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  1. Welcome @Mistborn knight! I've been working through Lightbringer for the first time myself.
  2. BookDepository is owned by Amazon, so that easily explains why they share a common date. (Though even if that weren't the case it wouldn't necessarily mean anything.) This is almost certainly just a placeholder date in my opinion. That's VERY common for unreleased books I'm looking forward to the 3rd book, but I'm not holding my breath for this list date at all.
  3. Sorry, this got a little wordy. But you're about to read WoT, so you should be ready for that. Books 1-3 are very similar in style and structure, and they almost read like a trilogy. If you're not a big fan of these three, you should push on because the series really comes into its own with book 4. That's really when the story begins to branch out into something amazing. I agree with Striker that if you aren't enjoying yourself at the end of book 6 then you should put it down. If you don't like what you've read at that point, it's not going to suddenly get better for you. If you ARE enjoying yourself at that point, you have the slog ahead of you between books 7 and 10... It's NOT that bad if you're enjoying the books. It's not an info dump. Basically what happens is that the story expands too much and the the story becomes a bit of a tangled mess. Lots of minor PoV characters introduced, that you maybe don't care about. Lots of plot arcs being juggled, which means none of them seem to advance particularly far from one book to the next. Books begin to feel less distinct because there's a lack of focus and finality with each one. My advice to everyone on this is to check your expectations. If you REALLY want your favorite main character to go do some big thing that you've been anticipating and move the story forward.... You're probably going to be disappointed. You're probably going to feel impatient. You're going to have a hard time being interested in the minor characters. You're going to have a hard time savoring the journey because your eyes are on the destination. Don't do that to yourself. Take a deep breath and tell yourself to be patient. You'll find a lot more to love in the sloggy books if you have this attitude. (In my experience with rereads, where impatience to see what happens with the main plot is no longer an issue, these books are a pleasure to read because there are so many little intricate things going on.) The Companion is more for reareads or general perusal after you've finished the series. It has MAJOR SPOILERS. You don't need it. That said, if you have questions when you're reading I would discourage Googling them as well. Google autocomplete will spoil big things for you from the final book. If you have a question while reading, I'd recommend finding an online community where people are cautious with spoilers and asking there. I definitely recommend reading New Spring. You shouldn't read it first though. It's a "prequel novel" in that it takes place before the first book, chronologically. But it will spoil things from the middle books and I'd say it will give you a different experience than Jordan intended if you read it first. Most people recommend reading it in publication order, which is between books 10 and 11. Another common recommendation is after book 5. It's a relatively short book with VERY few PoV characters and a very simple plot... So I often recommend that people use it to take a short break from the slog books if you need it. If you make it through book 10 and never felt like you needed a break, then great... Now you're at publication order and you can pause to read it then. Some people say to read it after the end. Personally, I think it's rather anticlimactic for that purpose. But that's certainly an option if you never feel like putting the main books down.
  4. Favorites, in order: Nynaeve Mat Verin Honorable mentions: Lan. Moiraine. Androl & Pevara. (I loved what Brandon did with them. Just not enough book time for me to list them as favorites.) Least favorites, in order: Gawyn (after book 4) Elayne (after book 4) Egwene (until book 11) Honorable mentions: Rand when he's in a self pitying mood. Perrin when Faile is kidnapped.
  5. @Nobody There is, actually! But I don't know where they play it... I'll ask around. Edit: Sounds like they usually set up games informally on Discord from time to time. See the right sidebar on the 17th Shard homepage for a link to the Discord server. It's easy to join, if you're not familiar. Just visit the #general channel and see if anyone wants to play sometime.
  6. Welcome Bloodweaver!
  7. Those don't strike me as anything particularly unique concerning the Dustbringers. I'm sure there were Radiants from all orders who were great people who valued their families. I'd say our biggest clues we have on Dustbringers just come from observations of Malata and Spark. Obviously they don't represent all Dustbringers, especially with respect to their cooperation with Taravangian. But I think there's something about their personality and values that is revealed regardless. Other than that, the next biggest clue is Pattern's comments in OB 27: Pattern's opinion is sure to be biased. Regardless, I'm left with an impression of someone very different from Lirin.
