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  1. White Sand Vol. 3 is out today... sort of. The ebook appears to be available and some have reported finding the hardback in bookstores. (Though the official hardback release date appears to be October 1st.) But hey, it's essentially out. What did you think?
  2. Finally got around to something I've wanted to do for a long time. Make a globe of Roshar! The site doesn't work very well on mobile, so here's some images: First need to say thanks to u/Stoneward13 on Reddit who created the beautiful high-resolution map that I used for this. The trick was getting the projection right. @Otto Didact identified the map from Oathbringer as an "azimuthal equidistant" projection while the "Map To Globe" site I used required an equirectangular projection. With a bit of patience I finally discovered a way in QGIS to mark coordinates on a raster image and have that program pump out the equirectangular projection! So here you have it. I've positioned it at the appropriate latitude, with the equator passing through the center of Kadrix island. To anybody not aware, yes, Roshar is mostly ocean. Brandon has stated that there are no other major landmasses. It's possible that ice caps exist, (seems like Yalb mentions tales of a southern ice cap?) but I haven't speculated on that. Maybe I'll circle back around to it. The continent is a bit smaller than Asia. More details on that sort of thing here: Under the "Options' menu you can toggle longitude/latitude lines. (if comparing with the Oathbringer map, typical lines won't line up right because Roshar uses 200 "degrees" in a circle) And play with some other tweaks, like lighting. But my favorite feature is the "Measure distance" button. Click that and enter Roshar's radius (about 5663 km) and it report the distance between two points you select.
  3. That's correct. That's been part of the basis for using "Cognitive Realm" as the page name. The argument is that while it's not the popular term in-world it's (1) not wrong, (2) less confusing, and (3) potentially the proper/popular in-world term in the long run.
  4. Finally got around to something I've wanted to do for a long time. Make a globe of Roshar! The site doesn't work very well on mobile, so here's some images and a gif down below. First need to say thanks to u/Stoneward13 on Reddit who created the beautiful high-resolution map that I used for this. The trick was getting the projection right. @Otto Didact identified the map from Oathbringer as an "azimuthal equidistant" projection while the "Map To Globe" site I used required an equirectangular projection. With a bit of patience I finally discovered a way in QGIS to mark coordinates on a raster image and have that program pump out the equirectangular projection! So here you have it. I've positioned it at the appropriate latitude, with the equator passing through the center of Kadrix island. To anybody not aware, yes, Roshar is mostly ocean. Brandon has stated that there are no other major landmasses. It's possible that ice caps exist, (seems like Yalb mentions tales of a southern ice cap?) but I haven't speculated on that. Maybe I'll circle back around to it. The continent is a bit smaller than Asia. More details on that sort of thing here: Under the "Options' menu you can toggle longitude/latitude lines. (if comparing with the Oathbringer map, typical lines won't line up right because Roshar uses 200 "degrees" in a circle) And play with some other tweaks, like lighting. But my favorite feature is the "Measure distance" button. Click that and enter Roshar's radius (about 5663 km) and it report the distance between two points you select.
