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  1. While not unexpected, I'm still sad.
  2. Short version, all of humanities allies got bored and left, completely destroyed, or to weakened to offer resistance. Now Odium will rain on our parade.
  3. The vials are tiny, if the ones they sell on the merch store are accurately sized. You'd need either to drink a LOT of vials, or have some seriously heavy liquor.
  4. If you had to create a sanderson-esk world, how would your characters say when their bosses fire them, when they walk into a coffee table, stub their toe, or just want everyone in the immediate vicinity to know what exactly they are thinking?
  5. Now I want an eggo commercial featuring two mistborn who want the same waffle.......
  6. Strangely enough I just stumbled across a guy with that rank. I have no clue as to what that rank is related to (nothing canon one hopes), mind filling me in?
  7. I just wanted to see what would happen if I said something deliberately wrong. Idk if waffles are a thing on these forums, I'm relatively new here. nooooooooooo, nothing like that.
  8. S for Sanderson. But really, its likely Superman, or at least supposed to be reminiscent of him
  9. Welcome to the forums, have a waffle.
  10. Little is known about the process of worldhopping, unfortunately, so I cannot answer your question.
  11. Small child ate a boxing........ and the rest is history
  12. Iron or steel-tapping feruchemist, so I can invest into the metal of my gun and bullets, basically making bootleg aluminum ammo/weaponry.
  13. Pretty sure they're people, not crustaceans
  14. My cookies are far worse than concealed hemalurgic spikes, mine are oatmeal raisin!!!!! Also, we need a maniacal laugh emoticon.
  15. When my skype conversations with my friend for the last 3 days have been: me: So, have you finally read mistborn yet? friend: No me: I'm done talking to you now