  8. This is perhaps the main thing that makes me skeptical of the idea @Argent presented. If it's true that the Ashynites essentially destroyed their own world with Surges (presumably via Odium) then it seems very likely to me that the concern we're dealing with on Roshar is directly related.
  9. I think the "divine attributes" associated with the order are just a modern/Vorin cultural thing. If there's a connection, it's probably a complicated and messy one. So that said, while I absolutely agree that Lirin is brave... Obedient? Eh... I don't think obedience is why he lives by those principles. And regardless, in terms of personality Lirin seems like the OPPOSITE of a Dustbringer to me.
  10. Oh, totally. I was actually coming down on the other side of things. It was the first part of your statement that I was primarily skeptical of. I didn't think it was possible to Soulcast something into a gemstone at all. I'd actually be a little surprised if you can Soulcast a gemstone into something else? But I guess that's not unreasonable. I definitely wouldn't think that you could Soulcast something into a gemstone. Or if you can, I don't expect it would work like a "real" gemstone in terms of its ability to hold Stormlight, be used for Soulcasting, etc. (and the Shallan quote seems to support this)
  11. I definitely think so. I suspect the strata in Urithiru actually did this, to some degree. (see Dalinar and Navani's conversation at the beginning of OB ch 96) (edit: lol, Karger ninja'd me) In theory, it seems fairly straightforward to me. I think if you put two gems in contact (at the very least, if you fuse them) then Stormlight will distribute between them. So if you have a gem at one end that's being drawn from and a well of Stormlight on the other end then the Stormlight will flow to replace the Stormlight that was removed. Seems like gems are too brittle to make good "pipes", but maybe there's an engineering solution to that. I don't think that's the case... Do you know what WoB you're thinking of?
  12. Time for another round of Coppermind objectives! First we need to say a big thank you to everyone who helped out in April and May. We got a lot done, with help from long-time users and new editors alike. I wanted to give a special shoutout to Stargazer in particular, who showed up in mid-April and ended up in the top of the pack on both objective completions and total contributions! Lots of good work all around, so thank you to everyone who helped. In other news, we've officially reached the lowest stub count in the history of the wiki! This is a huge milestone for us, and we're ecstatic! Thanks for the hard work, folks. Let's keep it up! One more round to go and we'll be hitting our one year anniversary for these objectives! As always, we're happy for any help we can get, so don't be shy. If you're new to editing the Coppermind, don't worry; we'll help you out with guides and plenty of assistance. You don't need experience, just the will to help out! We'll also provide awards, because everyone loves fake internet points. Without further ado, here are our objectives for June and July. If you find something you'd like to help with, claim it here, and let us know if you have any questions! If nothing in the list below catches your eye, there are leftover objectives from previous months up for grabs in the claim spreadsheet. If you sign up for something, please say hi on Discord so that we can offer support and touch base with you! Larger Projects Let's start with some larger projects. These objectives will definitely require some research and a good bit of writing. Anyone is welcome to take them--we just don't want you to feel like you've bitten off more than you can chew. 1. Vin's Relationships First up this round is our beloved Vin. We like to have a "Relationships" section on our character pages, which covers their relationships with the significant people in their lives. Vin's article has a gaping hole where this section belongs! We would like to cover her relationships with Elend, Kelsier, and Sazed, though you're welcome to add more! Let us know if you need help getting started on this. 2. Steris Here's another Mistborn favorite, though you wouldn't know it from her article. We've been neglecting her worse than Wax apparently. We could use your help fleshing out Steris's History section. It would also be good to start a Relationships section that covers Wax and Marasi. 