  5. Here's the usual typo thread for White Sand Vol. 3, if you see any errors in the text or artwork.
  6. Anyone interesting in some updated speculation on the Stormlight 4 outline? Here's the visual outline from Brandon's latest update: I'm sticking to my guns from my original speculation when Brandon revealed the split into three arcs, more or less. Brandon has said that Dalinar's role will be somewhat reduced in book 4, and that makes me strongly suspect that he's one of the two characters in Group Three. I'm guessing that Dalinar will be busy with politics in this book. His main role will be continuing to develop/unite the Coalition and to continue establishing the reformed Knights Radiant. He'll be in Urithiru naturally. So the next question is who might Dalinar be paired with? It has to be someone with a story to tell in Urithiru. I've seen Szeth proposed, and that makes sense. But I'm left imagining Szeth just following Dalinar around while he attends meetings, and I have a hard time seeing this as particularly compelling. Meanwhile, I strongly suspect that we need to advance the subplot concerning Urithiru itself in book 4. We know the city is a giant fabrial in some sense, and we know from Pattern that there's something odd going on in Shadesmar around the city. So you need someone who knows about fabrials and you need someone who can enter Shadesmar. It's got to be Jasnah. There's perhaps an argument to be made for Shallan, with Navani around for fabrial support... But Shallan has other things going for her, and I think Jasnah is a much better fit. Besides, she's the Queen of Alethkar now. She doesn't have time to be roaming Roshar on adventures. She's going to be in the center of the politics. In the center of the Alethi refugees in Urithiru. Digging into Urithiru is going to involve the Sibling, so it makes sense to have Jasnah paired with our first Bondsmith as well. And of course this let's Navani be around her husband while she assists Jasnah with the Urithiru business. This all fits really nicely, the way I see it. Group Three: Dalinar and Jasnah Next I'm going to follow the popular opinion and agree that Group One is all about the primary conflict between humans and singers in/around Alethkar. We've received two preview excerpts so far: one where Kaladin makes an appearance in Hearthstone and one of Venli in Kholinar. You might argue that these locations are quite distant, so maybe we're dealing with two separate groups here. However, we know that these scenes are almost certainly coming from early on in the book. I'm guessing something will bring them closer together by the end of Part 1. We also know from this recent update that the Primary Plot will primarily feature three characters. I don't see anything obvious role for Shallan to fulfill here, so I'm going to sit her aside. Who's left? We've got Szeth, Renarin, and Lift as our other "main characters." (I'm leaving Ash and Taln out here because I reeeealy don't think we're going to see them step up yet.) We've also got Adolin as a sort of secondary main character. My money is on Szeth. We've never really seen a whole lot from this dude. A few interludes in TwoK. A few chapters in Oathbringer. And he's gone through so many changes through all this. We really need a chance to understand who Szeth is before we launch into "his book" next. He's certainly the perfect person for... whatever job Kaladin is up to sneaking around in northern Alethkar. And I'm betting we'll see some sword-nimi development as well. Brandon's surely going to double down on the Cosmere significance that we saw in Oathbringer. So who's our 4th and 5th characters in this group? Renarin and Lift could work... But I'm betting we see Lift take a back again. She doesn't have any essential role to play in the current story and she's young. She's going to be in Dalinar's newly established Hogwarts, injecting some of her humor in the Urithiru plots on occasion. Interacting with the Azish who are around. Renarin has been set up as a scholar so I don't know what he'd be doing out there. My money is on Adolin and Moash. Adolin and Kaladin have so much chemistry, so it just makes sense to put them together. He's a Highprince, so it makes sense for him to be out taking action to retake his homeland. And it makes sense for Moash to be wherever Kaladin is. And it makes sense that he'd end up where Venli is. Group One: Kaladin, Venli, Szeth, Adolin, and Moash So what about Shallan? She's the biggest gaping hole so far. The "what" with Shallan is obvious. She's part of the Ghostbloods. This is the key plot that she's involved in, and the most interesting. Oathbringer didn't feature much Ghostblood activity after Part 1, so it only makes sense that we're going to dive in deep on book 4. And the Ghostbloods want her to investigate Sja-anat. Oh lookie. Of the "ten primary characters" there's only one I haven't really found a place for so far, and he has a direct connection to Sja-anat of his own: Renarin. Now, Renarin is a really mysterious character, and I don't think he's going to fully shine until books 6-10. So I'm not supposing that we're going to walk away from book 4 with all of Renarin's mysteries uncovered. I simply thing he's a solid choice if you need someone to give this Unmade a visit. I'm not entirely sure why Dalinar and Jasnah would be comfortable sending these two off to single-handedly. I skeptical Shallan will reveal her Ghostblood mission to begin with. So how does this happen? Here's my guess. Another huge story element that Oathbringer uncovered a few times was the fact that weird things are going on in the Horneater Peaks. We've had a time jump. The Horneater Peaks are in the middle Jah Keved, so this is a HUGE vulnerability for the Coalition. Meanwhile you've got Rock who probably needs to pick up his responsibility and go take back his homeland. This is the key. Dalinar and company realize they need to investigate the Horneater Peaks. They need a team to go in, do some careful recon, and see if there's anything that can be done to secure the region. What do you do? You call Bridge Four. This gives a place for Brandon to insert several Bridge Four characters into the story without trying to cram all of them around Kaladin's activities. It gives Rock a chance to return home. It makes Dalinar/Jasnah/Navani/Adolin more comfortable with Shallan going along. (She'll probably have Ishnah, Vathah, and maybe some others with her as well) Shallan doesn't have to reveal anything. She just goes along and (either intentionally or by mistake) ends up interacting with Sja-anat, who has moved into the neighborhood now that Kholinar is secure. Group Two: Shallan and Renarin I'm guessing that Adolin or Szeth were originally planned to be with this second group, and then Brandon just realized the third major character didn't really need to be there, and probably could have a more interesting role elsewhere. --- So there's my predictions. Anyone else want to take a swing?
