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  1. And heeeeeeeere we go stormlight dopes
  2. Well I haven't fully read Oathbringer yet but I've spoiled myself about the Letters part, and one of my sharder friend suggested one interesting point: (maybe someone has proposed this idea b'fore, then pardon me and skip this thread) Most of us agree that the author of 2nd OB letter was Bavadin, and we might think that the "we"s or "us"s are referred to as other Shards following non-intervention policy... But what if BAVADIN IS ACTUALLY ANOTHER SLEEPLESS-LIKE CREATURE??? I mean, Bavadin refers to thyself as "we" in the whole letter, and the very avatar on Obrodai might be another aspect of its entity. Lastly, that very WoB discussing about the gender of Autonomy's vessel seems to suggest that Bavadin is not merely pure male or female,supporting our speculation here. Being not able to quote it here yet, so I would appreciate u a lot if anyone can provide the resource and let's have further conversation on this topic:)
  3. So this thread may be concluded that: Stormlight and BioChroma are "almost" the same as they are both Investiture, but manifesting in different mode something Stormlight and BioChroma are NOT EXACTLY the same as they are of different Shards and magic system. (That seems to be the same as we used to acknowledge...)
  4. @Extesian @The One Who Connects Okay, fair enough; I used to have the same thought as u both stated, but got confused by the very interview entry I shared above. Thanks for different explanations ((heart))
  5. Yes I agree w/ you that to this point Investiture is NB's food but I can barely agree with you saying Investiture from different Shards are all the same, depending on this interview: Entry 9 is pretty long so not gonna quote it fully right here. Let's just say NB ignores the diversity of Investiture, and this cannot be seen as "there's no diversity in Investiture".
  6. Actually we got the Moon Sceptor in The Emperor's Soul and it has been confirmed to enabling Investiture converting. Back to the topic, I believe that stormlight and BioChroma are pretty similar in functioning a lot of dynamics like bodies of Returneds or Nightblood, but they cannot be EXACTLY the same since these two Investiture are, still, belonged to different Intents. I would say they are just like violet and pink, both of 'em work well on painting blossoms, but still different color, I guess
  7. Okay this is not serious or academic at all but hey just relax for a moment Enjoyyyy and gimme a reputation if you like it~
  8. Just Stormward lol I made it around two and half years ago... time flies (ummm..)
  9. This is the best compilation that I have EVER seen in the forumXD!! Brandon was basically weirding everything lol
  10. Thanks, but she didn't come to the Earth for too long, religions is not the primary subject she would want to dig into XD She just know Buddhism, Christian and Islam
  11. First of all, I wanna state this is nothing but my own creation.(lol I of course know that our Earth does NOT belong to the Cosmere, however I came up with an idea "what if Khriss studied the Earth and write an essay?" So... the following nonsense is thus created. I wanna also state that I'm not meant to emphasize China because something like "Taiwan share the similar culture and history with it" blah blah. Just on a possibly objective aspect from an extraterrestrial visitor. I believe not an alien will deny how strong China is on our planet. (Hope this won't be too [email protected]@) Anyway, just take a look and share your ideas with me, thanks: ====== (Khriss encountered a singularity in the Cognitive Realm and recognize it as a Perpendicularity. She then jumped into it and eventually arrived the Earth. For there being a energy vortex tunnel (similar to a Perpendicularity) in Tibetan Plateau, Khriss left the Cognitive Realm and entered our planet, later started a series of investigation of this whole new universe..) Gaia System As an unexpected expansion of my research, Gaia, more commonly called Earth, amazed me after all these years of my arcanist life again, with all her features from its civilizations to the Realmic construction. For she not being in the cosmere but another universe, the connection between the three realms of Gaia is widely varied from the type we are accustomed to. Investiture does not exist here, either. I can therefore make use of some End-neutral magic here, with my limited resources at hand. Nonetheless, people here still, have developed highly technologically advanced societies, surpassing the progress we've made in Silverlight, Scadrial, or Taldain. Heavily relying on the manipulations of natural laws, the scientific knowledge Earthian have gained overwhelm us and stretched into a realm where energy and mass could be considered one. This theory, named "quantum mechanics", could probably be the final solution to our studies on the complicated transformation and presentation of Investiture. Speaking of the system it is located, the Gaia System - named Solar System in the language English, is quite a stereotype for system studies. It has several typical features. Eight planets - four small, rocky