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  1. You're certainly welcome to make a new thread of course. Just my recommendation, as those of us who dig into the glyphs/languages frequently often refer to those two threads and post new things to them. It's been a while since somebody added something new, but the original translation thread was going on for 3.5 years (until OB came out). Some people subscribe to those threads, so when something new gets posted they'll be curious to see and maybe contribute to what you're trying to do. I could have sworn that somebody had looked into these glyphs after we got the OB phoneme chart, but I don't see anything in there. Maybe I looked into it myself and gave up before posting. I'm particularly curious to see if we can make letters out for most of the Surge glyphs...
  2. And by high g's (at high terminal velocities). I figure it could also come from changing direction as well, if you roughly maintain terminal velocity and if the direction change is relatively fast. (thus, the high drag force changing directions very suddenly) Perhaps you could also reorient your body so that it's facing the same direction relative to the drag and avoid that, but then your body is rotating very fast, which might cause similar problems. Better to discuss details in a topic on the Stormlight forum though. I doubt they will rework specifics like this because there are similar issues in Words of Radiance that were never addressed. I get the sense Brandon's happy with the balance he has between being correct and being intuitive to a typical reader.
  3. Please post any Oathbringer typos you come across in this thread. Give a clear explanation of what the typo is along with a reference of where it can be found. This thread will be unlocked on November 14, 2017. NOTE: Oathbringer Preview chapters posted by Tor contain typos that are NOT in the final version of the book. Do not post typos which you have found anywhere prior to the full release of the book.
  4. I think people have tried to do this in the OB thread you linked? (Or the original.) In any case, you might want to post that in there, so that your analysis doesn't get lost. Personally, I think it's pretty likely that these glyphs are all associated with the Heralds' names. More specifically, I imagine the words they are based on are rooted in the Heralds' names, and then on top of that I suspect the glyphs themselves have been warped over time. So you'll probably find a few letters from the Herald's name... Mixed in with letters that are warped beyond recognition... And other lines that were added over time which mean nothing at all. Very much exactly like we see with the "Zeras" example over time in the OB glyphs page. The surges seem much more clear, and can probably be translated... The problem is that they translate into the Alethi word, which is somewhat meaningless to us.
  5. I've said elsewhere, and I'll say it again. I would LOVE if we got a set of epigraphs in book 4 that are (cryptic?) Dawnchant translations. I imagined them coming from random fragments, but a set specifically from stele (dating from the First Desolation?) would work just as well!
  6. I very adamantly agree with this. Kaladin is far too obsessed with protecting his men and to addicted to wallowing in his guilt to give a partner the love and attention they deserve. Whatever the case may be for Shallan (that's a discussion for another topic), I don't think Sanderson will put Kaladin into a relationship until he's ready for it because this whole idea that Kaladin needs to let go seems to be central of Kaladin's character development. That Oathbringer Tarah flashback charged into the issue head on: Or, well, I guess Sanderson could use the beginnings of a relationship to help encourage Kaladin's growth. In any case... I don't think Kaladin is ready for a relationship at all. I lean towards the suspicion that he will end up in one, even if not until the very end of book 5. But he has a journey to make before that happens.
  7. I was always so embarrassed to carry Lord of Chaos around when I was reading it in high school. The Dragkhar makes it look like some kind of vampire romance novel. "Lord of Twilight"? How you take Dumai's Wells and turn it into that, I'll never know! Crown of Swords looks like it's inspired by 80s heavy metal. "Crowns N' Swords"?
  8. Now we're talking! A Fortune Drive! Press the big red button and you instantly find yourself wherever it is in the cosmere that you need to be.
  9. Yes, but we're also talking about an author who considers the implications of magical time bubbles blue-shifting visible light into x-rays. Brandon breaks the rules of physics left and right, but he usually tends to do it in ways that make a certain kind of sense. I think Brandon is much more likely to bend or bypass the rules of Relatively than he is to just outright ignore them. There's several ways to do FTL without saying, "Who's Einstein? Just go faster."
  10. @Overlord Jebus you're in good company! But honestly, Alcubierre seems like the best bet. Are there any other FTL options besides that and wormholes which aren't just outright contradiction of physics?