  7. Oooooo! Good eye! Progress! Resolution isn't fantastic, but I think I'm super pleased with the art direction. It does indeed look like something between the original art and the simpler Vol 2 Ch 6 art.
  8. The product page still lists dates. September 18 for eBook and October 1 for hardback. Though obviously those dates mean nothing to us at this point.
  9. Someone posted some potential continuity errors concerning Dalinar on Reddit. Pretty sure some of these have been captured, and some may not be errors. But I wanted to make sure these points didn't get overlooked, so I'm going to paste them here for reference:
  10. Okay just like last year this is NOT an event Brandon will be at. Rumor has it that Brandon plans to start coming every 3 years instead of every other, which will bring him back in 2021. However, some members of Dragonsteel should be present as always, there is a sizeable Sanderson fanbase every year, and there's a panel track dedicated to Sanderson's works. Also sounds like there maybe a strong showing from 17th Shard next year? I wanted to go ahead and kick off a topic because memberships (tickets) are on sale NOW, and the hotel block is opening today (and gets booked pretty fast). So here's the details for anyone who's curious: JordanCon Website Dates: April 17-19, 2020 Location: Crowne Plaza Ravinia, Atlanta, GA Author Guest of Honor: Faith Hunter Artist Guests of Honor: Annie Stegg & Justin Gerard Memberships (tickets) are currently $50 for the entire weekend, which includes everything (even some food and snacks) besides lodging/transportation. The price goes up slightly on September 2nd and continues to go up to $75 at the door. Discounted hotel rates are available here while rooms last. After that, you'll have to book with the hotel at their regular rate. The hotel is accessible via public transportation from the airport. A list of panels/activities won't come until much later, but you can expect the same thing as last year, more or less. You don't have to be a Robert Jordan and/or Wheel of Time fan to attend and enjoy JordanCon. There will be people there who have never read it, and others who tried and hate it. While the Wheel of Time forms the foundation of the Con's existence and culture, it has grown to the point that it can be considered a general Sci-Fi/Fantasy convention. Other than opening/closing ceremonies, a costume contest, and a few other big (optional) events, the Con is divided into several "tracks" which each have panels/activities running all weekend long. Aside from the Wheel of Time track, there's a general fantasy track, a sci-fi track, a Sanderson track, a gaming track (and a game room running all day), a writer's track, workshops, an art hall, and more! If you've been to Cons in the past, this one is smaller than you're probably used to. They broke an attendance record last year with 890 attendees, so you can expect something in the neighborhood of 1000. Anybody planning to come? I know at least a few of us are.