3. Syl's History Stormlight Archive time! Syl is one of the most loveable and important spren on Roshar. Her history section, however, hasn't been touched since Kaladin swore his second Ideal in The Way of Kings... What more is there to say? We don't need a history book written about her, but we need something! 4. Lukel So I'm flipping through some Elantris articles and started to think Raoden/Sarene's group of conspirators might collectively make for a fantastic objective. Then I opened up Lukel's page and found little more than a bullet point outline of this major Elantris character. Anyone want to flesh this article out? 5. Allik Neverfar One more Mistborn character to choose from! The Southern Scadrians might mostly be an enigma still, but this delightful character is a familiar facce. Or a familiar mask, at least. This article needs a bit of work all around. Smaller Tasks These are tasks that are much shorter and involve characters or topics that are minor. But, hey, minor things are important to have done too! Many of these articles are so short that they will not require separate sections. Research should be fairly straight forward. For short articles, include as much as you can possibly find about them. 1. Lift's Oathbringer History Here's a pretty Awesome objective that should be straightforward. Lift doesn't play a tremendous role in Oathbringer, but she definitely did more than the single sentence in her history section tells of! She still hasn't been updated for Oathbringer! Let's fix that. 2. Susebron Susebron is one of the most Invested individuals in the cosmere, but his Attributes and Abilities section is nonexistant. If that doesn't make you see red I don't know what will. See the equivalent section on Vasher's page as a starting point. It would also be nice to add a section about his relationship with Siri. Double credit if you can do both, but either would be a big help. 3. Eshonai's Relationships With Eshonai's flashbacks being written now (like seriously, maybe at this very moment!) it's important for us to make sure this Shardbearer's article is ready to go for the next book. She needs a Relationships section, that covers (at least) her relationships with Venli and her mother. 4. Dusk In honor of the recent news about progress on the Sixth of the Dusk sequel, this seems like a good time to polish up the Eelakin trapper's own article. He's got a pretty solid history section, but the rest of the article could use some love still. While he has no magic of his own, Dusk has plenty of abilities worth noting. His appearance and his relationship with Vathi could also use some attention. 5. M-Bot's History Let's wrap up with a non-Cosmere favorite? M-Bot's history is off to a good start, but it could use some fleshing out. And most of the information presently there is uncited. We'd love some help cleaning this up! What's in it for me? We want to motivate people to help, so we will be giving out Coppermind awards for the users in the coming months with the most edits, and we'll also give out awards if you contributed to one of these items. They'll be on your user page for all to see. Here's a look at our top editors from the last month! Most Contributions 1. Ammcclain15 - 37,053 bytes 2. Thurin - 33,465 bytes 3. Stargazer - 25,400 bytes 4. Alicila - 22,190 bytes 5. Ladymxdnight - 7,615 bytes Objective Completions 1. Stargazer - 1 Major, 2 Minor 2. Rebeca - 1 Major, 1 Minor 3. Rasarr - 1 Major, 0 Minor How do I to start? The most important thing is to be bold! Content is hard to write, but we can always format your stuff if it doesn't quite match conventions. MediaWiki notation may appear scary at first, but the best way to learn is through experience. If you're interested, we have lots of guides to help: Help:Contents. It does very much help to have ebooks so you can find instances of a specific word or person. (This is extremely helpful for minor characters). If you have physical books, ask us and we can help you determine this so you don't need to reread the whole text. We can also direct you towards some good articles to use as a go-by. Come join us on the dedicated Coppermind Discord, or come chat in the #coppermind channel on the 17th Shard Discord. We are really happy to help!