  11. Yeah, but traveling at >100 times the speed of light can't be cheap either... Can't really make a comparison without knowing what rules Brandon wants to ground it in. I suppose part of me just likes the way that travel through the Cognitive Realm circumvents most of the physics involved while anything else, so far as I can see, is just going to laugh at physics.
  12. OP didn't say anything about only using perpendicularities, though perhaps it was implied. I tend to agree with the general sentiment. If there's a way to "tunnel" in and out of the Cognitive Realm (e.g. Elsecalling), I imagine it would be faster and more efficient to get around the cosmere that way. Very reminiscent of Z-Space from Animorphs. (and plenty of other similar ideas I'm sure) If they develop "true" FTL travel (i.e., traveling through the physical realm at superluminal speeds) I would assume that's because either (1) there aren't any mechanical means to imitate Elsecalling or (2) the energy/Investiture cost isn't worth it.
  13. I've got this page of "Things you may have missed" in reading Stormlight. It's basically a list of interesting things in each book that are easy to miss/overlook/misunderstand or that weren't revealed clearly in the books alone. The Oathbringer page needs an update, and I could use some help thinking of things that need to be included. Anything come to mind that you think definitely needs to be in there? Note: This does not include connections to other cosmere books. I've got a list of those elsewhere. I'm specifically focusing on Stormlight Archive stuff here. Current list: Dalinar's memories of Evi were taken by Cultivation herself--not by the Nightwatcher. Dalinar summoned Honor's Perpendicularity in chapter 119. Odium confirms (Chapter 122) that Dalinar Ascended in this moment. It is not entirely clear what is implied when Dalinar declared, "I am Unity," or what Odium meant when he said, "WE killed you." Jasnah obtained pictures of the Heralds from Wit, during their time together between the WoR Epilogue and her arrival in Oathbringer. ("I have drawings of their true faces, provided by an unexpected source." Chapter 53 and "Why has Midius been giving away pictures of us?" Chapter 121) Lopin seems to be chasing his spren, Rua, at the end of Chapter 55. This is possibly their first meeting. Humans originally came to Roshar from Ashyn. (WoB) The Cryptic that Wit picks up in the Epilogue was the one who was going to bond Elhokar. (WoB) Urithiru is not a spaceship. [WoB]
  14. From the Stormlight Book Four Update #2: The previous working title mentioned (which was explicitly "unlikely" when he shared it) was "The Song of Changes". Thoughts on the new potential title? Thoughts on how it fits the book's theme? Thoughts on what the in-world text will be about?
  15. I was joking about this potential book acronym symmetry myself when I first heard. As amusing as it would be to have a KoW/HoW/KoH... I'm a big fan of the proposed "Stones Unhallowed" for book 5. I've definitely seen people complain about the similarity of Brandon's acronyms before--especially when you start throwing in Mistborn (WoA & HoA in particular). With WoR being one letter off from both WoK AND RoW, there's bound to be lots of confusion... Alas. I've personally been STRONGLY insistent that we should include the "The" in these acryonyms. It's not WoK. It's TWoK. I'd argue that, for the sake of clarity, we should encourage people to call this one TRoW rather than RoW. (assuming the title sticks) People are still going to use RoW of course. But I'll be pushing for TRoW as much as possible myself.
  16. I think you're misinterpreting that. I suppose you might argue the difference is pedantic until we know more, but there IS apparently a difference. Ico outright says in that quote that Riino's "crystal ball" is merely "similar" to a perfect gemstone. And it's that device which he claims is foreign technology--not the perfect gems used in Celebrant.
  17. @Tarnarmour i don't think any of us believe Brandon actually has some kind of logical basis for all of this. He DEFINITELY just wrote what felt right to him and didn't realize the inconsistency. It's just that coming up with a logical, consistent in-world explanation is fun. Welcome to the forums!
