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  1. The rule Wit used is having two (or more) words with the same starting letter, retaining the starting letter, and then combining their end letter to make a new word. Here's all of them (I believe) in Ch.99 Wit will wilt let less be lost hell and hate must halt killed can confound soulless star slumbers rat rends rust seasons see stories somehow stress said symphonion sounds inappropriately involved. Indeedy. “You are poised, you are smart, and you are always ready with a ploy; but when each of those things fails you, Jasnah, you are—above all else—paranoid.” I can imagine it would be ridiculously hard to translate this on the foreign language version of RoW.
  2. Are singers actually weaker than human in the past? Before BAM was captured, I assume singers can always kept their rhythms and forms (at least non-powered ones) between Desolations. Which means they have warform, nimbleform and many other form, there will not be that much disadvantage unless they are significantly out-numbered. I don't think human is capable to complete wipe them out, and obviously some orders of Radiants will not agree on genocide.
  3. Here are the official translations of Shards in traditional Chinese, published in Taiwan. Devotion (English) | 奉獻 (fèng xiàn) Giving away your possession for belief/ religion/ greater good. Dominion (English) | 統治 (tǒng zhì) Ruling and fully control (usually nation or people). Peservation (English) | 存留 (cún liú) Keeping something, something lasting for a long time. Ruin (English) | 滅絕 (miè jué) More like extinction actually. Odium (English) | 憎惡 (zēng è) Hating, loathing. Cultivation (English) | 培養 (péi yǎng) Can be use for actual stuff like plants, or use figuratively, like a hobby. Honor (English) | 榮譽 (róng yù) Honorable reputation. Endowment (English) | 捐助 (juān zhù) Donate and help, nothing about being gifted though. Autonomy (English) | 自主 (zì zhǔ) Pretty accurate. Ambition (English) | 野心 (yě xīn) Ambition but in slightly negative way, commonly for seeking power. Harmony (English) | 和諧 (hé xié) Accurate. Guessing for following Shards because RoW has not been published yet. Invention (English) | 發明 (fā míng) Should be the only way to translate. Mercy (English) | 寬容 (kuān róng) Forgiving or cutting someone slacks. or 憐憫 (lián mǐn) Pity someone Valor (English) | 英勇 (yīng yǒng) Heroic and bravery Whimsy (English) | 怪奇 (guài qí) Weird and quirky Radiant names are also accurate and sounds very cool in the Taiwanese version of SA, the translator did a great job there. They all have "師 (shī)" at the end, meaning "the professionals of something" or "the master of something" Windrunner 逐風師 Master of chasing wind Skybreaker 破空師 Master of breaking sky Dustbringer 招塵師 Master of waving-in/bringing dust Edgedancer 緣舞師 Master of edge dancing Truthwatcher 真觀師 Master of truth observing Lightweaver 織光師 Master of weaving light Elsecaller 異召師 Master of different/strange summoning/calling Willshaper 塑志師 Master of shaping/forming will Stoneward 岩衛師 Master of stone/rock guarding Bondsmith 盟鑄師 Master of bond/ally forging
  4. I really like Eshonai and Venli humming together after taking care of their hurt mother. That was the last true connection between them, and at the end Venli was ready to tell everything to Eshonai but the opportunity was missed. It just somehow hit me very hard. Also, I think the flashback was lacked a center mystery, which makes previous ones more interesting. In tWOK, how did Kaladin became a slave? In WoR, why did Shallan kill her father? In OB, what happen to Dalinar's wife? There is no crucial question for the listener sisters, it just shows their part away and some aftermath. Luckly I think we have a reall good mystery for book five. (What happened to Szeth and his family and make him Truthless)
  5. Husk Ones for Transportation Altered Ones for Transformation Flowed Ones for Abrasion Magnificent Ones (?) for Progression (The rapid-growth type Jasnah fought on the battlefield) I don't think we have seen the ones with Division and Tension yet.
