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  1. "" is a free, open-source image editing program that's much more functional than MS Paint. Nowhere near as powerful as the more serious programs out there, but good enough for my uses. That said, you could probably do what I did with Paint. I mostly just used the paint bucket to color in the black lines.
  2. Went through the Surges real quick: 1. Adhesion J - very clear S - fairly clear aside from the tail at the top U? - best guess I suspect the remainder is meaningless. 2. Gravitation F - very clear A - seems distinct enough CH? - best guess S?/SH?/H? - a few guesses One or both lines could be B perhaps. Not sure about angular marks at bottom... though I wonder if they originally connected to some of the marks above but were "cut off" by the S?/SH?/H?. 3. Division KAK seems very clear 4. Abrasion J - very clear S - fairly clear aside from the tail at the top The rest could be several things if you squint. I wonder if they were connected to some degree, and some is probably meaningless. 5. Progression B - very clear K - very clear E?/O?/K? - E seems more likely than O. It looks less like K, but if one or both of the black marks are an A then K works as another consonant. 6. Illumination CH - both very clear E/O - curls at the bottom seem like E or O A - could be an A The phoneme at the top seems awfully distinctive, but I'm not sure what to make of it... And I'm not sure what to do with the angles in the middle either. 7. Transformation S - seems clear SH - seems very clear CH?/E? - best guesses 8. Transportation F - seems clear, particularly the ones in the middle B - maybe? Two open shapes and a sharper angle. Not sure what to do with those. 9. Cohesion CH - seems very clear H?/G? - best guess A? - maybe? Not quite sure what to make of the one in the middle. 10. Tension K - seems very clear SH? - seems most likely, though the curl on the top portion makes me wonder if it might be something else with embelishment at the bottom. O and I would be vowels that work perhaps?
  3. The recent Spiderman movie seems to have done really well. But then it's also (1) a very well known character who is (2) from comics. (animated to begin with) There's a few exceptions... But they're exceptions.
  4. Agreed. I'd start with the prologue and then skip to slave-Kaladin just before they reach the Shattered Plains. Flashbacks don't really work particularly well on television in my opinion if they don't feature prominently. (which these don't) Most flashbacks would need to be cut. Information from them merged or revealed in the present-day arc. I think they need to fit with the story more. I would shorten their time in Kharbranth and put them on the boat for the Shattered Plains sooner. Probably end season 1 with Shallan halfway across the Frostlands. Most of the interludes that don't obviously fit with the story would need to be cut I think. Someone already HAS bought up all the cosmere rights. They just haven't made anything with it yet... I take issue with your definition of "adaptation." It DOES require the source material to be adapted, and I've seen great book-to-screen adaptations. It will NOT look exactly the same. Anyone expecting a 100% faithful television show will certainly be disappointed. Either it's not faithful (disappointment) or it IS faithful... Which means it will make for terrible watching. We have to be okay with changes. We just have to hope that the people adapting the books understand the spirit of Brandon's work. And we have to be patient when their interpretation on this or that fine point doesn't quite match our own. Animated seems to be the most popular wish among Sanderson fans. This comes up in most threads about adapting the books for the screen. I absolutely don't have an issue with people dreaming about an animated approach, and to some extent I agree that it would be best. BUT I wouldn't get my hopes up. Brandon himself loves the idea, but he's never expressed any optimism for it actually happening that way. From what I understand, animation just doesn't sell well enough in the Western world to drive sufficient interest. Those of us who love animation are a very small niche audience. Major financial success for animated movies/shows is apparently very rare. (Especially for adaptations.)
  5. (Details and links to support all of this: Roshar has 50 minutes/hour, 20 hours/day, 5 days/week, 10 weeks/month (50-day months), 10 months/year (500-day years). One Rosharan year is 1.10 Earth years. Using R to represent Roshar and E to represent Earth: 1 R minute = 1.16 E minutes = 69.4 E seconds 1 R hour = 0.964 E hours = 57.9 E minutes 1 R day = 0.804 E days = 19.3 E hours 1 R week = 0.574 E weeks = 4.02 E days 1 R month = 1.34 E months = 40.2 E days 1 R year = 1.10 E years = 13.4 E months = 402 E days In eastern/Vorin nations, dates all have a "name", constructed of the number of the month and suffixes of the numbers for the week and day. For example, the number one is "Jes". So the date 1.1.1 (first day of the year) for a given year would be "Jeseses". The number three is "Chach" and the number six is "Shash", so the date 3.6.1 (month 3, week 6, day 1) is "Chachashes". Edit: One other thoughts off the top of my head... There are mentions of "bells" to mark off the hours of the day. They seem to begin around sunrise/sunset rather than noon/midnight. So you might have breakfast at something like "second morning bell", lunch is sometime around "fifth bell", etc.
