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  1. Can I get a link to the spec doc? I'd like to play, but I don't really have the time.
  2. Yeah, having the player list be a larger component would be a really interesting mechanic.
  3. I'll nominate @Seventh Saint, @The Storm, and @Orlok Tsubodai.
  4. Along with the points that Fifth Scholar mentioned, this role seems to be biased towards to elims. I can't really think of a situation in which the village would want a player to be silenced. I'm seeing a lot of possible problems with this role. First of all, giving the elim team this role would be very dangerous. At any point, the elim team has the opportunity to remove four players in a single turn, drastically swinging the balance of the game (especially if they manage to remove valuable players). On the other hand, it would also give the village the ability to gain a burst of information, and possibly remove two villagers. Essentially, this role seems very swingy and difficult to balance. How important is the player list in your game? Are there mechanics allowing players to change their position on it? Either part of this role is powerful on its own, but when combined it seems a bit overpowered. Maybe change it to just be the latter part?
  5. @Cadmium Compounder I just did an official coin flip, and the eliminators would have won anyway. @Mailliw73 I'd prefer to keep the spec doc as view only.
  6. [Insert writeup here] Cadmium Compounder has died! They were an Obligator Vote Count: Cadmium Compounder (4): Mailliw73, Karnatheon, Cadmium Compounder, Lumgol GM Notes: The Traitors have won! Congratulations to Itiah, Mailliw, and Karnatheon! Links: Dead/Spec Doc: Eliminator Doc: Master Spreadsheet: Player List:
  7. [Insert writeup here] Araris Valerian has died! he was a Tineye! Tineye Message: Keeping a Seeker around will be quite useful at this time, regardless of what side they may be on. GM Notes: PMs are open! The Day will end on January 4th at 5:30 PM EST. The following players will die if they do not post this turn: @Karnatheon @Lumgol Player List:
  8. [Insert writeup here] Snipexe has died! They were a Rioter. STINK has died! They were a Lurcher. Gancho Libre has died! They were an Obligator. Nohadon has died! They were a Soother. Coop772 has died! They were a Thug. Vote Count: Snipexe (4): Araris Valerian, Mailliw73, Lumgol, Karnatheon Mailliw73 (1): Snipexe GM Notes: PMs are open! The Night will end on January 2nd, at 5:30 PM EST. Player List:
  9. [Insert writeup here] Amanuensis has died! He was an Obligator. Tineye Message: I'm Araris, and I didn't send the message about cinnamon, so there is a second Tineye. GM Notes: PMs are open! The turn will end at 5:30 PM EST on January 1st. The following players are at risk of dying due to the inactivity filter: @Lumgol @Coop772 @Nohadon @Cadmium Compounder @Gancho Libre @STINK Player List: