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  1. The elim team was Swan (Devotary), Ostrich (Joe), Crocodile (Quinn), Rhinoceros (Ash), Octopus (Mist), and Gecko (Lotus).
  2. If everyone else passes then I can take the MR.
  3. You can always delay the second one, particularly since you might want to run it once it's out of the RoW spoiler period (which ends on August 17).
  4. I think you're fine to post the next LG whenever (if you have your two approvals). I believe people can usually post the next LG signups when the current LG is on C6.
  5. Okay, here are my thoughts: I would really recommend against this, since it allows people to abuse ties: Village vs Village: Villager dies, other villager is cleared. Elim vs Village: Elim dies. Elim vs Elim: Elim dies. So, at worst you get a clear (this clear would also be on a suspicious player, which helps) and at best an elim dies. This makes the vote much much more powerful. Also, what would happen if there was a tie with 3+ people? So, under what conditions does the Hemalurgist win? Do they have to get an Allomantic and Feruchemical power and make sure there are less than four people? Do they only have to complete one of those objectives? If the Hemalurgist wins, does everyone else lose? Can the Hemalurgist gain any ability from spikes, or only Allomantic/Feruchemical abilities? If someone uses one of these actions and is roleblocked, what happens? Does the Copper user have to target the Bronze user? Can the Copper user use this ability as much as they want? Is Elimination here referring to the elim kill or kills in general? So people can have multiple roles? This seems a bit unfair since it depends so much on people's timezone. This is overly strong IMO. Being able to tell the entire village the alignments of a Villager and Elim is really strong. Could you explain how exactly this would work? This seems really really strong, particularly when compared to the other roles in the game. Overall, I'm also worried about the number of roles in play given that it's only a QF. I feel like it might be best if you made this a LG and/or removed some roles.
  6. I cannot change my mind because the elims can make me lose if I do not side with them.
  7. I wasn't hoping to influence the vote. I just wanted to prove that I did have a Dione vote manip. The elim win condition is to reach a point where they can no longer be stopped. Assuming I loyally support the elims (which I will, since they can kill me), I am functionally on their side. Therefore, I count just as much towards their win condition. Hmm, I'm not sure how well that holds up. Let's say there are five villagers and two village vote manipulators. If they kill me: 40%: +2 60%: +0 If they kill a villager: 40%: +2 60%: +1 The issue with accounting for village vote manipulators is that it also increases the value of just killing a villager.
  8. @elims bad move tbh. Instead of removing the village Dione, you essentially decided to shoot your own Dione. Don’t try it again. I removed the Striker vote btw.
  9. Dannex (4): Quinn0928, StrikerEZ, Somebody from Sel, Liranil Somebody from Sel (1): TJ Shade Liranil (1): Dannex
  10. I don't believe it would require a pass, since it is a Sanderson work. Are you requesting a spot on the QF list? I can't tell from this. Hmm, I'd say this is a bit too strongly in favor of the village. The elected kill is going to be solidly village controlled, since it's voted on by all players and elected player still has to make a reasonable kill (an elected elim can't just kill a top village player without drawing suspicion). The fact that it provides protection as well makes it even better. This means that the village has a bit too much KP. I'm not sure what you should do to fix it, but it's definitely village-sided. EDIT: Wait, is the election every cycle? I read it as that but I'm not sure. EDIT2: Okay, if I'm understanding correctly now, it's one election and one kill. In that case I'd say it's fine.
  11. I'm assuming three elims because the village has pretty much lost if there are four, so there's little point discussing that. Also, it's not like this is a new thing. Literally my first post on cycle one was commenting that I think there's three elims: