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  1. I'd quickly like to repost the Discord link for the Reckoners RPG server, since I tend to hang out there more than I do here: And now for more important-ish things: We've decided, mostly, that the RP reboot will still be taking place in Edmonton, but likely in a new thread and after a timeskip. For those of you that read the What Happened in Edmonton thread, it stalled and died around the time a meeting between many of the capes of the city, both major and minor players, took place. We're going to be ending that meeting with an unspecified catastrophe that will likely wipe all the characters who attended said meeting off the board, mainly because most of the people who played those characters are no longer around. Hopefully, this will let us start with a clean slate, though anyone who wants to bring a character over who attended the meeting is welcome to do so; maybe it will let us pin down exactly what happened there. We might need to choose a new leader for the RP so that the whole thing doesn't get shelved. Most of the people I would've nominated - Voidus, Edgedancer, Twi - no longer seem to be around, so we'll probably have to choose from some of the newer players that are. I nominate @the winter system, @kenod, and @DrakeMarshall; they all seem more competent than your average bear (though that's probably not a high bar to clear since most of the bears I know of can't use computers - actually, you know what, it's a figure of speech). I plan to put up the first post of the new RP in a new thread before the end of the month. I hope it's good, but no promises on that. I will say that it will likely involve a lot of expository carp about the city which you guys can and should contradict at anytime you want; most of it is my headcanon for what happened, which is likely to be extremely inaccurate.
  2. I've also got a couple of character concepts. I've imported one of them from the misc. Epic thread and also changed him up a bit. Downfall Shane Liu (not an Epic):
  3. I think that's the full list of people who are probably interested. I too like the idea of continuing in Edmonton. I believe we were planning to end the meeting by having Epoch trap everybody who arrived in the time bubble? We could go with that plus a timeskip, or we could just keep going? I don't think that would go that well, but I'd be up for trying it. I'd be up for almost anything at this point, to be honest. As for me, I've got a character in one of my brainstorming docs I'd like to RP, so, yeah, I've got one. I've also got a couple more if that one doesn't work out. And as for plot... since a lot of the plot-driving people (so to speak) are no longer around, I'd like to try being more active in the overreaching plot as opposed to just playing around in your guys' sandbox. I've got a couple ideas, but I'd like to wait until we both have confirmation that the setting's what I think it'll be and until we have more people around.
  4. I'm still up for RPing, though I might need to rewrite a lot. Now that I've written more than ~fifty thousand words, I can't help but look back at what I've done in the RP and cringe.
  5. Still alive, here, and willing to continue, if anyone else is up for it. Might be on less often though, I've been doing some writing by myself lately.
  6. I'm still around, if you guys are up for anything.
  7. Only two characters. Terezi Pyrope and Jack Noir. If either of those die, then I'm thinking about adding Dave Strider. I'm actually trying to write the former's intro scene as we speak, and it's proving annoyingly difficult.
  8. What? Is this seriously the very first reference to Homestuck on the Shard? Is that what you're saying? Ugh. If I had to describe Homestuck, I'd describe it as a Sims-like adventure 'game' that quickly spirals out of control into a massive world-bending universe-rending kudzu-plotted monster of a webcomic. Yes there's chess guys, but they're only kinda mostly-ish plot relevant, and it is most certainly more. It also has a set of Epilogues that dismantles everything and a sequel and I have no idea where it is going. Overall, I would rate it as an 8/10, but I'm a big fan of long works with lots and lots of plot points and Chekhov's Guns, so maybe not for you if you don't want to have to reread the whole thing over and over. It's very complicated with loads and loads of text that seems unimportant at first glance but becomes critically important as you keep reading. EDIT: Ah, I get it. It's just the most recent reference to Homestuck on the Shard. Never mind.
  9. Yes. Thanks; I was wondering why it was all weird like that, and I think I've fixed it now, as well as fixed a couple other things and actually put the formatting back in. I'll keep in mind that Grammarly won't work on the Shard, and I have disabled it accordingly.
  10. Hi. Uh, I've written the first chapter (-4th actually, but who's counting? (I am)) of my first fanfiction, and I was wondering if any of you would be interested in reading it? I think it's okay, but I am often blind to my own flaws. I'll be publishing it whenever I get a new chapter out on, but here's the first chapter anyway. The basic premise is that in a mostly-modern-day setting, several people have the willpower, determination, and the desire to see something through, and those qualities grant them things called Names, magical (or technological, depending on who you are) powers that give people the capability to do what needs doing. Heroes and Villains, specifically. However, Names are heavily based on and influenced by stories, and many Heroic and Urban Fantasy tropes are enforced by the laws of the universe. Specifically, this story follows Cherry Blossom, a modern day Ruby Rose, and her team of heroic/antiheroic misfits as they fight the villainous Mad Prince, the fairly odd Lone Swordsman, and the ever-expanding Black Kingdom. The only Reckoners character in it will be Obliteration, but I kinda hope you'll be interested anyway? The current lineup for the characters included has RWBY, Worm, APGtE, The Dresden Files, maybe Harry Potter, the MCU, Norse mythology, Greek mythology, Pirates of the Caribbean, DC, Kirby, Homestuck, The Jungle Book, and Artemis Fowl. And the aforementioned Obliteration from the Reckoners. Sorry if this is off-topic, but, well, we're not using it for anything anyway, right?
  11. I believe Cherish never appears again, unless you read Copacetic. Wait, she might get a cameo during <SPOILER>, but that's pretty much i - wait, yeah, she reappears, in a sense. She is mentioned and appears as a character later, but she is not rescued from the lake.
  12. Hm. That's not what I recall it being. I believe that it was 'causing an object to accelerate to a specific unchanging speed within a very short period of time via touch.'
  13. I believe so. Kg * m/s. Her power is the ability to affect momentum, if I recall. Not sure why her sister's name is Impact instead of Impulse.
  14. About 2 years ago: I first read the Reckoners RP, and get confused reading MV's name. Now, after having taken a physics class: I get it now!
  15. My dad's an Illinois school board member and possibly a national convention delegate if he so chooses to accept. I'm a 15 year old highschooler, but soon to be 16 in... oh... ten days?