  13. This is what I've been thinking as well. All very well said.
  14. I'm totally on board with the theory that "the Fused are Surgebinding". Their expression of the Surges is different, but it's pretty clearly the same Surge. Brandon's statements have been very clear that Voidbinding is something we haven't really seen. But... I'm really baffled by the Voidbinding chart. All of the "Surges" on the Voidbinding chart are... Surges. The exact same Surges from Surgebinding. Yeah, they're all twisted. But it's the same Alethi word. This is the biggest issue I have with the theory, and I've really struggled to conjure a satisfying answer. I guess it's possible that the symbols are sort of used in a kind of symbolic sense. Like... maybe the "first Void" is really not analogous with Adhesion in any way... But the whole concept is too profane to warrant a glyph, so they just use a twisted Adhesion glyph as a stand-in. (if that makes sense) It's also possible that my imagination as to what each Surge represents isn't big enough. I can, for example, see how "seeing the future" can be encompassed in the Surge of Illumination.(that is, within some umbrella concept that the Surgebinder Surge of Illumination also falls under) But I have a much harder time grasping how this works out with other Surges. Or imagining rather, considering we haven't seen many clues of what the other "Voids" are. Argent sort of addresses this, but I'm not entirely satisfied with how if fits together and with what makes these systems unique.
  15. Ever since reading this post and digging back into the origin of Surgebinding/Knights Radiant I've been really interested in this WoR chapter 35 epigraph: Nohadon mentions the term "Nahel bond" in Dalinar's TWoK vision, which means whatever this refers to it happened before the Knights Radiant formed. Who is the first "they" here? Doesn't seem like it would be the Surgebinders themselves. So most likely it was the spren deciding among themselves? Or at the very least it seems like the spren were involved. In light of this, I DO really like @Confused's interpretation of the epigraph about Ishar requiring organization. I can see how, if early Surgebinding was totally cavalier, things could easily get out of hand. So Ishar threatens the spren that he will destroy them if they don't organize themselves. Perhaps the oaths were part of that pre-Nohadon organization? And then the specific wording of the ideals was detailed later or developed over time? The mention of a "placement" for the bond is interesting, and it also reads as though the Surges "assigned" to each spren aren't entirely natural? That isn't to say there wasn't any kind of natural fit... And obviously they are patterned after the Honorblades. But it does seem like the associations didn't just... happen by accident.
  16. Welcome @Ashes&Allomancy! Stay away from the Mistborn and Cosmere forums. There's always another secret, and you don't want to know it before the time is right. Do you have a name for the Mistborn podcast? I assume you're using the Mistborn RPG?
  17. It sounds like you're saying the oaths existed and then the Orders just cemented teachings about what those mean. How do you square that with the fact that the wording of the First Ideal wasn't even written until sometime after Surgebinders existed? The spren themselves (along with their nature and values) certainly didn't change, so I'm not saying the spren and human didn't require some kind of mutual understanding concerning their values. I just imagine it was ultimately far less structured. The whole idea of 5 oaths just seems... both unnatural and unnecessary to the whole concept of the nahel bond to me. I mean, not the ideas behind the oaths. Just the way you have to say/believe these fairly specific things to advance one level at a time.
  18. I've never been quite sure what to make of the evidence that Surgebinding is partially of Cultivation. I think this logic is elegant and obvious, and I like it very much. The SYSTEM is of Honor. The Cultivation "influence" can all be explained away with the simple fact that there are some Cultivation-related spren in the picture. That doesn't mean the system is "of Cultivation". I have leaned more towards the assumption that the Surgebinders didn't have oaths at all prior to Ishar organizing them into the Knights Radiant. But if you strip those away then you're really just left with (1) the bonding aspect and (2) the Honorblade imitation aspect. The second doesn't seem to be fundamentally related to Honor in a clear way, if that makes any sense. And the first doesn't seem very novel, given the way spren have long been able to bond with other lifeforms on the planet. Different types of bonds, but bonds nonetheless. I'm left to imagine that either (1) there WERE some kind of oaths involved with the original Surgebinders (just much less organized I guess) and/or (2) there's something very telling about Honor's nature in the Nahel bond that's different from other types of spren bonds. I think it's very important to remember the distinction between "ancient fabrials" and "modern fabrials". It's possible that "fabrials are a magic system" specifically relates to ancient fabrials, with the modern version being something more... mundane. More likely, I suspect the modern fabrials are just a narrow, elementary usage of something much more complex. It's tough to extrapolate on Cultivation's connection to the system when most of what we know is related to this small branch of the bigger idea? One unifying concept seems to be that you have to "give the spren what they want". In modern fabrials it seems this is only used to trap them. I suspect you get better efficiency and/or more power by continuing to do this in some way. You shift the relationship from master-slave to something symbiotic. In any case, I'm willing to bet that the ancient fabrial approach looks more like cultivating a plant to bear fruit as opposed to the modern approach of chopping the tree down and stripping all the fruit off. Side note: I also tend to think the fabrials ARE using Surges. I think the Surges we see in Surgebinding are each a specific expression of a larger concept. Yep, and could this be exactly what Nale was referring to as the "greater power of the oaths" that Honor has to "regulate"? Would this suggest that Honor withheld the ability intentionally from Radiants in the past? Why? Why is that dangerous? Nale never using spheres doesn't need much of an explanation though, unless I'm missing something. He has his Honorblade.