ones and four gas giants, orbit the sun, three of which is in the habitable zone. However currently only Gaia is available for living. The celestial bodies, if named, are mainly named after gods of an ancient religion. The first one, the proximity to the sun is Mercury, which is lack of atmosphere and extreme. Venus and Mars are in the habitable zone as well, but the former suffers from tense concentration of carbon dioxide and becomes deadly warm, while the latter contrarily has freezing climate and thin atmosphere. There seemed to be life on Mars billion years ago, though now it is nowhere to be found. During my adventure in Gaia, I gradually realized that the cultural diversity here is way too abundant than most places in the cosmere. There are mainly seven cultures and three religions spread over six continents of the world. Interestingly, though no Shard residing, there are some signs that a being similar to a Shard, even Adonalsium, used to influence the world. I found several evidences that this planet could somehow be related to the cosmere. For one, Gaia is also 1.0 cosmere standard of its size and gravitation. This is rarely seen except for Scadrial, which was created by Shards. For another, there are several cultures being so similar to some in the cosmere, as if being transplanted from one universe to the other. For instance, a civilization, ChunGuo (which is called China in English) sitting on the eastern part of Asia continent, is a incredible variant of Rose Empire on Sel. There must be some relations between the both, yet this topic is far beyond my profession. As there are around 200 political states on Gaia now, only two of them strongly affect the planet-wide situation. Aside from ChunGuo, United States of America aka US, is another powerful nation here, culturally dominating the planet as what Vorinism does on Roshar. These two states collide in economy and politics, but not in directly military actions. This could be resulted from the powerful weapons they stored. Bombs of the potential destructive forces from atomic energy are considerably produced, but never being used in the battlefield after World War II, which was the most devastating events in the Gaia history. These nuclear weapons are nothing but symbols of the strengths of countries, as what Rosharans think of the shardblades. One thing confusing me is, that I heard a writer from US is eagerly searching for me, even though I don't acquaint anyone from Gaia before my visiting. I should keep alert to this man, but something instinctively tell me, he might be a key character to resolve my some questions. Again, the highly varied cultures and biodiversity of Gaia cannot be fully commented in this article. Lack of Investiture as it is, the planet is still fascinating with all her characteristics. The studies of Realmic construction here are tough tasks to be dealt with, for the connections between three Realms are much weaker than the cosmere. I narrowly escape from the gap between Physical and Cognitive Realm, and I have no opportunity to observe the Spiritual part of Gaia yet. Despite these obstacles, I will keep dwelling into the secrets of Gaia, hoping to discover more differences between their universe and ours. Innocent like newborns in the cradle, we can take another millennia to study the LaniaKea - a new vocabulary I use to include the universe of Gaia and the cosmere - and keep the curiosity to it and its infinite arcanums for all time. - Khrissalla, written in Taipei, Taiwan; Nov. 22th, 2016 A.D. Sorry for the long post >..< here is your shardblade in reward (wait wut)
  12. Persuade me plz. Why is that? *** Okay sorry for not seeing your speculation first, but I don't really think that Physical "sky" would be related to Cognitive Realm something. However I like your idea
  13. If We just consider the name and qualities of the planet, the Expanses should be: Vapors: Scadrial Vibrance: Nalthis BrokenSky: Sel, Braize possibly as well Densities: no idea, but I prefer to Ashyn However, if we take the physical locations into consideration, it might be: Vapors: Scadrial Vibrance: unknown BrokenSky: Braize, for the same system Densities: Ashyn Scadrial is because that it's the most near planet to Roshar according to the AU star map. And I cannot find any suitable candidates for E.Vibrance. I would keep being skeptical for the theory "Vibrance=Nalthis". I doubt that "it would be way too easy for we Sharders" lol
  14. iirc, my friend @Botanica once asked Brandon what does the Intent "Autonomy" actually mean? And it means something like being independent and don't need to rely on others. So I think the Shard Autonomy is more like the "independence of an entity" rather than "independence of a nation or region". So I don't think Autonomy is a good counterpart to Dominion like Preservation vs Ruin. Besides, there has been a WoB in one interview mentioning that Honor is quite a good counterpart to Autonomy, and Honor might be the best counterpart in the original 16.
  15. If Bavadin chose not to interfere Rayse's murdering of D&D, then it can also be considered a kind of "help in any way". And it corresponded with the Intent of Autonomy. JMO(shrug