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  1. 1. No idea how I found it, I think I was just looking up something about the Cosmere. I ended up actually joining so I could play Sanderson Elimination. 2. I've certainly had a lot of fun playing SE. Also, it's weird to think that I've been around here for over 4.5 years.
  2. TBH I was pretty terrified when I heard about that Matson swarm. It’s a good idea if the alliance is loyal. Thanks for running the game, Sart!
  3. You might be better off @mentioning Devotary or wilson, since Fifth and Elbereth haven’t been on the shard in a bit.
  4. I was bored, so I wrote down some of my thoughts on GMing here. Note: much of this advice is also in @Elbereth's Practical Guide to GMing, which is an excellent read. Stages of GMing: Determining game basics Creating the game Getting feedback on the game Submitting the game Preparing for the game Running the game These stages can switch around and mingle and loop around, but that tends to be the general order in my experience. Stage #1: Determining Basics Stage #2: Creating Stage #3: Getting Feedback Stage #4: Submitting Stage #5: Preparing Stage #6: Running the Game Extra: Reruns Anyone else have thoughts on this stuff?
  5. Long Game 70 is currently in signups, so you can join that if you're interested in a more complex game. Quick Fix 47 has two more days left at most, so signups for the next mid-range game should be in signups soon as well if you're interested in something simpler.
  6. Wait, so does the Osborn defense allow others to communicate back? So if I take Osborn and make a PM with five other players, they can all talk as long as I'm alive?
  7. @Sart are ciphers allowed?
  8. I'd been thinking about a LG15 rerun, and talked with @little wilson about it a bit, so here's my revised version. Let me know if you have any thoughts. Basics Factions Roles All credit for the original game idea goes to @Wyrmhero. Changes from LG15 Voidbringers now have a limit of one kill blocked. Voidbringer blocks are now announced in the writeup. Mistborn now have a limit of one kill. Kandra can no longer discover alignment. Hemalurgists now have an anonymous Google Doc. Hemalurgists can have one other role. Removed the Forger role. The Hemalurgic Intelligence is no longer publicly known, and is distributed normally. The Hemalurgic Intelligence now starts as an Traitor without access to the Google Doc, is no longer immune to Feruchemists, cannot be roleblocked, keeps their role scan for the entire game, and loses their protection when they join the Traitor Google Doc. The Hemalurgic Intelligence now has something special that happens when they die. There is now no vote minimum. Ties are now random. There is now an inactivity filter. Future Changes Mistborn could possibly have more vials. The Hemalurgic Intelligence dying could just cause the Traitors to win. The Hemalurgic Intelligence should maybe have access to the Hemalurgist doc. Anyone have thoughts on these rules / the changes from LG15 / more possible changes?
  9. Personally, I assumed that that meant it could kill players protected with a Line of Forbiddance or players with an extra life from the Taylor defense.
  10. I'll join as Straw,
  11. Do tables generally not work on mobile, or do you just have to be careful about it?
  12. If you need HTML, you can always put it through an HTML previewer (like this one) and then copy the result. Sometimes you can just directly copy it but other times you have to use inspect element to insert it. For example, here's a HTML table (code): Name Reputation Chaos Splintered Shard Necessary Eagle Ghostblood Straw Worldbringer
  13. Aftermaths are typically merged when the mods finally write the closing post. I believe everything up until the last AG has a closing post.
  14. Special thanks to the following: All the active players, for helping this game keep going. The spectators and dead players for posting interesting stuff in the dead doc. The eliminators, for successfully winning the game. Gears, for almost killing an elim. It was very fun and dramatic to watch him switch around. Vapor, for scanning the village Lurcher (who was shot by Gears that turn). Sorana, for having a good performance as a new player. Devotary, for checking over the distribution and being the IM. Elbereth, for checking over the distribution and being amused by distribution #5. Gears, for writing his own death. Gamma Fiend, for originally making this game (we miss you Gamma! ). Now, on to the GM thoughts. Setup I do like this set of rules due to their low power, but I do think that they have the disadvantage of having too few roles that actually do things. Only 1/3 of the roles in this game directly impact the game (Iron, Pewter, and Steel). Overall, they're fairly solid for a MR game. Distribution I think that the distribution for this game was good. Both sides were fairly low on power, but that's my personal preference. The first thing to discuss is the number of elims. 11 vs 2 is theoretically balanced if it's roleless, since the game ends pretty fast there and having no roles is rough for the village. If you ask around on sites that have run that, you'll find that it's surprisingly balanced. However, I did want to throw in some roles, so I went with 3 vs 10. The village had two powerful roles: the 7 vial Lurcher and the 1 vial Coinshot. The elims didn't really have any powerful roles. The village got one 7 vial Seeker, which could have theoretically done something, but wasn't very likely to do much. The elims got one Soother and one Seeker, both with 7 vials. These roles were intended to have a small chance of messing up the village, if they could figure out who the Lurcher was (Vapor ended up doing this so congrats). I think I could have probably thrown in a bit more on the village end, but I don't think it would have made that much of a difference. Changes from MR9 Inactivity filter: While this never came into play this game, I do think it was a good addition, and I'd recommend keeping it in a rerun. Inconsistent vials: This didn't actually affect the distribution, but in this game you could have the same metal but different vial amounts. I think this was probably good, just because it adds some GM flexibility. Not role madness: This setup definitely doesn't have to be role madness in order to be balanced, so I don't really see any reason to have it be role madness. I also think there aren't really enough interesting roles to justify this, since Steel, Pewter, and iron are the main ones that can influence the game, with all the others being more meta-roles. Removing Atium: Atium was never used in MR9, so we never got to see how it would play out, but I think that removing it was good. Immunity to all actions and an automatic kill against everyone who targets you is very powerful and swingy. Other than swingyness, I think the core reason that I don't like this metal is how it doesn't involve as much choice from the player using it (since you don't get to choose who dies). I'm glad I removed it, especially given how small this game ended up being. Soothing: I made it so Soothing someone still used up their metal, which I think was good. However, I kept the thing where the person would lose their metal action. Looking back, this doesn't make much sense, and I think it should essentially just be a redirect to "no one". This makes it more even with Rioting. I'm not sure whether it worked this way in MR9, but I made it so Soothing overrides Rioting. I think this was probably a good idea, since Rioting has greater flexibility. Voting rules: I'm not actually sure if this game's voting rules were different than MR9's (I never bothered to check :P), but I'll just throw this here. I think a two vote minimum was good for this game. Vote minimums don't usually matter much, but I think two votes was fine. For ties, it was mainly a choice between no death or random death (all ties dying gives the village significant kill power if there isn't vote manip). I think either would work, but I decided on no death to nudge people away from ties and because I dislike RNG. That didn't really end up working. Future Changes Splitting cycles: This one is pretty debatable. I think it depends a lot on whether the GM is going for full role madness, or if they want a setup more like this game. I'd generally tend towards merged cycles though. Adding a regular role: Adding a regular (no abilities) role could be valuable. In this game I had decided during distribution to just throw in a bunch of Thugs with 0 vials as a kind of replacement for regulars, so it could definitely be useful. However, I think there's a lot of fun things that GMs can do with 0 vial roles. For example, I considered making a distribution with some Coinshots with vials, but have a bunch of other Coinshots with vials to give cover and add confusion. I'm not sure if I missed anything there. If you have a question or want me to comment on something, just @mention me. Now, go sign up for Zillah's game if you have the time!!!