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  1. On that topic, on Roshar Brandon has said there are 30 different magic things (terribly specific term, I know): 10 Surges, 10 Essences (for soul casting) and 10 of something to do with fabrials (Brandon was quite vague on the point as far as I am aware). For the purposes of that, Roshar only has two shards interacting, Honor and Cultivation, as Odium didn't affect the magic system there as far as I am aware.
  2. Having the meaning be "and you, Brutus" works fine in that context because Caesar has been betrayed by a bunch of people he liked, so it could be him thinking "Cinna, Casca, Cassius, Metellus Cimber.... and you, Brutus?". Also, I do realise I just listed all of the C conspirators.
  3. Thank you both, the SotS 2015 also forestalled my other question of an Elantris / Emperor's Soul sequel
  4. *"Et tu". Caesar wasn't saying "Away you, Brutus!" or "Out of you, Brutus!", but "And you, Brutus?" Also isn't this theory somewhat similar to this one I made a couple weeks ago (read: a week and a half ago), but slightly less credible (yes, I know, I'm surprised too) because in SH Leras said that Hoid refused to join their little conspiracy to go kill Adonalsium.
  5. I love the characters of Warbreaker a lot more than I like the ones in Mistborn, and I read every Mistborn book I can, so yeah, I really want to have another book with Warbreaker the Peaceful teaming up with his jovial sword of death. Also, with the return of Vasher on Roshar it would be good to work out what happened to Vivenna and how on Earth Vasher hasn't died yet. Or how he got separated from Nightblood. Or how.... wait, at this point I think I've made the point clear that I really want some of the untied ends (not loose ends because they were tied up until WoR) to be sorted out, like how after Bands of Mourning we got Mistborn Secret History to deal with some of the stuff that cropped up with that.
  6. poll

    Thunderclast. Although Kelsier and Vin are both super awesome and everything, thunderclasts are made of stone, and AFAIK pretty much all of the Metals are more useful for fighting a human target than a stone one. So unless Kelsier or Vin got a Nahel bond it probably wouldn't do well for them, as they would eventually run out of metals fighting the giant stone monster. To quote the coppermind's quote of Dalinar:
  7. Well if you have read <recent book here> you know how that turns out
  8. 1-upmanship time: Adonalsium was able to be killed by the weapon the 16 used - Hoid - in spite of the fact Hoid says in one of Shallan's flashbacks that he is (paraphrasing, can't find the exact quote) terrible at hurting people, and that he blames his upbringing for it, because Adonalsium was just Bela (thanks for that one, forgotten 17th sharder), the horse from WoT. This bit of uber headcanon includes another of my crackpot, little-to-no-proof theories, that Hoid is the weapon that killed Adonalsium.
  9. Quick! We need some more crazy god theories from stuff Brandon has done: 2 is not enough!
  10. Honestly there isn't much evidence, just some idle thoughts and the beginnings of proper evidence I scrounged up with a very small amount of digging. Most of this, as (I hope) I mentioned earlier, was intended to just stir up the fire that represents the most vocal users, and see what comes out.
  11. The reason IMO that it does work is because - and this ties in to King's Twit's point about Hoid being made specifically to kill Adonalsium - if you think back to the Wheel of Time, with the 3 male and 3 female gholam: basically they were magic-impervious living weapons made to look like humans. And while Brandon did specifically say that he was originally human, so don't take this as perfectly literal, it makes sense to me that Hoid might have been the Brutus of the bunch: made the frontman due to being close to the target, then padded up and made to be good for killing him. But I probably shouldn't talk about Brutus as I'd be getting into speculation of an entirely different kind about a different author in a different century. AAH! Finally! The fact I forgot about Identity has been bugging me to hell. Thank you.
  12. Foreword: I, evidently, have the worst memory ever because half of the terms used I use because I have forgotten the actual word Sanderson uses. "Attuned", etc. is one such term. <- not anymore it isn't. So, one of the (admittedly few) WoB I know of states that the weapon used to kill Adonalsium and make the 16 shards does not exist as it once did, or something to that effect. My proposition, although it may have already been disproved in a different WoB or another source, is that Hoid is the weapon. A theory I saw recently suggested that Adonalsium was not a great being to kill in terms of difficulty, because he, like Preservation in Mistborn, added parts of himself to everything, severely weakening himself in the process. From BoM we know that Feruchemical stores attune to one's soul have an Identity specific to the Feruchemist, but also that they can be specially made (IIRC only by full Feruchemists) to not be attuned to anyone. This makes such items, like the titular Bands of Mourning, valuable weapons and artefacts, because anyone, Feruchemist or otherwise, can use them. The way I think Hoid could be the weapon used to kill Adonalsium is if he has nothing in his soul, like one of the Bands, which makes him attuned to a specific thing. Therefore, in theory, Adonalsium might not be able to have any control over his actions and so Hoid, or whatever he was before killing him, could do what he likes. This would explain why Hoid did not gain a Shard while the others did (possibly). It had nothing to bind to him with, because he is like a blank sheet of paper. Endnote: before anyone questions a detail I might end up contradicting, I mostly posted this to see what the community would come up with, and it seemed more appropriate to add some reasoning instead of having a 2 line post quoting the WoB then saying "'Oi d'ya think it's Hoid?". That said I hope I don't contradict myself as it wouldn't exactly add any credibility to the theory. EDIT 2(?): I have no clue how this affects it, but in WoK I stumbled upon this most interesting of quotes regarding Hoid's beginning which I hadn't considered: when he speaks to Kaladin on the Shattered plains (or rather, plays to Kaladin for a large portion of the meeting) he says that he "began life as a thought, a concept, words on a page. That was another thing I stole [at this point he is talking about the fact he is a thief]. Myself."
  13. That is a very interesting idea, and could explain how all of the characters that see her pictures of them act unnaturally, or at least unexpectedly - using the examples of her first two that we see, Yalb and Jasnah, Jasnah is convinced to do something she says she wouldn't do before, and Yalb is incredibly happy. I can't quite remember Gaz, although IIRC she draws him in a positive light and he actually starts acting like it, as opposed to the Gaz that Kaladin originally sees: a sergeant with no hopes for promotion, who doesn't take lightly to insults, etc. EDIT: just read Kabsal's section, and although Shallan says that her hands were shaking as she drew him, he still looks at it as if he's just seen the most beautiful thing ever.
  14. So I'm doing a reread of the Way of Kings, this time with a bit more foreknowledge of the Cosmere -- firstly to see what else I notice, but also because it is a great series. The sample I referenced in the title is thus: ""Three of sixteen ruled, but now the Broken One reigns." -Collected: Chachanan, 1173, 84 seconds pre-death. Subject: a cutpurse with the wasting sickness, of partial Iriali descent." With many of them I kind of understand what it means, but with this I just can't be certain. My current thoughts are that it refers to the 3 Shards within Roshar's system: Cultivation, Honour, and Odium, and how Cultivation isn't really doing anything now, Honour is dead and so Odium -- "the Broken One" -- can do whatever he wants. So, have any WoB suggested that this is significant, and have I understood it (so far as we know) correctly?
  15. So, I recently (read: 5 minutes ago) discovered this website and promptly jumped in the deep end. I have no regrets, just one question: what is RAFO and why does it appear everywhere in Sanderson interviews?