  6. I understand why some people like this idea, but I don't think it fits the culture that Brandon has established. This is something that irritated me tremendously in Wheel of Time... Minor spoilers: So I'm not saying it couldn't have been done. But at this point. I just don't see how it could be done without looking... crude. Also, people (particularly young people) showing romantic interest in several people in a short timespan seems like a very week basis to assume they're polyamorous. And the apocalypse seems like the absolute WORST time to experiment...
  7. Wow, that's bad! I NEVER noticed that the final version has the same spoiler, sort of! It's much more subtle, but it's there if you know what you're looking for. Guess I just never spent much time looking closely at those covers. I love all of these EXCEPT Eye of the World. So unfortunately that they did all of them so well except for the FIRST... Looks like you've picked up Treasure Island or something.
  8. I'm not quite sure what part you're disagreeing with. I disagree if you're saying that this is what Venli is talking about. Venli said that the Fused were giving the singers new forms, and I think it's highly unlikely she would be wrong about this. You would be suggesting that all of these singers simply "woke up" with new forms and Venli is... confused where they came from? Singers change forms. It seems pretty clear that the Fused are teaching them what forms are available, including showing them what spren are needed how to set their minds the right way, and so on. This is what Venli is talking about. If you're saying that they "woke up" with some particular form "already in place" that sounds a bit more reasonable. But you're forgetting that it's been 2000 years since the Recreance. These aren't the singers who were "castrated". These are their great great great ... great grandchildren. So the argument that they "re-gained their original form" gets really weird and complicated. They never had an original form. You'd have to argue that they were somehow born with a spren/form buried inside. And there's not any evidence to support that.
  9. You're certainly welcome to make a new thread of course. Just my recommendation, as those of us who dig into the glyphs/languages frequently often refer to those two threads and post new things to them. It's been a while since somebody added something new, but the original translation thread was going on for 3.5 years (until OB came out). Some people subscribe to those threads, so when something new gets posted they'll be curious to see and maybe contribute to what you're trying to do. I could have sworn that somebody had looked into these glyphs after we got the OB phoneme chart, but I don't see anything in there. Maybe I looked into it myself and gave up before posting. I'm particularly curious to see if we can make letters out for most of the Surge glyphs...
  10. And by high g's (at high terminal velocities). I figure it could also come from changing direction as well, if you roughly maintain terminal velocity and if the direction change is relatively fast. (thus, the high drag force changing directions very suddenly) Perhaps you could also reorient your body so that it's facing the same direction relative to the drag and avoid that, but then your body is rotating very fast, which might cause similar problems. Better to discuss details in a topic on the Stormlight forum though. I doubt they will rework specifics like this because there are similar issues in Words of Radiance that were never addressed. I get the sense Brandon's happy with the balance he has between being correct and being intuitive to a typical reader.
  11. I think people have tried to do this in the OB thread you linked? (Or the original.) In any case, you might want to post that in there, so that your analysis doesn't get lost. Personally, I think it's pretty likely that these glyphs are all associated with the Heralds' names. More specifically, I imagine the words they are based on are rooted in the Heralds' names, and then on top of that I suspect the glyphs themselves have been warped over time. So you'll probably find a few letters from the Herald's name... Mixed in with letters that are warped beyond recognition... And other lines that were added over time which mean nothing at all. Very much exactly like we see with the "Zeras" example over time in the OB glyphs page. The surges seem much more clear, and can probably be translated... The problem is that they translate into the Alethi word, which is somewhat meaningless to us.
  12. I've said elsewhere, and I'll say it again. I would LOVE if we got a set of epigraphs in book 4 that are (cryptic?) Dawnchant translations. I imagined them coming from random fragments, but a set specifically from stele (dating from the First Desolation?) would work just as well!
  13. I very adamantly agree with this. Kaladin is far too obsessed with protecting his men and to addicted to wallowing in his guilt to give a partner the love and attention they deserve. Whatever the case may be for Shallan (that's a discussion for another topic), I don't think Sanderson will put Kaladin into a relationship until he's ready for it because this whole idea that Kaladin needs to let go seems to be central of Kaladin's character development. That Oathbringer Tarah flashback charged into the issue head on: Or, well, I guess Sanderson could use the beginnings of a relationship to help encourage Kaladin's growth. In any case... I don't think Kaladin is ready for a relationship at all. I lean towards the suspicion that he will end up in one, even if not until the very end of book 5. But he has a journey to make before that happens.
  14. I was always so embarrassed to carry Lord of Chaos around when I was reading it in high school. The Dragkhar makes it look like some kind of vampire romance novel. "Lord of Twilight"? How you take Dumai's Wells and turn it into that, I'll never know! Crown of Swords looks like it's inspired by 80s heavy metal. "Crowns N' Swords"?
  15. Now we're talking! A Fortune Drive! Press the big red button and you instantly find yourself wherever it is in the cosmere that you need to be.