  19. There's a great thread here that gets into lots of details about iron/steel Allomancy: I'm a little confused by the premise here though. When you burn iron/steel you see blue lines connecting your body to nearby metal. I would definitely assume that these lines are what the "spears of light" refers to, and I think we're all on the same page with that. (just making sure) So why are we assuming that they think of those blue lines as Investiture? I'm under the impression that they are merely how your brain visualizes your connection to nearby pieces of metal.
  20. I imagine one season per book. Ten seasons is on the high end for a TV series, but I don't think it's unreasonable. Especially with the time gap between 5 and 6. I'd use prologues/flashbacks as a cold open (one character per season, matching the books). So the first episode of each season starts with the prologue, and then the flashbacks have to be condensed into however many remaining episodes there are for the season. With exceptions if necessary. (might make sense to give some of Kaladin/Shallans' final flashbacks mid-episode) With Kaladin and Shallan I think this is very reasonable. For Dalinar things would need to be cut/merged. Interludes need to be cut or worked into the flow of the story. Something like Ishikk needs to be cut, or worked in some other way. (e.g. maybe you meet him in a season 3 Szeth PoV for the heck of it). If they don't directly relate to the main story then the information needs to be communicated another way. The interludes for "main characters" (Szeth, Eshonai, Venli, Teft...) can be worked into the normal flow of scenes. (i.e., once every episode or two in season 2 we cut to a brief Eshonai scene.) Trickiest thing here is Lift. Probably can cut her stuff and just introduce her in season 3.
  21. My guess/interpretation: Stormfather is Tanavast's Cognitive Shadow, so he's merely drawing a relationship between himself and Kaladin as a Windrunner. (i.e., Windrunners like Kaladin are his children just as Syl and the honorspren are.)
  22. Technically, The Way of Kings isn't really chronological. Shallan's initial chapters all take place a few months before Kaladin reaches the Shattered Plains. And Dalinar's initial chapters don't happen until sometime during Part 3 for Kaladin, I think. See timeline linked in my signature. But that's just being nitpicky. Yes, I agree that it would be best to jump around between characters in a TV show.
  23. Chaos or Argent or somebody mentioned that they were very much aware of that WoB in a comment somewhere. I think they were simply skeptical of Peter's statement until a revision was actually made. (in the original conversation Pagerunner had with Brandon, Brandon was very adamant that the opposite was true--so it kind of all comes across as if maybe there's a disagreement or an inconsistency that hasn't been totally resolved) That said, Argent was at JordanCon last weekend and, prompted by this Shardcast episode, asked Peter if there was any word on that potential revision. Peter confirmed that it should now be out on ebooks. Nobody seems to have that update yet for whatever reason, but it DOES strongly affirm the WoP Calderis cited. I'm really itching to know what the exact revision was.