  11. Okay, another little Stormlight Timeline update. The latest version is here: Additions I finally took the time to actually finish the timeline. Most of the Urithiru plot in Part 4 still wasn't in there. Some of Dalinar's flashbacks which were tied to Part 4 dates (including the Nightwatcher visit), weren't in there. Moash and Szeth weren't in there. And most of the interludes weren't in there. That has been remedied! There are two (or three?) Kaladin flashbacks that I haven't attempted to place yet, though these would be heavy speculation. Otherwise, that's pretty much everything I can think of that ought to be in it. If anyone ever sees something that seems missing please let me know! Reconciliation Effort The folks doing Tor's Oathbringer reread have access to a preliminary timeline produced by Brandon's team, and they've been sharing the dates they have for each chapter in their weekly reread posts. So I finally took some time to reconcile my timeline with those dates. For the most part this just involved shifting things around within the bounds of the assumptions I originally made. Tricky because of how many strings there are tying events together, but it all worked out. LOTS of Oathbringer events got shifted one way or the other, though very few of them were affected in a significant way. The vast majority were a matter of some thing shifting a few days sooner or later. In any case, my timeline MOSTLY matches theirs now. (and thus, hopefully, the official timeline) When Tor gets to the end of the book, I'll make sure to reconcile what I have for the remainder of the book! Timeline Issues There are a FEW things that appear to be errors, so I've stuck with my own guesses in those cases. This was another big goal of doing this. I've known that there are some issues with the timeline Tor is using. Going through one chapter at a time and comparing their date with my own (and my basis) allowed me to pinpoint exactly where issues were found. Notable issues that need a closer look include: Some of Dalinar's flashbacks seem to list the wrong year Jasnah's birthday is off. TWoK stated that she was 34 years old, but that doesn't match up with where Dalinar's flashbacks place her birth. I'm guessing TWoK may need to be retconned to make her a year younger. That's a simple fix compared to reworking some of the flashback continuity. Some of Shallan's activity in Oathbringer Part 1 appears to be off. But this is just official dates in the background. I don't think the book would actually be affected. I think there's a few issues with the dates for Moash. Again, nothing that would affect the book. The Shadesmar sequence doesn't match up to me. The description of how much time passes from their entrance to their exit is a bit shorter, in my opinion, than what the timeline requires. I think Brandon may need to massage some of the descriptions of how much time is passing. Some of the Everstorms seem to hit quite a bit off from where they SHOULD. This mostly doesn't bother me. The book states that they vary a bit. But the timing of the last one in Kholinar looks strange to me. Szeth and the Skybreakers spent FOUR days flying from Purelake to Marat. They make several stops, but it still seems a little weird compared to other flight times that we have.
  12. It's coming from the first time Brandon read that passage. See the final line here, after the reading: As others have said, he simply mentioned that Kaladin shows up after this scene. The passage saw a pretty major rewrite between versions, so we're working under the assumption that this is still true. Seems like a safe assumption though. No reason to assume something as big as "Kaladin shows up here in the story" would have changed.
  13. I've long been expecting a 2021 release, and while he keeps insisting 2020 there's less and less time for him to convince me that's true. XD I expect he'll finish in early 2020 and release in early 2021. I wouldn't at all be surprised if, when he realizes it will be late, he uses the momentum to crank out a novella. Sounds like Rock novella may take priority over Wandersail? Rock is involved with the main characters, so that could be really nice as a tie between 3 and 4, with the time jump happening. I'm happy with either though. Presumably if he did that before finishing SA4, or right after SA4 completion, they could get it published by the end of 2020? I'm assuming he will spend the rest of 2020 writing Lost Metal and Skyward 3 & 4. Not sure which he'll prioritize, but I assume the goal would be a Fall 2021 (or earlier) release for Lost Metal and Skyward 3. So 2021 will probably be a busy year for us! Though perhaps one of those will slip to 2022, with subsequent SA4 drafts to be written.
  14. I would prefer for Brandon to make the Eshonai flashbacks work somehow. Simply because I loved Eshonai and this is our last chance to see from her eyes. But I'm definitely not opposed to Venli, if that's how it needs to go. Seems like a mix of the two would be ideal... Like the way Dalinar and Adolin shared "Dalinar's chapters" in TWoK. Brandon followed up with a comment yesterday that he was considering this option as well, though he doesn't seem to like it for whatever reason.
