloss get an honorable mention. Roshar: I'd be most terrified being tied up and facing The Hog. Or being in a chasm with a chasmfiend snooping around. If we only want real characters; has to be insane Szeth Other mentions go to Dilaf, Shades, and nightmaws. All of Patji sounds like the King Kong island. That movie gave me nightmares lol. Edit: Upon reviewing, it would seem I am most terrified of crazy things/people that can't/won't be reasoned with.
  3. I keep seeing people complain here that we are only comparing one magic system to another. I've always been under the impression that surgebinding is a combination of two magic systems (Honor + Cultivation) From the Coppermind:
  4. You also can't forget the scene where
  5. Wow, did you read the last 2.5 parts in like 4 hours? Geez, I need to start storing up some zinc for RofW I guess so I can read that fast too!
  6. I'm not sure this is explicitly saying that Jezrien is only 30. Kalak is saying that Jezrien looks young, like a man barely in his thirtieth year. It is quite possible he is in his forties but just looks younger.
  7. I've just seen the ones posted on 17th shard. Here: Below 'Bridge Four' it says 'Starring...' and then lists the names going clockwise from Kaladin. Also, Moash doesn't have a tattoo or scar on his forehead like the others.
  8. He's the one with the shardblade, right above Kaladin's left shoulder. The names at the bottom make it kind of clear.
  9. I just can't get over the little 'shimmy' dance move that Rock appears to be doing haha.
  10. I wonder why they didn't put Drehy in. I'd imagine him before Hobber and maybe Leyten.
  11. A couple of alternatives: A is for Adolin (if you want a hero over a villain) F is for Fabrial or Fused H is for Highstorm or Honor X - There is literally nothing that begins with x. Coppermind has 4 entries, all for offworld things. In this case you should do like a treasure map, such as: 'x marks the spot for Honor's perpendicularity'
  12. Shallan: Probably only Jasnah would have suspicions of her at this point. Given her history with Jasnah, trust may be tough to repair. Only way is to start being open. Wit: I'm not sure why Wit is even listed; I wasn't aware he was a part of the coalition. He has given some advice, but I didn't know he petitioned to be included. He has proven to be somewhat honest though by providing Jasnah with drawings of the Heralds which she verified. Szeth: I think by being a teacher and following his oaths he will gain trust. Also learning his history. People may not like what he did, but they have to understand the world has changed and they'll need every asset they can get. Renarin: Shallan here is the one that won't trust Renarin due to her relationship with Wit. Wit told Shallan to not trust anybody who can see the future. The rest of the coalition may not take this as seriously as Shallan because they like Renarin and he has never caused trouble. This will be a thorn in the Shadolin marriage.
  13. The shards are obviously in the hidden undersea caverns of Aimia.
  14. I am not convinced Rock feels he has a need to return with shards, especially with his religion and being a squire would enlighten him to the disrespectfulness of wielding the corpse of a dead spren. i like to think Rock will bond with the honor spren ‘Queen’. I forget what her name was, but she accepted Rock’s offering of stormlight. I think it’d be cool (given how there seems to be something special about him) that he bonds with another spren too, maybe a willshaper. I know there is a theory he may be a bondsmith candidate as well, this is just an alternative I just came up with.
  15. This is an April Fools joke.