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  1. How would you feel about having winners remain in the game for one cycle?
  2. So, here are my comments on the game. -Elbereth was pretty scary in this game. She made a ton of PMs (just look at the PM Index), and managed to figure out what almost every player was doing each Night. Look on the fourth page of the dead doc for the link to her notes. -I did not expect to see so many Kandra, and I was very surprised that people were willing to trust each other enough to go for the Kandra victory. -I'm pretty sure that this is the second shortest game in terms of thread length, with the shortest being QF1. -Beggars were surprisingly underutilized, and were only used twice over the course of the game. It was nice to not have to write all that stuff out too much though. For Future GMs: -As Elbereth noted in the dead doc, this game probably would have been better as a MR. Most of the rules are better in that format anyways, and it makes the game run at a better pace. -It'd be interesting to have an activity filter in the future. There weren't really any super inactive people in this game, but it'd be nice to have more discussion in the thread. -Some kind of nerf to Kandra would probably be a good idea. No one used any other Atium actions. -Obligators need to be buffed. No one used them, and they're useless if people aren't voting.
  3. Dera Renault climbed onto the stone, and smiled as her Kandra drove a dagger through her heart. Finally, there would be peace. Elkanah has won! StrikerEZ has won! Wonko the Sane has won! Documents of Note: -The Watchers in the Mist -House Elariel -House Hasting -House Tekiel -House Venture Bookkeeping: -PM Index -Master Spreadsheet GM Notes: -Congratulations to our seven winners! -I'll write up a larger post in a bit with my thoughts about the game. -Due to the prevalence of PMs in this game, you might want to explain what you were doing, so the spectators can figure out what was happening. Player List:
  4. The Night is over, aftermath will be up soon.
  5. *Nothing happens* No one died! The Night will end on December 21st at 8:00 PM EST. GM Notes: -Take note that this turn is half the normal length. Player List:
  6. [Writeup to come later.] Coda was killed by House Venture! Elandera was killed by House Hasting! Manukos has become the leader of their house and has left the game! The Day will end on December 21st at 8:00 PM EST. Player List:
  7. The people of Luthadel sat around and waited for something to happen. No one died! The Night will end on December 20th at 8:00 PM EST. GM Notes: -Get your actions in. Player List:
  8. The night was silent, and none dared speak. Mundric Petasum suddenly died, but his body made no sound when it fell. Abstrusity was killed by House Venture! The day will end on December 18th at 8:00 PM EST. GM Notes: -If you use Kandra on someone, and they don't die, your Atium is gone. Player List: