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  1. Ah Jesus heck, this is still going? Uh. Well. I have no idea what's going on. I'mma catch up and get back to you guys. Maybe. We'll see.
  2. Okay I did a stupid Can I get reinvited to the Discord? TY in advance, and sorry for being such a terrible leader.
  3. I believe Nicro attended, but Jacklyn did not. Therefore, Nicroburst would likely be dead/MIA, but Jacklyn would be in ERA territory somewhere doing something, or dead. Though, if you want to bring Nicroburst back, we'd have no issues with that.
  4. Ah, okay. In that case, your character should be just fine.
  5. First off, he looks fine, powers-wise. I like the way you've described his character too; sounds like he'd be fun to RP with/around. Main question though: where is Constellation, and what does it have to do with the RP? Like, the RP takes place in Edmonton, Canada; is Starfall scouting out new territory? Is he leading an invasion force? Is he on vacation?
  6. Ugh, very sorry; getting my lingo mixed up all over the place. Vanillas and maples are both fan-made terms for unpowered people in the Reckoners universe. We tended to use the term vanilla down when we were still in Oregon, but slang in Canada is different - I should be using the word maple more than vanilla. And by cape, I mean Epic. Cape is a term for a powered person in a different serial, and, again, got confused. That's what I get for answering questions at 11:00 PM.
  7. At the moment, the two major Epic employers, so to speak, in Edmonton are Moonglow (who has yet to make an appearance) and Pariah (who was a very small part of the previous RP). Moonglow runs a more stable, more organized faction, but also probably has slightly less-powerful capes. Her area is better for vanillas. She also is somewhat feminist. Pariah runs a looser ship, is pettier and more prone to random destruction and chaos. She likely has more powerful capes under her banner. More minor Epics include Blank, who runs a very mysterious organization, Depravity, whose main goal primarily seems to be spreading the corruption his power creates, and Ferocity, who mainly seems to work with normies.
  8. The new RP thread is officially up! Go check it out! Also, I have made some assumptions about territory and who holds it that you guys can and should retcon at any time. The maples hold territory east of Edmonton, and push westward. They manage to take a little more than they had (which was essentially nothing). Pariah holds territory where ERA used to be; southeastern corner of the city. Moonglow holds territory more or less in the center of the city. Depravity holds territory just north of Moonglow's. I think that's it. Go forth, and create story!
  9. “Sparks sparks sparking sparks!” Screaming. The sound of feet pounding against concrete. Electricity crackling and popping everywhere, filling the air with the smell of ozone. “You were wrong! Sparks, Sean, you said there would be no Epics! There is clearly an Epic!” Sean gripped his Louisville Slugger tighter, grimacing towards his radio. He very briefly stuck his head above the chunk of building he was taking cover behind, then yelped and frantically ducked back down, just barely dodging the two-foot metal needle that pierced through the air right where his nose used to be. It circled about for a bit, then flew right back the way it came. Sean exhaled in relief. “I sparking noticed, Tommy, thank you very much,” Sean muttered to himself, turning his attention back to ‘his’ team. He activated the transmitter on his radio, broadcasting instructions to them: “Alright. Change of plans. Anne, Harris - on my signal, take what you can carry and run for it. Tommy, you’re with me. Distraction duty.” Affirmative sounds filtered through the speakers, concluded by Tommy’s resigned, “Fine.” Another ionized boom shook the street, closer to him this time, followed by the hoarse over-the-top shouting of the Epic causing it. “Face me! Come, foolish mortals, and face the wrath of Shocksteel!” That wasn’t a terrible name, Sean had to admit (he’d heard of a lot worse), but he really did not have the voice to pull off that threatening bellow. He sounded more like a crow hopped up on drugs than, say, Steelheart. He was dead now, come to think of it. Sparks, it had been more than five months, and he still could barely wrap his head around it. One of the most feared tyrants in North America, a god among - not even men, a god among Epics - dead. Killed, by the Reckoners, a group he’d thought hadn’t even existed before they’d quite publically taken the spotlight. A group consisting only of maples, consistently slaying Epics and getting away with it? It seemed like a fairy tale. Unlikely. And yet, it seemed that these were unlikely times, for the Reckoners did hold Newcago, were holding it, had held it against all comers for months, with no signs of being forced to stop. When Harris had finally managed to convince him it wasn’t a hoax, Sean had felt a spark of hope bursting in his chest, piercing through his hard-earned cynicism. Maybe things will get better, he’d thought. Perhaps the Epics that had oppressed everyone for far too long would start falling, life would return to that semblance of normalcy he treasured so deeply. Perhaps his sister would finally get to go to high school, do normal high school things, without the grim spectre of death looming over her every minute. His hopes had risen even further when Doubletake, one of the city’s major crime lords, had fallen under mysterious circumstances in the following days. Following that, after a period of frantic struggles for territory and more Epic fights than he could remember, he’d heard rumors of a meeting, called by Epoch, between all of the city’s major and minor Epics, which seemed like it could only go poorly. And then, as expected, there’d been some sort of disaster, though he hadn’t the foggiest clue exactly what had happened. What he did know was that every single Epic who’d attended was nowhere to be found, and that meant there were acres of unattended territory, no longer under the yoke of any Epics. Free. The minute he’d confirmed the news, he’d called Notley, asked her for support. He was going to take his little group - it didn’t have a real name, consisting largely of former students and parents - and take back as much of the city as possible before new Epics, and he wanted the help of the former Albertan government in doing so. She’d agreed. And so they’d went. Things had gone well, at first, as he and about a hundred others slowly tread through the eastern end of the city. They’d encountered a couple of minor Epics, but, thankfully, they were nothing that bullets couldn’t handle. There hadn’t even been any casualties. They’d avoided the southeastern end of the city; Pariah had been rampaging there, destroying and murdering wantonly at the time, though it seemed that she’d calmed down nowadays, leading her new faction in the ruins of ERA. And then Moonglow had shown up, and everything had gone to hell. He hadn’t been there personally, but he’d heard from the few survivors that she’d staked a claim, right where they were planning on expanding their territory. She and her ‘Lodge’, had expressed no interest in bowing to the ‘irrelevant mortals’, and had enough powerful Epics to make it happen, causing progress to grind to a halt. Notley pulled out the minute there was any sign of resistance, giving up almost all the territory they’d taken, irking Sean to no end, even if it was the logical choice. He’d heard they were currently combating some new corruption Epic, Depravity, just south of the middle part of the city. And now, he was back to doing what he was doing nine years ago: raiding and pillaging, foraging from abandoned houses for survival, keeping both him and the group alive for just one more day. It was grueling, hopeless. He wasn’t the only one who felt so, given that a couple people had left to join a cult with some slontzy name - the Acolytes, that was it. Still, the remaining people were looking up to him. So he did his job, going out nearly every day, braving desperate maples and dangerous Epics, hoping to find food and water and weaponry and anything else. Earlier that day, Anne had, while scouting, seemingly hit the jackpot. In the cellar of a seemingly-abandoned house, she’d found a large stash of food, weaponry, books, and other stuff. Sean had immediately called everyone in to toss it in the truck and haul it out, only to find that no, the house was not abandoned, and there was, in fact, a very irate Epic living there. Which they were currently fighting. And by fighting, he meant ‘hiding from’. Sean took another peek over his makeshift cover, finding that Shocksteel had turned away from him, crackling metal objects orbiting him lazily. He sighed. Pressed a button on his radio. “NOW!” Charged. What Happened in Edmonton (Reboot!) A new year, a new RP.
  10. Er... sure. I guess. I don't have too many issues with that.
  11. I'd quickly like to repost the Discord link for the Reckoners RPG server, since I tend to hang out there more than I do here: And now for more important-ish things: We've decided, mostly, that the RP reboot will still be taking place in Edmonton, but likely in a new thread and after a timeskip. For those of you that read the What Happened in Edmonton thread, it stalled and died around the time a meeting between many of the capes of the city, both major and minor players, took place. We're going to be ending that meeting with an unspecified catastrophe that will likely wipe all the characters who attended said meeting off the board, mainly because most of the people who played those characters are no longer around. Hopefully, this will let us start with a clean slate, though anyone who wants to bring a character over who attended the meeting is welcome to do so; maybe it will let us pin down exactly what happened there. We might need to choose a new leader for the RP so that the whole thing doesn't get shelved. Most of the people I would've nominated - Voidus, Edgedancer, Twi - no longer seem to be around, so we'll probably have to choose from some of the newer players that are. I nominate @the winter system, @kenod, and @DrakeMarshall; they all seem more competent than your average bear (though that's probably not a high bar to clear since most of the bears I know of can't use computers - actually, you know what, it's a figure of speech). I plan to put up the first post of the new RP in a new thread before the end of the month. I hope it's good, but no promises on that. I will say that it will likely involve a lot of expository carp about the city which you guys can and should contradict at anytime you want; most of it is my headcanon for what happened, which is likely to be extremely inaccurate.
  12. I've also got a couple of character concepts. I've imported one of them from the misc. Epic thread and also changed him up a bit. Downfall Shane Liu (not an Epic):
  13. I think that's the full list of people who are probably interested. I too like the idea of continuing in Edmonton. I believe we were planning to end the meeting by having Epoch trap everybody who arrived in the time bubble? We could go with that plus a timeskip, or we could just keep going? I don't think that would go that well, but I'd be up for trying it. I'd be up for almost anything at this point, to be honest. As for me, I've got a character in one of my brainstorming docs I'd like to RP, so, yeah, I've got one. I've also got a couple more if that one doesn't work out. And as for plot... since a lot of the plot-driving people (so to speak) are no longer around, I'd like to try being more active in the overreaching plot as opposed to just playing around in your guys' sandbox. I've got a couple ideas, but I'd like to wait until we both have confirmation that the setting's what I think it'll be and until we have more people around.
  14. I'm still up for RPing, though I might need to rewrite a lot. Now that I've written more than ~fifty thousand words, I can't help but look back at what I've done in the RP and cringe.
  15. Still alive, here, and willing to continue, if anyone else is up for it. Might be on less often though, I've been doing some writing by myself lately.