  15. Today, Brandon posted another update on Stormlight 4 on Reddit. In his last update 2 months ago, Brandon announced that he had finished the entirety of Part One, with the book 28% complete. Today, Brandon has officially hit the halfway point, with 200k words written out of a planned 400k. For reference, Words of Radiance was just shy of 400k words. Here are the highlights of this update: Potential Flashback Character Changes The most unexpected news in this update was the announcement that we may see a change of flashback characters! Eshonai has looooong been Brandon's plan as the book 4 flashback character, even after he decided to kill her off in the opening interludes of Oathbringer. While he was looking forward to writing more from Eshonai's PoV, Brandon is now concerned that her flashbacks will "feel like fluff" and not add much to the story. Venli on the other hand knows more of what's going on behind the scenes with the listeners, and is in a position to explore more cosmere mysteries and provide answers to some burning questions. The flashbacks aren't written yet, and Brandon hasn't officially decided. So we'll have to wait and see where things go from here. What do you think? Are you itching for some more Eshonai or does the phrase "cosmere mysteries" (Brandon's words) have you like, "Yes, please?" Visual Outline To accompany this update, Brandon included a visual outline of book 4, breaking the story down by parts and plot arcs: In Brandon's third update, he mentioned that the book was outlined as three primary story arcs which develop in separate locations: the Primary Arc featuring four characters, the Secondary Arc featuring three more, and the Tertiary Arc featuring two others. It appears that things shifted around slightly as the "Primary Plot" includes five characters with the "Secondary Plot" only listing two, though Brandon also mentioned that Group One would focus on three characters in particular (with the 5th potentially having no viewpoint chapters aside from an interlude). This outline also gives us a sense of where these plot arcs fit into the five-part structure of Stormlight Archive books. It looks like we'll see the Primary Plot running throughout the book while the Secondary and Tertiary Plots will swap in and out. The flashback sequence for book 4 appears to be concentrated in the final three parts, which is a bit different from what we've seen before.There's a lot we don't know about how this fits together, but when has that ever stopped us from speculating?! Let us know in the comments what your theories are for which characters belong to which group and where you think their story will play out! Writing Outlook Brandon is still 30k words behind schedule, which equates to about a month of writing. He's hoping for a productive September, but some touring in October (France & Israel) might hold him back. We'll have to wait and see whether Brandon is able to hit his January deadline. If not, we may be looking at a Spring 2021 release. Brandon did emphasize that if it comes down to hitting a deadline or finishing the book right, he WILL delay the book until he's happy with it. So that's where he is. As usual, we must say how fortunate we are as a fandom to follow an author who is so up-front about his process. Even if Brandon doesn't hit 2020 as a release, I'm sure it'll be because he wants to make the book as good as possible.
  16. For Group 1 being in Alethkar, I would assume they'll end up mostly in the same corner of the country. Probably in the vicinity of Hearthstone. Being in the same place doesn't mean they are holding hands from one chapter to the next. Just means they are close enough to have occasional interactions. Maybe one becomes a prisoner to the others. Maybe they face off on a battlefield. Maybe one group is trying to thwart the efforts of the other. That sort of thing. That was only referring to Part 1 of the book.
  17. Definitely need to remove "distillation". And probably needs rewording. I think it's fairly clear Brandon is saying ettmetal is a distinct metal. (" No, you would-- It actually has become a different-- ") That is, it's not just a simple alloy of atium and lerasium. I also think it's fairly clear that ettmetal can be "split", ("Yeah. I mean, you could find a way...") though the process to do that is complex and probably requires magic. But it is NOT clear what ettmetal can be split into. That said, atium and lerasium seems most likely by far. It would be rather odd if Brandon means to imply it can be split into... something else, that we don't know anything about. It makes sense that you'd get atium and lerasium from it. Brandon's point is simply that you're not talking about separating atoms of one element from the atoms of another.
