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  1. Jesenesh the Stormwind had been unsuccessfully searching for a criminal in your group. Last night, he had thought that he had found the criminal, and went outside to chase them. Unfortunately, he was caught in the night's Highstorm and killed. A Joe in the Bush has died! He was a Refugee. GM Notes: -The day will end on July 12th, at 1:00 PM EST. -If you need a vote count, just @mention me and I'll give you one ASAP! -PMs are open! Remember to add me to any PMs you make! Please remember that group PMs are not allowed. -All Knights Radiant have gained two charges of Stormlight. All Squires have gained one charge of Stormlight. If used, they will be recharged during the next Highstorm, which will be on D7. Player List:
  2. There was a trial today for one of the guards in your group. Many people thought that he hadn't been doing his proper duty of protecting people, given all the people who were dead. Unfortunately, he never bothered to show up to his trial, and just wandered off into the plains, claiming that he was above the law. Eternum has died! He was a Refugee Skybreaker. Vote Count: Eternum (6): Araris Valerian, Devotary of Spontaneity, Gears, The Young Pyromancer, The_Truthwatcher, TJ Shade Elbereth (1): Matrim's Dice Gears (1): Magestar xinoehp512 (1): Frozen Mint GM Notes: -The night will end on July 10th, at 1:00 PM EST. -Don't forget to get your actions in! -PMs are closed! -There will be a Highstorm tonight, so all Radiants and Squires will regain their Stormlight tomorrow! Player List:
  3. LG6, LG22 (rerun of LG6), MR32, and MR41 have all been set in the Wheel of Time world.
  4. The new day has been posted, so you might want to post there instead so everyone will see it.
  5. Brightlord Faleast somehow managed to find himself out in a Highstorm, and was flung away by the winds. No one in your group knows if he survived, but it seems rather unlikely. What's really weird was how there wasn't even a Highstorm last night. Are localized Highstorms a thing? Ashbringer has died! He was a Refugee. GM Notes: -The day will end on July 9th, at 1:00 PM EST. -If you need a vote count, just @mention me and I'll give you one ASAP! -PMs are closed! -shanerockes has kindly subbed in for Fifth! Please welcome them to the game! Player List:
  6. Yeah, you can rescind actions or change them. Same with almost all games.
  7. [Death RP by Ventyl, go upvote them!] Brightlady Valas Etteax, Radiant of the Edgedancers, was being followed. She didn’t know by who, but she knew it was happening. She only had a little Stormlight on her person, hopefully it’d be enough to get away. “Valas, would you like me to look for our pursuer?” Lyndel asked, crawling in his vine form. His crystals and vines disappearing and reappearing as he moved alongside Valas. “No, I want you close in case I need you,” Valas responded looking around for any sign of the one following her. She prayed to the Almighty that the one in pursuit wasn’t a Skybreaker. Those men had no regard for the common citizen, they didn’t care about the circumstances, only the law. If it was a Skybreaker, she was dead anyway. “If it comes down to it, we won’t be able to get away with just Abrasion. I know you won’t like it, but there’ll be confrontation. As she neared the edge of a chasm she debated using up a little Stormlight to get across. Breaking her thoughts, Lyndel shouted, “Valas! I see them!” She immediately took in Stormlight and made herself Slick, just like Lift had taught all of the new Edgedancers that had come, except she didn’t need to take in Stormlight. Valas ran like she was on skates, as she got closer to the chasm she prepared to use Progression. When she arrived she used it to make a nearby vine Grow and cover the length of the chasm. She moved across it. When she reached the other plateau, she summoned Lyndel as the small rapier that she’d become accustomed too and begin summoning her Plate. As she turned to look across the chasm from where she came, Valas felt a spike of pain through her chest. The last thing she heard was Lyndels cries. The poor Spren, after all these years. They’d survived countless battles, healing the other Radiants, only to die on a simple mission to escort a group of refugees. Who knew there would be Diagrammist here? ————— Brightlord Lafay Etteax, he chided to himself, that’s your title. He moved across the plains. He used his Surges to shape the land beneath him, to an onlooker it would look like he was surfing on the stone. Which he guessed he was. He looked to his left and noticed that Ola was in the shape of the ship she’d used to work on in the Cognitive Realm, of course a lot smaller than it was in person. She two was riding his wave of stone. As he neared the place where he was supposed to pick up the group of refugees and carry them back in groups. He noticed something odd on the edge of a chasm. He decided to check it out. The closer he got he realized what the odd thing was. It was his wife. She had fallen back away from the chasm, her eyes burned out. “No, no, no,” Lafay cried, rushing to the corpse of Valas, “This can’t be happening!” But it was, and Lafay had been too late to do anything. He didn’t know how long he sat there, cradling the body of his wife. His beautiful wife, who’d been too good for this storming planet. She’d been the reason he’d gotten involved in the war, instead of just leaving Ola to die. When the sun started to rise, he used a little bit of Stormlight to dig a grave into the plateau. He’d come back one day and hopefully give her a real Scadrian burial. But for now, this was the best he could do, he wasn’t a Elsecaller or Lightweaver who could turn her body into the golden statue she deserved. He was just a Willshaper. After he finished, he made his way towards the Horneater peaks. He would return to Scadrial. Ventyl has died! He was a Refugee Edgedancer. Vote Count: Ventyl (6): Devotary of Spontaneity, Gears, Magestar, Orlok Tsubodai, The_Truthwatcher, TJ Shade Gears (4): Araris Valerian, Ashbringer, Frozen Mint, Matrim's Dice, Ventyl Matrim's Dice (2): Elbereth, The Young Pyromancer GM Notes: -The night will end on July 7th, at 1:00 PM EST. -Don't forget to get your actions in! -PMs are closed! -As some of you might have noticed, Fifth has not been active. He has apparently not even seen his GM PM, and given that we are quite a bit into the game, I will be looking for a pinch hitter. While there aren't pinch hitters for normal inactives, it's a bit different when someone doesn't show up at all. I'll let you know if I find a replacement. Player List:
  8. PM it to me and I'll use it. Or, if you don't have it done, I'll just put in a placeholder.
  9. Oh yeah, the once per night thing is really once per turn, since some surges can be used during the day or night.