  24. I think Brandon/Peter have been emphatic that Cohesion = make rocky into goop = a Willshaper thing. (i.e., Stormfather was wrong) @Pagerunner has a fantastic analysis of Cohesion and Tension here: I've added some opinions of my own just now about what Dalinar was doing in the scene with the temple/statue. (among other things) Too long to post here, so you'll have to read it there if interested.
  25. The recent Shardcast episode covering the last 4 orders of the Knights Radiant dug into Tension and Cohesion, so I ended up back in this thread to review everything we know. Two fresh thoughts on this topic. Axial Interconnection? First, I don't think the original post ever mentioned Khriss's definition of these Surges in the Ars Arcanum. Khriss might be wrong of course (she has been wrong before), but I think her perspective is valuable regardless. I've been wondering how to make sense of these. They actually fill a bit backwards, but I think I see a way to rationalize them. Just to reiterate, these are based on the Rosharan concept of the "ten fundamental forces of the cosmere". So whether Khriss is wrong about the magic or not, I think we can assume that the Rosharans view Strong/Soft Axial Interconnection as two distinct fundamental forces that govern nature. This is a cultural thing that requires basically no research on Khriss's part. It's not science. It's just how Rosharan's perceive the world. And not just Rosharans. Khriss herself seems to have no trouble connecting these Surges to natural forces in her own words in her essay on Roshar: The meaning of "axial interconnection" seems fairly trivial to me. We know that axi is is more or less a cosmere term for some fundamental unit of a substance. So "axial interconnection" or "axial force" seems very clearly to refer to the forces which hold matter together. So the real question at the bottom of all this that bugs me is, "why 'strong' and 'soft'?" Why is "strong" axial interconnection used to describe Cohesion-things and why is "soft" axial interconnection used to describe Tension-things? Apparently they interpret inter-molecular forces in two separate ways. The best I can figure, they see "solid" things as being held together by some "strong" axial force. They think there's this force that holds matter together in a "strong" way such that it holds it's shape and resists deformation. It's not hard to see why they think this is different than the force that causes water to stick together. And maybe it's a bit of a stretch, but I can also see why they think it's different than the force that holds solids together in a loose way. If they pick up a piece of flexible rubber, they think, "Not a lot of "strong force" in this substance." That's where the "soft" axial force kicks in. It's this force that explains these weaker, flexible connections between matter. The "soft" axial force is going to be "overpowered" by the "strong force" when that one is present. BUT the "soft" force allows for more flexibility. So the idea is probably that both of these are considered to be involved with most physical matter, to varying degrees. If I have a cup of water, there is little to no "strong force" between axi of water, but there is a bit of "soft force" which you can see in the form of surface tension. A block of clay has more "strong force" holding it together than water, but much less than a block of stone. So how do the Surges of Cohesion and Tension come into the picture? My natural inclination is to say that the naming feels backward. If we turn rock into putty, we're dealing with something more in the realm of "soft axial interconnection". If we make cloth as rigid as steel, aren't we increasing the "strong axial interconnections"? Well, for Cohesion this perspective actually makes a lot of sense I think. Manipulating the "soft force" inside a block of stone doesn't make the "strong force" go away. So I can absolutely see why Cohesion is about "strong force" manipulation. It's about reducing the "strong axial forces" in a piece of matter. Tension still feels awkward to me. Reducing the "soft axial forces" in a thing isn't very interesting, and isn't in line with what Brandon describes. Honestly, making cloth rigid sounds like we're increasing "strong forces", right? The only way I can see to rationalize this is if Tension is about increasing soft axial forces. Doing this with a stone isn't interesting, but if you do it with something like cloth then it is. Can either Surge be manipulated in the opposite direction? We'll have to see. (Throw that in with the question of whether Abrasion can be used to increase friction.) I'm a little skeptical because it seems like they'd overlap too much... But maybe not. Maybe increasing the "strong axial interconnection" in a piece of flexible cloth merely leaves you with something brittle? Not really sure. Anyways, I was just trying to make sense of