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  1. The official website for Bryce Carmony isĀ

  2. Just added some Questions on Alantris since i just finished it, great read and I made sure to go spoiler free on the quiz
  3. He does neutral things for arbitrary law reasons.
  4. He's trying to stop the desecration but now it's happened so we'll see what happens
  5. Easiest way is to click "report question" after answering. It'll let you type a brief description of the error
  6. At I have Written 337 Questions about Brandon Sanderson's writing. covering Mistborn, Stormlight Archive, and Warbreaker. I have just Finished Elantris so I'll be writing questions on that as well. So the topic for "The Cosmere" is looking pretty great (although anyone can add more questions if they want) but I haven't read any of the Reckoners, Rithmatist, or the Alcatraz books. So if anyone would like to write questions it is super easy. After logging in just click on "Add Question" and the form is there. You write a question, 1 right answer and 3 wrong answers, and then put in what Categories you want the question to be in. The cool thing about EloEverything is that unlike other trivia games where questions are limited to one topic you can have a question be in as many topics as you want! after putting in all the catagories hit "Add Question" and the text will clear but the catagories will stay (so you don't have to retype them every time) So why do this? Well! because making the funnest Brandon Sanderson trivia is a dream of mine. And it is a lot of fun. One fun thing about the site is you can see the distribution curve on the rankings page that shows the distribution of both the questions and the players So if you want to add questions and help make the ultimate Sanderson Quiz feel free or if you just want to test your knowledge log in and check it out! PS When writing questions minor spoilers are inevitable but try and focus on interesting plot details rather than big reveals.
  7. yeah I've added all 1,900 questions so when I'm grunting through a million I made a lot of spellign errors and stuff. I'll watch for the flagged questions
  8. That's a product of the way the programming retrieves questions it goes down the lIst as they were added as long as they're within your Elo. Because the system is new all the elos haven't reached equilibrium. But I'm working on improving the variety
  9. A copper mind admin deleted the picture, likely is an agent of ruin and trying to suppress the knowledge from getting out.
  10. Ergo the question
  11. good point
  12. Ayn Rand wrote in English despite being born in Russia and I think she's a great writer (don't throw rocks at me) so I think that using your native language to inform your writing might be an asset not a liability. I wish you all the best.
  13. I think the more likely event is that Adoline will be found out and Dalinar will have to risk his Honor spren because I'm sure he'll say something like "we will bring the killer to justice" or something like that. I think Adoline is in more trouble than Kaladin
  14. Where would the blue line go for the ring?