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  1. IDK about Mailliw (I didn’t even know he was also going to destroy the bridge), but I actually wanted to try to win.
  2. Well, I’m very glad that that worked.
  3. I vote to destroy the bridge. EDIT: BTW, has anyone figured out what Rath's code is?
  4. The Vatican City is an absolute monarchy. Due to this, the Vatican City is not allowed to join the European Union. Greenland is more southern, eastern, northern, and western than Iceland. If California was independent, it would have the world's fifth highest GDP. The inventor of the frisbee had his ashes mixed into plastic and made into frisbees. A polar bear's liver contains between 24,000 and 35,000 IU per gram (vitamin A). The tolerable upper limit for vitamin A intake for a healthy adult is only 10,000 IU (vitamin A). Q is the only letter that does not appear in the name of any U.S. state. The French Scrabble champion doesn't speak French.
  5. @StrikerEZ leave you to your fate is one of the options.
  6. Gustavus would rather not risk being eaten by zombie chinchillas. Leave.
  7. It looks like my plan to hide from the zombies was successful!
  8. I would advise people to hide from the zombies. Hopefully that will help reduce the number of people who are converted.
  9. Since @_Stick_ did analysis on me, I think it's only proper to return the favor. 1. Notes that the Kandra might be part of the elim team. NAI, but helpful. 2. Thanks Striker for responding to her questions. NAI. 3. Talks about a possible strategy for an elim Kandra. NAI. 4. Discourages roleclaiming in PMs. Village read, because roleclaiming is usually dumb and helps the elims. 5. Writes some short responses to Fifth (Fifth was defending roleclaiming). NAI. 6. Responds to some people and encourages having a D1 lynch. NAI. 7. Asks a question about Rath's analysis. NAI. 8. Comments on the usefulness of poke votes. NAI 9. Posts a vote count and commons that 2/3rds of the votes are gut reads. NAI. 10. Explains why Drake is probably village. NAI, possibly village. 11. Responds to Devotary. NAI. 12. Notes that regardless of the kill on Aman being a WGG, it's still a win for the village because no one died. 13. Votes on Fura for defending Aman too much. Says that Aman is probably the same alignment as Fura. Village, because even if Fura was village, it's still good that Stick was suspicious of Aman. However, this post can be seen in an elim light if Stick was trying to purposefully lynch Fura to make Aman look like a villager. 14. States that if Aman is village, Fifth is probably an elim. NAI. 15. Comments on Aman's speculation about the Kandra. NAI. 16. Replies to Aman finding it suspicious that Stick PMed them. NAI. 17. Quickly responds to the result of the lynch on Fura. NAI. 18. Posts her thoughts on a few players. Leans elim on Aman. Village due to good analysis and suspecting Aman. 19. Guesses that the coinshot killed Xinoehp, not the Kandra. NAI. 20. Comments on a few things. NAI. 21. Non-game relevant comment. NAI. 22. Asks how the Kandra will show up to Seekers. NAI. 23. Votes on Sart and comments that it doesn't really matter if Sart is lynched.. Doesn't state any reasoning. Elim read. 24. States that her current elim suspects are Aman, Devotary, Fifth, and Lum. Slight village read. 25. Votes for Aman, comments on the lack of a second kill and the presence of another tineye. Village read. 26. Comments that even if Aman is the Kandra, he'll still have to die in order for the village to win. NAI. 27. Comments on waiting to see what Rath thinks before voting. NAI. 28. Says that Aman will probably be contacted by elims. NAI. 29. Says that her vote doesn't matter because the vote gap is large. NAI. 30. Responds to me by voting on Rath. NAI. 31. Reads Aonar as village. NAI. 32. Says that she suspects Ventyl and/or Lum, but still has to look at me and Snipexe. NAI. 33. Responds to Ventyl's fake elim claim. NAI. 34. Analyzes me and votes for me. Village due to analysis, but very rude! Overall, Stick seems fairly likely to be village. She's been suspicious of Aman for a long time, and regularly theorized that he was an elim. There are quite a lot of NAI posts which is interesting, but not really suspicious. Here's my response to Stick's analysis of me: Regarding my comment on poke votes near the start of the game, I wasn't really trying to call for action. I just found it notable, as I have usually seen D1 lynches that are more focused and had more votes. I also didn't really have any suspicions, and saw little reason to vote then. This also applies to my next post, as I just wanted to possibly see more discussion on D2. I still think that it was fairly reasonable for me to find a WGG unlikely. While I am very inexperienced with playing as the eliminators, I think that most elim teams wouldn't try to draw more attention to an elim player that is already seen as village. The reason why my analysis of Fura was so similar to other people's is because I originally did it to check Aman' analysis of Fura.
  10. Okay, thanks. I must have forgotten about that.
  11. I distributed some throwing rocks. Hopefully they’ll help hurt the zombies.
  12. What benefit does it have though? You just told the eliminators your role.
  13. I just saw the zombie bite Lum, but I didn't get any more information.