how Khriss defines these two separate "forces", and wondered if we can make sense of what it implies and how it relates to the Surges. Sorry, I blabbed a lot longer than I expected to. Thoughts? The "Unity Surge" Second item of this post... The last thing @Pagerunner delved into was the weird magic that Dalinar does in three separate instances. (once fixing temples/statues, once holding together a structure during a Stormfather vision, and once at the end with his unification of the realms) He poses some questions about whether these are related to a Surge, but didn't come to any particular conclusion. I thought about it a little and wanted to voice my own opinion. Concerning the last item in that list, I'm very skeptical that it's clearly a Surge because of the way Stormfather is completely surprised by it. To be fair, earlier in the novel we see Syl confused by a novel use (in her experience) of what seems to be Adhesion by Kaladin. But I think the context is very clear that Dalinar's action is HEAVILY tied to the fact that Stormfather is now Honor's Cognitive Shadow. There's some really weird spiritual things going on there which I think Dalinar is tapping into. Shardic abilities which... IF they are related to a Surge, I'm not sure they will fit into the Surgebinding construct very well at all. The other two instances seem much more mundane however. The second case could be something unique... But at the very least, if Dalinar was doing something truly unusual when he repaired structures in Thaylen City then I would expect the Stormfather to comment on it like he did for the Unity moment. Even if it was something small, I think he'd be surprised/curious if Dalinar did something "new" there. I have to conclude that Dalinar is using a Surge there. As for the second case, it's hard to speculate on. We're in a vision there, so things are weird. We see Surges working on Dalinar's visions, but we also see completely weird stuff happen in those as well. It's entirely possible that Dalinar is using a Surge... If he is, it seems to be similar to the statue-fixing Surge. But it could also just be a Cognitive battle of wills. Or, with Stormfather distracted as he was, it could be some low-level usage of his unique Honor-related, "Unity powers". Too many variables here. To look more closely at the first case, I lean towards Adhesion as I mentioned on Discord. The biggest complain I see against this idea is that it looks VERY different from any Adhesion we've seen before, and I wouldn't deny that. However, I'm drawn to the relationship that Dalinar sort of draws between his actions and the Surge of Progression when he describes it as "fixing inanimate things." Progression manifests in two completely different ways: Growth and Healing/Regrowth. The ability to make trees grow in seconds is similar but also very different from healing a severed arm, no? So there's clearly precedent for a Surge to be "bigger" than what you might see at a first glance. Perhaps Adhesion works differently if you're adhering two separate, unrelated objects (e.g. a stone to a chasm wall) versus a single object that has been broken. One requires a constant supply, because the two objects ultimately have no business being united. You're forcing something unnatural. But repairing a broken object is something that merely takes some Investiture up front to make a lasting change. If I use stitches to bind my wounded skin together then it will heal and eventually no longer need the stitches. So it could be as simple as that. (note Dalinar does apparently use large quantities of Stormlight in this scene, so it isn't "cheap") It could also be another application of Spiritual Adhesion, and there's a lot of support for this. Dalinar literally hears the voices of the spren in the stone when he does this. There's undoubtedly something Spiritual and/or Cognitive going on here. I think perhaps people are quick to write this off because "we've already seen Spiritual Adhesion" but I would dispute the notion that we've got a good picture of it. Spiritual Adhesion is a monster of an idea. It doesn't just grant Dalinar temporary communication abilities. It forges a Connection. We really have little idea of how many ways this could be used. The only other example I can think of off the top of my head is when he uses it to Connect with Shallan so that she can produce a detailed map of Roshar. Now, both this and the language thing are about Dalinar Connecting himself to another person. But who's to say he can't Connect with an object? Or that he can't Connect two other people? Or that he can't Connect two other objects? So maybe that's exactly what we're seeing. Dalinar repairing the Spiritual Connection between these two pieces of a broken object. The details of Adhesion is getting off topic of course. But I wanted to explain why I think this case IS a Surge and not just "super weird stuff."