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  1. I need permission to access that document,
  2. Straw Warts spoke in a secret code! zZzzZZZz zZZzzzZZ zzZZzZZz Lbh ner abg zr. Ubcrshyyl, guvf jnf boivbhf.
  3. You usually ask one of the mods. @Devotary of Spontaneity is on at the moment, so they might be able to help.
  4. Does that mean that Fifth can create another piece of flavor or a role?
  5. Remember to get your roles in before the game starts! @Ironfire @Zillah BTW, both of you are able to make one more role.
  6. Just a reminder, but @xinoehp512, do you have the third faction ready yet?
  7. Is there any way to change experience? Also, those experience levels seem really close to each other. Maybe consider having a more noticeable gap? Also, I don't feel like the Nightmaw attack being completely random is very fair. If it's a close game, that one kill could make the difference between a win and a loss. Maybe connect them to the traps somehow?
  8. It doesn't look like you're on the list of upcoming GMs, so you might want to ask someone to add you. Also, I would not recommend running a blackout as your first game, as they tend to be more difficult to balance.
  9. This is stated in the rules. Please read them before posting, as they tend to change frequently.
  10. I would assume that role actions during the game would be submitted in the GM PM, unless the GMs say otherwise.
  11. We're not at lylo unless there are four elims.
  12. The best course of action is to lynch TGK. If he isn't an elim, we can just lynch the other priest. Also, there's currently nine people left alive, with seven villagers dead, so we're fairly close to lylo.
  13. I was going to vote for an inactive, but then Ironfire posted and I realized Shane would die anyway.