  18. Great costumes all around!
  19. I do agree with OP that Roshar's history isn't as deeply explored. (well, okay, I haven't read ASoIaF yet, but I have a sense for it and I think the same could be said in comparison with other series) I DO think he has much more planned than has been revealed... But I also think Brandon is simply less interested in mundane historical detail than some other fantasy authors. He'll insert a fact or an anecdote here or there, but Brandon doesn't tend to pepper his stories full of one-off mentions that may or may not matter down the road. I feel like this is true of his worldbuilding in general. Concerning the distant past (>1500 years), this is mainly because of Desolations, the Recreance, revisionist history, etc. Much has been lost and forgotten. From a narrative perspective--he can't reveal too much because the mystery of it matters to the plot. Concerning the more recent past, I think some of it is because it matters to the plot. Some of it is surely that he just doesn't care to go into it though, if I had to guess. One thing I've noticed with WoBs is that Brandon is hesitant to canonize details when he thinks the story may come back around and deal with that topic later. I imagine this is true of the writing as well. Story and characters are king to Brandon. We already saw a few minor retcons with Dalinar's past in Oathbringer. I think Brandon likes to leave himself room to breathe when it comes to details (like history), because he doesn't want to come up with a great idea that has to be scrapped when it turns out he previously threw a few lines in that prevent it from working. So he has more of the history worked out than he has shown, but he's not showering us with the details in case they need to change. (And he isn't super interested in getting into the weeds in the books anyways.) Just my opinion/interpretation.
  20. @Ark1002 Ah! Sorry, I forgot about updating those. I'll take care of that for you when I get a chance.
  21. Bravo
  22. theory

    And that's absolutely valid. I'm just being picky about [what I perceived as] the implication that Adolin planning to back off indicates that he merely has "affection." The statement felt more... conclusive? than what @insert_anagram_here obviously intended. ————— I don't want to derail the discussion being had in this thread, but I feel like this needs to be addressed. I'm speaking to everyone here, in case that needs to be said. I'm reading through this thread and seeing lots of different opinions being shared. I don't see anyone being "jumped on or beaten to death" with one opinion or the other. There's obviously two overarching opinions, right? ("will not last" vs. "will last"). There are several people arguing in favor of each. Both opinions are effectively welcome, as far as I can see. There's a lot of debate paired with those opinions. That doesn't mean the opposing opinions aren't welcome. Just because someone shows up to argue doesn't mean they're trying to suppress an alternate perspective. Just because their argument isn't exhaustive and flawless doesn't mean they're unwilling to consider the points that they skipped over. It kind of feels like each "side" believes the other is trying to push opposing views away. This isn't a fight. There's no winning. I think everyone here understands that we're largely dealing with a mix of theory and opinion, and I think everyone here has given their opinions a lot of thought. Let's please assume the best in others and be patient when tempers flare. (It's happened all around, I can assure you.) Please report cases where that happens. (and "thank you" to those who do) It's not always easy to keep a level head when discussing something we're passionate about.
  23. theory

    Re: @Alderant's point, I agree that @Calderis's response was missing the point. But I do very much disagree with this. Anagram, it sounds like you're casually dismissing the entire "love someone enough to let them go" trope. I absolutely disagree that real love is incapable of letting someone go for the sake of their own happiness. If I understand the context of this argument, Calderis was arguing that Adolin "letting go of Shallan" is a sign of love. That doesn't have to be the case. You could read it as if he doesn't love her enough to fight for her. But I don't think you can definitively say it means he doesn't love her [enough] either.
  24. @binh0k04 you don't even need to make an account. Just click the "Edit" button/tab at the top right. (though there are some benefits to making an account) In any case... I've done my best to add this missing text in. It's tricky though... I think everything in there was based on the order of the epigraphs. But this passage that Kelsier reads had a few chunks from later epigraphs mixed in, proving that the epigraphs aren't necessarily in the "correct" order. I've moved those portions to match what Kelsier reads, and I've added a note at the beginning of the article that the ordering of provided passages is uncertain. I've also made it clear that we only have excerpts not the actual FULL text of the journal. If there are other portions of the text not revealed in the epigraphs, it would be helpful if someone could report that. (or even better, just go in and add it) I've only added this one portion Kelsier reads from the beginning of chapter 21.
  25. Fabrials! Tell me exactly how fabrials work, Brandon! Shadesmar. I want to see more of it. A different place. A new major city perhaps.