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  1. Hey folks, So I was a hardcore "I only read a real book" fellow, but after looking at an ebook and realizing it is easy to add highlights, notes, and that really cool X-Ray thing on Kindle app, I've decided to crossover to the dark side. Ahem. Anywho, a feature I was hoping for was to be able to share my notes/highlights, as I have family members I forced to read the Cosmere but maybe don't follow things as well as I do. I've been looking into it, and I can see where there used to be a site where you could follow people, but that's gone. I see where you can sync your notes to Good Reads, which is is "ok" but you'd have to look that up. Does anyone know if a way to share notes/highlights and they can actually see it on the ebook while they read? Thanks.
  2. ...put the book down for a moment when Moash killed Teft's spren, and realize at this point either Teft is going to die, or, Teft is going to have to live after seeing his spren murdered, and not knowing which outcome you preferred? :/ Cause I did, and I still don't know which is better, honestly.
  3. That was basically my question I was wondering if some outside source was effecting the state the investiture took. Like I didn't think Odium's magic would "always" be light and they just all happened to be attracted to eachother, so I was curious to what might be determining that. Maybe that made sense, I haven't had enough caffeine yet.
  4. The worst part about Dalinar's choice is that he tells Odium his choice. This gives Odium 10 days to choose a Champion specific to defeating Dalinar. For a supposedly top general, he should know better than to flat out give the enemy his plans and give him 10 days to figure out a way to defeat them. Ugh, Dalinar.
  5. Yeah but I guess my point was, what's the chance of the different magic systems that have the same "natural path" ending up on the same planet together.
  6. Yeah that kind of answers it...not so much of a "why"'s a natural pathway, I'll go with that
  7. So, maybe someone has the answer to this but it popped into my head last night. What determines the form of the investiture? Like, in Mistborn you have 3 powers, and they all rely on metal (I know the metal itself is not investiture, but you follow me). In Stormlight, again, it's all Light based, though it's coming from different shards. We didn't really get to experience Dominion and Devotion, so hard to say there. Anyway I don't really believe in coincidence and I don't think Brandon would be that sloppy of a writer, I just find it odd that maybe one of them wasn't light and one was metal, or something else. Do I make sense, or is this just not a big deal?
  8. just a little more sad now. Goodbye Teft
  9. So I just finished this tonight, and my brain is still a big mash of pudding. Here is all I can think of : 1) I love Maya. Syl might have some competition cause Maya has soooooul. I think Adolin was going to bring her back this book, but hey, I can wait for the good things. 2) I was thinking/hoping that Sanderson gave Moash a redemption arc. Not anymore. I want him to burn. I want an entire extra book of Moash screaming in pain and agony and that's all it is. The interludes are him crying and pissing himself. I haaaate him. 3) Kelsier being a potential antagonist has me sad. I actually really love Kelsier and I don't want to see him as a bad guy. 4) I was routing for Rlain as a bondsmith, not too excited about Navani, but eh, it'll do. 5) Man Taravangian as Odium, 300% did not see that coming anywhere. Well played Sanderson, well played. 6) Harmony talking to Hoid is epigraphs is always a delight. 7) Shallan is not a favorite of mine, but, I enjoyed her arc at the end, it was quite lovely, onion cutting ninjas got me once again. 8) Is Wit doing a Doctor Strange at the end? 9) I was surprised at the lack of Rysn, I thought Dawnshard was getting her set up for something but we just saw her the once. Perhaps next book. 10) I'm glad Navani might change her approach to fabrials, the whole trapping spren in a gem made me uncomfy for a while now, it didn't seem right to me. 11) Cultivation has me worried now, I don't know what her game is :/ 12) Dalinar choosing himself as Champion seems stupid. I mean, 10 days and he has said numerous numerous times he doesn't know what he's doing. I'm sure I have more, about the Singers and Fused, about Kelek and Ishar and other things in general but right now I just feel....muddled. Overall I enjoyed the book. I thought it was a just "alright" at first but all the Cosmere implications really cranked it up a notch. I love Stormlight for what it is but the Cosmere connections get me going, and I feel like he was both generous AND obvious with them this book, which makes me want to reread because I know he has some sneaky things in there now. Anyway need to go put my brain back together.
  10. It was fun being in the Discord with you all last night, even if half the room had heart attacks at the end.
  11. Happy Birthday

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      Paladin Brewer

      Oh that was unexpected, thanks :)

  12. As I understand it, the Dawnshard is literally investiture, and she is holding a lot of it now. That's why she has reached several heightenings, because she is currently very invested, and is holding more investiture now than any Radiant has held.
  13. Hey fellas, Long time member but I never really post. I usually relied on the FB groups for my info but alas, I am no longer on facebook and I need to spend more time here, it seems So, my first question do we know Hoid is/was/has a Dawnshard? I must have missed that completely. My overall reaction was the same as most of you. I did think the prose was more basic than standard Sanderson, but it's also been a while since I've read....silly video games. With that said, Rysn is one of my favorites so I was happy to see more of her. I was personally expecting her to be able to walk after taking on this Dawnshard, but perhaps they don't work that way, or, she doesn't know how to use it. Or perhaps that would just undermine her character, I'm not sure. Perhaps that's too cliche for Sanderson. Though given that she seems to be getting heightenings I don't think it would be out of the ordinary to now have her legs back (I mean, Lopen regrew an arm just becoming a Radiant). Overall I enjoyed it, but as always Brandon just gives me more questions than he answers. I'm glad they're finally figuring out Aluminum, that's going to change a lot about shardblades overall. I am also looking forward to Hoid seeing Rysn and seeing if he notices anything, as well.
  14. Questions I asked. We know that Hoid was offered a shard and turned it down. Was he offered a specific shard? -Yes, he was. Would he have been the 17th person or did someone take his place? -Someone took his place. Rayse? -RAFO In Secret History, outside of Fadrex city, Kelsier was in the cognitive still and Hoid was back in the physical. Kelsier touched Hoid and got hurt, how did this happen? Was it intentional? -RAFO Previously you were asked if Hoid could have been using the Lerasium to alloy with other metals to change his spirit web, and you answered it was technically possible. Does that mean you’re finally admitting that Hoid did not digest the bead? -It does not mean I am admitting that. If a person had the powers of Mistborn and other powers, say Surges...could they use Duralumin to get a burst in their Surge? -Yes this is possible.