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  1. Granted, but each consciousness is bitter rivals with the rest, resulting in infighting that is highly distracting and prevents any two working together. I wish that I had the ability to view and interpret the emotions of anyone I choose.
  2. In addition to the challenges posed by other islands, we already know that there are small islands that are greatshells from WoR. So the size differential would suggest that these smaller islands would be slower and fall behind, in the same way that larger animals tend to be faster, yet they remain in the same relative location on the planet. You could argue that the continent would be slower, but I find that unlikely.
  3. This is what I'm talking about with things I don't remember, the timeline. However, instead of him avoiding it because of Harmony, he could have avoided it because splintering Preservation would have freed Ruin. However, leaving Scadrial alone would leave a weakened shard and an imprisoned shard. Both of which would be of no consequence to his rule.
  4. My reason for Trell's origin is the idea of opposites existing everywhere, just like in reality. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, for every push there is a pull, for every deity there is a demon. Assuming this applies to the Cosmere as well, there is no purpose in the cosmere without an anti-Adonalsium. Trell could be this being, if we assume the power levels being similar to that of God and Satan (although both extremely powerful, God is nigh infinitely more powerful than Satan) it gives a reason for the shattering of Adonalsium, to level the playing field, as well as a reason for Trell's existence outside of being a shard. Or, Trell could be a piece of this being (if it was of equal power to Adonalsium), which could have shattered to mirror Adonalsium, or Adonalsium could have shattered to balance the powers in the Cosmere.
  5. I am going to start by saying this is a bit out there, and only applies if Trell is not one or more of the Shards of Adonalsium, but an outside entity of power equal to or greater than that of a shard. I believe that Odium is working with Trell in order to conquer the Cosmere. This idea comes from an analysus of Odium's personality. Odium is filled with hatred, but this hatred is directed towards those who have enough power to challenge him. This explains why Odium is seeking to splinter the other shards, as they are the only beings of seemingly equal power to him. This also explains why Odium never went after Harmony, as Harmony would be (potentially) twice as powerful as Odium. This is where Trell comes in. Trell tried to take over Scadrial, but has decided to destroy it instead. This brings up the possibility that Trell is more powerful than Harmony, or has the potential to be more powerful than him, and the only reason Trell does not just destroy Harmony is the people of Scadrial, who were not in a mindset to create chaos, thus weakening Harmony. The reason they would be working together is that Odium would likely be threatened by Trell, but Odium is cunning. A person who thinks like Odium would seek to help Trell in order to avoid their wrath, but nice their time for a moment to betray their partner without fear of loss. Disclaimer: This is entirely conjecture based on my interpretation of Odium's personality. I also basement of my ideas off of a relatively faulty memory, which means there are almost certainly important details that would make or break this theory that I don't remember.
  6. A bad lie and a bad pun. Impressive.
  7. theory

    The dominant/recessive description was an oversymplification in order to provide ease of understanding. It could be easier to think of it in 3 or more parts rather than 2, where 1 part has to overrule the other. For example, FFF and FFf would be Feruchemists as the capitol F is more prevelant than the lowercase f. However, Fff or fff would not be Feruchemists. (Order does not apply) This allows for the appearance of Feruchemists to increase or decrease between generations. If we accept as more complex than merely dominant/recessive it also explains the weakening over time. If there is a significantly larger number of factors than 1, 2, or even 10 genes, it allows for the weakening without complete absence of Feruchemical abilities. The main reason I decided it couldn't be recessive was that that would either mean that Scadrial started with a limited number of Feruchemists, or else had no way for Feruchemical abilities to be lost. If everyone starts ff (in this example the genetic makeup of a feruchemist), no one will ever have a F in their genetics.
  8. theory

    My meaning is they had the seeds of Allomany, but they only gained the ability to use Allomancy after their genetics had shifted enough to make them lean significantly more towards Preservation (genetics-wise). While at the time of their creation they were leaning more towards Preservation, but not enough to gain the use of Allomancy.
  9. theory

    I didn't mean that Lerasium was the origin of Allomancers, I'm saying that Allomancers were not likely in the first generation of humans on Scadrial. And since Allomancy is definitely of Preservation, and the first generation of humans were almost certainly at a (near) balance with Ruin and Preservation, they would not likely be Allomancers.
  10. theory

    Yes, it is native to Scadrial because the people there are products of Ruin and Preservation, unlike how allomancy required a change after the creation of humans. And I discussed this with you outside of the 17th shard before posting.
  11. Thanks for the clarification Jedal.
  12. I don't know if this is breaking the rules, but I'd do the blade and go around trying to exemplify the attributes of any of the orders of the Knight's Radiant. That way I have a shardblade no matter what, and something to tell me if I actually attracted a spren to bond with. Although the screams might be painful...
  13. Disclaimer: This is not a theory or a new idea, the purpose of this post is to make clarifications as to what a savant is, and explain a subtle difference between the personal effects of Allomancy and Feruchemy If you look in the Coppermind you will find that a savant is someone who has flared a metal for so long that their physiology changes to adapt. With Feruchemy the creation of a savant is impossible, technically. I believe that the use of Feruchemy makes anyone into a temporary savant, as their physiology changes. For example, Sazed's muscles grew larger when he saved Vin, and Wayne becomes more susceptible to sickness when storing healing (as it weakens his immune system). This means that Feruchemy will temporarily change an individuals physiology (or at least the physical, cognitive, and potentially hybrid do), while Allomancy will do it permanently.
  14. theory

    Correct, and that idea could also apply to Allomancy, just with a different start point for the appearance of an A gene for Allomancy
  15. theory

    I get that its genetic, as that is the basis of this theory, I'm saying specifically that Feruchemical abilities are part of the base DNA of humans on Scadrial.