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  1. Really small nitpick, could you guys please stop casually dropping Wheel of Time spoilers? I'm half way through the series and have to scramble to fast forward every time.
  2. It's funny you posted this. I tried to ask him if he had a plan to avoid this fate today at his Ad Astra appearance, but he didn't call on me. I decided to ask him something else at the signing.
  3. Also, I haven't seen it mentioned, he did a reading from an from Oathbringer Interlude.
  4. I just left. I was the metal head in the second row. That was a lot of fun, it was my first con/signing. When he signed my books I asked in SoS I look forward to doing that again and getting him to sign the rest of my books, which are in storage awaiting a pending move.
  5. You're probably right, but I like how Brandon often hides his clues in plain sight and behind characters assumptions and diverting explanations. He did this to me.
  6. I'm rereading Bands of Mourning and in chapter 5 I came across this passage. Wax and Steris are on the train to New Seran. Steris is reading a book and Wax tried to get her attention. This immediately reminded me of Sazed and Tindwyl studying their copperminds in Well of Ascension. They would zone out while they did. I know people can get engrossed in a book. But wait, there's more! When Wax managed to get her attention, she seemed to be in a fog. He asked her a question: My thinking is he asked her a question and she accessed a coppermind for the answer. I know it's popular to speculate that Steris is this or that misting/ferring. I also know Brandon has said she's on the Autism/Aspergers spectrum. But these quotes struck me as odd. I searched through Alloy and Shadows and couldn't find any similar examples of Steris either tapping a coppermind, or wearing visible copper. But let's be honest, she would never show it. Also, she was captured by the Vanishers, and not killed for her investiture. So, it's admittedly a flimsy theory. But I found it interesting. tl;dr Steris is an Archivist (copper ferring). It would certainly compliment her spectrum disorder. It could help explain her amazing ability to make lists.
  7. That's from Dalinar's vision from the Purelake. The creature on the cover seems to be bigger.
  8. I initially thought thunderclast, but I always imagined them being more animal like. And if it is, OMG MUCH bigger than I ever imagined. I love the floating stairs under Jasnah's feet. It'll be interesting to see how that works. Plus, it'll be nice to finally officially meet Ivory. I'm so hyped.
  9. Sorry if this has been posted before. Nightblood was given sentience by having steel invested with 1000 Breaths. Kandra are given sentience with two hemalurgic spikes. In Shadows of Self Paalm was able to maintain her sentience with only one spike, or a spike of an unknown substance. I'm doing a reread of Shadows and don't remember exactly how Paalm was doing it. Do you think Brandon has a chart for conversion of different forms of Investiture? It sounds like hemalurgy is able to steal vast amounts of it, if 1000 Breaths doesn't seem equal to 2 spikes. Does the new metal unknown to Harmony hold more Investiture than the other known metals?
  10. Perhaps he's splintered part of his shards to create more Harmonium, or a higher yielding Shardpool?
  11. Do you need a lozenge? It would be a shame if you didn't survive.
  12. Good call. I wonder why the Southerners have so much of the metal then.
  13. I was just reading about Ettmetal on the wiki and had this thought. Is it safe to assume that since the Southern Scadrians seem to have a lot of the stuff, that Harmony's Shardpool is on the Southern continent? I will say I've only read SoS and BoM once each, and both a year ago. So my understanding of those stories is a little fuzzy. Not to mention I felt bewildered by the mysteries of the Bands, Trell, and Ettmetal while I read them.
  14. @Fedcomic it's actually a Washington Post graphic from 2014.
  15. On my reread tonight my question about this was, who is the sleepless watching Kaladin, Shallan and Dalinar?