  18. White Sand: Volume 1 was released today on GraphicAudio! White Sand was one of Brandon Sanderson's earliest novels, which he later rewrote around the time Elantris was published. It was never released, however, as other projects took precedence, and Brandon was never quite satisfied with the story. This changed when Brandon announced that he would be working with Dynamite Entertainment to produce a series of graphic novels based on his book. Brandon collaborated with Rik Hoskin to adapt a script based on his novel, and the first volume of three was published in 2016. In an interview earlier this year, Rik Hoskin revealed he was working with GraphicAudio to adapt Brandon's novel yet again! Rik has prior experience with GraphicAudio, which produces audiobooks that include a full cast of actors, sound effects, and cinematic music. GraphicAudio has adapted nearly all of Sanderson's Cosmere works to date, though the odd development of White Sand makes this one somewhat unique. In the interview, Rik had this to say about his methods for developing this new rendition of the story: While GraphicAudio occasionally has to abridge the content in Brandon's novels, it looks like we'll see the reverse happen in this case. While this new iteration is, at its core, an adaptation of the graphic novels, the script also pulls directly from the prose source material, and even includes scenes that had to be cut from the graphic novels. Check out the book's page on GraphicAudio's website for a trailer as well as a 4-minute sample of some exciting action set towards the end of volume 1, chapter 1! With the prose novel available via Brandon's newsletter, this means we'll have three very different takes on the same story. Are you excited to see this new rendition of White Sand? Let us know what you think in the comments.
  19. Uh-oh, more importantly it looks like the hardback got pushed back a week as well. Not sure when this happened, anyone else notice? It used to be September 10th and now says 17th. Not sure when it changed, could have been weeks ago and I just didn't notice.
  20. Time for another round of Coppermind objectives! First we need to say a big thank you to everyone who helped out in June and July. We weren't able to get around to several objectives, but we DID have a lot of contributions nonetheless. I wanted to give a special shoutout to Rasarr in particular, who made over 125,000 bytes of contributions! Lots of good work all around, so thank you to everyone who helped. I'm pleased to announce that we've officially crossed the 1 year anniversary for these objectives! We started these in July of last year. The amount of help we have received and the number of new people contributing to the wiki has been so encouraging, so I can't say enough how thankful we are for everyone who has participated so far! We've got some exciting news about the state of the wiki as well... We're only 22 articles away from being 2/3 complete! In other words, if we can get just 22 more articles to a "complete" status, the "complete" articles on the Coppermind will outnumber partials and stubs 2 to 1! This is a HUGE milestone that we're excited to hit in the very near future! We'd love to have your help getting there! As always, we're happy for any help we can get, so don't be shy. If you're new to editing the Coppermind, don't worry; we'll help you out with guides and plenty of assistance. You don't need experience, just the will to help out! We'll also provide awards, because everyone loves fake internet points. Without further ado, here are our objectives for the next two months. If you find something you'd like to help with, claim it here, and let us know if you have any questions! If nothing in the list below catches your eye, there are leftover objectives from previous months up for grabs in the claim spreadsheet. If you sign up for something, please say hi on Discord so that we can offer support and touch base with you! Larger Projects Let's start with some larger projects. These objectives will definitely require some research and a good bit of writing. Anyone is welcome to take them--we just don't want you to feel like you've bitten off more than you can chew. 1. Stormseat First up this round is the legendary city of Stormseat...or Narak if you prefer. This ancient city, a capital of one of the Silver Kingdoms, is barely more than a stub. We don't know a lot about the city, so this is going to take a good bit of digging even if the final article won't be particularly massive. Just channel your inner Shallan! 2. Tyn And here's another unfortunate one that's basically a stub. Shallan's tutor only appears in a handful of chapters... But there's certainly a lot more that could be said, and her influence on our Shallan in that short time was tremendous. At the very least we'd like to fill out some basic character sections, like her appearance & personality, history, attributes & abilities, and relationships 3. Fjorden Fjorden might be one of the largest and most powerful nations on one of the most massive planets in the cosmere... Its article, however, might be on the list of the shortest and weakest. I have it on good authority that Wyrn is displeased. Help us appease Jaddeth, or suffer the consequences! 