  6. And the climate of the basin is perfect. Giving birth during Highstorm is definitely not good for infant mortality.
  7. Hello, sharders! First of all, I'm not a native English speaker. If I made any grammar mistake, I'm truly sorry and please correct me. We know that each order of KR is bond with a specific type spren. We've seen some of them, but most of them are still unknown. I am going to make some wild guess about what sprens they might be. If there's a similar thread before, I'm sorry about the repost. Another popular theory is the shardplate is made from the main spren's "cousin", which are more common sprens but less sentiment than the main spren, so I'll also give it a try. Windrunner Main spren: We know it's honor spren, but I'm still curious about the relation between protection and the two surges of Windrunner. Side spren: Windspren. Honorspren and windspren are so similar. My guess is that Tanavast is fond by wind, so his intent(honor) is correlated to wind on Roshar. And its color is light blue, just like the color of Windrunner. Skybreaker Main spren: Highspren. They have the same problem as Windrunner. What's the relationship between law and gravitation/division? Side spren: No information. My guess is rainspren. This mostly base on Kaladin doesn't like rainspren, and Windrunner and Skybreaker don't like each other. And wind v.s rain sounds poetic. And it fits the color (blue-purple-ish). Dustbringer Main spren: No idea. Bravespren maybe? or darespren. Dustbringers seem quite badass. Side spren: My bet is on firespren. Though I've seen someone suggest rotspren, that make sense, too. But hundreds of rotspren crawl on you and become a armor? Sounds awful. Both of the spren are red-orange color, so it fit quite well. Edgedancer Mainspren: We've seen Windle, but we don't konw what type of spren he is. There's confirmation it's something like cultivatespren. My guess is carespren. It draws by people who care about others, and Windle is a gardener which fits the topic. Side spren: No good thought. Lifespren? I think it fit Truthwatcher more. Truthwatcher Main spren: We know Glys. And Ym's spren probably is this type, since Ym can regrowth and his spren doesn't look like Windle. Observationspren? It would fit the theme of Truthwatcher. Besides, Renarin and Ym are not the action type, observe sounds like what they do a lot. Side spren: I think it's lifespren. It's glowing little thing, just like Ym's spren. And it's green! That fits Truthwatcher. Lightweaver Main spren: Cryptics. They fit Lightweaver so well. Side spren: Creationspren. An interesting thing is that Pattern doesn't like creationspren, but Syl love to play with windspren. Maybe Cryptics consider their cousin too stupid. The color doesn't fit, though. But color should not be a problem to Lightweavers, right? Elsecaller Main spren: We know Ivory is one of them, but not a clue about what they might be. My thought is challengespren. It draws by extrodinary person who wants to accomplish big things, like Jasnah. At the begin of WoR, Ivory pull Jasnah into Shademar and draw his sword toward her. I think he is challenging her to see if she is qualified to bond with him. I feel the ideal of Elsecaller might be something like " I'll accomplish things that no one else can" Side spren: Logicspren, maybe? Big things needs solid argument. And thundercloud fit the dark blue/grey color of Elsecaller. Willshaper: Main spren: Not much information.Judging by Eshonai's hobby, I would say discoverspren or freespren. These two are fit to the Willshaper's "free-style" theme. After Eshonai transformed to stormform, she saw a little comet-like spren around her, could it be the bonding spren? Side spren: I'll guess starspren. It has the astronamical theme with the comet-like spren. And they seem so free. We don't know the color of starspren, so nothing here. Stoneward Main spren: We don't know much about Stoneward, but endurancespren sounds quite fit. Side spren: I'm pretty sure if there is a side spren for each order. It would be painspren for stoneward. It fit the theme so well. The orange-brown color fit as well. Plus, It seems that there's no such thing as stonespren. Bondsmith Main spren:There are too many theories about the Bondsmith's spren. So I'll just call it godspren. Side spren: Gloryspren. Because Bondsmith is awesome. And its color is gold. So that's it! I'm pretty sure that most if them will be soooo wrong, but making wild guess is fun! What do you guys think? Is there any good choice I might miss here?
  8. You get a dice which will always get the number as you wish. Your right big toe will itch as hell every time you want to sleep. I think most of people in this thread misunderstood how Nightwatcher's deal worked. It's not a djinni who want to sabotage your wish by finding loophole from your words. Instead, you make your wish, Nightwatcher give you what it thought is appropriate, and give you a curse,which might not be related to your wish. I wish I can be a writer as good and as popular as Brandon Sanderson.
  9. b4dave Thanks a lot! (hands out a stormlight infused cookie)
  10. Hello, I'm a new member of the forum, nice to meet you all! Anyway, I remembered sometime last year, Mr.Sanderson posted a short story of what happened to Jasnah. She barely escapes to Shadesmar and couldn't use the junction to get back. But I can't find the post ever since...Tell me it's not all my imagination. Maybe a link, please? If someone already post it, I'm so sorry that I didn't find the thread.
  11. I'm more interesting about wayne's "nickname". We have "Hundredlive" Miles, "Dawnshot" Waxillium, how about Wayne? Maybe "I don't know what's in that guy's mind" Wayne?
  12. Granted. You can only sense cabbage for your life time. (You become blind except you can see cabbages. You are deaf except the sound made by cabbages, You can't smell any scent except cabbage, etc..) I wish there's a dragon that would be my BFF.