4. Zeen Nightshade Okay, I get it. When you die in the prologue, your article is not going to be in the running for longest character article. But Chaser deserves more than three sentences folks! Let's give Spensa's father the honor and respect he deserves! 5. The Battle of Alta Another major Skyward objective, yep. With Starsight coming out later this year, we'd like to get our Skyward articles cleaned up and ready for more! So far, Battle of Alta mostly just consists of a list of participating pilots. The battle was certainly shrouded in mystery, so it's going to take some work dig in and help clear up what happened! Smaller Tasks These are tasks that are much shorter and involve characters or topics that are minor. But, hey, minor things are important to have done too! Many of these articles are so short that they will not require separate sections. Research should be fairly straight forward. For short articles, include as much as you can possibly find about them. 1. Elend's Attributes & Abilities Time to give some love to MIstborn! Elend's article isn't terrible, but his Attributes & Abilities section needs a lot of help. One of the most powerful Mistborn ever deserves more from us. Let's clear up Elend's talents as well as the extent of his newfound Allomancy. 2. Alonoe Technically another Mistborn opportunity, but this one is really for those of you who eat Cosmere lore for breakfast. Alonoe doesn't get a whole lot of screen time in her Secret History stint, but as a powerful figure in one of the cosmere's most mysterious organizations, we really need to dig deep and get this one in shape. 3. Nightstorm Flight Interested in helping with the Skyward push but don't have time for one of those larger projects? Nightstorm Flight should fit the bill--they only make a few appearances. Great article to get your feet wet with! 4. Spensa's Mother Brandon might have a thing against moms, but we here at the Coppermind don't! She might never be named. She might not play a major role in the book. But there's definitely more that could be said on this mother's page. 5. Tarson How about another Mistborn option? We did Era 1 and Secret History, so let's try an Era 2 option. The koloss-blooded Tarson should have enough content out there for us to fill out some basic character sections. Let's at least give him proper personality & appearance and history sections. What's in it for me? We want to motivate people to help, so we will be giving out Coppermind awards for the users with the most edits, and we'll also give out awards if you contributed to one of these items. They'll be on your user page for all to see. Here's a look at our top editors from the last two months! Most Contributions 1. Rasarr - 127,446 bytes 2. Talenel - 57,199 bytes 3. Stargazer - 21,266 bytes 4. Alicila - 16,540 bytes 5. Thurin - 16,078 bytes Objective Completions 1. Rebeca - 1 Major, 0 Minor 2. Talenel - 0 Major, 3 Minor 3. Rasarr - 0 Major, 2 Minor How do I to start? The most important thing is to be bold! Content is hard to write, but we can always format your stuff if it doesn't quite match conventions. MediaWiki notation may appear scary at first, but the best way to learn is through experience. If you're interested, we have lots of guides to help: Help:Contents. It does very much help to have ebooks so you can find instances of a specific word or person. (This is extremely helpful for minor characters). If you have physical books, ask us and we can help you determine this so you don't need to reread the whole text. We can also direct you towards some good articles to use as a go-by. Come join us on the dedicated Coppermind Discord, or come chat in the #coppermind channel on the 17th Shard Discord. We are really happy to help!
  21. Heh, was just thinking, "Hey, someone asked about fletching just the other day..."
  22. Agreed, good eye. The White Sand articles desperately need some love.
  23. They've typically been quieter on White Sand release info. Largely because I don't think they're as closely involved with the publisher as they are with Brandon's usual books. And I don't think anyone has asked Brandon about the release date in several months.
  24. Brandon has said that Hoid makes an appearance, but he hasn't confirmed who he is. I agree pretty strongly that it seems to be this guy. That post was from before Volume 2 was published. Same character makes at least an appearance or two in Volume 2.
  25. In Chapter 4, on the page before they reach Kezare, Khriss comments on the air gun device: Based on the Prose version and some other uses in the graphic novels (e.g. qido/qidoin), I'm pretty sure this is the plural form of zinkall. But the sentence is structured as if it's singular. Seems like this should be "zinkall" or else the sentence needs to be reworded slightly.